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Complete Godzilla x Kong: Monsterverse Timeline

Apr 12, 2024
Millions of years before the appearance of humanity, the planet was ruled by massive creatures, Titans, who fed on the radiation that was then abundant on the Earth's surface when the first human tribes arose. They built their homes near benevolent Titans who protected them against the more hostile cultures formed around these Titans, each of whom worshiped their own as deities for a long time, humanity and Titan lived symbiotically, some ancient people may even have developed telepathic communication with them, but as is the way of humanity, some hope to control these colossal beasts as tools for war and when the Titans rebelled, it became a war between man and monster once a massive cataclysm triggered the Ice Age the Titans went into hibernation the surviving pockets of civilization forgot their connections with these creatures and memories became myths, including one of a great Titan who wrote on top of the primordial ecosystem Godzilla that protected the time of Humanity and again including at least one legendary battle with the three-headed dragon king Gadora when the Earth's surface became the domain of humanity and the radiation subsided.
complete godzilla x kong monsterverse timeline
The Titans moved toward a hidden world beneath ours powered by core radiation, but there are passageways to that world, including one. in a place called Skull Island and sometimes monsters come out of those passageways for thousands of years, the natives of the island lived in fear of those monsters until one day something else comes out of the gateway, colossal apes that protect the natives, but over time. Most of its protectors fall and in the 20th century only one remains who they call Kong, king of the island. In 1944, the island receives its first visitors from the outside world.
complete godzilla x kong monsterverse timeline

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complete godzilla x kong monsterverse timeline...

Hank Marlo and Gune Aari. American and Japanese pilots on opposite sides of the changing war. quickly after they crash and come face to face with a giant ape, they soon discover that it is not a threat, but there are many things on the island that are and, despite the uniforms that say the pilots are enemies, They quickly become friends in a shared fight. to survive and Skull Island is not the only place where monsters reside and in fact in 1952, Lieutenant Lee Shaw will encounter a dragon in the Philippines who he has assigned to escort Japanese scientist K Mura there to investigate later. of the discovery of airborne radioisotopes they target.
complete godzilla x kong monsterverse timeline
A rocky start when he expects Dr. Mura to be a man and she makes her own snap judgments, but it's not long before they see and respect each other's capabilities and are soon joined by a third Billy Randa, a veteran of The Navy, on a crusade for the truth, judging by Dr. Mira's team, can say that they are both searching for the same truth to prove that the monsters are real. He provides insight that they won't find monsters with a Geer counter. He recommends looking into Folklore. People here talk about a carving dragon. a path of fire across the sky or perhaps suggests a path of ionizing radiation they follow that radiation to an old US SS ship on a ship Billy sailed on as part of the US Navy The official story is that it was sunk by an enemy attack in 43, but as its only survivor, Billy knows the truth, they were shot down by a dragon since it was his life's mission to prove it and today he knows it because while they investigate the ship, the ion dragon attacks with Lee's help, they survive.
complete godzilla x kong monsterverse timeline
At the meeting two years later, Lee convinces the scientists that they need more funding if they want Monarch to be more than just a small monster hunting club. To get that funding, Lee turns to the US military and requests 150 pounds of uranium to lure a Titan. It is necessary to convince him. but a dinosaur-sized footprint in Indonesia does the job, although Bill and KO quickly learn that the military doesn't share their thirst for knowledge, the scientists want to study the ancient creatures, while the military wants to destroy them before they become an ATL bikini menace. They take out the Titan, a lizard they will one day call Godzilla, and once he appears, they make him fly.
The Titan is presumed dead, but Monarch gets the blank check they expected because now the military is afraid of what if there are others. there like that big lizard and what if the next one shows up in a major city next year Lee takes KO to the American Defense Industry Federation dance it's an unfortunate part of the job the unpleasant duty of shaking hands with those who meet her They fund Missiona to the same people who make fun of her and excuse her Japanese heritage by assuring her that she is one of the good ones, but somehow Lee makes her forget everything, they dance when others are looking, they dance closer and when they stand in the elevator hoping to spend. time alone in Lee's room fate intervenes in an urgent message from Bill about unusual radiation readings in Japan, of course Lee wants to join KO and pick up where they left off at the dance, but a meeting is coming up important about the budget, someone has to do it.
Stay back and Lee does so until the feelings take over, but when he shows up uninvited on Hateruma Island he doesn't find the welcoming arms he expected. Koo may share his feelings, but he also knows that there is a greater good, there is Monarch that they have to put down. before her wishes and she's not convinced they can do it, just today Lee put Monarch in danger by skipping an important meeting to be with her after a melancholic kiss. Lee sees what they came here for. A scientist developed a machine that simulates the gamma radiation it attracts.
Titans for all intents and purposes, a Titan phone and today when it works they learn first hand that it will take over 150 pounds of uranium to kill Godzilla because he is very much alive when they return home. Lee agrees to keep Godzilla's resurgence a secret because Koo knows that if the government finds out he's still alive, they'll simply build a bigger weapon and try to kill him again. Lee also discovers the consequences of his attempted romantic gesture, what in the Navy they call changing command while Lee was in his unauthorized absence. Monarch was handed over to another officer, Lieutenant Hatch, and soon that officer is wondering if there is a need for Monarch.
The military believes they killed Godzilla last year and since then Billy and KO haven't presented any evidence that there are any other titans out there, the officer wonders. if perhaps his money would be better spent rooting out the foreign spies who hint that Dr. Mea might be one of them, Billy defends his partner by taking a swipe at Hatch, a partner he's falling in love with and it soon becomes clear. that she is also falling in love with him. he maps out every reported monster sighting to search for any insight that proves Monarch's worth in one night.
Billy finds him thanks to an ant. He watches as the bug crawls through a hole in the map and Billy realizes that maybe that's what titans do, maybe that's how they move. around the world unseen, he runs to Ko's house and shares his theory of a hidden kingdom beneath the earth's surface and that's not the only revelation of the night. Billy also meets Koo's son, Hirosi. Turns out she's a widow and she's kept it a secret because she's already having a hard enough time getting the respect she deserves from her and what would people do if they knew she was raising a child alone?
So don't do it alone. Billy offers and assures that he has her back regarding her budget problems. Lee backs them up. He goes over Lieutenant Hatch's head directly to his superior general Pucket and plays a card they have been keeping near the chest. He reveals that Godzilla is alive and with that Revelation Pucket agrees that of course Monarch must remain active for a while. Things get better. The team until a tragedy four years later, in Kazakhstan, find some Titan eggs in an abandoned power plant and when KO tries to extract a sample of genetic material, the ground begins to collapse beneath them and insectoids hatch from the eggs that Lee and Billy try to get out. she is safe, but out of reach and falls into the swarm in 1962.
Billy has become Hiroshi's father and Lee has become an uncle, then another tragedy occurs in Operation Hourglass. Lee is part of a small team led by Billy who attempts the first trip to his theorized hollow Earth, knowing the risk, he leaves a token for Hiroshi, his pocket knife, and the danger proves all too real. Only Titans can travel through the vortex to the bottom of space. So the plan is to use the gamma radiation simulator or the Titan phone to take one out. then follow him back to the beginning, things go as planned, a Titan surfaces and Le's ship follows it down, then disaster, the passageway implodes and they lose contact with the ship.
Lieutenant Pucket demands answers from Billy, but falls short. Lee is gone. and Billy Randa has no idea what went wrong, then the hard part telling Hiroshi, who lost his mother because of work, that now he also lost an uncle and 11 years later he loses a father in the time since Kazakhstan and Operation Hourglass. Bill Randa has only become more obsessed with his quest to find monsters and in 1973 makes his last attempt. He is assisted by geologist Houston Brooks, who wrote a paper substantiating the hollow Earth theory, although a passage collapsed when Lee disappeared. Bill believes there is another one in a place called Skull Island. gets approval for the expedition and brings with him a team, Brooks Monarch biologist St Lynn, a military escort led by Lieutenant Colonel Preston Packard, a former British SAS captain with experience in unexplored jungle terrain, James Conrad and the pacifist photographer Mason Weaver, arriving at The island means penetrating the perpetual storm that surrounds and hides it.
Once they get through, they drop seismic charges to test the density of the island, and Brooks is pleased to report that Bedrock is practically hollow, further proof of Randa's theory, but what they don't know. is that the island is protected by Kong and he doesn't appreciate the fine distinction between seismic charges and bombs as they explode. Things fall on his island, the giant ape attacks the helicopters and in this Beast Bill and Packard find what they are looking for. for Bill Randa a monster and for Packard a war with the United States, since he sees him abandoning the Vietnam War.
