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Coco Gauff vs. Karolina Muchova Full Match | 2023 US Open Semifinal

Sep 10, 2023
thank you, you already played with immediate crowd participation, so excellent first point of golf, being a consistent mayor and doing a good job of being more patient in this tournament, building the point until it has a good look like that last setback. Oh, 30, I love it, it's a good sign for golf mayor when she has that determined look in her eyes, the first game she doesn't seem nervous or overwhelmed at all to start this


, squeaky clean foreign storage, you can scream, technology, the number one player in the world hoping to defend here. she was knocked out by ostapenko who was easily knocked out by golf and this team was very happy with the efficiency with which they reached the semi-finals in the last few days.
coco gauff vs karolina muchova full match 2023 us open semifinal
Foreign mixes are more than any other current player serving in Mayor of Bali, but golf, there you have seen the video of little Coco golf, yes, he keeps saying, yes, of course, yes, there is your father,


the suite again sitting next to Tony Gotzick, agent of Coco golf, they are smart mayors, yes, they have done it. They had their drinks, they are sitting, her husband and Mary Jo Fernández made it. Wow, she's alert to every single thing in these 30 40


ing games. She looks so calm and collected and that helps that golfer just three weeks ago. he knows that Lucaba likes to enter he knows that he is going to use his share Goff has played night games to get to this round he loves us this stage when the stars are out Rick now what could she move what can she do what does she do better than Coco well, what funny, the only thing you can't do is donate points like you just did, you don't have as much power as God, you have to be consistent, you have to use your variety, Mary, you have to look for your right, oh, she's pretty. well, lucky enough, she needs a little look right now 15.
coco gauff vs karolina muchova full match 2023 us open semifinal

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coco gauff vs karolina muchova full match 2023 us open semifinal...

McGuff's forehand has been a big talking point for many years and has been the most improved shot this summer, as well as the first serve and that aggressive mentality which was the last forehand blow. old footwork, a big wide step and it kind of falls over when you hit it, that's the area that has improved so much in preparation for the forehand that will feel them tonight, so basically the problem in the past makes his feet spread too wide. There are a couple of issues, so to speak, but the team decided they didn't want to touch his grip, they didn't want to do anything technical in the middle of the season leading up to the US Open, so they worked on it.
coco gauff vs karolina muchova full match 2023 us open semifinal
Coming to the shot differently, they worked to try to finish more on the court last night with their peasant, our Androseva daughter, look, she looks nervous, it doesn't look like she, or she doesn't, or she doesn't believe, or she is. I'm a little overwhelmed right now one of the four women in the quarterfinals wasn't competitive not all very one sided all got a five point lead for one player in the semis starting the same way I don't close their first set so far, love 15. ladies and gentlemen, security, please do not use Flash, thank you, oh foreigner, this game is very important for mukiva, mayor, she has to get a grip, she has to start feeling a little more comfortable here.
coco gauff vs karolina muchova full match 2023 us open semifinal
Get on the scoreboard and calm down with your tennis, it's okay, the crowd is still adjusting to this


, that's what will happen in this match, a strong first serve, being able to get some free points, the statistics are terrible so far, a winner. to seven unforced errors mayor, yes, lettuce, this leads the facets of three against one, oh, it's good on all types of social platforms. I'll tell you everything that's been happening today. Wheelchair tennis. Youth doubles. Today was free entry to the grounds. great, yeah, and those wheelchair matches are just amazing, it was there a couple of days ago. foreigner, it's okay, foreigner, we're not sitting together for this tournament, we may not be apart for long, love 15.
So if you're the mayor coach of Carolina, yeah, what do you do? What are you trying to tell him right now? How can you get him back into this? It seemed like his team put their hands on the ground to say: Calm down. It seems like she can't even. There is no clarity in what she is doing. Right now, when she plays well, that server makes this game look ridiculously easy from all over the court. Okay, she's missing everywhere tonight. Love 13. A couple of years ago, we were way up on the edge of Ash Stadium calling out this crazy challenge.
A couple of years ago during the US Open, I was up here taking my notes and there was someone on the court that was just the most beautiful ball hit I had ever seen in my life and I couldn't tell who it was and he came down. up there and it was her, oh, she's been injured over the years, she's missed a lot of time, you know, she's not a kid, she's 27 and I haven't seen her play in a long time and she's missed significant periods. during all his life. career even in Juniors Mayor, yes, for a long time in those years of development I was not able to play those high-level youth tournaments, I had to take some time off and then also in the professionals it has been more of the same for Carolina, thank you 15 14.
Come on, thank you foreigner, foreigner, foreigner, by far the best point of the match. The mayor and Goff were able to thread this one right on that baseline, he placed the move perfectly, the short backswing, the ability to stay balanced when pushed into the corner, thank you, foreigner, her. making some mistakes on the forehand side, isn't her first game three of hers in four straights of golf? This will help us get started even if you lose this set. She was able to get a break of serve in this first set and it will help her in the second. two five changes anything both lead five against two percent Goff looks so solid, so good and she's getting a lot of help from muhovah, wait, what a bad feeling, be patient in a big game when she just doesn't feel comfortable at all, she got nervous early. from a slow start and just hasn't been able to


