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#CONAN: Patton Oswalt Full Interview - CONAN on TBS

Jun 09, 2021
I started here in '85 in a little room, Lisa Kudrow and I were literally right across the street, that's where we met in this little room back in '86 when I first came to Los Angeles, but there are pictures of everyone who performed here . Your photo is everywhere here because this was apparently your second home yes, I have seen you many times I think this is where you met your late wife Michelle, right? yeah I did a show um and I talked about uh it was a yeah it was a show um and on stage I did a little bit about um uh how Irish women are my kryptonite and uh and after the show she was hanging out with some and she said: Hi, the Irish girl is nice and I said, thank you, I was stunned. and then my friend was Greg Barron and he said go talk to her, idiot, like he told me to go talk to her, so I ran out into the street and my first words to her were "hey," because already I was 50 feet away and then it was like no, I don't have any games or anything, you just seem really cool, here's my phone number.
conan patton oswalt full interview   conan on tbs
Could we just go to dinner like it was? No, I'm not going to try to be soft or cool, I'm just unfortunate here. with women, so you know and that's how we met, this is, I'm so happy that you made it and worked with other people to put together this six-part documentary series, yeah, I will be. Gone Into Darkness, which is a great, lovely tribute to the work of your late wife Michelle McNamara, I mean her obsession with the Golden State Killer and his determination, and you've put all of this together and it really is an extraordinary testament.
conan patton oswalt full interview   conan on tbs

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conan patton oswalt full interview conan on tbs...