He's desperate for a new enemy and the giant ape that killed half of his men will do just fine. Kong's attack disperses the group with Bill Packard and some. from his men in one, Conrad Weaver and Brooks in another, both quickly learn that the ape is not the only mortal being on the island; There are also giant spiders and Conrad's team learns about the natives, although any risk of miscommunication is avoided because among them is an American who can translate the World War II pilot Hank Marlo since his accident in '44 has lived among The natives learn their customs, language, and history, telling Conrad's group how the native sheep lived in fear until the giant apes came to their aid, protecting them against what he calls the skull crawlers, large reptilian creatures, and telling them. tells about the last ape standing, King Kong, his bombs woke up a group of lizards, which is why Kong was so angry that he can handle them as long as he gets to them while they are small, but but there is a bigger one hidden under the surface that killed Kong's family and the natives say that if Kong fell, that great one would return.
Then Conrad tells him about a refueling team that will reach the north of the island in 3 days if they can get there. Eventually they will all be able to get off the island, they will never get there on foot, Hank says, but he has another way: a makeshift boat built from the remains of his and Gun's planes. They had started building it until Gunpei was killed by a skull crawler. He gets to work finishing the ship while photographer Weaver looks around, finds a giant goat trapped under one of the downed helicopters and tries to help it.
Kong notices his good deed and helps Free the Animal when the ship is ready. Hank says goodbye to the friends he's made over the past three decades and they take off. Elsewhere on the island, Bill gets the idea that Skull Island may be where the original Monarch's last man meets his end, so he records a message to the boy who became his His son Hiroshi apologizes for everything he took from him and hopes he can at least leave some legacy behind so Hiroshi sees that it was all worth it. He is chased by a giant spider to the edge of the island and, in desperation, throws down the bag containing his research.
Another Titan then engages the spider in battle, granting Bill a brief stay of execution. Soon Conrad and the others on Hank's ship meet up with Colonel Packard's group and are disappointed to learn that Packard has no interest in heading north to the extraction point instead. he wants to head westto search for a missing man Chapman, who is separated from them in Kong's initial attack, the others reluctantly follow him until they reach the Boneyard containing what remains of Kong's parents, a mass grave. Hank warns that it is too dangerous to cross, but there is no one convincing.
Packard goes, they follow him and sure enough, a skull crawler emerges, this is how William Randa, the only survivor of the USS Laon and last man standing of the original Monarch, meets his end and this is how Conrad discovers that they are on a quest useless because the monster spits a skull out of its mouth along with the dog tag of the man Chapman belonged to, they survived thanks to Marlo and Conrad wielding a sword and Weaver's ingenuity using a lighter to ignite a gas bag, then Conrad He shows Packard the nameplate and says. The man they are looking for is gone, but the colonel insists that they continue because it was never really about finding a missing man, but about returning to collect the weapons they need to kill Kong and avenge their fallen soldiers.
Hank tells him that only makes things worse. Kong is the only thing protecting the island if the great skullcrawler dies, the one he kept at bay, it will emerge. Well, Packard insists, then we'll kill him too when they see there's no way to convince him. Conrad and the civilians abandon him. They go their separate ways, but when he and Weaver meet Kong himself, things change, the Beast looks at Weaver and maybe because he saw the good. She did it before trying to help that trapped goat. He peacefully approaches the photographer. He even puts a hand on him, and then they both know that they cannot abandon him or the people of this island.
Packard's napom catches Kong's attention and they follow him when they reach the improvised war zone. The Packards manage to take down the huge ape by luring it into the lake and then igniting napom hidden inside it while Kong is away, the men get to work planting bombs on it until Conrad Weaver and Hank arrive with weapons of their own. reason with Packard, but his men are another story and they soon become convinced that Packard is lost, leave him and join the others. Conrad signals the colonel to follow him and time is of the essence because with Kong down, the big skull crawler emerges when Conrad sees that there is no point.
He leaves and once the colonel is alone, he moves to detonate the bombs, but is crushed by Kong's fist before he has the chance, the rest of them take off towards the ship, but soon the fight between Kong and the lizard reaches them, the ape holds his own until he doesn't, it doesn't look good for him until he gets help. Hank's boat is apparently armed and distracts the skull tracker long enough to give Kong a chance to get back up and then, with creative use of the man's debris, takes his enemy down with a sharp propeller at the end. of a chain, in the end the survivors reach the rendezvous point and leave the island while Kong watches at home.
Hank finds a wife and son waiting for him. Conrad and Weaver, on the other hand, are taken to Monarch where they meet Houston Brooks and San Lyn in a small interrogation room. They are told that Kong is just one of many beasts like him that once ruled this planet and shows them images of cave paintings depicting Godzilla and other titans like In 1982 something miraculous happens. Colonel Leland Lafayette Shaw III is found alive in a forest and has not aged a day. He himself only understands what happened when he sees a now adult Hiroshi with his pocket knife.
What exactly happened in that experiment 20 years ago. Before he reached that realm beneath the surface, one man was killed in the crash, the others were killed by a Titan, and Lee himself was pulled into a Vortex. The next thing he knew he was here. It seems that time passes differently on the hollow Earth thanks to gravitational distortion. For Lee, he's gone for a week, but on the surface two decades pass and he tells Hiroshi that his father was right. Bill was right about everything. Two worlds, one on the surface and one below, and a balance between them, but after losing both parents to his theories, Hoshi has grown up.
Bitter and claims that his father was crazy. Humans lived with the Titans for thousands of years very well until the three Bill KO and Lee meddled in their world, after that Hiroshi condemns Lee to forced retirement in a secure Monarch facility to observe and study hard. of nice words to avoid saying clearly that Lee is now their prisoner elsewhere, there is an island near Skull Island also populated by Titans, but in the early 80s it gains two human inhabitants, Annie and her father, who are shipwrecked there, Unlike Skull Island, this one is not. protected by a giant ape, so when a dog like Titan attacks, the only one who can protect Annie is her father, he kills the beast but dies in the process and Annie learns that Titan was also protecting someone, her own offspring, just one cub, the two of them now alone.
Bond quickly calls him a dog and they grow up together on Annie's Island, which is what she has decided to call life until 10 years later when someone comes looking for her, a woman named Irene who leads a team of mercenaries but that is not the case. Not only do they find a teenage girl, but also her friend, a giant dog who feels threatened by their presence and eats some of them, so the mercenaries take out their weapons and kidnap Annie by force and then They take her aboard their ship, but a decade on a crowded island. with Monsters has made her formidable and she fights her way out of his ship ES escaping in one of his smaller ships and they are not the only ones in these nearby Seas es Once upon a time there was a maritime captain captained by cap, he is looking for Monsters because he saw one once and the amazement it inspired turned into the need to see it again or discover more like it.
He is joined by his son Charlie, his hero's friend, and the hero's son, Mike, along with his crew. Charlie has grown tired of his father's adventures and wants to return. He doesn't live a normal life, he goes to college, meets a girl and all that, today he can do one of those things because he finds a girl overboard. Annie, after she escaped, a sea monster sank her boat. Charlie quickly rescues her and once she wakes up, she is skeptical of this new crew given how badly the last one treated her, but Cap Charlie and the others make it clear that they only want to help and when the same squid-like Titan that sank their SS ship her ship, she returns the favor by rescuing Cap from drowning.
Meanwhile, Charlie and Mike make it to shore, what they soon discover is that the Skull Island taxi is washing up on shore. In another part of the island, but Mike's hero father and the rest of the crew are not so lucky and disappear with the ship in which the children fight to survive on an island full of monsters until Annie catches up with them at this time she is with a dog who managed to swim to shore with the skills he learned surviving on a similar island for years. She helps them fight monsters and find food.
They can even see the giant ape that protects the island. in action when he saves their lives by eating a crocodile before it can devour them all Annie and Charlie find a few minutes to join in she asks him his age he tells her 17 and she wonders if maybe that's the age she tells him too Charlie liked him from the moment they met and now she's starting to like him too, although it's clear that the protective dog of the girl he grew up with doesn't feel the same way, while Charlie and Annie become fast friends. Mike keeps to himself that he's not feeling well when that squid. attacked, hit his chest and left a big wound, but he doesn't want to worry his friend, so he keeps him quiet while Charlie's father has been on his own adventure, he ran into Irene and the two made a deal if she would aid. finding her son he will help her find the girl has so far been impossible for her mercenaries considering Annie's overprotective dog, but they soon discover a way to separate them at the expense of one of their men as they pass a giant bird through a clearing. swoops in and takes one of the mercenaries away, knowing that the bird's hunting grounds give them the idea to lure Annie there to the clearing, and just as they expected, the bird grabs the dog while they tranquilize Annie, meanwhile, Charlie and Mike watch what is happening from behind some tall grass.
