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Commodore 64 Unboxing - So Many Goodies!

Aug 07, 2023
Hi everyone, I'm Jacob from the Tech Retrospective and today we were going to do an


of our Commodore 64 and a bunch of fun accessories for it and before we start I wanted to say that we now have a discord so there will be links to that in the description maybe a card, I don't know, but there will be links in the description, so you have to 100% join our discord so you can participate in deciding future videos and all that, so yeah, let's get started, so here is our painting. for the Commodore 64 it is very worn and you will notice a little ding, but it is not in that bad condition considering it is probably from 1983 1984, you know it is quite old, it has something written on it, it says na ve array 64 K of memory shown Featured prominently in the box is Commodore's new professional-powered personal computer.
commodore 64 unboxing   so many goodies
I really like the Commodore 64 logo and the nice color to show off. Hey, it's a colorful system. We have the most important thing, which is the graphics, etc. On the back we have a picture of the computer with a bunch of optional accessories, that's a bit of false advertising. And because you don't get it this time, you don't get a printer, you don't even get a monitor. What's happening? Commodore, why? If you do this it says you can get personal business assistants, communication education and entertainment, it's strange that entertainment is the plus, when that was the main thing these systems were used for, number one on the list was games, Let's look inside, now I know there are some interesting things. with this system, we'll get to first things first, let's look in the extra compartment, we have a TV modulator, this one is very dirty, it's missing one of the screw-in hooks, which is a pretty common problem with that kind of thing.
commodore 64 unboxing   so many goodies

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commodore 64 unboxing so many goodies...

I hate those things. We also have this rather strange massive power supply. It is in very bad condition. We're not going to use it. We bought a new power supply. A replacement power supply for things because you don't want to use sketchy power supplies with your Commodore. 64 and here is the system itself, it is a little yellowish, they are doing well. I assume they are brown, not yellow. You know, we're used to saying this computer is yellowed from sun damage, but for the c64, it's supposed to be a Browning. to be gray, yes, I like the keys on this keyboard.
commodore 64 unboxing   so many goodies
I don't know if I'd use them long term, although you'll notice, if you're a Commodore 64 expert, that there's something a little off about this about the above. The owner modified the system a bit to add something that the Commodore 64 is missing and that's where we have a reset button. It appears to be a pretty good mod, it just doesn't have any holes or sprues sticking out, so it must have been done. pretty good job with that, you can see the more original charcoal color of the system on the back, it has all its feet, which is good because it's always annoying when you're trying to type on your computer and the port wobbles.
commodore 64 unboxing   so many goodies
It looks good, there's nothing obvious like rust or anything like that, it seems to be in pretty good condition outside of the slight gilding, now you might be saying oh that's not that interesting, it's just a Commodore 64, there's a million things, well, We also have this box. This box is full of accessories, manuals and more, and let's take a look at it together. I won't put it here because it will take up the entire screen and won't be able to show you things. I'll put it aside here and we'll take things out one by one. First of all, we have our Commodore 64 programmer's reference guide.
It's spiral bound, although the Spyros are a bit weird. They need to be fixed the spiral bone manuals are great the Commodore 64 is manual it's pretty good. I could probably learn to program some things with this, but I'm not very creative. I'd rather just play then we have this same manual but in better condition, oh why do you have two of them? I don't know, that's a good question, what's next? I'm just taking things out of the box, we have a quick bingo game, tilt, talk, wait, no, it's quick bar bingo math, oh me. I thought it was on.
I thought it would be a tape game, but no, it's a cartridge game. I guess it makes sense, interesting, you don't see that


games on cartridge and it's a lover that I really like, it's great, it's a very basic cartridge. or even though there's nothing fancy about it, you don't get any cool artwork for your bingo, what's next? We have a vic-20 programmer so obviously this doesn't come with the system but I'm guessing it's a 6502 so everything but your graphic and sound commands will probably be exactly the same and even then the comics don't really have graphic commands or of sound, that's all click and look, what's back here?
Oh, that's cool, oh, that's a schematic for the computer itself, that's all yours. chips all your how that's cool I could hang this on a wall it looks great it's for the vic-20 so it's obviously useless for this computer but that's cool what's next? morphic 20 okay, we have the vic-20 you're a friend computer guide,


