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Coco Gauff-Karolina Muchova match delayed due to protesters | 2023 US Open

Sep 10, 2023
she lost that game 40 love and now we go back to the beginning of the second thank you ladies and gentlemen Elias already thank you I think your pain when Pam Shriver said she's playing better, yes, but she hasn't found her game, she's a game. however, Carolina is experiencing a stadium outage right now on the upper upper deck. We had a stoppage in the


ing game last night. Is it a medical emergency? It's too far away to see. It's someone shouting almost like a protest. I can not listen. Sorry, okay, yes, I can see them standing. There are approximately six and seven rows in the hostel.
coco gauff karolina muchova match delayed due to protesters 2023 us open
Yes, we have some security in the corral. It can be seen. Yes, they are trying. Unfortunately, the people who are screaming. in the middle of a section it is not so easy to become aggressive with your foreign service just do not think that we are going to be able to influence this


and there are a lot of things happening up there and it is New York City a Now many more reinforcements are arriving, yeah, I think both coaching staffs should sit still, watch your player and not even worry about what's going on. I agreed to win the first hit.
coco gauff karolina muchova match delayed due to protesters 2023 us open

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coco gauff karolina muchova match delayed due to protesters 2023 us open...

He had six fours, but went from an easy 5-1. it led to a battle at the end, she was able to win the last supervisor game that came out, they just said a couple of quick words to Coco Golf and now Jake Garner is going to talk to Carolina muhovah, we had a couple of demonstrations at Wimbledon last. year you know, cacao golf has matured as an athlete and as a person, the things she says, well, listen to her, I think it's just putting my life in perspective, I mean, at first I used to think negative things like why is there so many things. pressure why is it so hard blah blah blah and I realize this isn't something like that, in a way it's pressure but it's not.
coco gauff karolina muchova match delayed due to protesters 2023 us open
I mean, there are people who struggle to feed their families, there are people who don't know when their next meal will be. There are people who have to pay their bills and that is a real pressure, it is a real difficulty, it is real life and this. I am in a very privileged position. I get paid to do what I love and I get support to do what I love and that's it. something that I don't take for granted and Billie Jean King's famous line pressure is a privilege and she refers to that in a roundabout way, but yes, she has so much wisdom for a 19-year-old girl, so much social awareness and so much introspection and She credits her grandmother for helping her use her platform.
coco gauff karolina muchova match delayed due to protesters 2023 us open
I guess her grandmother was the first black student integrated into a high school. I believe in Florida. Thank you. Take them out. Kick them out. This is. I will return. Coco, anyway, her grandmother feels like she's really taught her a lot about using her platform and, hey, Chrissy, yeah, Joni Essemacher, the physical therapists on the WTA circuit, the athletic trainers are coming out and actually starting to try or examine Muhovah and the doctors also come out, so it's It's been almost 10 minutes now, not me, you know, it's a little mysterious down here because it's so high up in the stadium.
Jake Garner, the referee said, I actually have no idea what's going on. Obviously he is delegating this to security and just hopes that the people who were causing the disruption are eliminated as soon as possible, but in the meantime, that's it. I think the players should treat it almost like a rain delay and just try to stay loose and relaxed. It's difficult right now, it seems like there's definitely one person out there that seems like there's another person left again we have no idea what the purpose of this delay in their sight is, but it's some kind of protest, there was a little disturbance in the first game.
It wasn't there, when they resumed, Coco won five games in a row and that means she can totally ruin your concentration. Muhovah also calls for a few different


balls to hit for some practitioners so that both players have performed some practice serves, which is smart. I agree with Chrissy. I mean a delay of this length, yes, it could change a little bit of the momentum he had outside of that moto throughout the tournament. Pam, do you know that he didn't practice with her today? but when she played her match two days ago she had some tape around her elbow, but not the whole sleeve black.
Thank you, so it will be five to ten minutes asking it. I mean, her service numbers are very low. First service. First service. just 33 I hope to get back to your training box, yeah, I mean, it's a joke, should I leave the court or not, no, no, I said, enough of the bubbles now, thanks, I mean, they're just saying they're all negotiated, I mean? they're like we're negotiating like you're negotiating you're in they're going to come talk to you thank you Security today should go well the coaches can't believe it she's looking for some direction from her coaches My hope is already off the court and now Coco is debating Now the tournament director is going to take another five or ten minutes, they said Cliffy, it's okay, hey team, both players have been told it's okay if they need to leave the court, there will be no charge for this. like one of your bathroom breaks or wardrobe changes, so I hope you're taking advantage of it.
Coco has decided from now on not to do it. BG was telling you to just do some services and actually, I'm sorry, Brad, uh, yeah, Coco is coming out, yeah, okay, we'll do it. a break maybe the


got what they wanted a short delay so it's been a long time over 41 minutes since the environmental protester stuck his feet, we understand, to the cement floor, so they didn't want to move him for fear of hurting him . Obviously, all that time that has passed was to find a way to get it out safely, which has now been achieved and the players have been told that when they are ready they can go out and resume this dish, meanwhile María Vego, who is the physiotherapist from Coco golf just giving her a little exercise here trying to warm her up get those feet moving get the blood flowing and you know, just get her moving because once they get out there they have a five minute warm up but then they just have to go at full speed and wants to regain the momentum he had by winning the first set.
She wants to start well, she knows how important the beginning of the second set is and she just doesn't want to let muhovah get into this match because she knows how dangerous muhovah can be if she gets her teeth into this second set, yes, it's a good decision, he is five games away from a place in the final of this US Open Championship, this is the last major of the year, everything starts in Australia, goes through Paris and London and ends here, in this ashes stadium of New York with 24,000 people, so I guess one of the reasons it took so long to get things going here was when the protester stuck his feet on the cement floor. six four first step to Coco golf she has a game to love the advantage the second she is on serve the serve is over there have been multiple breaks of serve in this match three for Coco golf two for mukova so you know who is serving It's not big deal, this match hasn't started well and she's doing nothing to faze Cocoa and shows variety in her play.
She's not hitting many backhand slices. In fact, she is failing a lot on the backhand side. She is not hitting a lot of spins she is not reaching the net so much her percentage sir has not been excellent only she only won first or one point one only 33 percent in this match second serve 50 percent 19 unforced errors only four winners she is the one you have to change your game, Coco golf just has to wait more about the delay we just experienced, let's find out what Pamish Rabbit discovered. Thank you very much Cliff with Stacy Allister, the tournament director, what can you tell us about the events that occurred during the The last 45 minutes, so Pam, as we witnessed, we had environmental


in the box area.
There were three, two were removed. They left quietly without further protest, when security got there, they found that one of the protesters had physically attached himself to his bare feet. to the cement floor, so I was with Senior Management as we assessed the situation, Jake Garner, our referee, was talking to the athletes along with Donna Kelso, our Grand Slam supervisor, and we were trying to make sure everything is okay . There is no doubt in 24,000 a seed stadium, I hope people do not have ideas to continue, we know that in these large events, environmental protesters certainly use the platform.
Security will resume along with the NYPD to see what else we can do to prevent this in the future. Stacy, thank you for providing information for us. Thanks Pam, it's hard to imagine what you can do because that's way up in the confines of the stadium and anticipate something as strange as sticking your feet to a cement floor, excuse me six four. First, Head Golf, remember there's a four or five minute warm-up here for this, given the delay. Thanks for watching ESPN on YouTube for the live stream. Sports and premium content. Subscribe to ESPN Plus.

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