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Colourful Math | Learn to count - 123 | Compilation for Kids | @Numberblocks ​

Apr 06, 2023
Let me tell you a story: once upon a time there were three little pigs, the first little pig had a house with one room, look, look at the window and another one had the number one written on the door, but then came the big bad squirrel, the little pig, the little pig, let me. inside let me in no no then I will blow and blow and blow up your house like this Square fortunately the second little pig had a house with two rooms room for two me and you has one two two windows and one two two trees in the garden and there is a number two in the outer door where the three is oh look at me I'm number three three I don't want to do it I'm better than you I'm smaller than you mortally mortal Doom oh I'm bigger than you I'm smarter than you mortally mortal we're all here tonight we all did it correct one two three four five look one two two sailboats we can be pirates that doesn't sound good what's happening to me I just got bigger, see?
colourful math learn to count   123 compilation for kids numberblocks
I'm not three and here I am I'm two and here I am It's a wonderful day to be alive I was fighting for them three Someone's played a trick on me I don't care All you see three is who I want to be What's that silly sound a hole giant so big and around why it's there I don't know I wonder what's under three one equals two oh no no my head fell off where? it go I'm one that was fun two plus one equals three what's happening to me I just got bigger did you see please now me too and here I am now I'm three and here I am I wonder where the ones will go?
colourful math learn to count   123 compilation for kids numberblocks

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colourful math learn to count 123 compilation for kids numberblocks...

I think I already understood it. I know that every time we get smaller, someone else gets taller. What's that silly sucking sound? A giant hosted Beacon kingdom. Because it is there? Don't know. I wonder what's underneath two minus one equals one. Hey, calling. I, oh, where can I hide? What do we know behind you? Oh, four plus one equals five, ready or not, here I come to find you one five five one equals four, tell us five was here how I am three Master of Disguise five ready or not here I will find you two I will find you three five minus three equals two ah a couple of pointing princes let me see whatever they are I like them I have eight and this is cool anyone here oh hello who are you I have eight and I'm another eight look at this eight minus one hey I told you it was a lucky jump hey you're very good at saying hello that's not all I can do who are you?
colourful math learn to count   123 compilation for kids numberblocks
I have eight but you can call me octoblock one two three four five six seven eight can stand very high can climb the wall is one two three four five six seven eight climb can stand like a killer or get wider one two three three blocks in a column one two three three blocks from top to bottom one two three three blocks if you have them three lots of three three in a line as you can see three lots of three make nine that's right one two three four five six seven eight nine I'm three blocks up and down and three from side to side in the same in both directions I am as tall as I am wide that is why I am square like you I am three by three you are two by two I am two by two you They are three by three, that is why they are square like me , we seem like a very unlikely couple, but now that you've explained it, I see the squareness we share or two blocks up and down and two side by side, but I'm him. the same in both directions four is made of four blocks I love being a square five is made of five blocks high five there and there I am for once and I am five ones and ten ones which means my one try one two three four five six seven eight nine nine what a round thing next year one is a zero I need my zero floating in space oh six is ​​made of six blocks I like to roll the dice servants made of seven in a rainbow that looks good I am six ones I have seven ones and I have ten a switch means one two three four five six look at me one two three now let's add another one three plus one equals four I have four and I'm playing in the sun being square is my idea of ​​fun one two three four four sides sofa Four Corners now let's add another four ready plus one is five I have five I'm playing in the sun high fives are my idea of ​​fun one two three four five five fingers if you add another one the number increases by one and if you continue adding one you can become bigger now let's add another five equals six I have six and I'm playing sun It's my idea to refund one two three four five six six dice nine plus one equals ten number ten on the moon two more friends will be here soon Ten is equal to eight plus two, we are on the moon, how did we get here?
colourful math learn to count   123 compilation for kids numberblocks
I have no idea one two three four five six seven eight eight aliens all coming home oh no there's no room for those two don't be afraid octoblock is here octoblock Bill one two three four five six seven eight filmed two flying sauces good job Hello come back, don't start whoa eight plus two equals ten Here I am Number ten it's time to make friends again ten equals seven plus three we're on the moon seven and three we're very lucky look at me um two lots of three that's too much for just one me or don't you believe it sheep one two and three there you are behind that tree I found another one two three you have to be smart to hide from me three that's three from me one two three and three from me a little sheep two little sheep five little sheep five six no again one two two parts which direction should I go you go left I'll go right rubber I don't live the worst guy will have to be careful one two one two one two one two which way around here we need to someone stronger someone bigger double two plus two equals four hmm why do your rocks never square up golden apples strange things why did they have to be round things we three are the three three the most amazing the most incredible the most extraordinary acrobats in the


