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Aug 04, 2023
thanks, let's start in the US a local company has developed the world's first smart contacts. Not only do they have augmented reality capabilities, but they also include an arm core m0 processor, a gyroscope, a magnetometer, an accelerometer, and a battery with wireless charging. They also have a micro LED. screen with a resolution of 2187 pixels per square centimeter instead of Bluetooth, which seemed too slow for the developers, the lenses use a 5 gigahertz radio channel, the prototype lenses have a viewing angle of 15 degrees and some of the Augmented reality features are designed to track eye movements for added comfort, however, there is still a lot of work to be done, so the significant investments that have been raised totaling hundreds of millions of dollars will not last long thanks to a study conducted in the United Kingdom, experts compiled statistics on motorcycle accidents and found that motorcyclists face a significantly higher risk of injury compared to car drivers, a staggering 13 times more frequent to improve people's safety in road.
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Here's a great four-hundred-dollar vest that responds quickly to accidents in less than 60 milliseconds. This vest is instant. It inflates providing protection for the chest, abdomen, spine and neck, weighs approximately one and a half kilos and is designed to be worn comfortably under a jacket thanks to its breathable materials with a single charge it offers 25 hours of operation and the detection algorithm Collisions continually evolve. Using artificial intelligence, this innovative solution is the first of its kind in the industry. Next up is a rather unusual unmanned aerial vehicle. The developers have opted for a tail design, which means that the drone takes off and lands on its tail.
cool inventions you should see

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cool inventions you should see...

The assembly is so simple that you could build it yourself, but the designers are confident that without specialized software the model will not fly correctly. One of its applications is the inspection and treatment of agricultural plots, depending on the engine, the flight time extends to almost five hours with a cruising speed of 102 kilometers per hour is an excellent option for scanning the terrain, identifying diseased trees, spraying them and even for delivery purposes, these barriers are invaluable for mass events. Even a 7.2 ton truck traveling at 48 kilometers per hour cannot pass through them, the space between the blocking segments is 1.2 meters, which guarantees comfort for both pedestrians and cyclists.
cool inventions you should see
These segments can be easily raised and lowered manually without relying on electronic devices, meaning they are not affected by power outages or cable cuts, plus their installation is simple, simply unload them and place them in the desired location. and connecting them without the need for drilling or additional overseas operations last year marked a major milestone for Europe, as solar and wind installations generated more energy than gas for the first time. This achievement has led authorities and residents in many cities to consider solar panels as a viable option; even EU officials are actively exploring ways to improve solar panel production in their countries.
cool inventions you should see
Fortunately, the market offers readily available accessories. This particular version weighs just over three kilograms and is made of steel, making it suitable for roofs with soft insulating materials. A team of three. people need only three to four days to install accessories for 700 solar panels following a simple nine-step process at least at CES 2022 Electronics Show one of the standout attractions was this robotic masseuse, this self-employed worker equipped with artificial intelligence connects seamlessly connects to the Google Cloud platform and understands voice commands in English and Chinese, users can request specific movements or adjust the pressure according to their preferences.
There is no need to worry about safety whether the robot is not heavy, fast or strong enough to harm a person with the help of machine learning technology. The robot continuously improves its professional skills and creates individual programs for each client. The manufacturers believe that this robot will revolutionize the massage experience and that is why they are asking 310,000 for it. It is quite possible that soon innovations will not only replace masseuses but also delivery people. Open for these transporters to anyone interested, they were also shown at CES 2022 and the idea is simple. The system can handle multiple orders with multiple addresses in autonomous mode.
Payload capacity ranges from one to two and a half tons and the transporter can travel 434 kilometers. at speeds up to 113 kilometers per hour on a single charge the control is powered by Intel mobile I drive the world's most advanced scalable and safe autonomous driving system the compartments are flexibly combined and there can be a total of 80 of them. The mannequins you see in shopping malls are often poorly designed, making it difficult to dress them properly. Their clothes hang uncomfortably. It's time for a mannequin. Revolution. Here come adjustable mannequins that adapt to different body parameters such as chest height and hip circumference.
