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Cambodge - Sihanoukville - Phnom Penh - Des trains pas comme les autres - Documentaire Voyage

Feb 23, 2022
far from a lake a giant lake the largest lake in all of Southeast Asia the tone les saps then the town les sap is a lake like no other where incredible cities are found to vacillate in the water a world apart life is incredible it's around this that it feels like being in a pass a kind of rainy highway that there are more than a million people and rieti auto it's amazing it's not to look at you something is happening everywhere it's funny because there is a shopping street in fact a main street and then as soon as you walk away a bit it's quieter so it's the most residential neighborhood there everyone goes about their business the same a church is crazy so there it is the church is right next door the school is there it's recess anyway it's a lot of fun it's really a city on the water it's really amazing it's unique and then we hit the coast here is the city las arenas the largest water lake in ouce daisy from the south is is the barr io from baba yaga shipyards what does a guy do who pulls his house to the right corner pulls his house but why does he have to move it because the water level has gone down a lot otherwise it will be blocked we can go and see all this b a b yes that's hard for me it's heavy to push like that yeah it's quite hard to pull a house when it's windy it's hard very hard you can't always do it because of the water level and when you have the water up to the chest is really very difficult there you have to use a boat and then you tell yourself in a hurry how often everything depends on the weather and the bank for example we can move twice in the same day and sometimes these few days or a week if you want you can follow in his footsteps far away and c is the whole city that moves to the rhythm of the lake of tons there is no impressive characteristic according to the floods of the mekong its level varies enormously it is as if the lake swells and empties its depth in certain places It can vary from 1 m to 9 meters and its surface can be multiplied by six and here we don't enter a house but we go up to the edge of a house what exactly are you doing there clog the house so the wind doesn't blow it away and it's good that new neighbors kept coming you don't get bored if sometimes I'm next to this person then and that one or that person changes all the time and also sometimes they move and only because you can't stand your neighbor well if it happens to me I change places because the neighbor was too noisy or he's too drunk so I'm going to settle down somewhere else ok come let me introduce you to my mother make yourself comfortable I'm going to change ok ok we haven't met for just a quarter of an hour and I already have it I feel part of it of the family i am in cambodia normal tea here i am invited to lunch what a good appetite in dubai this dad and we know how to live like this in the water all the time there is something extra yes we are like a family that fits together the people in the center of the lake woe uda enormously there is a lot of solidarity between us we are really like a family and that is where and where you live all the toys that you can take care of is what is like a treasure yes but I would like everyone to participate a little more that everyone take care of our lake but People really like to waste and also the water level is getting lower and lower, all of this probably due to climate change, so if we all make an effort, if we take care of the lake and the environment, everything will be better, the water will pollute less, there will be more fish. we will all be happy and a little less poor thank you very much crosne thank you for europe thank you for showing me all this again and thank you for your visit and for having shared our food thank you very much we do not come to cambodia without questions that go through our heads how are you country that plunged into horror the horror inflicted by the khmer rouge 40 years ago just how did this country come back to life how cambodians live together every day and a d e the answers and maybe in these faces these faces full of humanity from the city of angkor in these everyday faces that say the immense desire for simple peace the peace of everyday life with neighbors with visitors cambodians have progress despite all trying to apply with an iron discipline a concept that seems to be of formidable efficiency benevolence
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