ry of the numbers drum roll please as we present the three three please three four three plus three equals nine nine you did it you did what oh yeah it was nothing really Sam there were too many we need help help I can do it myself the three three the Let's grab we all have an odd block sticking out oh you know what I mean okay so let's call ourselves odd blocks let's play bounce ball oh crispy buns over here wait wait wait Who's going to keep score?
I know what this is for the odds two for evens let's play those four we're off to a great start the ball is with the evens two points for evens now let's look at that again in slow motion look at those two two loss of two three lots of two in fact each of the pairs is two more than the previous one let's see what a strange box can do one three five seven nine incredible two points towards the Earth one two three four four furry ones could you look at that one two three four five five floppy disks with five Let's Roll fingers yeah, lucky to meet all of you, see you?
I also met the furry ones, aren't we all lucky? Come on lapis lazuli one two three four five six seven seven hairy seven doors which door is the right one nothing can help How do we get seven four three equals seven oh, I feel lucky this way, easy? looks amazing we're stuck no we're not we could swing from the flagpoles we need someone with really long arms to stretch that high eight how do we get eight fours plus three plus one equals eight octa block swing one two three four five six? seven eight swing eh, the squares are strong I'm five years old I feel alive whenever I can drive my train alone five no more no less I can drive the number blocks I know I'm going to get on the train let's get back on our way oh we've already done it for take the train I think I know what to do let's stop the train adding one one plus one equals two two plus one equals three three plus one equals four four plus one equals four minus one equals three three minus one equals two minus one equals pretty please Factory where we serve fresh fruit all day wow, how do they work?
Oh, easy, easy, lemon squeezer, obviously just broken silly things, there's two oranges in there, maybe if two try, ah, two equals one plus one, how can I? explore one so that's one Tada look at two on the top division Center one and one on the bottom I want fruit it's my turn three equals one plus two a delicious delicious delicious three equals one plus two who are you? I'm zero the hero one less than one where are your blocks I don't have any fools zero blocks wait there's no music I can hear myself when they're on the boats and the


in the bay you have zero we know when you've eaten all the cupcakes I don't have any cakes , there is no agitation, we know that the candy has disappeared from the jar, you have, you have no hats, I am the number for nothing, I am one less than one when there is nothing or something, oh, I am the number. for none when there's nothing there to


