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COLLEEN BALLINGER RESPONDS (worst "apology" ever)

Jun 29, 2023
Oh my gosh guys, Colleen Ballinger has come out to address the situation and in an incredible turn of events, this is probably one of the


. I'm not even going to say an


video because that's really not what I think I've


seen and I'm not really even saying that jumping on a Colleen Ballinger hate train here, it's just that the video isn't so serious that I'm afraid people will get even angrier at her because of this video, so basically. After the last few weeks on the Internet exposing much of Colleen Ballinger's past, she finally came out to address the situation.
colleen ballinger responds worst apology ever
Colleen has been silent online until now and the only time she has spoken publicly in these last few weeks has been at her live shows where she had recently touched on the topic of knowing that people really don't like her right now she said that while her husband was on stage they were about to do a little bit during their show she was dressed like Miranda she was interviewing him like you were married obviously he is married to her, Colleen, and he compliments her and then she makes a joke on herself. Do you want to be my partner for this challenge?
colleen ballinger responds worst apology ever

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colleen ballinger responds worst apology ever...

Are you married to the godfather? It's not what I heard, but also, she hasn't really addressed the situation. but today he posted on his Vlog channel a video titled hello and decided to sing about the situation that has been going on and yes I said sing, this is something I really don't even have the words for, to be honest I just don't. I've n


seen a video like this before. I will say that she said that she just wanted to discuss the facts in this video and then he started walking away from her and saying that she decided to take a break because people had been saying things about her. that's not cool and it's not true, she's basically saying that the internet is toxic and the downfall of it has been pure entertainment for people.
colleen ballinger responds worst apology ever
She goes on to say that she wants to talk about some things even though her team told her not to talk about it and so on. she said they never said she couldn't sing about it so that's what she's doing and that's why she's singing and as the video starts I start to realize that maybe I should listen to her team because this hasn't happened anymore got the best. internet reaction and it's been out for less than an hour when I'm recording this, she's discussing group chats with fans on this song she's singing and she said she wasn't trying to message them in a creepy way but like a loser.
colleen ballinger responds worst apology ever
Many years ago I used to message my fans, uh, but not in a creepy way like many of you are trying to suggest, it was more of a loser way, but I was just trying to be best friends with everyone, it's like when you go to a family gathering, you know, and there's this weird chick who keeps coming up to you and saying, "Hey, girl, what's the T?" and you're like, "That was me, but in group chats with my fans was strange." Sharing my life online for over 15 years. I've opened my heart to you and that's why I feel like I'm talking to my friends, but at the beginning of my career I didn't really understand that maybe there should be something. boundaries there, she said she changed her behavior and took responsibility and hasn't done that for years and I think this part is referencing her


in 2020 when everything came to light with her and Adam and I think she's trying. say that after that she no longer sent messages like that to the fans, but since she sings it as if it is not very clear what she is really trying to say and throughout the entire song she sings, she certainly seems very upset that all this has come out. light on her and the discussion has gotten so big that she seems upset to me because her apology in 2020 wasn't enough for people and she thinks the internet is toxic.
I haven't done that in years because I changed my behavior and took responsibility, but that's not very interesting, so let's get to the toxic gossip tray the locomotives fueled with hate accusations the toxic concentrate raked over someone's reputation toxic gossip Get on the train but close your eyes, otherwise you will realize that the train is made of lies and that The person you despise may not deserve to die, but hey, she is certainly upset, that's for sure along the lines. songs, you can tell that there are little things that she says, that you know she's angry, that this is happening in all seriousness.
I think it's really important to hold people accountable for their mistakes. You know, we should hope that everyone can learn from her mistakes and grow and change her behavior and be that person. This is something I've always tried to do when I make mistakes. It's something that I'll keep trying to do which, oh, you don't care, oh, she goes on to say that it's not about accountability at all, it's about ruining the life of someone you despise while dramatizing your lies and monetizing their demise and for For some reason I feel like she's singing this to a particular person and saying that she could already hear the comments on the video calling her a gaslighter and I mean if you feel like people are going to call you a gaslighter.
I, Maybe We Should approach the video a little differently, maybe, and then she sings about how she's sure people are disappointed with her silly little song and she's sure people want her to say she was I'm not going to go that route, say I was at the wrong level. Sorry, I'm not going to go down that route of admitting lies and rumors that you made up. It's for sure that she's not going to post an apology video where people are like she's lying, she says no, she's telling the truth in this video about how she feels and that's for sure, then she talks about Miranda Sings and It says the character is PG-13 and even says so on its website, which is true, I'll say that. which on its website says Miranda shows RPG 13 but also says it's for all ages, says the show is open to all ages and is rated PG-13 due to some adult references and swearing that appear briefly in the screen.
She goes on to say that this is why her videos are not on YouTube's kids app and that she has always let parents feel comfortable with their children watching the content in regards to fans feeling betrayed, she says that He's sad about that. that and it wasn't her intention to manipulate anyone, she says it's not very fun when people call her the most vile and disgusting words you can say to a person and everyone seems to think she's the kind of person who manipulates and She abuses children and the only thing she has taken care of are her two cats, they take care of us are my two Persian cats.
I'm not a hairdresser. I'm just a loser who didn't understand. I shouldn't be responding to fans and I'm not a predator although many of you think so because five years ago I made a fart joke, the four chokes part is regarding Becky who talked about being part of a yoga challenge on Miranda's show, at least I think that's the reference. it's because during that challenge she grabbed Becky's legs and spread them and then a fart noise was heard and Becky came out to say that they made her feel really exposed, uncomfortable and embarrassed for being on stage.
I'm just sorry she brought it up. In this song, ever so slightly, it downplays how Becky felt about that situation and Becky was a fan of hers, she loved Colleen, she loved Miranda and I feel like a simple "I'm sorry I made you feel" like that goes a lot further. far away from me. I can't believe the internet is mad that I made a fart joke, like she just doesn't get it, but she goes on to say that she knows this video won't change people's minds about her, but she wanted people to know. that she had no bad intentions and I think the point of the video of her is to try to tell people that she had no bad intentions when she was doing all the things that looked really bad, but the way she is done the video.
I like the singing, I just feel like no one is going to be able to listen to it because they just can't get over the fact that it's so unserious that everything is in a song and it's a very serious situation that should be taken so little seriously. then he says that people can make mistakes and that doesn't make them horrible people oh my god that was one of the most interesting videos I think I've ever seen in my life because I really don't know who. Her house told her this was the best way. There are also a lot of confusing things about it.
She is talking about how she feels it is important for people to take responsibility. It seems like she feels like she did take responsibility and has changed since 2020, but. then she says there are lies and gossip being told about her, but there are so many receipts on the internet right now, there are so many demonstrable videos that it's like, what are the lies, what are the gossip? So let's get into detail about that, then, because I feel like people will then feel silence or feel like you're their situation when maybe you're not. I know people were really angry about her silence, but if this was what we were going to get, I don't think she was ready. to come out and talk about it, I'm going to say that because of this situation that is being talked about regarding her name, it really is so serious, these accusations, these statements, everything that has come to light and if she doesn't would have sat there and made a very serious video movie that talks about the things that have come out, I just don't think she was ready to talk about it, but I think she thought at the end of the day that people would be mad at me no matter what. to say y There are people who are not going to listen to me, but I think there are people who do want to hear it and they want an apology and they just want to move on.
A lot of those fans I think just want closure and an apology and an explanation and this isn't like this was a whole video, but that's what's happening. I love you very much and I will talk to you in the next video, goodbye guys, foreigners.

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