These mannequins come. In both the female and male versions, for example, the height of the female mannequin can be adjusted from 154 to 168 centimeters, while the male mannequin varies from 176 to 188 centimeters. They are perfect for shops, tailor shops, factories and the fashion industry in general. Plus, you can buy either a full mannequin or just the Torso, get ready for a new era in deodorant advertising. A revolutionary jersey has hit the market and is about to change the game. This innovative garment does not get wet or dirty, making it perfect for any situation. Goodbye to the smell of sweat also thanks to the powerful silver particles embedded in the fabric.
Despite being made of cotton, the t-shirt repels liquids while allowing your skin to breathe. All thanks to intelligent fiber treatment. The design has been adequately developed based on testing. They indicate that it fits approximately 85 percent of European men and is also easier to wash than a normal 30 degree Celsius cycle. Reviews indicate that it stays intact for up to 50 washes. All of this can be yours for just $38, thanks to the Taiwanese tech giant. HTC is setting its sights on the future with the announcement of a new virtual reality tracker, although details are still limited. This innovation will use cameras to track position, eliminating the need for external beacons, users will have the flexibility to wear up to five trackers simultaneously, two on the elbows, two on the feet and one on the hips HTC also claims that the new device will have half the size of its previous Vive tracker 3.0 in a promotional video HTC hints at a possible revolution in the world of sports, suggesting that its creation can also arouse the interest of professional athletes prepare to be surprised with an incredible invention that will surely draw The attention of Mulder and Scully from The X-Files as well as everyone else looks at this Chinese flying saucer capable of reaching heights of 200 meters and staying in the air.
For 15 minutes, this flying object identified by um runs on batteries that offer both automatic and manual control with the ability to accelerate up to 50 kilometers per hour. The saucer's patented design is intended for entertainment and advertising purposes with particularly impressive flights at night. The price of the flight. It is not yet known, but how much would you be willing to pay now? Let's take a look at an impressive technology known as pulse extinction that was invented in Germany about 30 years ago. The idea is quite simple: water is pressurized to six bars in a special container. chamber and when opening a valve it passes to another chamber with air pressurized at 25 bar.
This powerful combination propels the water directly towards the fire source at speeds of approximately 400 kilometers per hour and distances of up to 16 meters. If necessary, an agent can be applied. foaming incorporated and firefighters can comfortably carry water in a specialized backpack improving their mobility. Considering the increasing frequency and intensity of forest fires in Europe, it is clear that this technology will remain relevant for decades to come. What comes to mind when you think of kites, probably China's summer. and perhaps kitesurfing, however a German team takes a broader view and proposes harnessing kite energy as the kite ascends and gracefully maneuvers in a figure eight, pulling a string that powers a built-in generator.
One version can generate around 80 kilowatts and can provide enough power for approximately 60 homes, although this output may be more modest compared to wind turbines, the kite system offers advantages such as quieter operation, compactness and easy installation, even In difficult terrain, in addition, in case of inclement weather, the system is designed to land the kite autonomously. I want to show you an awesome hovercraft created by a DIY expert from Japan. He admits it's more of a toy than a practical vehicle, but it provides a lot of fun. In fact, one of the prototypes even appeared at the Tokyo Manufacturers' Fair, where it delighted approximately one hundred visitors who tried it out.
The materials used are quite affordable. With the purchase of the power supply for only 21 in a local store, there are some challenges. Obvious, such as the noticeably loud operation requiring the use of headphones and the modest battery life of around 5 to 10 minutes, however, these drawbacks leave room for creativity and modifications, which is part of the joy of the Creator. It's surprising that many people don't know about the ancient board game, even Chinese President Xi Jinping and leaders of companies like Huawei Toyota and Samsung play it, that's why this go robot is sure to attract buyers, especially with these AI capabilities. , not only can you play remotely with a friend, but it also offers a library of 2,000 exercises in seven difficulty levels and the option to try out. offers different board sizes.