now you see the amount you can cut out when you go one two one two one two one two three is bigger than two I can hide behind you four is bigger than three three can you see me peekaboo one is smaller than two I can hide behind you two is smaller than three you can hide behind me because I'm smaller than you but no one will find me where they're going to go and give us a clue can you see me two more? one equals three you can hide behind me three plus one equals four I can hide them both safely behind you because I am the same as you and no one will find you where they have gone go and give us a clue can they see me?
Welcome to the number block rally ten racers 10 pedal powered cars but only one has left the trophy so let's go to the starting line all ready hey wait has anyone seen one coming? Hello everyone, I hope you are ready. play with the high rollers Teddy, have a good day, hey, Ted is in the league with ten wheels, she looks unbeatable, let's look at that again in slow motion, ten wheels minus one wheel equals nine. The remaining wheels minus one equals nine, ten is out of the race like nine take a surprise, good guy, I also have a five in me I have seven I have five and two five and two I have eight I have five and three five and three for night in five and four five and four a nine ten I'm five and another five high five and five Hey look five five hey wait, there's a lot of fighting here now but we're a six seven eight nine and ten we can start dancing until all my friends are here and let's go find them wow this must be the two Palms wow and look five fives where are six seven eight nine and ten we can't start until all my friends are here hey can you make friends ready five and one is six five and two seven five and three is eight yellow oh no it's not red orange oh it's yellow oh red who's next for it turns red orange yellow red orange yellow red orange yellow tell me the red pattern Orange yellow pattern unlocked now that's what I call pattern I know exactly what to do here you will jump over the space oh green green green Green jumped over the space tell me pattern the pattern is for Breeze then a space and repeat squares oh handprints I love it it's a magic mirror oh I made two, many from me, making friends is fun, oh, let's make three next, oh Mirror, Mirror, hear my plea.
I wish you could make three of me, your way is my order, wow, three, four, plus one, plus one, equals three, oh my turn, my turn two. many please two many of two two plus two equals four I have four I am two many of two are two terrible the magic mirror is even more magical than we thought oh the others will want to see this, take a look until I am far away and not waste your time with that, my turn wants you not, oh, go on, that's fair, two lots please, that's six, number six is ​​on the floor, don't be shy, let's have more good ideas, three unlucky ones.
Try again I'm 13 and I think I might have a little. I'm lucky. I'm ten and three years old waiting for my luck to run out. Sorry, it's all Charlie Jakes. When I get in trouble, I always come over and stuff. I'm the clumsiest number you've ever seen, an unlucky nutcase, it's happened again, I don't have the heart to be picky or fussy, falling apart, it happened again and no one knows when someone should tell him it's happened again, me again three and ten waiting. to fall through a hole I'll jump through a hoop and step on the puddle that seems to sum up my path and wherever I end up my man is here oh free balloons Squad the super special secret is here oh me Squad just me I'll try it one Chase the balloon my plan is working perfectly strange one two three three balloons escaped if only step Squad was here look at me fit two two maybe it could be it could be Squad step two pedaling hard one last two six and your number Bobby blogs one two three triangle four five six impressive impressions the rescue oh and the mystical magic Act now it's time to see what some of our biggest numbers have in store since I can remember I always wanted to escape and win rain and snow, no matter how gnarly it hits, I put in the hours because practice makes perfect if this is the tens place, where are the tens?
Let's say let's make this floor the three place and we all go out 10 11 12 13. Steam oh, welcome to oh, it's a little up here lower me all of you are bigger than me so get lower this is even shorter everyone has athree inside you oh well, except 13. he already separated into 10 and me, oh teenager, you are one more than 13. extreme 14. minus one hear about thirteen and for my next trick to 12 plus one is equal sir random three oh your turn 15. let's say 18 for one one Ray is all I need one rare to gain speed I start to go and go, go, go, go, whoa, this is one, two, three, four, five, six , seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve, first time, fourteen, fifteen, sixteen, eighteen, when it comes to acceleration in the Undisputed Master.
I'm the fastest in the nation. I change shape when I want to go faster change nine by two to move away I'm eighteen I'm a speed machine I can set up the ugliest thing in the world watch me zoom in on the sonic boom I was born to run the race two four six eight ten twelve fourteen sixteen eighteen change six for three three up oh, what do I need three rays and I accumulate speed. I start glowing and I go, I go, I go, I go, I go, I go, I go, anyone can ride that thing, check this out, the Double Looper has a two spoke facility so you can only ride it if I can make a two block rectangle wide like this two by nine to raise and move away one two Land Two by six two five eight eight that sounds like fun but odd numbers like me can't make a rectangle two blocks wide look, don't do it Let that slow you down fifteen.
The following could be done for you. I like a Looper with three spokes, so you need to make a three block wide rectangle like this, three by six, three stand up and three sit down again now that I can do that. three five five eleven splits and ten and one Take off under the setting sun one two three four five six seven eight nine ten and a run plus one plus ten has come to play a soccer game the extraterrestrial way and now they have seen the rocket explosion , others want to move on quickly 12 is next to one to fly, so ten and two ascend into the sky ten planets and one, two more is planet 12. two plus ten descend to reach a perfect image of Orange Beach and three appear ten steps up and up. three jumps ten planets and one two three more is three plus ten has found a cannon resounding in Abandoned Wild 14 gives a Big Ten for Ready Steady off saw ten planets and one two aliens

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