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Concrete Genie - Platinum Walkthrough 2/3 - Full Game Trophy Guide

May 30, 2021
that. the trick and you don't have to do that just come and make the masterpiece right away um well then a final masterpiece mmm good choice this will be my life's work all combined into one magnificent painting look at this oh then the flowers can go to the top. here oh yes bamboos yes I can go there um I don't know what that is but I can go there you just have one more thing, finishing touch oh yes finish masterpiece what do you think I'm proud and proud of that? The proud water is clear, for a long time, courtesy of guys, so I'm going to skip this chapter 3.
concrete genie   platinum walkthrough 2 3   full game trophy guide
What is that? Bye guys once after that long cut scene we need to go back up and we'll have a little tutorial. little tutorial um about the battle now you can finally attack something spotted why didn't he give us his power before the ability fire? Now the combat here is a little limited, guys, I mean, it's not really too deep, so. Um, I won't say that there's really anything I really need to explain here. Um, I'll just give some tips when we get to the type of main enemies we have to face. Basically, later on you'll get an electric and wind attack as well. and to stun enemies you always want to use electricity or wind depending on the color and then once you're on the ground you use fire because fire is the only one you can combo it with, but at least once here these are just type of minions doesn't really matter, at least attack them anyway and you want to save your super paint because it makes you deal more damage to stronger enemy types later if that star starts spreading, dodge, I don't really use dodge that much.
concrete genie   platinum walkthrough 2 3   full game trophy guide

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concrete genie platinum walkthrough 2 3 full game trophy guide...

I mean, if you're playing on hard difficulty, you should use it, but if you're playing on casual, you shouldn't have to worry about dodging, so down here let's quickly destroy these forced-to-fight minions. You will get the story


there and then on the train. Back to the fishing ports we go to the right, let's save this guy, I don't know if we should save him, does he deserve to be saved, little frog here, well, let's take back control guys, you can press l1 to see where the dark


is that we You have to go we will come here and you should curse a little and you will get a new skill now yeah now we can paint skates yeah move a little faster so once you can paint skates hold down l1 zero dark. genius he's down here so keep pressing square to attack him guys there you have it you have to keep chasing him once you've used up about half of his health.
concrete genie   platinum walkthrough 2 3   full game trophy guide
He went down to one of those types of docks, normally an attack will stun him for a while. a few seconds and normally you have to wait a few seconds, we can stun them again, but once you can use super paint because that would take away a lot of health, right? Let's do it, super painting time, there we go once, yeah, once he's done enough. He will have the force field of him here, he will stay here now, well, he will be winning, yes, he will stay there and the team made so much energy and now he will run back to where the masterpiece is and then. you have to fight him down there oh no he will run back to the dock everything will be fine so once you can use super paint always activate super paint right away guys because it does a lot more damage to you guys.
concrete genie   platinum walkthrough 2 3   full game trophy guide
I can see, that's it, once you've regained health, you have to purify him, I guess cleanse with darkness a little, so hold down, tame him and move forward only when he's this calm, when he starts shaking his head, stop stop Stop. wait three stops again here we go and once you close keep pressing square and once you have requested the pages you should automatically confirm it and tame it, yes that's one time we have to do it two more times and then we will do it. be near the end of the chapter and the end of this part, you are better now, my friend, you will be fine now here, do you want a flashlight, best friends, one more time?
Yeah, come on genius, sure, let's follow the genius hole, yeah, along the way you're going to have to keep him happy very high maintenance is great very, very high maintenance right, you're happy for now five minutes okay, let's follow it another once oh, now he wants a moon, could he show you his moon, where is it? Now fire Ginny, oh yes, back to the masterpiece, but no one else. This one is really high maintenance. I should come down here now. That is the masterpiece to free the other thug. Because I'm angry. I mean, I'm rescuing the bullies right after.
Those guys, we can head to the next part, so now let's go back to the Hydra electric iron sight member over here, get electric power now, so use electric energy to stun them and then use a fire attack to combo them, that's where they want to use it. it's an electric stun and then shoot, there we go, if you're quick you can do it without them running away too much because once you put some energy that low, they go into that kind of fighting stance in the corner of the super paint of the dock is list, there we are, I think it's sitting there now, yeah, normally when they start that force field which is usually when they head back to the dock, there it is, oh my god, what a waste, I got into it for free. paint and I didn't realize, oh, completely wasted and super paint, yeah, come here, now there's going to be another one, another one's going to spawn, I'll completely waste that super paint, it's not hard, it's not hard at all, I mean, as you can see.
It's a little complicated because they will keep running and when you get so low in health they will move to another place. I see them, they will try an idea like a container, yes, if they get too close, they will be stunned for a moment. okay, it scared him, he's on his way there and there's the other one, super paint, that green bar under the button um indicates that it's actually your health, by the way, yeah, that green bar, but as you can see, it regenerates , I'm not. sure, if we regenerate as your super paint bar regenerates, right, he already did just that one now oh no, he's not going to take one more hit, oh there we go, he's done now and then, that's all, When I have them both, you can tame them. both again, once your friends are working hard, shining flashlights at them, yes, that's what happens if you approach them when they're confused, so wait for him to go.
Khan, move towards him, stop when they start moving again. Come on, that's wonderful, so flashlight batteries. Don't be left out of trouble, so please don't be left feeling better, I said buddy, you're good at holding that torch, that's right, it shines right in his eyes. The key point here is to keep him stunned. Well, we have it. just and that's it, they're both electric


