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Coins for Kids | Math Learning Video

Feb 28, 2020
Today we are going to learn about US currencies! I know. Very cool! Very cool! There are six types of US


. We're going to look at each of the types individually so that no matter what coin someone shows you, you'll know what type of coin it is and how much it's worth! We're going to look at the penny, nickel, dime, quarter, half dollar, and even dollar


! Alright, let's get to our lesson! The first coin is the penny. So what is a penny? Well, the penny is a copper coin with Abraham Lincoln's face on it. Traditionally, pennies have the Lincoln Memorial on the back.
coins for kids math learning video
Remember, the Lincoln Memorial is a memorial to Abraham Lincoln. In 2010, they changed the penny to display the Union shield on the back instead of the Lincoln Memorial. So if a penny has the Union shield on the back, you know it's a newer penny. The penny is worth less than all other coins, it is worth one penny. What is easy to remember! Especially if you're looking at the penny, because on the reverse of the penny (whether it's an old penny with the Lincoln Memorial on it or a new penny with the Union Shield) it actually says penny on the reverse of the coin.
coins for kids math learning video

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coins for kids math learning video...

A penny is worth a penny. This is quite strange. Did you know that some people don't like the penny very much and they think we should get rid of the penny? In fact, it costs more to earn a penny than it's worth. So some people say, "Hey, we're losing money making these pennies! Maybe we should get rid of the penny!" As of today, it costs 1.67 cents to make a penny. It's actually less than it used to be, it used to cost 2 cents (or two cents) just to make a penny. Although some people want to get rid of the penny, it looks like it's here to stay.
coins for kids math learning video
Oh! The cent! What a wonderful coin! It has Abraham Lincoln in the front. The older pennies have the Lincoln Memorial and the newer pennies have the Union shield on the back. They're worth a penny, so they're not worth much. But who hasn't been thrilled to find a nice, shiny new penny? Cool! The second currency is the nickel. The nickel is a coin made of copper and nickel that has Thomas Jefferson on it. Like the penny, the nickel has undergone a change in recent years. It doesn't look like it always has. Traditionally, nickels show the side of Thomas Jefferson's face, but in 2006 the nickel was changed to show the front of Thomas Jefferson's face instead of just the side.
coins for kids math learning video
Old nickel, new nickel. Old nickel, new nickel. Old nickel, new nickel! Okay, you get the idea. Unlike the front of the nickel, the back of the nickel has remained the same over the years. Features Monticello, which was the home of Thomas Jefferson. A nickel is worth 5 cents, which is the same as a nickel, because remember, a penny is worth a penny! So a nickel, which is worth five cents, is worth the same as five cents! The nickel, it's a silver colored coin, it has a house on the back which is Monticello, and depending on how old the nickel is, it only shows the side of Thomas Jefferson's face or the front of Thomas Jefferson's face.
And it's worth five cents! Awesome! Well, the third coin is the dime. The dime is a silver colored coin made of copper and nickel that has President Franklin D Roosevelt on it. This is quite interesting! The dime is the smallest size coin, but don't let the size fool you! It's worth more than a nickel and a dime combined! A penny... how much is it worth? Well, a dime is worth 10 cents, which is the same as 10 cents! Wow! What is easier to carry, a small dime worth 10 cents or 10 cents? Oh my God! the dime A really small silver dime with President Franklin D Roosevelt on the front and a torch on the back!
It's the same as a dime, but it's much easier to carry. At least I think so, right? The dime...great! Alright, the fourth coin is the quarter! All right, well, what's a room like? Well, the quarter is a silver coin made of copper and nickel that has George Washington on it. And yes, it's a much larger sized coin than the dime, that's for sure! The back of a regular quarter has a bald eagle on it, and we say regular quarter because there are so many quarters that aren't just quarters. It's kind of an interesting coin that way!