When they see Charlie's father among the mercenaries, the children assume that he is captive. Mike gives himself up as a distraction so Charlie can escape, but Charlyy only manages to run into a native who chases him into a clearing, then that big bird swoops down and carries him away. From there he leaves Charlie at the top of a tall tower at the foot of a temple, a kind of testament to the colossal ape, and finds the dog. The Beast is tired of the boy, but seems to calm down when Charlie says Annie's name, he assures the dog.
They are on the same side and together they lower the tower on the way. Charlie sees carvings of the ape fighting monsters and protecting the natives and at the bottom of the tower he sees the ape looking sadly at a medallion from his collection until he is interrupted by a dead whale found in his backyard thrown from high above. sea ​​by the large squid that brought down his boat in the camp. Mike's chest wound takes its toll. He's going to die unless they get off the island and get him real medical care. attention, Irene provides whatever help they can while dealing with a rather upset Annie who isn't too happy about getting caught again and Irene finally confesses what has become obvious: she is Annie's mother, she tells Annie about burying an empty coffin and mourn his daughter. until a fisherman saw the remains of his boat, that's why he came here with his team.
It was all about finding her daughter. The only reason they pulled out their weapons is because they unexpectedly found Annie riding a Man-Eating Beast that ate some of them when Charlie returns. with the dog, the beast pounces on Irene, but after she apologizes for shooting Annie and taking a decade to find her, Annie calls it off, their relationship is far from repaired, but Annie decides to stay and that's progress , they soon remember that things stopped. In its escape, that giant squid emerges and kills another of the mercenaries. If they try to leave, he will do the same to the rest, so his only hope is to kill him first and Charlie has an idea about how he saw something on the island.
Able to go toe to toe with a giant squid, the ape Charlie saw those carvings, so he knows his job is to protect the island and that squid must want the throne, but he's too smart to go to land where his enemy will have the advantage. . so he's been making fun of him, which explains the whale he threw at him. Charlie suggests that they get the ape to fight the squid, how by sneaking into his temple and stealing the medallion that he seems to care so much about, he then runs to the shore and hopes to chase them. once he is within range of the fight with the squids, it will be inevitable.
Charlie has no idea what the Medallion means to the ape, but he is right that it is important that it belonged to a native that Kong was close with until the squid killed her and many others, Kong buried the girl. and he kept the Locket as a symbol of remembrance, so when Annie Charlie and the dogs steal it, it has the desired effect. Kong chases them all over the island, but the dog simply isn't fast enough. Kong approaches until Charlie realizes that the dog is fast enough, but not with two people on his back, then he tells Annie that she is the coolest girl he has ever met, then drops down and with only Annie on his back, the dog is fast enough to get to the shore and it works, the squid attacks Kong the ape, he holds his ground for a while. a little, but he is in the water, the Squid's domain and soon ends up at the bottom of the ocean.
Meanwhile, Charlie falls into a trap and ends up hanging from a tree. A native approaches promising that he will suffer for what he did to Kong, but Kong is not dead yet. and as he struggles under the weight of the sea monster, he notices a shipwreck near the Once Upon a Maritime. It turns out to be an excellent weapon. As Kong beats the squid into submission, he resurfaces bloodied and exhausted and then notices a dog struggling to stay afloat in the water he displaced. he notices Annie begging him to survive and Kong remembers the girl The Locket left him.
He couldn't save her that day, but he can save the dog. He places it safely next to Annie, who begins to apologize for taking The Medallion when the squid reappears. When Kong finishes the job, he beats the monster to a pulp, rips it in half, and inadvertently throws the remains into the ocean, causing a tidal wave that crashes Annie into a rock, hits her head, and wakes up in a hospital. 2 weeks later, his mother tries it. her to calm the girl while she looks at the city and asks where I am next year. Skull Island claims some more new residents More than 20 years ago Houston Brooks survived a harrowing visit to Skull Island Since then, he and the few who survived have kept the island a secret ifIf someone knew that a place with Titans existed, they would be tempted to meddle in it and deal with forces beyond their understanding, but the island was not all bad, it was during that expedition that Brooks became closer to San Lin.
In the following years they married and had a son named Aaron, who followed in his footsteps by working for Monarch. One day he breaks into his father's files and discovers about Skull Island. He is horrified, an island full of monsters. What if they escape? They apparently put their faith in a larger monster named Kong to keep the island under control when he confronts his father. Houston explains that they monitor the place by satellite and everything is fine and warns his son to leave, shortly after Aaron disappears on a trip. to Antarctica at least that's the official story, in truth, his son put together a small team for an unwritten mission and using his father's notes he found Skull Island and so, on Voyage 73, his ship sank after reach it, although in your case it is not like that.
It's not Kong who shoots them down, but a flock of psychopathic vultures eject the five as their pilot SJ Judo crashes in the distance. Helen Carsten is the first to die, killed by a group of death jackles while the rest find refuge in a cave where the natives find them and invite the survivors to return to their village. Communication is surprisingly easy because at least one of the natives speaks English, having learned it from his father, who learned it from World War II pilot Hank Marlo after meeting the natives. You're on the island for months long enough for the team's mythographer, Richo, to learn the Ewi language and fall in love with its folklore.
He also develops a strong taste for medicine from him. It's not long before he sees visions of the island's past. He sees this place. It was paradise for a tribe of the Kong species until the skull crawlers arrived and devastated everything that awakens from the vision and announces with religious fervor that tomorrow they will communicate with Kong, search for him and finally meet the others. They think he's crazy, but at the same time, Kong is part of the reason they came here and they still haven't found his ship, so they accepted the pilgrimage in hopes of searching for both of them on the journey.
They don't find Kong, only more monsters, but they do get within reach of him. to receive a signal from sjo, their pilot is alive and the ship can barely fly, they head there through the Boneyard that claimed Randa's life over 20 years ago and, like deja vu, they are attacked by a crawler of skulls when they run. To take cover in a nearby cave, Richo has another vision, this time he sees the end of the Kong tribe, a man and a woman make their last stand against the skull crawlers, he fights not to live but for her to give birth, that's where Kong is born on a battlefield surrounded by fire and death from Blood Thunder, she sealed him here in this very cave for protection and Kong in the first minutes of Life saw his mother and father torn apart in front of him, that is the day he was born and so was his hatred, rage and fury.
Once the coast is clear, they head out and find Cudo approaching in the ship to pick them up. so they can finally get off this island, only Rio has no interest in leaving, so he blows up the ship. Evelyn reacts quickly but her bullet misses. Ros doesn't and killing two of his teammates isn't where he ends the madness with whom he's determined to communicate. Kong and knows exactly how to do it, he blows up the walls around E Village, exposing them to all the monsters around them. The last member of Aaron's squad is killed and several villagers are killed, but Richo's plan works.
Kong comes to the rescue and kills all the monsters. has crossed the walls and then, when Rio promises fifty to his new God, the god responds by crushing him under his fist and finally it is not Rio but Aaron Houston, the only survivor of this expedition, who makes the communion, meets Kong and after the encounter records a message. for his father to tell her everything that happened and tell her what he learned Kong is not just a beast or a wild brute, he is an orphan and has an instinct to protect human life, he is protecting us all.
Aaron has no way to escape from the island. and there's no way to get this message to his father, so he does the best he can, he puts the recording in a floating Kevlar bag and throws it into the sea. It's a small hope, but maybe one day it will reach his father, 3 years later. Monarch scientists Ishiro Cawa and Vivien Graham are summoned to the Philippines to investigate something: a mining company found a pocket of radiation and brought heavy machinery to dig for uranium, but the ground collapsed beneath them and the radiation levels suddenly increased. as if contact with the outside air catalyzes something.
In the cavern, the scientists find the ancient skeleton of a long-dead creature similar to Godzilla, perhaps one of their ancestors killed by parasitic spores and next to the bones two of those spores, one dormant and one already hatched, part of the reaction from exposure to the surface. Whatever came up he went looking for radiation and found something at a nuclear power plant in Japan along the way, it causes strange tremors that draw the attention of supervisor Joe Brody when the tremors get closer, he warns that they might have to shut down the reactor, but of course.
