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Coachella was a MESS...(again)

Apr 27, 2023
The Influencer Olympics took place this past weekend and, as always, there was plenty of drama. It's a


, so let's go inside. I feel like every year, whenever Coachella comes on, there's always some kind of drama that happens or something goes wrong and blows up online. Last year, the big Coachella drama was the revolve festival. every year, revolve hosts its own version of Coachella over the weekend. One has shuttle buses that take Coachella influencers to their event and that's where it all went wrong the last time the event reached capacity quickly, so the shuttle services couldn't transport more people to the event, leaving all these people stranded in the heat not knowing what was going on obviously didn't want a repeat of last year.
coachella was a mess again
Revolt decided to make a change, this time they invited less people and said it was going to be a much more intimate event they had Kendall Jenner there with her brand of tequila 81a Charlie and Dixie were there and even Haley Bieber with a booth for the skin of Road and watching all the videos on Tick Tock it seems like everything went smoothly and no one had any complaints but there was some drama when it came to Kendall and Haley as you know influencers usually go all out for their outfits for Coachella they have fun putting together something really creative and memorable and Kendall I used to play around with that a lot when Kendall started going to Coachella I would always see her dress up in the best outfits but this year she took a step back in that Kendall was wearing a t-shirt and jeans and a lot of people were really bored. for her i'm so bummed out by Kendall's Coachella looks because they're so boring how even bad bunnies look next to her so she's a little better i mean like she has a little footprint on top you know that the a-listers are so casual because they have more access to the craziest pieces and can afford the craziest stuff and they've been going as casual as what she wears looks better on the street every time she pops Rod seed Haley Bieber did the same in previous years.
coachella was a mess again

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coachella was a mess again...

Haley has gone all out for Coachella, but this year she took a more laid-back approach. Did I miss a note or something? Because why are everyone's outfits so casual this year? Kylie and Haley coordinated outfits or something because it almost looks like they're wearing the exact same thing. I give them both one out of ten. I feel like we've been seeing this for a celebrity time once influencers start going and putting a lot of effort into their outfits. it became disgusting that they would do that, since they were already famous. I saw Tick Tock the other day which described it perfectly.
coachella was a mess again
A lot of people are criticizing Kendall Haley Kylie for dressing too boring and too plain at Coachella this year, but honestly, I think they did. something perfect for them and if I were her PR consultant, I would have advised them to do exactly the same. Yes, the hotel is a festival. People are there to attend concerts. are you trying to be famous or are you famous Coachella is one of the biggest PR events of the year all the influencers who are trying to show off their best outfit get as much publicity as possible and at the end of the day they are all being compared to each other and this they once cared because the Kardashians built their entire careers off of PR moves as if they always knew how to get and use publicity to their advantage, so when Kendall Kylie Haley was trying to build a name for themselves they were involved in all this PR campaign around Coachella, they had the stylists and the outfits and they always made sure they were some of the best dressed at Coachella, which is exactly what all the influencers you follow and love are doing right now on social media . the problem with that is that these girls are on the same level as those influencers, like they are also trying to make a name for themselves and look really cool and get photographed and placed on the same level as other influencers. but the whole point of Kendall, Haley, and Kylie's personal identities is that they're not the same as other influencers, they're on a whole different level, they're A-list celebrities, they don't want to be photographed and seen on all the networks. social, they don't want to look like they are dressing for their approval or to make their best dress list, so by dressing like that and not playing the game that everyone else is playing in one of the most important public relations. at social events all year long they're differentiating themselves and saying we're not like you guys which makes perfect sense to me they're just trying to blend in and not seem like they're trying too hard like a lot of the influencers make the next drama has to do with Haley and a video someone took of her at Coachella.
coachella was a mess again
This girl was filming herself with all these different celebrities that she knew or saw and one of them was Haley Bieber David dobrik and Noah bed Haley Bieber and immediately all the comments were saying how Haley and I looked and how she seemed completely unapproachable. One person said that Haley was the bad girl that she is. you could record anyone in The Sun and him and easily get a video of them looking evil. There are other videos of Hilly waving to fans of her and she seemed fine. Kylie, we love you, you're so pretty, so I'll keep going. and I guess she was probably caught at a bad time with the sun in her eyes or something and it wasn't because she was mean or unapproachable.
The next drama that happened was surprisingly with Alex Earl. Alex Earl literally came out of nowhere. year and now it's huge so no wonder she was invited to Coachella by gas along with other huge influencers David dobrik and the whole Vlog Squad were also invited to Coachella with guests and David was posting Alex on his snapchat story Night one of Coachella hasn't even started, but the drama has fans pissed off when they realize Alex Arrow was doing Coachella weekend with the Vlog Squad in his defense everyone staying at the guest compound , she even confirmed it and then I went on David dobrik's Snapchat. because she knew he was going to exploit her and of course she was right as a lot of people assume this meant that David and Alex were really good friends and they were doing Coachella together and that made some people mad at Alex but Alex she wasn't posting much about David she just has a video where you can see the Vlog Squad in it this was the only post she had of the Vlog score it's very interesting because it doesn't seem like she wants to be associated with them on social media?
What are your thoughts? David's entire Snapchat was literally the Alex Earl show. I think David knows how big Alex is right now and he's practically exploiting her on her Snapchat to get the views on her story. I think David saw this as the perfect opportunity to get new eyes on him and her group of friends, he knows Alex's fans will see her in the thumbnails of her story, click and he will benefit greatly from it. that. I don't think Alex is like that. very close to him and i went there with the group there were many other influential people in the gas complex and i'm sure alex had no control over his guest list the next


