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Cooking BOMB AF FLAUTAS With My Boyfriend!! | Louie's Life

Jun 09, 2021
to be this Hey guys, back to Louie's


so for this week's video, but you know, put him to bed. I have mine here with me, so come with a man. Finally I'm aft and, oh, my new little galley, which is mine, but me. helped me put together this is my first video that I film in this cozy little d-do. I'm very excited, but not only because of that but because I have my own friend here with me, I think this will be like the first time. I've always liked


for you, right? I think I have enough experience to show him my


skills and maybe at the end of this video he will ask you on Instagram what you wanted to see us cook.
cooking bomb af flautas with my boyfriend louie s life
I have a lot of things that he used to do. It will be us asking us to cook flour to mix, complete those are my favorites. I love eating flour, so I'm actually a little excited. Oh, I've never done this before, so we'll try to make some little flowers and see how. They get caught up like me, but you can try first, guys, so of course we have the sad Toyotas, all frozen in peace, eco and we went to like 5 million stores to find one a little warm and heated, there's nothing , so I bought this, bring me a new one, free, we also have a Stacy die, we have the one for the frying pan, that goes somewhere, a utensil, something is inside a spatula and we recycle sour cream, I'm on my way to rosemary, wet feet, slap, no.
cooking bomb af flautas with my boyfriend louie s life

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cooking bomb af flautas with my boyfriend louie s life...

It's not cheap, I guess it's over, come on, casino cameras and cheese made with grade A powdered milk, now we have 245, what else do we have, avocado, pepper and the 50s, these two are the main ingredients, you can't eat flutes without these two, so continue. It's BK our chicken, so we're going to put it in the microwave, so what do you think? Minutes I blew, this girl had a low level, so the first step you're going to want to take, you're going to take off your clothes so well. Okay, okay, once your hallway looks like this one from TC Cocinita, you're almost done, now that you make the case, I'll do that, which Kathy, I love when the avocados are very green, I'm not happy, you will be in charge of the cheese, we.
cooking bomb af flautas with my boyfriend louie s life
I didn't find it unpleasant, but if you can remember what the first thing you cooked was. I remember one time we had this fourth grade project that shows that everyone likes to do something and fourth grade, yes, so many different things. I wish I could try them but he's always here it's so hard not in the kitchen now wash your hands again keep him powdered lo mein so now that we've made our day and our little castle let's get off to a good start so let's make some ethers right here and we're going to make Becky's toast here so I should press a thermos yeah you wanna put your acetate people hello so we put hella estate here in Contra Costa so let's not talk I know hmm Oh God.
cooking bomb af flautas with my boyfriend louie s life
Gosh, comedian friend, these are my favorites, as I've always learned them, so once you put your but you're doing it, you'll want to give it a lead role. No math, not too tired at 30. I'll break it, so there we are. I'm done frying the duck spirit. I feel like it took a long time and was a lot harder than I thought. He definitely learned how to fry them and I was just thinking he won't hand it over. What is okay when? I was trying to make them, they were like this endless city, you know, I don't think I even recorded them, so we did a total of 10 background values ​​and honestly, I'm proud, I'm proud that they turned out really well, so both. of our moms do without that, so I feel like the bar is pretty high and I'm nervous to see if we did a good job or not, so you own Aquaman that way, so I know a lot of people put different things.
On my favorite, yeah, yeah, wake me up. I don't remember who made which ones. The only thing I know is that I will take everything in bad condition, but the rest I can't say who fulfills what, so there are good honest opinions. What do you think of them as a 1 to 10? Okay so while we do our little bong mutt and she's me with you guys we have a live audience yeah yeah he's gonna give us some things to talk about. Since I know you guys always have a lot of questions about us, but we've never done anything like a Q&A type thing or much younger, so I guess I'm talking about the microphones, you know, yours, Dave, my first day , Oh that's good.
The first date was the sixth and I remember, I remember like it was yesterday, I remember because we were talking so that the tight ones would like us, how much I think it was, we went on our first date like a couple of weeks later, not like three weeks later. Maybe it's an honor, we had our first date after we met for the first time because we didn't meet on social media, like all the full videos, some others are happy, but fortunately and I love that we met in person, I never liked . he, like Instagram or something, we met a person and then we went on our first date.
I want to say like 220. I looked him up three weeks later, so there was a while where there was a battle in the gym and we kept talking through the whole process. Those two three weeks, yeah, nobody, the first day was Six Flags. I remember a moment before our first date. I thought: I really want to date this guy. I want to see it again because, like the first time I met Rose. Lee, but I think I had a chance because he was super nervous like he wasn't sure what you did before a minute like before, like when we, man, you didn't know I like social media.
I remember showing up with my best friend's sister Lucy because I was so scared he was a nerd. I was like she was super shy about everything so she just wanted to make sure she had people there, they asked me and she told me she was in a group of people. and I have another sister here, you just told me that you were going to take someone and I was like why are we going to take someone because I guess we'll be like him and me on a hard day, but I tried to ask, yeah, I remember like...
I actually tried, but I don't know what happened and she wasn't going to go with me so I have to go alone and I thought it was going to be really awkward because I thought, oh my gosh, like three versus one is the way I saw it, He's approaching other people like he doesn't know who they are and it's just me, so when I got there I thought, but everything like your sister and I are so so sweet and I feel like they warmed us up because he was so shy he didn't talk, It made me nervous because I was also super nervous because in that time between our first date and the first time. i met like i like i learned what you liked even when we liked mm-hmm like at that time i learned at that like it was as soon as we got that bar b you started tummy episodes like mmm like i wasn't sure how i would react, you mango, this was like some kind of relaxation in the back, like people kept coming up, but I mean, I wasn't mad about it, it was like you, do you think I can't be here, but I remember it like?
I wanted to like a dress to impress so I went BIG and we didn't want to need it like after we finished six flights we went to San Francisco because we didn't want to leave yet so we went to San Francisco for a bad road to the bridge and We just took more photographs and I don't know if it was a good man called because I would have told you that in the Liberty part we live almost four hours away, but you know he is always here like this. how dedicated we are when we are always together, I hope that soon we will give you guys like more cheese, a lot of our dates and everything because I know I haven't told you much, but there are a lot of stories about the refrigerator the first time we met it was a Bit crazy but it was good, it was one for the books and the rest was history, we have our daughter so we have a delicious place here with us, it's been a minute since I did it.
She had you in me, but we have a delicious land, she will try. Yeah, okay, that was it for our home video. Please let me know what you think. Please be sure to give this. Leave me any other video suggestions in the comments section below. I know if you want me to film more videos with my


and if so what you want me to film and I'll see you next time peace blows bye guys okay yeah.

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