No one wants to listen to him, so he sends someone he trusts to investigate Sanra Brody, his wife, and a few minutes later he finds out that he sent her to die because once the Tremors arrive, they cause a rupture in the reactor and if they don't seal the entire corridor. city. will be exposed Joe begs her to get out of there before it's too late, but they both know the truth, it's him, he seals the corridor trapping Sandra and the team in his makeshift tomb and through a small window she begs him to be a good father.
Joe promises he will do it and across town his son Ford watches the plant collapse while a son loses a mother elsewhere a father recovers a son 17 years ago Houston Brooks thought he had lost Aaron in a ill-fated expedition in Antarctica today finds out the truth because that recording that Aaron left behind was finally discovered and it's just in time because Houston is just a few days away from retiring after listening to the recording and discovering that her son could be alive on Skull Island, His spirits rose higher than it had in a decade when a co-worker suggested Alaska for retirement.
Cruise Brooks says no, not Alaska, then smiles and adds some tropical place, I think, and it turns out to be a good message-in-a-bottle moment because just the next year a fishing boat discovers Bill Randa's purse. of the investigation was also thrown from the edge of Skull Island, soon arriving in a safe in his son's office the following year 15 years after the Ford power plant meltdown in Japan Brody has become an officer of the US Navy specializing in explosive ordnance disposal after 14 months later returns home to San Francisco with his wife El and son Sam, but it's a short-lived reunion because apparently his crazy father joins in again.
Joe has been arrested for trespassing into the quarantine zone around the collapsed plant. Ford heads to Japan. to bail him out and listens to the old man's rantings about the wife he sent to an early grave and how to this day he doesn't know what killed her, they say natural disaster, but he knows they're hiding something and whatever it is A few days ago he started talking again, the same Tremors are from 15 years ago and he can prove it if he can sneak back into the quarantine zone to recover the data from his old home. This time, Ford comes with it, it doesn't take time. that they catch them and put them in custody in the plant where that parasite from the Philippines has been locked up for 15 years.
Joe warns that they don't know what they're dealing with with the flickers of light and that's what he's capable of, speaking, the creature. to release an electromagnetic pulse which is what caused the Meltdown 15 years ago and if they are not careful this could send them back to the Stone Age. The creature hatches and looks like a colossal insect, leaving the plant with a lot of collateral damage in its After Ford survives, his father does too, but just long enough to leave his son with some last words before he dies, he tells him. He tells Ford to return home to his family and keep them safe, no matter what it takes.
Ford has little time to cry because Ishiro and Vivien could If they need help, they tell Ford about the ancient creatures that fed on radiation, about Godzilla, and the parasitic spore the Navy calls Muto, or massive unidentified terrestrial organism. The one who was born 15 years ago came here to this plant and enveloped itself feeding on the radiation until he emerged into the creature you met today. Joe was right about the electromagnetic pulse, so you wonder what else he deduced about the creature. Ford remembers one thing his father described as talking about the Tremors, which raises the question of who or what the muto was talking to.
They don't know it yet, but they still need to find and stop the M. What happens if they don't? Ford asks and Ishiro tells him that nature has a command, a power to restore balance. He points to a picture of Godzilla. Think it is so. Soon the team heads to Hawaii where Ford boards a train that will take him to the airport to fulfill Joe's last request, return home to his family, but the trip is interrupted by the arrival of M who apparently found some food. on a Russian submarine. Filled with nuclear materials, the creature feeds until nature notices its arrival.
Godzilla rises off the coast of Honolulu, inadvertently flooding the city with tidal waves, however, he fights off the creature before returning to the water the next day, they realized who the M was talking to. the Other M the one who still It had not hatched and it is already too late because when they check the repository where it was kept in Nevada they find a large hole through which it must have escaped after hatching. This second m is larger than the first, but without wings, it tramples its way through Las Vegas. while Ishiro and Vivan can only watch, they deduce that it must be a female of a different sex and the signals from the male Muto were a mating call that has been waiting in his Spore for the male to reach maturity. and now that he has done so, they hope to reproduce the Navy's tracking model by placing the three creatures on a trajectory toward San Francisco Bay, the MO, and Godzilla, who Ishiro deduces is hunting them—in fact, he believes the Humanity's best bet is to let the lizard fight this.
In battle we cannot defeat them, but he can. The Navy disagrees. They prefer to wait for the creatures to converge before launching a nuclear bomb at them, although this will be difficult with the M's EMP capability. Remote detonation is impossible. They will need to use it. Analog Timers Ford volunteers to provide his bomb expertise and return home to his family in San Francisco, but it's not that simple because while they're transporting the nukes on a train, the woman M already carrying Offspring intercepts them and he eats most of it. WarHeads, despite the setback, continue with the plan.
Ford continues towards home where his family is already in serious danger. He has put his son on a bus to evacuate the city while she waits behind waiting for Ford's return and that bus ends up on the Bridge. Golden Gate directly into Godzilla's death, the Navy fires its missiles and he prepares to absorb the bombardment protecting the civilians on the bridge, but as the bombs continue to fly, Godzilla finally crashes through the bridge just as the bus Sam speeds past Carnage to safety while Ford and the team's second attempt to get a nuke into the bay fails, the Muto man activates an EMP that stops the ships and sends planes crashing from the sky and grabs and takes her to the center of the city with a nuclear bomb that has already been armed to detonate in 90 minutes now they have a new Mission they parachute into M's nest and deactivate their own bomb before it explodes in the middle of San Francisco killing thousands of people they land in a city turned into a war zone while Godzilla meets the Muto man in a battle that the fighting gods avoid and find the nuclear bomb surrounded by Offspring preparing to hatch, there is no time to disarm the bomb, so they go for Plan B, take it as far away from the city as possible, grab it and leave, but Ford realizes something those eggs are going to do.
It will be a problem when they hatch, so he burns them, which gets the attention of the mutos and is just in time because by fighting together they had begun to overwhelm Godzilla. Female M finds her eggs burned and turns on Ford with the intent to kill, but she has made a grave mistake, leaving Godzilla alone, giving him the chance to recover and unleash his atomic breath, she saves Ford's life, but Woman M also manages to survive when her partner comes to her. Help, she leaves after the nuke leaving the man in a single one-on-one fight with Godzilla a fight which M quickly loses, although the second round of battle leaves Godzilla exhausted and he collapses under the weight.from a falling skyscraper to run after the nuclear bomb the team has loaded onto a ship just before most of them are. killed by the woman M now it's all up to Ford, he gets on the boat and rides away from the dock, then once again he comes face to face with the m and is once again saved by Godzilla who unleashes another round of atomic breath and his body falls off. and Godzilla drops his decapitated head next to her as he roars victoriously before collapsing from exhaustion Ford does the same next to an armed nuclear warhead 5 minutes after the detonation he closes his eyes until a bright light shines on him a rescue helicopter takes him to safety while the nuclear bomb detonates away from any civilians, when the sun rises, Ford is reunited with his son and his wife and Godzill awakens, roars to the sky before returning to the sea crowned by the public as sure love of his city and the king of the monsters, but oh well. becomes known to the public does not end happily for everyone, including a teacher named Kate who lost a bus full of students in the attack and that is not where Heartbreak ends 5 days later, her father Hiroshi Randa, son of Bill and Koo Randa , tells him to take care of himself.
From her mother there is something he has to do and he disappears. A week later, she and her mother receive a call from the state police in Fairbanks, Alaska, saying that the plane she was on disappeared in a storm. Others were affected by the tragedy of Day 2, including Monarch scientists Emma and Mark Russell, who lost their son Andrew to Godzilla's grief, drove Mark to drink and created a rift between them, while Godzilla's grief Emma created in her the determination to change the world so that Andrew's death would not be in vain. She gets a chance when Monarch d recruits her to study the rise of a new Titan.
A few months after the new Titan first appeared in Japan, an earthquake hit it, it emerged, and then Godzilla sent it to Retirement. The same thing happened again in Guam while Emma investigates with isero Vivien and a little boy. The team puts her on a collision course with former British Army colonel turned terrorist Alan Jonah during the earthquake in Guam managed to escape custody but left his phone there, they find a photo of a well in Siberia similar to those left behind . After the appearance of the Titans in Japan and Guam, at the bottom of the cavern, they find ancient egg carcasses that resemble those that gave rise to the MO in the Philippines and they run into Jonah, arrest him and when they ask him about What is he obsessed with monsters, what is he trying to do?