Additionally, the robot is compatible with popular online platforms that allow users to compete against millions of players. Prices start at $550 according to the creators of this product. They have created the world's first device to grow hair in six months. They claim it has no side effects, is six times more effective than medications, and even offer a money-back guarantee. It may seem like a typical publicity stunt, but buyers have already pledged approximately $840,000 through Indiegogo alone. Their enthusiasm is understandable considering the manufacturers. They claim that during six months of testing, hair thickness increased by 9.1 percent and density improved by 19.1 percent.
The effect of the device is based on the regeneration of stem cells that requires only half an hour of daily use. Additionally, the official app allows users to visually track their progress and even includes a selfie gallery option. Here they are the perfect headphones to fall asleep without any inconvenience. They were developed by Phillips and Cocoon. These headphones are specifically designed to be worn during sleep, which is one third of Our Lives. They offer maximum comfort by being 66% thinner than Apple AirPods. At just 5.4 millimeters, with features like sleep phase tracking and smart audio fading, they make falling asleep a breeze.
They also come with noise cancellation and white noise generation to mask any annoying sounds and improve sleep quality. You can access the official application where you can find useful information. tips and integration with podcasts battery life is 11 hours and prices start at 175 foreign dollars by 2050 the potential of wave energy is estimated to reach 236 gigawatts, offering an important source of energy for humanity, However, there is a challenge as there are many companies riding the waves. energy near the coasts initiatives in deeper waters are missing to address this problem a UK team is proposing a solution for deep waters and its first commercial scale demonstration is planned for 2025 or 26 near the Orkney Islands a converter can generate more of one megawatt of power and withstand waves 20 meters high.
Not in vain has this project attracted the attention of the European Union. Not only is it respectful of the environment but it also promises to be a profitable undertaking. The converters are expected to provide energy from low cost throughout its operational life here you have the perfect solution for railway shunting and loading work a railway robot with electric driveCapable of handling a load of up to 600 tons, this incredible machine not only operates on the tracks but also around them thanks to its all-wheel drive and four 7.5 or 12.5 kilowatt wheel hub motors, it can reach a speed of displacement of up to three kilometers per hour when loaded, while multi-disc brakes ensure safe operation, loading is safe thanks to smooth load control systems and air circulation plus air system despite its appearance the control panel is designed to be easy to use and with intelligent light indications can be easily understood in just 15 minutes in the French department of Valderman a new development benefits both passengers and the environment thanks to the dynamic intersection control system the Travelers now save 10 minutes on their route, while buses reduce CO2 emissions by up to 20 and save fuel, the key is in the continuous green light provided to drivers, eliminating the need to constantly accelerate and brake.
This innovative system not only makes public transport more attractive for passengers, but also proves advantageous for emergency services, in addition, its implementation does not require major infrastructure changes, since compact communication modules are sufficient, eliminating the need for cable installations. The problem of contaminated water near coastlines and docks has long plagued many cities. The Thames, for example, is experiencing the emergence of an island. Made from wet wipes with a density of up to 200 pieces per square meter, the river even began to change its course to address this problem. Engineers are developing special water circulators. These pumps guarantee a constant flow of water near the coast, preventing the accumulation of algae. and other contaminants that form these distinctive islandsWhat sets this particular model apart is its ability to operate continuously without regular cleaning thanks to a patent-pending crown-shaped protection system that prevents clogging.
Additionally, these swivel brackets allow for quick adjustments of water flow direction to suit different locations. Let's slow down thanks to this. The Cobra model, with 10 powerful spikes, serves as a visual reminder to release the accelerator pedal. It is approximately one meter wide. It can withstand a load of 5 tons and can be securely mounted using anchors or a special epoxy compound. The bolts are designed for one-way traffic, preventing reckless drivers from entering the oncoming lane. In an emergency, these bolts can be easily removed. The only problem is that this solution sells for a thousand dollars.

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