drama is coming from james charles every year james seems to be finds itself in some kind of dramatic groove around Coachella time and this year was actually a little different.
Jay James, well, James Charles attended Coachella as usual and that's exactly what he did. I don't think he had a proper Booth or anything but he posted this picture on Instagram and said he brought some paints to the festival today for Glam guys this has definitely been creative when it comes to marketing his brand and although the paint facial is not exactly the most popular thing to launch your brand with and i think if you keep showing people how they can wear it for events or even in everyday life it will really benefit you. He even ended up wearing his brand on himself for his own Coachella.
So far I think it's going to Frank Ocean Frank Ocean was performing for the first time in six years and he was doing it at Coachella so you can only imagine how excited people were about this. People camped out for hours in the heat just to get a good spot and it looked absolutely packed unfortunately for the people who lined up it seems they weren't happy with their performance the first problem was with the live stream apparently their performance was supposed to be was going live from the


youtube channel and it ended up being canceled at the last minute YouTube tweeted that Frank Ocean is not scheduled to appear on the Coachella live stream, the current time is in the description Not only was the broadcast canceled on alive but he was also an hour late for his performance and everyone in the crowd was so confused about what was going on when he showed up, people said they were so confused by his performance and you couldn't see him on stage, he was sitting in some parts all you could see was the screen with a group of people walking around. going around everyone is mad at Frank Ocean we're leaving Coachella right now and that's why it's ok I'm going to start by saying that Frank was over an hour late and people were as early as 8am. m. today secondly he only performed for about 30 minutes tops only all three of his popular songs and most importantly he never came out he was behind the screen the whole time to finish the performance was interrupted because a hour late for his set and there's a curfew at Coachella because of the noise Frank Ocean announcing the curfew the guys are told it's curfew so that's the end of the show thank you very much obviously most of people were so upset that people waited in line all day they camped out it was hot and miserable and they didn't get the performance they expected according to sources close to owl festival Frank Ocean completely changed his set on the day of his performance which eventually made him lie down and scrapped everything else they wrote I've been talking to sources about exactly what happened and how things went so downhill on Sunday for Frank Ocean at Coachella so here you go this production of Stage was supposed to contain a ice rink that was built and ready to go.
Frank decided at that last minute that he didn't want her anymore. all the people walking around him at the start of the performance were actually ice skaters and had been practicing for weeks and were supposed to be skating as part of the production. Coachella had to deconstruct the approved stage that had been planned and approved. months in advance, plus melting the entire ice rink and then setting it up as Frank decided today with no notice, which is what they ended up seeing and caused the hour delay. This all happened as the gates had already opened for Sunday and people were securing their places to see it if the last minute changes hadn't been made it wouldn't have performed at all leaving the festival without a closing headliner.
Frank also personally pulled the plug at the last second on the live feed, which left a very bitter taste. and many inside the mouth of coachella ultimately and i quote it just didn't seem like he wanted to be there but it was bound to be everything including him fell apart last minute even though a lot of people were upset about his performance. Justin Bieber, who was in fact, the crowd came to his defense. He took to Instagram and wrote: I was blown away by Frank Ocean's performance at Coachella. His mastery is simply unmatched. His style, his taste, his voice, his attention to detail. as an artist he continues to set the bar high and gave me a night I will never forget thank you Frank as for now Frank is still scheduled to play the second weekend of Coachella and so far there has been no word on him leaving. or which paper magazine actually published an update on what might have happened to him and they wrote, according to a source close to Frank Ocean, the rumors can be dismissed, the singer reportedly sustained an ankle injury in the weeks leading up to his performance during on-site rehearsals as a result production had to adjust to accommodate his injury so yeah Coachella definitely had some drama this year but I don't think it seemed as bad as previous years we normally always have big drama around Coachella time but the biggest drama seems to be sleeping with celebrities this year instead of influencers for a change anyways guys let me know what you think about everything below and i'll see you next time foreign foreign time

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