Show that Jonah responds that the monster is man, and upon seeing Dr. Emma Russell at work, he is impressed, wishes her a safe journey, and adds that she will walk him through a combination of scientific analysis and ancient folklore. . Emma discovers the true nature of this mysterious Titan that ancient times was. It's called the Beetle dragon and if they're not careful, it could lead to a new dark age because the Beetle dragon could be given a more scientific name, Muto Prime, and it's part of a violent Paras iic cycle that has killed many of Godzilla's species. . including Dagin, whose bones were discovered years ago by Ishiro and Vivian in the Philippines.
It works like this once she lays her eggs, the muto Prime injects them into a Godzilla species titan that feeds on the nuclear furnace inside the giant lizard, the eggs incubate and finally hatch. The Titan is left dead and the MO, like an invasive species, eradicates the surrounding ecosystems. Eventually, The Brood turns on itself fighting until only the strongest M survives to become the next Muto Prime and begin the cycle again. The eradication of ecosystems has led to mass extinctions. and Dark Ages, all corroborated by historical evidence, so how do they stop it? Emma has a theory, ancient folklore says that when the Lord of Thunder gets tired of drumming, the Dragon and the Beetle rise, Emma translates the myth to science when Elmuto Prime injects the eggs, those eggs release a sonic pulse to indicate that they have been safely deposited, that pulse tells him that the job is done, so Prime leaves, if Monarch can imitate that sonic pulse, he will trick Muto Prime into thinking he is finished.
He will back away, making the fight easier for Godzilla as they prepare for the risky plan. Houston Houston Brooks pays Emma a visit. He is worried about her. He has the same expression as Aaron before he disappeared. You're trying too hard. just like Houston did, Emma says, I know what it's like to lose a child, you found yours, Houston, she answers and assures her that nothing will happen to her, what's happening with Maddie, her daughter, Houston asks, and Emma answers, nothing is going to happen to her, all of that. All that's left is for Qui L to wish her good luck, but that luck doesn't get her very far because the plan goes terribly wrong.
The sonic pulses they make only make the Beast more aggressive, no fewer lives are lost, and the UN Security Council refuses. listen to her as she lays out what went wrong they didn't take refraction into account the pulses can't just be released into the air they have to sound like they're coming from inside Godzilla they're not willing to take any more risks the Security Council decides on the The same plan as Sarawa suggested in San Francisco, Let Them Fight, although Sarawa and Emma know that Godzilla is weakening and will probably lose the next fight with Muto Prime, so they come up with a plan B that places their hopes on a prototype that Emma built with her husband.
Mark. Back at MIT, a sonar device meant to communicate with animals, they modify it to communicate with titans and in the next confrontation they activate it and this time with the pulse tuned to sound as if it came from the inside of a giant lizard, the muto Prime backs. falls and Godzilla wins the fight, saving himself and humanity in the process. The following year, Kate and her mother find something that piques their curiosity: a set of keys and a lease for an apartment in Tokyo in Hiroshi's name. Kate flies and finds one in the apartment. of his father's secrets a second family a mother and his son Kate's half-brother, Kentaro, this is not what he expected to find and only cements his opinion that his father Hiroshi was not a good man after the tragedy of the day when he abandoned her and Kate. mother now finds out that this was just the icing on the cake of a romance that apparently lasted decades something that neither family knew in fact they don't even know who she married or cheated on first despite the Kanaro Apocalypse defends her father and the important work she did, He takes Kate to her father's office to prove it, but she finds something else, another secret, a safe containing the research of Bill Randa's father, Canaro, and Kate's grandfather, in the bag there is a symbol that Kate recognized by the outfits worn by people.
Those who were there today it seems that Monarch has something to do with Godzilla and maybe his father worked for them, all the research is stored in Old Tech, they have no idea how to access it. Fortunately, Canaro knows someone who does, unfortunately, it's his ex May who is there. They are not too excited to see it, however, they put aside their differences and she collects the data for them. They find a satellite map like one that was in Hiroshi's office and a photo of his grandmother Koo Randa standing in Godzilla's footprint. It could be the beginning of a Globetrotting Adventure, but Kate is not interested, so for her the trip is over and she prepares to return home until she is intercepted by Tim and Michelle, Monarch agents alerted by May deciphering the cipher, she escapes his grasp and when he reaches May's Place.
She discovers that the agents are already there, so May and Kate sneak into Karo's house together. The boy finds a photo in his father's things of a man named Lee Shaw. His mother tells him that Hiroshi called him Uncle Lee when the Monarch agents arrive demanding that he hand over Canaro. Bill's investigation, Kentaro's mother tells him to comply and then silently hands her Lee's photo, a silent message for her to go find him. Canaro pretends that he is going to take the investigation, but instead of escaping, he reunites with Kate and together they are able to find an older Lee at a retirement home. at home, although the hidden cameras and ankle bracelet tell a different story.
Lee is clearly a prisoner. Here he tells them that he doesn't believe the story of his father disappearing without a trace. Hiroshi is alive somewhere and if they help Lee escape from this place. he can help you find it, cuts the ankle bracelet and gives them 60 seconds to decide before the guards swarm them. They opt for an ESC ape and begin their search in Alaska, where Hiroshi's plane disappeared and they get there with the help of an old friend. from Le's in South Korea, Doo lends them a plane and flies with them to Alaska, where they find that the wreckage of Hiroshi's plane inside is a body, but not his, he could still be alive and upon further inspection nearby, Doho realizes something else that Hiroshi's plane didn't. crashed, something must have destroyed it after they landed Ed, that's when the Titan responsible shows itself, doho runs back to his own plane, but the Titan releases a cold breath that freezes him and the plane solidifies, the others run Take cover and when May's foot lands in a cold puddle the group is left with a new ticking clock.
Look for help before hypothermia kills her, but out here, where can they find help? Canaro saw a man-made structure when they flew, they should head there, he insists, unfortunately no one else saw it and they are willing to bet their lives that he saw what he thinks he saw when they see a bright light in the distance, they make their bets there, instead, Canaro, on the other hand, stands firm on what he saw and instead of wasting time fighting, they go their separate ways. At night, the cold is worse, so Lee lights a fire which attracts the attention of that Titan and this time Lee has an idea of ​​what he is looking for after, when he blows out his flame, he is attracted to the heat, meaning that what they need to keep them alive is doubled. as bait for what wants to kill them, Lee devises a hail plan, lights the biggest fire they can to keep the monster busy and then makes a getaway towards the coast, they light that fire and it works, the Titan reappears but they don't. get to the coast because they don't have to when canaro arrives with a rescue helicopter and it turns out he was right, there was something out there, a place with a radio that used to call for help and he knows that hiroshi was there before him.
Because he left a bunch of pencil shavings of the kind he always leaves behind on the path to safety, they look over the frozen tundra and see a beam of light coming from a hole in the ground and they reach their destination, a monarch outpost where Tim greets. They are then taken into custody and interrogated. Michelle tries various intimidation tactics, such as calling May out for her lies, pointing out the various passports she carries, each with a different identity. May is clearly running from something and if May helps Michelle, maybe Michelle can help her. They get nowhere and Michelle informs her boss, Vice Principal Verdugo, that Randa's kids don't know anything.
Tim disagrees. These children could carry on Bill's legacy and help Mon Arc. They decide to let the children go on a long leash and see where they take them. The next step of their investigation takes the children to Hiroshi's other office, where they find a world map with a path drawn on it. Canaro gets an idea that there was a similar map in the rescue data files that he had points when he projects those points onto the world. map, everyone lands on the path and realizes that these points are the places Hiroshi is visiting along that path, there are the places he already went, San Francisco and Alaska, then there is the place he will go then the Sahara desert in Africa, while Lee has been enjoying his interrogation. at the hands of Executioner, she gets nowhere as he explains why he decided to escape after G-Day.
Monarch had 60 years to prepare for that day and finally did what they do best, nothing, the best plan they could come up with. to deal with Godzilla and MOS. It was Let Them Fight Lee is fed up with it and has decided where they won't perform. His words will have little effect on her, but Tim and Michelle watching from outside the interrogation room are another story and they begin to wonder if maybe he's right, maybe Monarch. he has failed and could lead A Better Way during Lee's next transport. Michelle frees him and joins his cause. Monarch has been picking up signs around the world that another big surge is coming, something much bigger than the day she no longer believes they'll do anything about it.
Stop, but maybe Lee Shaw can and for her it's personal because he lost her sister in this war. Sandra Joe Brody's wife and she knows where the kids are going next because May accepted that offer in the interrogation room and told Michelle where they were. We're hoping to have a clean slate when this is all over. Lee and Michelle meet them at Kate's mother's house and at Lee's insistence that Michelle is on her side, they all headtogether to the Sahara desert, where they see Hiroshi in the distance. with a Titan phone in his truck, he frantically waves them off just before Godzilla appears, they all barely survive the encounter and before the Titan leaves, he looks at Kate with something in his eyes, intelligence and recognition, then Hiroshi is gone and Kate disagrees. with Lee about what to do next he insists on continuing to follow the dots on Hiroshi's map why Kate asks that they can't kill Godzilla but that's not what Lee wants to do he wants to help Godzilla they can go with him and he.
