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Composer/Musician Reacts to The Blue Devils 2019 Victory Run (REACTION!!!)

May 09, 2020
hello and welcome back to another episode of critical


s with your host Brian, now I received a very interesting request yesterday, the day before Pasta asked me to see a performance by the Blue Devils drum corps who won first place last year past and this video is kind of from a field camera so that's different than what I normally do but it says it's musical and unique so something interesting that you guys don't know about me not that you guys really know a lot about me I should really do a quality check, uh, I did marching band for four years, actually, this is my Bach Stradivarius with my custom Warburton mouthpiece. yes i have a lot of trumpet under my belt and some of that trumpet time was playing marching bands and i cant say im a huge fan of playing any marching band but i appreciate what they do i appreciate the sick sk and the technique in a dedication all of that um so let me get this off the screen i'll bring this guy over here i guess i like to do fun stuff on fridays we've done it right before you know sometimes just pull up some stuff i've seen on youtube on instead of accepting applications, you know, it's the end of the week and try to be a little less rigid and let's do a marching band.
composer musician reacts to the blue devils 2019 victory run reaction
I don't think many people are going to click. in this, i don't really see this one getting a lot of views, but i'm not really here for the views. I just enjoy talking to you about music and introducing myself to new things. I haven't kept up.



I used to go back to high school. I held a DCI for a bit, even a bit in college. My sister, my sister did a lot of drum corps stuff. her and do another one of these oh yeah just so you know I kept up with the drum corps seen a little bit just because The trumpet works fantastic but I haven't really researched much of the percussion corps material in the last six years, so it's very interesting to see what the Blue Devils are doing, you know?
composer musician reacts to the blue devils 2019 victory run reaction

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composer musician reacts to the blue devils 2019 victory run reaction...

Right now, let's get into this. I hope they have stayed. you know if you even clicked the link if you made it this far i don't know how far we are in this video already oh three and a half minutes i hope you guys listen you know we don't always have to do rock and metal on the channel there's other great stuff so I'm going to try to give you an idea of ​​what they're doing based on what I've done in the past as far as I'll tell you everybody's kind of excited and giving hugs and everything else, the bands The music guys are 100% family, you spend a lot of time with these people, it's like saying, it's a tight-knit community, you spend a lot of time with these people on the field off the field you get very close to these people, especially when you're going to all these competitions you're on tour buses with them most of the time tight spaces little locker rooms and stuff like that i mean this is interesting music i think it has more of a classic ragtime not that those two are similar of some way, but usually country music is more bombastic, so I'm interested to see where this goes.
composer musician reacts to the blue devils 2019 victory run reaction
A lot of this music that's playing right now is coming from the pit, which if you see at the end of the video, it's all these people with the percussion that keeps going until they don't march marimba xylophones things like those trumpets all the way right there is that's why i trumpet those little double tongues they get to get that degree i like the privacy of this gopro camera things going on but it's really disorienting i guess for me i can't see what's happening from a bird's eye view to see all the great ideas and getting a lot of the detail which is great in its own right, really clean quads always are. just show ng out more that double tongue going on oh yeah that guy's proud of that note i would be too i don't know if i could have played that in my prime that note again dammit i love the timing of the hype, never have.
composer musician reacts to the blue devils 2019 victory run reaction
I understood how it can basically be four or five people and act as a single instrument. It's just phenomenal. It's very different from working as a band and still being four people working as one band, but they're one instrument. It's almost like they're mentally in sync. I didn't always think it was fantastic every time I hear them do crazy things like that if I remember correctly that's a sousaphone which is interesting because I saw them march two days before so they both have the sousaphones it's the tubas that wrap around them and then the tubas that marching are the ones carrying on their shoulders great epic moment here those are the marching tubas nice little hand change there and you know I've mentioned it many times in the past that mu Physical ideas need time to breathe.
You're five minutes long and a lot of it is really heavy stuff, especially some metal. You need a little break from everything you need. It's only 30 seconds or whatever. almost every marching show I did always had at least one song, not necessarily slower or quieter but just a section for the band to relax and catch their breath and I feel like that's what it is here but there's also a me means they just finished a big epic moment, it's a chance for the audience to collect their thoughts on what just happened, so it serves good purposes, although I guess it also serves three purposes because it gives the band a chance to show off their melodica.
A lot of the stuff has been big fanfare and that was more melodic and you know I forgot these things are judged too, it's all based on competition so you always want to show every facet of your inventive bunch. fanatical about the use of instrumentation, that's something I've never seen in a marching show. I'm going to hear that murderous trumpet note again. I mean, the trumpets aren't looking anyway, he is when he plays that high. Because I don't want to say that I don't think the artists write the music. I don't know if they're using completely original stuff or if they're using music that they've adapted into their show or they've written a show about music that already existed, that's what we used to do.
I don't think we ever did it when we were just a high school band, but we always chose music that already existed and then wrote a show about it, so I'm not really going to comment much on the songwriting but even if you don't enjoy the music or don't even enjoy it of the show you have to respect just the craftsmanship of it all not only that these people are playing as well as they are and showing how you know how to show your expertise on their instruments but they are doing it by heart they have an eleven ten to eleven minute program memorized music they have all the memorized notes for eleven minutes of music that doesn't sound much when you talk about knowing rock and metal and they put on 30 minute shows and you imagine they put on seven to eight songs well i guess the number of songs or metal has more time but anyway thirty minutes of music they have memorized but a lot of it is riff based and repetitive so as not to rest It is important to memorize as much music to play live. show, but now I guess they're pretty much on it, especially when you start looking at prog metal and all its changes, especially when you start looking at gee things like Meshuga and all the time, so yeah, I don't really.
Don't think I'm going to put one over the other they're pretty comparable yeah they have 11 minutes of music memorized and they're playing it while they're moving I don't know if they've ever tried the scene while running or dancing it's not easy, the vibrations. from movement they enter your vocal cords they enter your airflow and create troughs and valleys and warbles it's the same when you play a wind instrument the wind has changes in volume and pressure as you move , so these guys you have to move in a way which is generally it lowers your center of gravity like you crouch down a little bit it's the way you walk with your feet the way they're pointed and move at the end the way you Your legs move to make it easier to play music and it's not something that's typically natural, at least it never seemed extremely natural to me to walk like that or even run like that, sometimes you have to cover up, you know? 20 30 yards on a couple of beats, but you also have to memorize all your meds, all your steps, all the moves, these guys had a lot of choreography, even the


