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Complete Walmart Kit for Overnighters

Jul 06, 2021
hi everyone this is josh the big bearded green beret i wanted to do a quick video that was born out of the need to fly back and forth from where we are now in northern california and the adirondacks where i'm actually teaching classes in physical. and an Ohio as well in the spring so you know most of the gear I use for my videos is the same gear I use for physical classes, the same gear I use in the field, but let's be real, bag fees are real, so fly back. and going with it just wasn't something that was convenient so my main gear is in storage near the Adirondacks awaiting our next class at the end of next month so I still have to go to the field here so what do you do? get it right what i thought i would do is make a video going to the local


source everything from my kit from there and see how it really compares the question is you know i really don't like the term better than nothing because i don't I think we should set the bar to no I think we should set the bar to suitable, so the question is can I duplicate the gear I usually get locally, a little less expensive, probably also a little less durable, and will that gear be adequate? to use in the field. so i'm going to make a quick video as an overview of all the stuff i picked up to show you guys how i put together my kits no matter what brand or product i'm putting in there the needs i'm trying to provide and i'll go into some more specific details about the kits individual ones in future videos and then I'll take this and use it in the field.
complete walmart kit for overnighters
I'll take it and do it overnight. here in the mountains and find out if this gear is a fit and it will give you some pros and cons of each piece of gear and keep in mind this was all sourced from the local Walmart every good gear starts with some sort of backpack to put it in and the options of backpack i have to say they were pretty limited as far as what i consider a durable backpack and i will admit this is definitely a budget model the one i chose is a lightweight Ozark Trail hiking backpack Ozark Trail I think that is the brand of Walmart but this seemed like the one that would be big enough to hold me up in the winter in the Northern California mountains so I picked this one it has a little bit of an orange trim so it blends in with my signal kit but that one its the choice i chose ozark trail lightweight hiking backpack then every kit of mine starts the same way i want to meet certain needs and i build everything into kits theres a fire kit a kit of shelter a water kit a food kit first aid kit navigation kit signal kit and finally some tools that help me meet all my needs while in the field and within the essential kits you know you will also find the ten sea, so there's some overlap right there.
complete walmart kit for overnighters

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complete walmart kit for overnighters...

Just when I think of kits, I think of them. as individual kits put t Together all those kids contain the 10 C minimum so the first kit is the fire kit for my fire kits. I like to have four different ignition sources, so I have some redundancy. I also like to have some emergency tender, although I'm going to use natural tender most of the time, sometimes I want to have that emergency tender and I want to have something to collect that natural tinder when I'm out in the field, so what I could find It is of course some trusted Bic lighters.
complete walmart kit for overnighters
Can't go wrong with those for the matches. I was able to get Yuko's Stormproof Match Kit, which if you know these were my favorite matches anyway, are definitely a great choice, so I was very happy to find them for ferrocerium rod. I have a couple of different options because I'm not too familiar with this one, this is the UST Strikeforce fire starter and it apparently has some tinder on the handle as well, but you know, up to a half inch in diameter, this is all I could get. get and i am likely and you only know two inches of work surface so i know its not what i would normally carry but i just want to know if this is suitable can i turn it on yes or no?
complete walmart kit for overnighters
Also when talking about my choice of knife I got this just a magnesium rod this is also from the UST Mag Rod Fire Starter it has a large magnesium rod and a small ferrocerium rod so it's redundant with this , but that magnesium is a good emergency. tender and the particular knife I chose is designed specifically for use with that so I want to highlight that in a video so that's really the only reason I have this extra ferrocerium rod so for solar solar it was a little hard to get. I couldn't find any fernell lenses I couldn't find any small magnifiers so I got this big three and a quarter inch guy then I got this big three and a quarter inch magnifier that I found in a sewing section but actually it's a power like that and it has a little case on it so probably what I'll do is take this ridiculous handle off of it and just use the lens and put it inside that protective case that it comes with so that's what I have for solar and of course I like to go solar anytime I can, as far as the emergency tender goes and I went with the UST wet fire.