Quarters are great because there are three special collections of quarters: The State Quarters that have states on the reverse, Territory Quarters that have territories on the reverse, and America the Beautiful Quarters that have different scenes of the United States of America. America on the reverse! Here's a fun hint! Even if the reverse looks different, if it's a silver coin with George Washington on it, it's a quarter! You may be wondering, how much is a room worth? Well, a quarter is worth 25 cents, which is the same as 25 cents! Because remember, pennies are worth a penny! So imagine, what is easier?
Does it take about a quarter or 25 cents? Right! Oh my God! The rooms are great! The quarter is a large silver colored coin with George Washington on the front and a bald eagle on the reverse! But be careful! There are many special edition quarters, such as State Quarters, Territory Quarters, and America the Beautiful Quarters! Just follow our tip and look at the face of the coin to find out if it's a quarter! And remember, the quarter is worth 25 cents (which is the same as 25 cents). Alright, are you ready for the fifth? I can't hear you... come on!
In agreement! Alright, the fifth coin is the half dollar! Well, how is the half dollar? The half dollar is a silver colored coin made of copper and nickel that has President John F Kennedy on it. The reverse of the half dollar features the presidential seal surrounded by 50 stars. What do you think the 50 stars represent? Do you have an idea? Yes! All 50 states of the United States of America! And remember, there is also a bald eagle on the back of a quarter, but on the half dollar that bald eagle (which is part of the presidential seal) is surrounded by stars.
So if it's surrounded by stars, you know it's a half dollar! Also, the reverse of the coin reads a half dollar. So that makes it easy too! You can look high and low for half a dollar, but they're pretty rare. In fact, you may not see one for a long time. One thing you can do is go to the bank and take two quarters with you. When you take those two quarters, you can ask if they have half dollars! And you can exchange two quarters for half a dollar! They still make a half dollar, but like we said, they're rarer than quarters, dimes, nickels, and pennies!
You may have realized this by now, but it's called a half dollar because you only need two to have a dollar! It only takes two! If you have two half dollars, then you have a whole dollar! Well, if that's true, how much is half a dollar worth? Well, the half dollar is worth 50 cents, that's the same as 50 cents! Wow! This coin is worth a lot! The half dollar. Pretty awesome coin! It is silver in color and has President John F Kennedy on the front! On the reverse is the presidential seal surrounded by stars and is worth 50 cents.
Oh my God! You only need two of these coins to have a whole dollar! But I wouldn't trade two of them for a dollar, because they're rare! And when you find a half dollar, oh my God! That's a treasure, that's great! Because they are rare and limited! But oh, I love that! Half dollars are awesome! The final coins are the dollar coins! There are two main dollar currencies. There is the Sacagawea dollar and there are the presidential dollars! Let's watch both right now! The Sacagawea dollar, also known as the "gold dollar," honors the extraordinary Native American woman who helped Lewis and Clark on their expedition to the west.
The reverse of the Sacagawea dollar shows a bald eagle in flight. What about these bald eagle coins? It's just an American bird, right? The bald eagle! And so this is another bald eagle coin. But it has a golden color, which is why the coin is called the "golden dollar". So if you see a gold coin with an eagle on the reverse, it's a Sacagawea dollar. And finally, the Presidential Dollars, which celebrate the first 40 presidents of the United States through Ronald Reagan, from George Washington to Ronald Reagan. Here's one with Gerald Ford on it! Really cool collectible coins showcasing the first 40 presidents!
Well, how is the back? Well, the back of the presidential dollars shows the Statue of Liberty! Really cool! And they all say "one dollar" on the back. Which makes sense, because they're dollar coins! The dollar coins! There are two types, right? The Sacagawea dollar (also known as the golden dollar) and the presidential dollars! These are wonderful coins that look really cool! People actually didn't even like to buy things with them, they just wanted to collect them! But these dollar coins are really cool, you might see one and wonder what kind of coin this is. And then you'll remember this


and say, "Hey!
This is a dollar coin!" Hears! Thank you so much for hanging out with us and


about coins! After this


is over, what you can do is search for coins! You may have a piggy bank or there may be a place where you keep your coins. And you can look and see if you can identify them! Good until next time!

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