They will explain everything to you or you can go your separate ways. Kate opts for the staircase, but her journey is far from ending at the airport. May's past finally catches up with her before Canaro met her. Her name was Kora and she worked for a company called She Applied Experimental Technologies. When she discovered that they were conducting unethical experiments on animals with neurocyber interface units, she destroyed her research and went on the run. Now that she has been tracked and kidnapped, fellow executive Brenda Holland can make a proposal to get the police involved. and have her arrested for what she did or she can become his spy and continue working with Monarch while providing information to AET because AET could learn some amazing things from the Titans much more than from regular animals, in the meantime when Canaro and Kate They emerge in search of their missing friend. and she runs into Tim, who apparently also survived the encounter with Godzilla.
She wants them to help him find Lee, but they refuse unless he helps them find her. They will soon be able to locate her in AET and Tim tries to free her by activating the city's Titan alert system. However, Brenda can. Tell him it's a false alarm, so he continues holding May, all Tim manages to do is scare the audience, but he gets Brenda's attention and invites them to see May, who confesses the truth to her friends about what she did. he did and how he has been running away. She named her and gave her location to Michelle.
She also tells them that she has decided to confess to her crimes. She tells Brenda there's no deal. She won't be her spy, even if it means going to prison for destroying her research outside of her. Tim and the children are detained. by Executioner and make a deal, they will help her find Lee if she can pull some strings to get May out of the crimes she commits and she can walk free, then there is the business of Tim triggering the Titan system. Verdugo will have to explain it. to the public, but at Tim's suggestion, instead of trying to cover it up, he decides to go public and tell the world about Monarch in AET.
Brenda receives updated branding for the new name of her company, Apex Cybernetics. Meanwhile, Lee and Michelle have begun their crusade. It turns out that the dots on Hiroshi's map represent passages to the hollow Earth in Alaska, that beam of light came from one of those passages and that's where Lee and Michelle begin their mission by blowing it up on Monarch. They see that gamma rays in Alaska dropped to zero but increased. everywhere else they have to stop Lee and Michelle from blowing up another one. If the radiation levels rise to the maximum, they could end up with another good day.
Kate May and Canaro work with Tim to try to find him. They work in a former Monarch office. The place where years ago Bill came up with the theory of a hollow Earth and Kate finds a report on Kor Randa's death. It happened in Kazakhstan. One of the places on your Roshi map. Kate thinks it's where Lee is leading her crusade. He's partly sentimental, so he'll probably want to go where he made his biggest mistake, a place where maybe he can find Redemption. They find him there well armed and in control. He agrees to talk to Kate alone and tells her why he's doing all this. .She saw the look.
In Godzilla's eyes, the Titan is a thinking being who knows what he is doing. He knows that there are two worlds, one for humanity and the other for the Titans. Sure, Lee intends to help by sealing off all the hallways between them, except Kate asks what if he's making things worse after all. Monarch's data suggests that's exactly what he's doing every time he closes a hallway. increases gamma radiation everywhere else, but Lee doesn't listen to him, Monarch always selects the data and this is not about belief and atonement, he sets the bombs to detonate in 2 minutes, most of them.
They leave, but may fall into the portal. Kate is almost dragged too until Lee grabs her hand and falls with her before the building collapses. Canaro wakes up. a hospital to discover that his friends have left but he refuses to accept it and goes to his father's office in search of clues, that is where his reunion finally occurs. Hiroshi appears wanting to talk to his son and his daughter, but Canaro tells him that it's too late. His infidelities and his Crusade have cost him more than he thought because following the Trail, his search for answers cost Kate her life and why Hiroshi did all this.
He's come a long way since 1982, when he told Lee that Bill Run was crazy after Gday. Hiroshi became obsessed with proving that his parents were right and that they did not die in vain. In fact, there are passageways that lead to another realm where the Titans come from and, although they don't know it yet, it is where Kate Lee and May are now trapped in the same place Lee visited years before. Axis Monday, a place between heaven and earth, an interconnected realm. between the worlds of humans and titans a place where time moves differently a few days trapped could mean missing decades in the world above Lee and they can find each other and search for Kate who is alone until she finds another Survivor her grandmother KO Randa apparently alive and well This time they soon find May and Lee, but he doesn't let Koo see him yet because he knows that the moment she does she will know that, although it has only been 57 days for her, she has actually lost 56 years. of their life.
He will have to tell her that Bill has left for Obsession after thinking he lost her. He will have to tell her that his son grew up without a mother and soon he tells her all these things and his hearts break, but at least Kate. He assures her that his son Hirosi is fine, she knows because Hiroshi is her father and she is Koo's granddaughter after their tearful reunion. KO takes them to the gamma radiation simulator at her camp, which she has reconfigured to send an SOS signal to something Monarch picked up. but against Tim's insistence, Verdugo has decided to ignore him, the possibility of there being a survivor on the hollow Earth is low on the list of priorities in the face of gamma spikes around the world that speak of a possible emergency.
Monarch won't help them, so Tim abandons Monarch and instead turns to Canaro and Hiroshi, but in that other kingdom they know that the longer they wait, the more time they waste, so Lee suggests they find their own way out and tells him. He asks KO to revert the machine to its original settings to summon a Titan and they find. his old capsule, the one that crashed in 1962, the plan leaves this place in the same way that Lee entered following a Titan, they connect the machines, make the call and an Ion Dragon responds, but at the last moment a cable, of course, Lee.
He doesn't hesitate, he does his job protecting his loved ones off the ship, he moves fast but the dragon is faster, they won't make it until they are rescued, not from people or Monarch, but from the king of the monsters himself. Godzilla Lee reconnects. the cable as Godzilla pulls out the dragon and throws it into the hallway opening a Vortex. The container flies towards him. Lee chases after them and grabs Ko's hand, but he knows it's too much weight, he knows he won't make it, so let's go Lee Shaw doesn't make it home but he finds Absolution because Kate May and KO go through that portal and get home even though the things have changed, little time has passed for them, but on the surface it has been 2 years and in that When Hirosi Tim and Canaro had few options for the help they needed without Monarch, in desperation they turned to Brenda Holland at Apex Cybernetics, there It is where one of their research centers is now located on Skull Island and King Kong is nearby.
Its proximity activates an alarm. and the group runs inside to Cover 2 years later, the next day will come, although the world is still recovering from the last one. Mark Russell has stopped drinking but is still separated from Emma and her daughter. Emma, ​​on the other hand, has continued working on The prototype that saved Godzilla from Muto Prime calls it Orca and is now sophisticated enough to communicate with all types of Titan, even controlling its behavior so far, it shows promise when A Titan they call Mathra is born and the containment field destroys the Emma cows. her playing an alpha frequency, but the Titans aren't the only thing they have to deal with; there are people in this case too, a group of echo terrorists led by someone Emma knew before British Army Colonel Alan Jona, kill anyone between them and the Orca and then take it and kidnap the one who knows how to use it.
Emma along with her daughter Sarawa and Graham know that the best way to find them is by tracking the Orca and they know that the best way to track her is by recruiting the man who helped rebuild her. At MIT, Mark shows up at her door and tells her what happened in the span of one conversation. He learns that Emma repurposed her machine to play God with the Titans and that her daughter has been kidnapped while they are heading to a Monarch outpost. Mark's bad day gets worse when he learns about the 17 Titans they've discovered since Godzilla's appearance, most in deep hibernation, if it were up to Mark they would all be executed, but Sarawa believes some are benevolent.
He and Emma have always believed that the best path forward for humanity is coexistence. With the Titans Mark is skeptical, but to find his family, of course, he will cooperate to track down the Orca. They need to identify which frequencies Emma has combined to create the alpha frequency. They discovered most of it, but there is one piece they haven't been able to. to identify it, but even without that they discover where it could be thanks to Godzilla, it is on the move and Mark has the idea that if it is leaving its territory it is because it is looking for something, something that it finds threatening, perhaps the Orca, its tracking shows Godzilla heading towards Antarctica where a certain Titan is in hibernation, a super predator that once rivaled Godzilla, they called him Monster Zero and when they reach the base mark he sees something he can barely believe.