people say it's one of the best introductory computer guides out there. I've never read it, so maybe I'll have to do that, we have a bunch of other stuff, okay, index. calculations have come in that are really strange, it's an exclamation point and then an apostrophe, but I guess it's calculation from the Commodore collection vol 1, so to speak, there's tons of writing in basic programs that I've never written in a program basic in my life, maybe maybe that's it. something I have to do, what do you think?
We still have tons more in the next joystick. The box is quite a bit, but it's a little surprising that there's even a box for it. We have a Commodore, a joystick something I've never used. let's see my first impressions, that button is terrible, that's really horrible, I hope the joysticks are better, you shouldn't take the worst, oh this would be, how would you do it? This is one of the worst joysticks I've ever used and I've used some really bad joysticks. terrible and someone paid money for this because it is not included. This was an additional add-on that still needed to be purchased separately.
Oh, that's horrible, and we have another one. Hurrah! This one is brighter, although it didn't have any shine. This one has the Commodore, it's all silver, you know, it's still a horrible joystick. I really don't like that we have vic-20 paddles. I can hear something, yeah one of these is a little broken, there shouldn't be a rattle, oh I've never used one of these before either. so let's see if it's better than that joystick. Fortune is not great, but it is not terrible either, and you know, this is actually quite good. I like them much more than the joystick.
Whats Next? I do not know what it is. It is a printer in a turbo printing. high performance printer interface I don't see any reason why we would need to print anything from our Commodore 64, so it's kind of useless but cool. Then we have the connection, it's a small printed manual for a printer, another connection, a parallel printer interface, so is it the same but with a different name or is it a different printer interface connection? Don't know. Important. This is the warranty record for your unit. Fill it out now and send the email. Don't delay.
See inside for special offers. Well, I better make sure I send the email. this because he told me to do it now and we have a pen, yeah, okay, okay, whatever, I don't know why I spend so much time on it. Next up is how to get more out of your Commodore computer, pay us money. bookmark our magazine for paperless users that sounds great like a power play and you have never subscribed to this in the past tell me how it was what will be the next Commodore 1541 disk drive manual this is quite strange considering we don't have a drive Commodore 1541 disk drive but if we ever pick one up, here's the manual so now we'll know how to use it.
I assume we will have a Commodore 64 user manual next. This is not the same manual. Also, that general user manual looks pretty good. Does it have a schematic on the back? No, but there is something in it and I'll take it out so I can read it. What does it say? San Pablo PC computers, no more and Tarot, is the receipt, let's see how much they paid. They bought Frogger. Commodore 64, well it's just software they bought, why is this here? Someone just put the receipt in here. I guess if you don't want to lose receipt of the games you bought, it's not terrible to master your vic-20 up to eight. basic Vic player projects, that one probably won't work with the c64, let's see which ones the answering machine will send, detective.
I hope it shows you how to make sprites and everything to make a falcon. It's a great little manual. I wonder how compatible it will be. In fact, I'll be with the c64. I mean the basics are the same, but a lot of your custom commands won't be your taps and the spikes will be different. Trade Favorite Programs Explained 64. This package would be great if you're specifically trying to learn the basics, this is a pretty good package and we love that you know the manuals, so if it's nice to have great video scanning and such , and you know, in case something goes wrong, we have another box, this one has both screws. and the outlets are intact and it's in much better condition so we'll probably use this one instead of the other one because it's pretty awful.
Next up is an envelope from Nilla filled with oh, mmm, not like the photocopied F15 Strike Eagle flight operations manual. Don't know. I think that's where the real yes is, so these are like photocopied instruction manuals that are very useful to have. I don't think we have any software if that matches them, but you never know, we have the same folder, more and more rats, rats. oh, it's basic, there's a lot of basic typing. Wow, so are all these printing, electronic notepad apps. It will be a lot of fun to read on its own. What's here in the manuals.
Okay, there's so much documentation on these, that's great. Additionally, we have a laminated Commodore. 64 quick reference card, so it has the different commands, yes, it does and it's super, it smells extremely musty and we have another one of these folders, let's see something interesting. This one doesn't have much, I guess the user doesn't. I can't fill it almost as much as the other one, the newsroom, uh, it's going to be a lot of fun to flip through and believe it or not, that's it, that's all we have for the system, there's a lot to go through.
I hope you enjoyed it. I'm looking forward to finding out more about the Commodore 64. Personally, I've never used a 64 azam. I've used the vic-20 quite a bit, but never a 64, so this will be a lot of fun for me and if you do, I'm excited to see more Commodore 64 stuff, you should subscribe. We have a first look video of the '64 coming out, so stay tuned and we'll see you next time.

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