y relax and let the tennis do the talking 15 or 30 15.
Stranger, that's a lot of unforced errors in Goth's last two games and those are those types of falls that I just haven't seen this tournament, eight unforced errors on the forehand, one on the backhand, still up 5-2, but the level of golf has dropped a bit in these last five minutes or so, oh 40 30. Another error on the forehand side and now she's 5'3 she calmed down a bit from both of them, it's Coco who's missing out, yes there's Carolina's coach Emil Carolina on the same side as them but she still doesn't seem excited about her game, former Czechoslovakia, now They are Chef Republic 15.
They need to make so many tremendous tennis players and I have read that not only are there great coaches but they focus a lot on footwork Lindsay not only the speed of the feet the work of the feet is what is different is the principle entertainer behind training 15 in always interesting how different countries around the world and what types of players develop sterilization and usually you get the Top Spin heavy the ability to last forever more comfortable a few feet behind the baseline long rallies in the states plus the flat hardball hitters abroad how sizzling is your backhand lie now the drop shot left too much air underneath but red the golf forehand crossing now there is tension in this opening set thanks foreigner it has calmed down enough to work on that golf forehand which is the type of tennis that Mahova the top 10 mayor has gotten into that great game in every sense that she mixes with a little rhythm capable of finishing points against Ned in her first real sign of emotion there with that positive fist thank you please now thank you thank you another forehand Miss five what a change.
I'm serving the first one, oh, getting a lot more air under that forehand, lifting it up and out of La hoba's strike zone, more Top Spin, more net clearance, she'll back off and play a little bit of defense here and use your speed to achieve consistency, thank you love. Hoodie, she's good up there, which could be expensive. Miss's errors give golf some set points, please, thank you, go watch the American start of the second set with golf to feel a little freer with her serve. The mayor did not have a good set of service. see if she starts to be able to go after that release more get some of the rhythm back 15 old ER 30 15. thank you ladies and gentlemen your voices are playing chords thank you why please foreigner Hughes trying to get these fans back to focusing on the tennis, yes it is a party atmosphere, the court is louder to the point of being rude at times and the serve returns 110, 111 and 118, all in this first game, the second set, thank you.
Better job, come and intervene. You have to decide when someone goes higher towards you. You know, back off. You are going to try to make contact above your normal contact point. There is no doubt about that last one. Brad Gilbert's big talking point is the shape of the right we have. I heard you say that's two resumes, now 50 love goes right back to the golf forehand, yeah, and we hope you see this as a new start to a new game. Her team spent the entire break with her trying to recover physically. getting her to correct a lot of stretching she also did some work on the abdominal area oh that has been a chronic injury for her so now they are playing glue gun better than before you never know with interruptions in the game and it helps set and a A little bit better tennis here thanks love I like that play by Coco Mayor she's been pretty defensive she's just been putting balls in and trying to get out of the strike zone in the game you're down 40 swing in some that's this 40 30 Thanks, yeah, give me a second again, 19-year-old Coco Golf takes on 27-year-old Check, who is now in the top 10, but a year ago, last year, here he was ranked 235th in the world .
Thanks, 15, I love it, what's up? Hi Mary, we mentioned all the times that Pogba had to stop playing, he played the US Open in 2021, lost in the first round there, Mayor and couldn't play again until the 2022 Miami Open, played a couple of matches and then had to retire again. That's it. that location Gilbert was talking about golfing before the interruption to lift it high and out of the strike zone on Mahova's backhand wing. She can't hurt Goth and has made many mistakes, plus a foreign statement has come out from the party. 15 love of the tournament there are Naomi Osaga and the president's box watching she was here talking about mental health yesterday she and Michael Phelps are also part of a big discussion she will return to tennis she says next year she says she is in very good shape, read the statement they have given us, it says that after the first game of the second set, play was stopped due to an incident involving a fan, the fan in question hit the ground and due to the nature of this action, the NYPD medical professionals and security personnel were needed to resolve the problem and remove the fan from the stands.
Oh, and the hope is that that's the end of the process because now there's extra security for good reason, yes, but it was going to be a fantastic night for the ladies. It really was the showcase for them in this tournament. Both semi-finals were played here at night. Yes, just horrible. I like the sound of this second set much better. They are hitting the ball harder. There is more intentionality from both in the second set. Thank God. Great opportunity here for golf. Hova had been playing so well, Mayor, then Temple of Errors and Gibson back to golf.
So good that he's better at the net, yeah exactly, it wasn't a bad play by Goth charging the net there. Bobo with the more natural volleys of the deuce, but trying to make Coco have to volley below the height of the net and then delicately slide this one over Coco covers the net well, so it was a good combination of mahova play. Coco wants to be there too, oh, just know that if you're on that long, unfortunate break we're waiting for, like people say, don't even think about hitting it anywhere other than the Coco golf forehand, yeah, and choose the forehand and again try to keep it healthy too, it's not 100 and if it is They were both working on the arm or the abdomen on that break.