Emma grabs a detonator and presses a button to release that Titan. All this. Once she thought she was a hostage, in truth she is working with Jonah and now with the help of the Orca she has awakened the monster zero, a three-headed dragon that spits lightning. Godzilla meets him head on, but Monster Zero is powerful, even dodging Godzilla's atomic breath as he responds. With his own gravity beams, Godzilla has brought down the ice and during the chaos, Mark becomes entangled in the cables of a downed plane. Dr. Vivian Graham rushes back to free him at the cost of his life and swallows her before the rest escape on the massive Monarch. ship the USS Argo later Emma explains herself in the last 5 years she realized something humanity is an infection and the titans are the cure her research shows that where they go the soil is replenished vegetation grows and nature flourishes awaken them all she will give them the Earth Back to Mother Nature, many will die, but those who survive will thrive in coexistence with the Titans just as Humanity did long ago, when these first Gods ruled a forgotten natural order.
Mark accuses her of meddling with forces beyond our understanding and playing with the lives of billions. Her words do nothing to stop what happens next. Emma awakens the five Rodan fire demons from a volcano near the town of Isa. Delara condemning her residence to death, but Mark has an idea that Monster Zero is on the way, maybe they can get Rhan away from the island and in a fight with the apex predator, it costs them a squad of 12 lives, but it works, the two Titans fight until Monster Zero claims victory over the fire demon and then turns his sights on Mark and the others on the Monarch ship until Godzilla manages to control him.
From their rival, the two Alphas fight while Sarawa Mark and the entire crew are ordered to clear the area because the US military is about to deploy a prototype weapon, the Oxygen Destroyer, designed to kill all life forms in a 2m radius, the bomb lands and both Titans. they fall, check Godzilla's vitals, they are fading as one alpha falls, another takes his place. Monster Zero rises from the water minus one head which quickly grows back and with all three heads intact he makes a call that is heard around the world proving that Mark is right. Emma is dealing with forces beyond her control, she hoped to methodically awaken the Titans one at a time, but Monster Zero has decided to awaken them all at once.
What follows is the greatest disaster in human history. Monsters attack around the world in what many call The Rise of Meanwhile, the Sarawa Titans and the team recover after running with the dragon of threeheads. They wonder how the monster could survive without oxygen. Defy the natural order and that's it. Monster Zero is not part of Earth's natural order. Ancient folklore tells of a dragon that fell from the stars today we would call it an alien creature back then they called it a gadora but as the world falls into chaos there is hope a bright light breaks through the dark clouds that surround them the light of Mothra Queen of the monsters she had escaped during Jonah's attack earlier and settled under a waterfall in China to protect Houston Brooks and a small team were monitoring when she emerged, but thanks to the chaos spread by Gadora they had lost contact and they couldn't let the rest of Monarch know she was coming.
Anyway, she's here now and sends a call to the King from her and Godzilla responds that he's alive, but they can barely help. Mark suggests that maybe they can find him and activate some nuclear weapons, the radiation should restore his power and so Mark finds himself. Fighting for the life of the thing that took his son, they first have to find Godzilla, following Math's signal, he leads to an underwater vortex that attracts them and takes them to a place that most consider theoretical. Bill Randa believed in it. Houston Brooks corroborated this. Randa and a few others have even visited its outskirts, the Munday axis, but now, for the first time, they are going there.
The hollow Earth within finds an ancient sunken city, a place filled with statues and temples from a time when humans and titans lived symbiotically. There are drawings. of Godzilla protecting the people and inside the temple they find Godzilla himself, it is a sight worth seeing, but now they have more urgent matters, the unexpected trip to a new world was full of obstacles, it fried their weapons systems, they cannot launch the bomb in seconds. Sarawa volunteers, taking the bomb to Godzilla himself, fully aware that the radiation and heat from outside will make it a one-way trip, abandons ship and minutes later lays a hand on the old God before the explosion takes him away. sarawa has enough time. to say goodbye to their old friend and they are not the only ones fighting for Humanity on the surface, the Titans have simultaneously stopped their aggression, all thanks to Madison, she stole the Orca, took it to Fenway Park and used the speakers to send a calming frequency during this temporary respite Godzilla gets up ready for another round with an alien, he takes off and Mark realizes something the missing frequency used by the Orca they thought it was another Titan but now he knows the truth the missing piece is EE.
In the US, Emma combined two frequencies to create the apex predator Godzilla and the human, it's a realization that comes just in time because Godzilla and Gadora are following the call of the orca somewhere in Boston with this missing piece. Mark helps them identify exactly where and then, following Sarah Za's path, they will drop him off. The king of the monsters fights this battle in the name of Humanity, but this time Mark says that Humanity will join the fight. Godzilla and Gadora fight while the people lend a hand with all the firepower they have on the ground.
Emma finally separates from Jonah and joins him. She was ok. with crushing humanity to save the natural order, but the way things are going, it will be a total extinction acceptable to Jonah, but not to her, she leaves the former colonel and joins Mark in the search for her daughter, they find her just when the battle takes an end. grim twist gadora flies Godzilla above the clouds and drops him, the king hits the ground hard, it seems like Godzilla has lost this fight, except he has some help, his queen Mathra, although she is seriously injured after a He fights with Rodan and flies with the life he has left. on top of her Fallen King and receives lightning from Gora's three mouths, the queen of monsters dies but allows her life energy to flow to her King, it is a day for sacrifices Vivian Graham ishiro sarawa Mathra and now it is Emma's turn Mark and Madison escape with the rest of Monarch's people while she stays behind to draw Gadora away from Godzilla using the orca call, of course costing Emma her life but giving Godzilla the moment he it needs to recover and it does so once its radiation reaches the critical mass it treats.
After a couple of rounds of thermonuclear detonation as the explosions fade and a dragon head hangs from her mouth Godzilla disintegrates her in a final release of atomic breath. Finally God Zilla stands victorious as the other Titans arrive and bow before their King, but while Emma may be, Jonah is gone, alive, and still hoping to restore the natural order, a feat he may be able to accomplish with the help of something they found in Mexico, something Gadora left behind when the military launched that oxygen destroyer, a severed head as Godzilla goes back to work patrolling his territory.
She first finds Sulla causing trouble. She is hungry and found something to calm her appetite. Godzilla doesn't know the word bomb but he recognizes it as one of his things. Godzilla knows that if he feeds on it, the light and heat will follow the land and the ocean will suffer. she ignores Godzilla's warning pulse so they fight until she leaves soon another job two titans in a fight for territory a side effect of gadora waking up many at once Godzilla breaks up the fight and when he gets tired he looks for a place to rest the cloak once worn the place they built for him no longer exists it is a place where they once lived with him most recently it is where they died for him Godzilla may not be able to name it in his mind but he remembers Sarawa whose explosion destroyed the Godzilla's lair but it also gave him the energy to fight Gadora.
This is just one of the many changes he has witnessed in his life and he remembers them all, but now is not the time to remember. He needs to find a new home, a place to bathe in the planet's heat, so he closes down. his eyes and along his spine he feels the wind blowing from the heart of the planet there are some places where the winds gather and fold like a place long ago Godzilla could call home if his rival didn't drive him out, his energy diminishes, but there is still more work to do. the smell of the metal beasts and the excrement of the oil and he finds Naka, she came to these Waters looking for comfort but ended up in a net spread by them, he frees her from it and kills those who broke the natural order, to those who came here not to feed themselves. or claim territory, but as the three-headed to destroy for the sake of Destruction, he continues towards his new home, which he has decided will be his old home and feels the presence of his rival, but something is not right when Godzilla makes him a signal. her intention there is no response except an attack from another Tiamet Titan of course the fight ends with her gliding away defeated as Godzilla finds her place to rest, she sees what has changed in this ancient home on the hollow Earth, her rival is here, but all that remains of him is a skull from this place.
Godzilla senses the other titans around the world who have promised him fifty, and while he rests, he calls for the others to do the same, although if he knew the truth, his dream might not be. so peaceful because there is at least one survivor of his rival species still alive and well. He lives in a place called Skull Island and his name is Kong. Soon the monarch appoints a new chief of intrasellar exploration, Corporal David Lind, and is determined for humanity. Taking its next leap forward by exploring the hollow Earth, it sends chief officer Dr. Houston Brooks to Skull Island, where he will supervise a team of pilots on a mission to enter the vortex and explore where the worms came from. titans, deeper than the access to Munday or the temple where Sarawa sacrificed her life, but it will not be easy, they will have to cross something called the GI gravitational reversal boundary, an electrostatic membrane that separates the two realities, on top of that, it is brewing a superstorm in the Pacific that began just after Gadora fled.
