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Nov 22, 2021
Okay last night I was able to get the original solar panel mount out, all that's left of that is the concrete base, my only way to get that out of there is by digging each one out, which I don't. i want to make or try to make this old tractor start and use the front loader to get them out of place. I go with that option. This thing hasn't worked in probably six months, probably closer to a year, so here we go. I'll see if I can get this going. I'm going to have to inflate the tires and uh rip it off but I'm hoping this will still work but also this diesel has been here since we've had it how long has it been? we've got this thing two years maybe we haven't put any diesel fuel on it trying to plant some flowers in the bucket grow a tree in the middle of i'll be so surprised this starts off well it's probably time to get a proper tractor i can't believe that we've made it this long without one ok ok that was a bummer with the tractor but I decided to try one more option before I started digging so I used a T post puller and it just came right out of the ground it was a lot easier than I expected since there is no footer on these posts it was just a concrete sauna tube all the way down so yeah just pulled up and it was pretty easy very happy at least this first it was so uh let's see how the rest of these go and there you have two down below oh well what are they? you're doing this it's really loud i think you should wear headphones ok but no seriously i'm going to grab the headphones so okay so today i think i'm finally ready to start pouring the final base for this solar panel mount uh this was an afterthought if i have to be 100 honest all my extra supports are in place just propped up right now one didn't want to stay but yeah they're all propped up so they're not . exactly level and where its final position is going to be once i can grind up the paint and then i can start on the concrete.
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I'll slide them down into position and then weld them in place to hold their final shape while the concrete dresses up. I'm not too far along in the soldering process. i set everything up and poured my concrete and thought i was going to start welding and my helmet didn't work im like i changed the battery on this thing why isn't it working right? the lens or the shade that's there this is like this little light sensor over here well apparently if you look close enough in that corner i guess it got exposed to water the water spilled on it something i don't know it just wants to turn the shade on and off constantly so that's why it destroyed the other battery and when i put a new battery in it it was constantly blinking so what i had to do was go get a new helmet.
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I can actually see out of this one, although I've been needing to replace the lenses. in the old town for a while and uh really amazing what just new clear glass how much better to see out of it the new lens and thats what i was looking at to weld before god yeah how could you see something? It was hard just imagine what your walls will look like now that they were already beautiful i cant imagine how much better they will get oh my gosh so nice before and after look at me as my helmet i love you so i guess we go back to concrete and the weld now, let's see how far you can go. before the sun goes down i'm very happy to say all the concrete and weld for the extra brackets are ready all you have to do is prime and paint them but before that what we're going to do is get started . working on getting the straps up for the last set of solar panels so you'll have to grind and then weld them and then we can put them in there and finally be done and move on to something else how happy are you almost done? i'm happy but how happy are you i'm so ready i want to get back to the fun stuff inside what are you talking about this is fun i know it's no fun for me i can't even imagine what it's like for you with this brutal solar welding on your sleeves long honestly thats literally the only bad part oh next around those 80lb bags of concrete iron its fun but other than that i like it its like working out all day outside in the heat yeah its That's why you look so good, why you act like it's so weird Just kicking your ass and being chased for what's in sight Can fight the oceans, wasted days and heaven's fading grace, boys I'm very happy to say this project is


to a close fast all that is left for Spencer to do is finish priming and painting and then we can finally get these last few solar panels up there which with luckily we can do this today because it's really windy today and we have a storm later so the panels probably won't be able to stay up there tonight so hopefully we can do that with other stuff going on the other day io got sprayed by a skunk , which I can't believe that happened again a few years ago.
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The bear got sprayed and I don't know what the bear did because it was definitely worse. Aya's smell is gone now, oh, and something else exciting. table in the bedroom last night so hopefully once I have all this primed and painted and while we wait for it to dry he can work to set it all up so while all the primer is drying Spencer is going to start to put together our the table i'm so excited about is made out of reclaimed wood and it's going to be really nice in here and i'll definitely use the crv table one thing about this area though i don't know if you can actually see there there are fingerprints and handprints all over parts that need to be touched up, but we'll do that later, who do you think made this spencer? having one well for the table to look It's really nice, but we ran into a problem with the legs with the built-in bench.
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We got square legs that more or less follow the dimension of the table and then you got the square of the bench, so there's no room for your legs. it happens every time you try to slide down it didn't think of that so it's a minor hiccup but it should be fine because we're pretty sure where we got it from they offer other legs you can get for the table so it should be fine , but this will work for now ok i think today will be the day no actually today will be the day we finish solar these bottom panels are going up everything is primed painted and looks good I don't have anywhere to tinker, so these will be installed today, shouldn't take long, and then I can plug them in and hopefully by noon we can be generating twice the power of the loot mass.
This could be our thumbnail. ok yesterday i was able to get all the panels up and tidy If i have them all roughly wired up i still have to connect the actual wires. I have six in series so I have to run uh positive and negative to the combiner box each run but I thought I'd mention how all the wiring is there because it's a little different than it was before we only had 12 panels three in series four in parallel what I'm doing now is running a higher voltage so I'm going to have six and six in series so I only have two in parallel for each charge controller these 12 will connect together and then those 12 back here will connect together the reason I'm doing that is just because when the sun rises and sets I get a little more power like take for example in the morning when the sun rises and it's still like shading half the array at least i can get as much power out of these 12 instead of having the top row connected because they say these six were still shadowed but these six weren't and all 12 were connected to each other these six here they would drag the output of these to even out so what I'm doing is having the most panels on the narrowest setting so you should get a slight advantage at least morning and evening when it comes to output power i just have to finish wiring that up and then fill these holes in and you should be ready to completely start and finish with this project and we'll have to show you the movement of the array i still haven't moved it since we did it installed all the panels so which I guess you'll find out in real time so Spencer hooked up the first half of the bottom row of panels but it started to rain and she ran out of PV cable so we have more order and in her but in the meantime what What we're going to do is work on some things in the kitchen.
Today we just delivered our trash can. Spencer will be working on a shelf installation and installing all the hardware in our cabinets.

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