We were able to see some of the cameras in the gym. She has two sets. can catch up, but thanks for what's been happening, including what's delayed this. match oh 15. many missed returns by mahoga Coco using all the different spins on her. We have seen kicks. We've seen a lot of sliders. We've also seen a couple of heat released. He doesn't seem to know what to expect. Yeah, smart stuff from Coco golf, it's just her first foreign perfect serve, she lost part of the power mirror with that delay and Coco is trying to get it back here now, oh, three against two seconds, thanks, she has a soft transition game problem though for Mahova.
How about four out of 13 when she stepped up as mayor? That's discouraging yeah oh look service numbers are recovering for mahova. The first set was terrifying for her oh 14 15. oh 40 13. Newborns please will change the second three Gainesville sets well. the hovers definitelyThey calmed down here and after falling 5-1 in the first set, Mayor finally started to find her game and needs another break of serve here, although in the second set the speed of the golf serve increased six miles per hour on average in the first since then. that interruption of play, Mr. missed another attack of the baseball towards the niche, it seems that she tries to move too hard to get through it, oh foreigner, muddy thought, right, oh, we have been trying to use our cut more and cutting about 40 percent of it. backhand on this second mirror from Cent, but he doesn't do much good when he uses it, golf isn't affected by it at all.
Foreign luck I got from her miss at the net 40 15. So she just wants to stay. hitting the ball heading to the court that man brings Goth Coco two games away from the foreign championship game it just feels like this is where Coco is going to make her move, isn't she? Yes, she has remained so calm that nothing has fazed her at all tonight. like another tournament does when she was angry because the player was taking too long, oh man that's right, very different in the first round against Laura Sigmund in Germany, both Brad Gilbert, constantly talking and talking between points, Coco and then getting Defiance and thinking about the German was taking too long and at that moment it surely was so Coco serving fast this is a totally different mood totally different temperament from the young American oh my God, miss, the mayor's fans reacted to the repetition, he was two centimeters away, oh my god, thirty. oh thank you foreigner Rock Solid those are the rallies Goff has been winning throughout this match oh but he doesn't retire yes he goes for the drop shot he doesn't go for an early winner 21 shot rally she wins oh oh good juice that's it all quick first step to get to that short volley with enough time to be able to hit that forehand please ladies and gentlemen please five to three seconds thank you ladies and gentlemen why please enough thank you foreigners.
Coco had a couple of great careers in the Major Leagues. She made it to the final of Roland Garos, but in her Grand Slam career she only had one top 10 win, this would be number two. She would also take her to the US Open finals for the American teenager. Hello, thanks for pleasing the foreigner, a couple of people screaming. We found out when Coco went to serve the players who were also playing when they advanced tonight but they advanced oh thank you foreign foreign advantage with different heights and spins and Jehovah just hasn't been comfortable there all night sis it's okay he probably survives a match point. five on four second sentence, number one said laughing, oh foreigner, I thought I could squirt past it and not many players would have been able to even track it there and Coco, getting there, still got a good pass, but a big reach here from mahova, thank you.
You Dirty Love oh foreigner this is so good from Match Point on down look how Muhoba is playing. Ultra aggressive now, the mayor does everything she can to move forward. This was a couple of points ago, a tremendous law over her shoulder, but Coco, she holds on beforehand. That's been bothering me, I think I like her more in the race, she goes through it more, doesn't she? That's wide, wow five, and now she's walking towards where her team is at one point, here we go, here we go, here. We don't go one point at a time.
Advice. I think learning may not have much information since this tournament has advanced because it has gone down a little, please foreign ladies and gentlemen, let's not forget the Roland Garros semi-finals losing five twos in the third. match point before she managed to win the last five games in a row reach the final scores of Roland Garros what are you? Oh, that didn't miss by much. Couldn't it happen? She had a lot of room in open water and she missed it. It's up on the board, ladies and gentlemen, safety for both players, please don't make noise during the point.
Thanks for surviving. There was noise during the point. Feel that way, but you missed it. Another great golf setback in this game. You are doing it very well. Goggles leads six games with serve in the second, one for a second, please, ladies and gentlemen, in level 15. Foreigner, that's the right play, come on, come on, a little bad luck in golf, okay, I love that forehand. Mare, has focused on consistency with that forehand. I gave it a little more, I have to try hard after a great victory. 15 14. Match Point again, thank you players, are you ready please, that forehand was hit at 85 miles per hour.
Match Point number three for Coco foreign golf, strong ER two, oh yeah, do you get it now? Did he nail it in front of all these fans right here? There is no juice. He missed Match Point number three on the forehand. She did it there too. Advantage, go abroad, here we go buddy, oh come on, okay, advantage, you believe it 40 shots later, thanks. Ladies and gentlemen, Coco Goth has won her sixth match. Thank you, please, thank you. Okay, the 19-year-old American is in her first U.S. final. Open abroad.

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