Mexico, the storm has been raging in the same place for almost 2 years, but suddenly last week it changed course directly towards Skull Island and that was right after the island suffered its first earthquakes in years, which are now becoming more frequent. Brooks wonders if they are connected. As is often the case, there are clues to be found in local folklore and a legend inscribed in hieroglyphs near the vortex tells something about a darkness that will swallow the world and a king of the deep who will rise exploring the island. Brooks sees Kong for the first time.
For the first time in almost 50 years the ape was only a teenager back then now he has tripled in size and has become the strongest creature on the island, the only one that would be able to survive the coming storm, a storm that puts pressure on Brooks and the team. to start drilling and open a hole into the vortex, if they wait much longer the storm will take over the island and they will be forced to evacuate, so they drill, open a gateway to the vortex and something screams from within, too late. Brooks realizes his fatal mistake, he realizes what Legend E was trying to say: the king of the deep kots cannot stand sunlight, so to emerge he needs to block the sun, he will use the storm to do so and then he will emerge from the Vortex to claim his new kingdom Kats Rises and of course Kong is ready to meet him in battle for the pilots who came with Brooks, it is no longer an exploratory mission but a combat mission.
They help Kong by managing the swarm kots they raised with him while the king of Skull Island. Confronting him directly soon, Kong wins the battle, but the storm has swallowed Skull Island and will make it impossible to survive. Monarch has already started evacuating the Ewi natives, as for Kong Brooks, check with Dr. Eileene Andrews, a Monarch scientist who has been living on Skull Island, she is an expert on Kong and the native sheep, all of this confirms a hypothesis about Kong's status as an apex predator that makes him a target for other Titans, meaning that if he ever leaves the island he will immediately become a target for Godzilla, they will have to hold him back. here as much as they can and it will be Andrew's job, as Brooks leaves her in charge of Monarch's outpost on Skull Island, which would seem to be the end of this expedition until Corporal David Lind arrives, still intent on Take a trip to the Vortex Brooks and Andrews warn you that it is now too unstable and dangerous, but reaching the hollow Earth is Humanity's next Great Leap.
The more they learn about the world of the Titans, the better they will be able to live with them in it. David won't let anything stop them. he prevents him from making the Trip 2 years later, something strange happens. Godzilla seems to have turned against Humanity by attacking without provocation, but if it is up to Walt Simmons, CEO of Apex Cybernetics, humans will defend themselves and to do so they must access an energy source, the same one that created the titans, the one inside the hollow Earth that supports it in the same way that the sun supports the surface of the Earth.
The CTO, Ren Cawa, Ishiro Son, detected it through magnetic images, but to reach it they will need help, so they visit the most prominent expert in the Hollow Earth. Monarch employee Dr. Nathan Lind has been laughed at in his profession for his crazy ideas, but Simmons and Sarawa know they're not crazy at all. In any case, Lind has bad news. Entering the hollow Earth is impossible. His brother David tried and they killed him. by the gravitational reversal that occurs at the threshold crushed by the gravity of an entire planet that was inverted in a fraction of a second, but with the help of Apex that will not be a problem because they have developed a powerful ship that can withstand such a force now that The only question is how do they find the right entry point and power source for that.
Lind has a crazy idea based on genetic memory theory that all Titans share a common drive to return to their evolutionary source. What if they could get a titan to do it? Leading the way Lynn visits her friend and former colleague, Dr. Eileene Andrews, who has been caring for Kong since Brooks left her in charge. Would she be willing to take Kong on a journey to Antarctica, where there is an entry point to the hollow Earth, and then let him guide her? the path, but is worried that Ewi mythology speaks of an ancient rivalry between the Godzilla and Kong species, there can only be one alpha and if Kong leaves the island, Godzilla will sense his presence and come for him, but he is reluctantly convinced.
When Lind points out that Kong is getting too old for captivity and in Hall Earth, the place where his ancestors came from, they could find him a new home, they load Kong onto a boat and on the way Kong is wary but calm thanks to a heavy dose of sedatives and Gia when that storm swallowed Skull Island, many of the E natives were eliminated, but Kong saved her and Eileene adopted her as a daughter, since Gia is deaf, she communicates through sign language even with Kong and the ape seem to understand her, but despite Gia's assurances, Kong does not.
I don't trust others andisn't entirely wrong because they include people like Maya Simmons, the daughter of Apex's CEO and a fellow executive who will no doubt prioritize the valuable energy source over Kong's life. Gia's bond with Kong is strong and on that ship Eileen accompanies her. with everyone else they learn that he is even stronger than they thought because they see that when Gia waves to Kong, he waves back apparently their communication is not just one-way, soon the sun rises and although they have avoided their territorial waters, Godzilla caught Kong's scent and has come to prove that he is the alpha, of course, Kong defends himself, but this round he fought in water, more suitable for lizards than apes, he goes to the lizard.
Godzilla only leaves when Kong surrenders, after that they decide to travel the rest of the way by air and in Antarctica. Kong hesitates until Gia tells him what he might find in the Hollow Earth family they follow him to, and as promised, the Apex ship survives the gravitational reversal, they are finally there, in a world beneath our own filled with creatures. strange and unseen wonders, follow Kong. To a place that once served as the throne room of his ancestors, they see him pick up a glowing ax and place it on the ground, revealing the power source that draws radiation from the Earth's core to the axe.
It is a sight to behold for most. For Maya Simmons, it's time. To take what her father sent here, she extracts a sample of the energy and uploads the analysis to Apex, which is the discovery of the Millennium. Eileen shouts that you can't strip it into pieces and Maya makes her men take out their weapons which makes Kong angry which makes him laugh drawing the attention of some hell Hawks Kong protects Eileen Gia and Nathan as they escape but takes care of the Simmons himself crushing his ship in his hand and during all that another threat revealed itself as a blast of atomic breath blew a hole in it. in Kong's Throne Room apparently his travels in the hollow Earth have taken them beneath Hong Kong, which turns out to be where Godzilla is at the moment.
Why is it there? The same reason he's been surfacing lately to attack a seemingly unprovoked mystery. Madison Russell has been With the help of her friend Jonah and podcaster conspiracy theorist Bernie Hayes, they decided to investigate Godzilla's behavior because they knew the truth, he does not attack without provocation and all of his attacks have been at the Apex facility, It is likely that they are the ones who have been causing it. Hayes had been investigating them himself from the inside as a senior employee, so he was able to lead Jonah and Madison to one of the facilities destroyed by Godzilla.
They entered a secret underground area and stumbled upon a shipping box that was sent through at high speed. tunnel to Hong Kong where they discovered a secret weapon that the CEO hoped to power the Hollow Earth energy source into his own Mecca Godzilla and discover that the recovered gadora head had a neck so long that the individual heads had to communicate with each other. others telepathically and now Apex has harnessed that power allowing Ren Sarawa to control Mecca Godzilla telepathically. It is the activation of this rival machine that provoked Godzilla and lured him to Hong Kong, where he sensed King Kong beneath the surface, the rivals fight, and the first round appears to be over.
Kong's way, but this is the king of the monsters he is fighting and the second round is a decisive victory for Godzilla. He leaves the giant ape on the ground barely alive, but the battle isn't over because Apex made a fatal miscalculation once they replicated themselves. Hollow Earth energy based on Maya's sample and fully powers Mecca Godzilla, unplugs Sarawa and takes a mind of his own from the remains of Gora's mind, kills CEO Walt Simmons and then chases after Godzilla himself, the robot is powerful and alone after an already brutal fight that Godzilla could lose, maybe Kong could help but Gia can feel his heart slowing down, he will die soon, they could restart his heart but for that they would need something powerful and they realize that they have it, the Apex ship is powerful. enough to break through the gravitational reversal limit and once they landed on Kong's chest, it proves powerful enough to restart his heart.
Kong rises and joins his rival in the battle against the mechanical imitation. It's a close fight, so Madison decides to tip the odds in her favor by spilling whiskey on a control panel at the Apex facility, momentarily disorienting the machine, giving Godzilla and Kong the moment they need to claim victory, and seconds. After Kong is roaring victoriously with Mecca Godzilla's head in his hand, the machine is dead leaving only the two ancients. The rivals face off until Kong drops his ax for the day, their fight ends, and Godzilla returns to the sea. After that, they return Kong to the Hollow Earth, his new home, where they have opened a Monarch Outpost, the first of its kind in the Hollow Earth and for now that is where the story ends, but there is more on the way and then of Godzilla from the cast of the podcast Zilla versus the Pod monster.
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