What he was able to do I mean a lot of it on his own and with other people in the community, which is a great tribute to people online who are determined to figure something out and aren't professionally trained. It really is fantastic. The story is incredible, director Liz Garvez, who is a genius, has put together this narrative. I didn't know how I was going to do it, you know, take a book that was already expansive and expand it. even more to delve into the lives of the victims and the lives of the survivors and how resilient they were and then everything that Michelle went through and did what Michelle wanted to do, which was the killer is the least important part of this story.
conan patton oswalt full interview   conan on tbs
He, you know, just this insect that's disrupting what should be a thriving ecosystem and then because of the damage it can cause, the ecosystem ends up thriving even more, so the fact that she can show me all of that is just amazing, but it's also for me some of them are a bit I only have six episodes I've only been able to watch four I don't think I can watch five and six you know, I had to watch all the first cuts and After episode four, which was last Sunday, I had to call Liz and leave.
conan patton oswalt full interview   conan on tbs
I don't think I can watch any more of these and I hope you don't think I'm being her. No, no, I completely understand how surprised you are. I made it this far, so, by the way, her memorial service was held in the long. I was here, yes, I remembered it. The memorial for me and Michelle was here in the long run and it was really lovely and everyone attended. I'm thinking about it, I thought about it today and I've thought about it often when I see Michelle in the documentary footage. I remember this time when, completely by accident, I think we were all in Hawaii at the same time. right, and we saw it, we met up and you were with Michelle, I'm with my wife Liza and we all decided to go to dinner and we had this lovely dinner and then I started remembering that we all talked to Michelle about this obsession. she had to find this killer and I know he was right in my wheelhouse, so yes, I remember that spectacular evening very fondly, you know that would happen a lot, we were going to dinner with another couple and we started off very friendly. about everything, talk about whatever and then once it was known, what Michelle does when she was working at all the dinner became like this, but how do you use?
Yeah, the mission is to say, and she says, well, yeah, it was always like that. I remember there was At one point I was developing a comedy for myself with Phil Rosenthal and there was a really revealing moment where he said he wanted it to be very, very real life, like you know what my life was, he says what do you do? wife and explained to her. she told him what michelle did and he said, well, that's a much more interesting show than what we're writing, so on this show your wife will be the party planner because if your wife on this show does what michelle does, no one will go. want like why are we focusing on this idiot?
I want to focus on her. I thought yeah, that's probably a good idea, so it was that kind of thing. um, you know, one thing I wanted to mention. You, here, are so funny, and so sharp, tweeting about our president often and we are in this moment right now, where, of course, things have reached a level of craziness that it really feels like we are living. in death I wish three like the streets, you know, but you still seem to have an optimistic attitude about the situation we find ourselves in now, which is what fascinates me.
You and I are big history buffs. You caught me reading Robert. lbj de carro books and you all know all about Reagan land and Nixon land and the invisible bridge and all that, so I try to find solace in history, but what I'm also realizing is that Trump is as bad as he is, you know? he is the boomers last tantrum before they die, thats what we are seeing in every generation as they get older and start to realize they are being phased out. The boomers were like we were the vanguard, we were the disruptors and now They are seeing that no, there is generation most horrible swollen white and as bad as ever.
I tell it to my Gen worse when we are when we are. at 60 and 70 we're going to have a crazy tantrum where we know we were the cool ones and God knows who we're going to put in there: it's going to be Eddie Vetter or Janine Garofalo and I love those two. Janine is a friend, but she would agree with me, she would be a terrible president, she would take the white house and leave, you know what? I'm just not going to show up today, you know, I'm not feeling well. do it or eddie vettel would be like I'm just doing all the white house business that's going to be done here on the beach, I'm just going to be sitting next to my center board and I shudder to think what Our tantrum is going to look like, you know , I love the idea of ​​Eddie Vetter giving his State of the Union speech, but we can't understand it because he says it the way he sings and it's like he doesn't know the state.
From the union the first thing he'll say is first of all, this is all bullshit, okay, we all understand this is all bullshit, we shouldn't even be here, man, and that's how it's going to be, oh, it's going to be bad. tantrum, it's going to be bad, well, I'll make sure to mention these things. I love it. It's all available to stream on Netflix. And you, feel free to turn on the subtitles feature and I'll go in the dark. It's fantastic, it airs Sundays at 10 p.m. m. on HBO and is available to stream on HBO Max and it's a lovely tribute and a fascinating and fascinating story, very well told, Patton.
I'm thinking of you. I'm here in Largo. and uh, we're holding down the fort, I actually put a mattress in one of the two little closets on the floor, you know why I went to the mattress, yeah, and so, uh, and there's a part of me that when things get I'm back to normal and the comedians are back. I'm going to insist that you keep the mattress on the floor and say that this is the Conan O'Brien memorial mattress. Yeah, well, you know, way over your left shoulder is a piñata shaped like me. I see her right here. there it is, oh my gosh, yeah, there's also a I think I showed this online, but there's a um, she's a beautiful beautiful woman, we all love her, but there's an absolutely horrible crochet pillow, Sarah Silverman, that haunts me , chases my dreams, is really delighted.
I think Mark Cohen did that and uh, oh God, yeah, look that's a crime scene, yeah, Sarah, we love you and you're absolutely beautiful. I don't think anyone would look good as a crochet pillow no and also as a crochet pillow with someone's face that looks like it was found in Ed Gein's house it says "serial killer" written all over it oh that's amazing there is a lot of things here, uh, I really think I need to spend a night here since there's a mattress here. I'm probably going to sleep here one night, you know what happens


at night, all those things come to life, I'm just letting you know that you don't want to spend the night there, it's something else, everything comes to life and all of them.
They only have sex with each other I was going to say they have a creepy dance party to collaborate music and you went straight to them having an orgy yeah, I'm sorry, you know, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, maybe it starts with your vision and ends with the mine, okay? uh


uh I miss you I love you and I hope we see each other in person soon okay yeah and I'll go on and on checking it on your hair everyone should keep watching Conan to control hair everywhere. This will be an indication of how it's going in the United States, it really is, this is how we are measuring this, yes, this is the new thing, like the Richter scale measures earthquakes, this measures the United States' response to the pandemic, wow, that's just amazing. um okay, I bow to you sir, thank you so much for doing this, get out of that theater, man, get out of that theater, okay, see you soon, take care, okay, you too, bye.

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