s, we just have to do that one more time, but with the wind genies now and we'll be almost there guys, and that will be right before the final chapter, the final chapters are very fast anyway and then.
In that final chapter you'll get long credits that you can't skip and you'll be back at the lighthouse and we'll just clear up the last collecting voice in the lighthouse because we have all the collectors in all the other places, okay? Hiccup, uh fire, right, guys, happy, okay, let's do it, oh, now you want some stars? You're going to put some in his eyes and he wants a bamboo stick? Well, we're fine, come on, follow me, okay? I'll follow you, actually comment, take a long way, yeah, let's do it, okay, okay, so we have that and the mushroom mushrooms over here and then we need the orange tab and the light of the northern lights, where are you hiding there ?
Come on, another long scene, guys, no skill now, guys, the wind attack, the wind, it's similar to the electric one, but they use a wind attack on the blue, the dark blue genie, and then, but again, once they stun them, they just use fire, there you have it, but. If you can be quick and do a lot of damage to him, um, yeah, I should be able to push him away the first time and I'll send him all the way, otherwise you might be chasing around the map a bit when you get to this. ramp, make sure you jump near the edge, here we go, okay, let's defeat him, come on, we'll try well, so first we need to break his force field and then attack with squad, so once he's flying, when to tear it down. and attack the square when he is down, we have to chase things to chase them now, hey, don't run away from a fight, where are they?
They let me have them, aha, I've been here before, down to the drain, oh, here. let's kill these two now guys you know what you should know what you're doing now take them down and then square your super paint when it's available you almost catch it okay yeah if you get one first and then hit no you know. that five, so it's a good one-on-one match, yeah, it's out of the count, let's dominate the other, good super paint time, don't you dare use that force field on me, come back down, almost did it I have, let's finish.
Take him out with a super paint, here we go, let's tame them both, okay, so we'll get him first, okay, nice and slow, nice and slow, that's it, hold that torch there, why do I feel like I'm doing everything difficult? the work he's doing that makes it look so difficult to hold that torch like it requires some finesse and strategy the way he lunges forward extending his friendly arm what you're doing isn't difficult don't pretend it is, you know, illuminate a light in them just take it easy, take it easy, dark genius, easy, now, that's it, oh, that's a touch, a touch, touch, oh, good genius, that's it.
I have no idea what's on your chin, so your little mustache, welcome back. I should know I could probably do it. I put that on it, okay, let's fix this, let's go get the rest, I can't wait to free more thugs, beatrice gorilla glue, her ponytail looks like she put gorilla glue on it, um, so there you go that, you have that, this and this. one, that's it, happy guys, happy friend, let's move on, what's next? What do you want now? Okay, you want everything green, that's bamboos and the abandoned, ah, you want orange, okay, northern lights, trees and butterflies, done guys, oh wait, I need to do it. gets your attention, boy, come on, hold on tight and that's it guys, a long cut scene, then there'll be one or two little bits after that and there'll be a lot in there in the last chapter, the last bit, guys, before the end.
In this part there was a pop up


there, then I will put it on the screen, just fix your trophy, what is the story trophy? But we got it during the scene, so you just have to head to the train and there will be like a mirror. we can enjoy, here we go and that will finish the chapter mate and the chapter mate, I mean, and the chapter guys, it will take us to the next part, ready for the next part, yeah, that's it guys, that's the second part . get a rest of the garden in the third part, which should be the final chapter, which is fight some kind of big boss and then go back to the lighthouse and clear some click balls in the lighthouse, there aren't too many in the lighthouse, I mean .
You already know the lighthouse. It's a pretty small area. Yeah, well, that's all. Thanks for watching. I hope you enjoy it and that it helps you. See you in the next part.

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