I am familiar. These are much like the track fit fuel tablets. Fuel tabs were used in the military. They work fine even when wet, so it's a proper emergency offering that I already have experience with, that's what I could find, that's what I chose most of the time. products and I'm not sure the brand has never used them before the outdoor recreation group but it seemed to fit the bill it's a dry bag to put tinder in and I think this is around 0.5 litres, so a pint dry bag it doesn't say 5 liter capacity is ok so I'm going to get a lot of natural tinder in that so I can I'll probably put all my fire equipment in there as well as fill it with tender and be ready to go right so that's my fire kit every good shelter kid has something to sleep under something to sleep on something to sleep on and some rope and stakes to hold it all up. together this one is no different so what i did to sleep under something was to use the UST Survival Blanket again 2.0.
I have used these in the past. I have to say they do have some shortcomings with the grommets, but this is in line with the 5 minute shelter system I teach in use, so this is at least something I'm familiar with for sleeping something under something to sleep on. no fleece blankets or anything so what I got was an Ozark Trail again that's the Walmart brand It's a cool weather mummy sleeping bag. The comfort index is 30 degrees. Hopefully it will be adequate in the mountains of Northern California. We'll find out as for something to sleep on. There were many options.
There were yoga mats there. There were exercise mats and there were camping mats and camping mats were actually more expensive and not as thick so I actually went with an exercise mat because I liked how thick it was and I felt it was quite comfortable. Closed cell foam exercise mat and it was actually the least it was actually one of the least expensive options to use so even though I'm not going out you know I'm working on my fitness or whatever I think which will be a good sleeping pad. we'll figure it out and then as far as ropes and stakes to hold together, you know, I just have some regular ABS plastic tent pegs that I think would be fine for the type of soil I've been finding here.
I have six of those I have six of those and a Hank's hundred foot 550 cable from UST. I haven't opened them up to see how many internal wires it has, but you know it calls itself a 550 cable, so we'll see what it's going to be. enough for shelter applications I'm going to use for 100 feet of paracord couldn't find any bank line but breaks are ok sometimes so as far as a water kit goes I like to have some sort of container , some sort of pre-filter like a cotton bandana and I like to have some sort of way to thermally purify it, plus I don't mind having some sort of water filters so I can make the water safe to drink quickly while on the go and I hope to be doing some hiking in the mountains I won't always have time to stop and boil water so this is where some of the challenges arose with the limited products that were available and normally I would take a single walled stainless steel water bottle and I would just use that both the container and the container that I thermally sanitize the water in, but they didn't really have any single wall option, they had canister double wall vacuum insulated thermos style water faucets which were big enough but they weren't something I could heat sanitize ct so I had to buy some sort of cook set.
This is a stanley cooking game. It has a lot of different things. Lots of different containers. Spatula and everything I don't need. I just need the stainless steel. I cooked a pot so I can boil water and since I'm using it I picked up just a couple cheap plastic water bottles so I can do it once it's sanitized and can put it in these containers after it's cooled. and actually carry the water and stuff but you know I'm not really into plastic bottles because I can't sanitize my nose and I have to carry additional equipment to heat sanitize and then put it back in place of the stainless steel bottles that Por I generally use better plain walls.
I can place it right on the fire. Boil the water there. Set aside to cool once cool. Put the lid on and I can continue, but that wasn't an option here, so I'm carrying a water bottle and I'm carrying water bottles with a pot so I can take care of what I normally do with one piece of equipment, plus, you know something i am also very familiar with is seeing your mini they had seen your minis there they are around 20 bucks he has 0.1 micron filtration level so i can get water on the go i can drink straight from the creek if you've seen my water replenishment video you've seen me use this and talk about this in a little bit more detail but I'm not going to


