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Cooking with Joss - Strawberry Roulade ... kinda

Jun 07, 2021
You called your dog a Russian name, if I'm not mistaken, it's a Russian named Igor. Yes, you are right, Katya and Off Charkas. I guess they are a Russian breed and I guess they are found, they are very common, like in the Balkans and then it is common in England and they are not that common in the US, so yeah, they are Russian. We say that if you meet charkas, they are often called like Boris or Vladimir and my dad's friend is called Igor. so I called him Igor, so I mean that's a great name for him, perfect house, so sweet, he's so sweet, but he's obsessed with food, so he won't do anything for you unless you have real food, but He's very smart, he just turns around and everything.
cooking with joss   strawberry roulade kinda
He weighs 130 pounds and can roll over. It's really fun to see such a big dog do it. I'll have to show you someday. It is fun. Don't eat them. Thank you. I know I love strawberries. That's why I don't have many left and I added raspberries, good luck, are you winning them? Oh, oh, sour, well, you're in shock. We shot the system, oh dear Sonya Vick, hello just from Harry the vet, oh hello, hello Gary, it's Sonya. from Conn Valley hello, oh what a nice message, how are you, mmm, how nice. I hope to return home soon.
cooking with joss   strawberry roulade kinda

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cooking with joss strawberry roulade kinda...

I can go to the pub and say hello to everyone in person. It would be nice if it's still sunny. Do not cut. yourself I won't cut it oh I'll try not to I'm not really looking so I might cut myself right now that would add to the comedy I'm sure or not okay well we're getting to that point okay? That's enough, no it's not, I'm just being lazy, right, I do it, I do one more, okay, I have my precious, precious things, I have my raspberries, so cut them, maybe I'll cut them in half. They're some kind of pumpkin, so I don't know, so they're fine.
cooking with joss   strawberry roulade kinda
I just don't want them to be too bulky because if they're too bulky it won't be a business. I think I also love Greece for us. I'm all about fruit at the moment I woke up this morning and I had three um I guess it's tangerines I just really feel like it I think it's really hot. Hello ma'am, how are you? I don't know what that means, uh, hi Lisa. from Montana hi Dom Ken hi Dom hmm it's sunny here on Long Island yes Nicaragua oh my gosh cool I haven't been there for a while uh it's windy on the black plains yeah standard that's it.
cooking with joss   strawberry roulade kinda
I know the weather has been good, although good global warming. I mean, in many places England England is benefiting from something so disastrous that is happening to our planet. Is it that hot? It's rare for a city in England to imagine that, well that's happening now, isn't it amazing? Alright? pie, okay, so I have all my strawberries and my raspberries, that's right, I have this, get rid of it, get rid of it, get rid of all of it, oh, we're going to need this, um, I'm going to go get my special. okay this is the moment of truth oh god I don't know why I chose to do this the option on the post was naughty or nice nice to me it meant you know healthy naughty is bad for you okay, so I'm going to get it. my lemon curd, I'm going to mix it a little bit with the cream, okay, I should probably show you, wait, Swatt cream, have some of that.
Throw it in, but I'm not going to mix it up too much, you'll probably like it a lot. probably a lot, I'm sure it's okay mmm, what did I call that? When you don't mix it properly, I'm marbleizing it for that YUM, so I think the trick here is to not put too much in, which is what I did. yesterday and that's why it was a total disaster in the city, here we go, okay, try not to put too much in, it's tempting, though isn't it, it's delicious. I've put in too much fun again. Yes I think so.
Oh, I have a new song I've written, would you like to hear the lyrics? I think it's called like loving you, oh yeah, I would love you, oh hey, thinking of things to say to you to make you stay. I've been making things up, it's not far at all, well, how? Can I make you stay? I love you hey I love you I love you oh oh my oh my face how can I get something like that on you anyway? It's not bright yet, honey, it's still time maybe for you to help me close. Do you have any way out?
It's not okay for me, there's still time, maybe I thought about it, so hold me tight, I think I put too much into too much, what would Mary Berry think of this mess? Oh my God, please God never let her see this, she's fine, oh right, I hope she's skinny enough, probably. It's not the butts, I'm taking a little off, oh my god, if that were an award, worst


show ever, that's what it would be, we're having fun, so maybe let's take some lemon and just throw it in , why not, why not? everything is going to come out the sides anyway okay make your raspberries stir them make them happy everywhere once and some strawberries I think we don't want them I think I put in too many last time maybe I don't know Which was a bit of a crowd pleaser weirdly I don't know why I guess it doesn't really matter how things look but I don't know I wanted to look good It's just my way It makes everyone feel satisfied How are your rules ?
Ads will appear if someone does it with me. I hope there are some. I hope it would be good. I think


is good for the soul. It makes us laugh when we do it wrong and it makes us happy when we do it right. It makes us feel proud. when we do it well when people like it it makes other people happy if they don't feel like cooking well, what do you think is enough, isn't that right? Then good old Maryberry says we have to go further. I feel like this. It's more rollable turning around she said if you want you have to cut a little bit here to get the right start the right start is good and then you use the paper are you ready?
It's the moment of truth everyone, let's do this okay, okay oh my god, I feel like I put too much stuff in again, okay, try to hold it tight if you can, if you can see, I've been in too much, okay, okay Oh my God, Jesus, it's okay, stay with me, stay with me. I stay with me oh my God, how are you doing? oh my god, oh my god, okay, put it back oh, okay, oh my god, I think we've done it, ah, yeah, okay, but now I have to get this out from under. Okay, yeah, okay.
Wait, we have to see it. I think we achieved it. You can see the little roll. Yes, yes, that's what I want. I just wanted to see the reel. Hmm, how is the other side? Oh, yeah, okay, oh, I feel very proud. I'm sorry. That, um, took me so long, it was fun, right? Okay, I'm going to make some snow, okay, and I think we should do some cream puffs, but actually that's before we serve it, but let's do it. and then put some fruit in the smusshes, okay, good job, oh, thanks Angie, no, I'll leave it on this plate.
Jade, it's okay, this is the best mommy, oh, as good as my favorite mmm no, I can't just drink it all, that's too much. weird I just can't what's okay thank god it turned out well ha I think the cream is the way we don't need that mascarpone Oh funny that's okay we did it congratulations everyone I think that's good isn't that neat? Should I try a little bit because I don't have Cody down here, so I'm going to give it a try. It's usually my fitting room. Put it in the refrigerator. I won't try a little first.
I remove it from one side. Oh, it's fine. Ready, oh, that's it. huge mmm YUM mmm I'm wobbly covered in Queen, all in my hair everywhere, icing sugar, factory powdered sugar, sugar, lemon, goodness, I'm not okay, my whole kitchen has covered it, okay, this is delicious, this is what I'll eat for the The rest of the day I'll take a photo, yeah, before I destroy it too much. I'm going to destroy everything. Wow, oh, here it comes, are you coming to try it? It's good, it looks much better than the other one, yes. thank you well yes i need your reaction on camera sir what do you think? mm-hmm, just pretend, even if it's fair, yeah, that's really good, gone, yeah, thank you so much for cooking with me and helping me along the way, it was a lot of fun, I hope Well, I think we all learned something today, just use queen instead of mascarpone anyway, take care love, see you later, happy July weekend.

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