s had to do a lot of arm and leg movements, little dances and swings. everything is just phenomenal the amount of preparation and craftsmanship of the whole thing and you just have to understand and respect that even if you don't like the music or the show or anything like that you have to respect the craftsmanship of it all I think it's really crazy stuff being able to play at that level while physically exerting yourself and moving while moving to be physically Azur, but moving also affects your playing if you don't move. correctly and then you're playing difficult music and you're trying to weave in with other people and get into your positions while they're trying to get into theirs and I mean it's a lot of work and not just anybody can do it so I don't know if I really have anything more than say about it, it's just no, it's about very experienced playing while dancing, putting on a show while playing, I mean, it takes a lot. from work and I know that I respect that I appreciate it, so those are my thoughts on the Blue Devils if you have any specific questions about some of the things that they did I can try to answer them.
I'm not very knowledgeable about each instrument but you know I was around them for quite a while and you know you learn some things when you're chatting with everyone like I said bands like that end up being families very big families and you know you learn things here and there they try to learn each other's instruments and they know it's just it's all osmosis they may not end up being an expert but they do learn the little things so if you have any questions about anything you saw I will . I do my best to answer all requests for m Ore DCI or drum corps stuff so I don't really have much to say because there's not much to talk about on the songwriting side.
I can talk about some of the interesting things in the songwriting, but it's not really about the


s and what they did I don't think they said I don't think they wrote the music so yeah this is probably going to be something unique. I enjoyed doing it, it's great to share with you, you guys know an aspect of my musical history, but I don't think it really fits with the channel and what I usually do, but it was fun for Fridays. I like to have fun on Fridays at the end of the week you know let's do unusual things and that's what I did and thanks to the pasta for recommending I never thought in a million years I would get a drum band recommendation on this channel.
I find it quite difficult to go from metal to rock. I rarely get rock recommendations so you know this is a long way off. field and I really enjoyed it thank you very much you know and if you have comments, go ahead, post them there and subscribe, how to bring the belt. I'm deleting Freddie. I'm so bad on Fridays and I'll see them all Monday. I hope I don't see why not. pretty sure my plans my plans for the weekend a good monday the plans look good yeah i should have a mud video on monday no reason not i dont even know why i said it is well, have a fantastic weekend. until next time

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