ly trust this because it's winter and there's a chance it will freeze and if it does and the filtration system cracks inside I would never know but I should know that it obviously contains more than 0.1 microns and would allow pathogens through that can make me sick so as long as I'm sure this hasn't frozen o I kept it in my backpack or I kept it isolated in my backpack or I kept it close to my body and I was sure that the integrity of the was intact, so I have no problem using this b but in case I know I want to be able to to thermally sanitize a campground and I also bought some water purification tablets from Coleman so if it fails I still have the ability to chemically sanitize on the go so that's a bit different. than my norm but that's what i chose and that's why i chose that last of course a couple of cotton tissues these can be used as a pre-filter for my water they can also carbonize which i normally don't. make charred cloth in the field which is tender by nature but available for that and this also becomes part of my first aid kit right here so anyway a couple of handkerchiefs food wise I'll probably make some pemmican back here I'll probably set up some hardtack and I'll probably take some supplies to where I can vanek out in the field, but there may be opportunities for me to fish while I'm in the mountains so I'm going to be prepared for at least that in as far as getting food from nature, so I have a simple braided fishing line, it has a strength of 65lbs and they all cost the same no matter what the tensile strength is.
I have a couple packs of Snell jigs and some size six barrel swivels in size four that'll give me a couple of different options for the type of fish I'm hoping to catch and I also have some removable tin sinkers so that's what I've got, really simple fishing tackle along with my traditional meals and that's what I'll probably stick with then with the next kit that I like to take with me, especially when I'm carrying sharp objects and using them in the dark and in the field, you know. , everytime i grab a knife or an ax or anything like that i also grab my first aid kit and to have it you should probably go in also i was looking at the first aid kits in there and there weren't many options i was really happy with i'm not looking to get some sort of first aid kit for Ally's I don't want a 100 piece kit wit h 99 plasters and an alcohol wipe because n neither of us is going to do anything to take care of something thathe was going to kill anyway.
I'm more interested in the trauma, but there's a chance you'll cut yourself and you could. If you get cut away from help, you'll have to take care of yourself. I wasn't too happy with all the selections there so I just bought 5 rolls of rolled gauze that I can use for a laceration on a limb or some kind of puncture and I'll be able to take care of that and hopefully stop the bleeding long enough to that i can go back and get real help, i'm not too happy just having this, but this is definitely better than band-aids and alcohol wipes and blister kits, just my opinion.
I like being able to deal with the things that were actually going to kill me to begin with, so five rolls of rolled gauze. tape. I like a wider role of tape. i need some kind of tape this is what they had I really don't think those us is wide enough for meI went ahead and got a couple rolls of self adhesive elastic bandage which is also not white enough you know which is also an inch, but at least it sticks a little better, especially when you're sweating, it sticks on its own, so that's what I have if I have to.
I can improvise the tourniquet or makeshift wound covers out of the bandana, so that's another reason to always have these in your kit, since it's the first aid kit boating wise. I really didn't have all the options. I am used to it. to have what i got was just a waypoint compass and what i can say on this is it thinks it points north and it has a 2 year limited warranty so if you get lost using this if they find your body inside of that two year period you can claim it and get your money back but definitely a cheap compass is definitely not what I would recommend anyone trying to do this to take one of our courses but it points north and that along with you knows a couple of Decades of experience should make this a good fit for me, we'll find out as far as pass-through cables go.
I'll have to make my own and I'll use a USGS forest service map for whatever area I go to so I have that and protractor wise these have scales on the outside so I can cobble together a protractor easy enough so that's it what i got for a navigation kit, only UST Waypoint compass points north, 2 year warranty, what more could you ask for? my backpack I have orange on this blanket I have some hi viz parachute other than that I'm a little down for this whistle and this whistle is from UST it's the ice emergency whistle so it's a compartment safety whistle that it has a waterproof compartment you turn it so in an emergency I can whistle and try to get help and if I don't get any help then when someone finds my body again they can unscrew it and it will have my next similar info in there and they can call to the long red braid and let them know that and I'm frozen somewhere like Otzi so of course I like to have a beacon that has a strobe function so I can use it as a signal at night but for campus work it's fine , I chose the 315 lumen energizer because it has that it was the highest lumens and brightest headlamp they had available that is waterproof not proof so we'll see we'll see how it works we'll see how long the battery lasts we'll see how durable it is we'll see how it holds up to the weather and of course I have some extra batteries so that's ok the last two kits are tools and equipment repair and of course not I have my normal selections, but I went with what I thought would be great. field test that was available there I like to have a belt knife and folding saw at the very least I like the Baco and Silky saws I have fist scars because that's what they had available in the pruning section, you know, for the lawn and garden care. work has a seven inch blade sharp slip grip for comf strength and control this is a folding pruning saw we'll see how well it performs I'm sure it will be fine for the amount of wood I need to leave just curious as to how much to how durable is it just because i dont have any experience with this particular brand so i have a scar saw on my fist then i chose this particular knife its out of my norm but this is the 499 survival knife Ontario Knife Company mods and is kind of traditional military.
Air Force survival knife so it says here survival so it can't be wrong it may in the US leather handle it has a tang but it's actually specifically designed not just this ya know it's what they call it's a saw blade but it's not really an aircraft skin ripping saw and it's also perfectly adequate for scraping the magnesium off these bars so now you know why I bought this but it's kind of a traditional Air Force survival knife anyway. so out of all the options out there this is the one I didn't think I'd pick just because I don't have one and I was curious how it would perform in the field for the tasks I needed to perform and I'm sure it will be fine it's a sharp edge that's what I need but some of the specs about that nine and a half inch full length the length of the blade is five inches which is fine high carbon steel which I think because it's painted or coated to prevent it corrodes 55 to 57 on the rockwell hardness scale which is a thats a bit soft so it should sharpen good but i bet it doesnt have a very long handle material edge again its leather comes with a scabbard and it looks like it comes with a little whetstone we'll see how well it does for me in the field so those are my tools minotaurs repair gear they usually wear gorilla tape i got gorilla tape so this is a big role , I'm not going to take all this, I'm just going to remove what I think I'm going to need, I'm going to use it for a couple of different things, so I have it, but I'm not going to take all this paper, but Gorilla Tape is exceptional for the gear repair also the adhesive on this is extremely flammable so it makes a really great bird nest tinder pack in an emergency which I hope to show you in future videos and a candle needle this is a lot of homemade craft needles and one of these happens to be a sail needle there are also additional needles for leather canvas upholstery etc so I really just want that sail needle out of there and that's what I'll use and come back to as to what i'm traditional what i carry traditional i just had to buy the whole package to get that sell needle so gear repair tools and maintenance are included in those tools because they have a little d stone e sharpening on the scabbard is fine so there you have it it's my 100% local kit from Walmart and I'm looking forward to using some of this stuff out in the field using it on some people who spend the night doing some videos with it I'll show you some more in-depth stuff more in-depth videos on the individual kits and how I make them work for what I need them to do so as always thanks for watching thanks for liking the videos thanks for comment on the videos and, above all, I thank you for sharing this. that helps grow the channel and until next time hope to see you in the woods thanks for watching

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