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CM Punk Talks WWE Return, AEW, Girl on the Third Floor and If He Would Return to the UFC

Jun 11, 2021
game? And I


be sure and I watched the game and I


give him criticism and say, “You know, maybe you know,” try this, try something different. Don't do the same thing, blah, blah, blah, and then the next night he'd be like, "Hey, watch my game." I watched him play and didn't listen to anything I said. He did the same thing Zack did the night before to you. I meet any guy and he comes back and it's like you watched my game and I'm just like, oh yeah, I missed that. He was stretching. Did that person finally succeed?
cm punk talks wwe return aew girl on the third floor and if he would return to the ufc
I mean, I think everyone there is successful. You know any man to a certain extent. but I don't know if anyone sees it like I do, I was a little bit obsessive and I saw it as art, you know, I think people do, I mean, I heard that in that interview with Jon Moxley, I would do it with Jericho and him. I mean, I think a lot, actually, to be honest, he reminded me of a lot of things that you used to say and then why you came out even earlier because it wasn't fun anymore, it seemed like you couldn't. t be your own character it seemed like there was there it's because it seems and correct me if I'm wrong it seems like the energy and the crowd is up that kind of thing never goes away like I don't like people when people ask me if I miss something about it, it would be as brilliant as acting and being able to, you know, pull the strings, that and that, and that, it's a drug that never goes away.
cm punk talks wwe return aew girl on the third floor and if he would return to the ufc

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cm punk talks wwe return aew girl on the third floor and if he would return to the ufc...

I mean, I did stand-up comedy for a long time and it's something that never goes away, that's hard, yeah, but it was, but that's exactly what you're saying. I wouldn't know. I would identify with that a lot. I would read you how to read crowds. You already know what material you are going to use. do that night if you have 20 minutes you have to know what 20 minutes you are going to do you are not going to do particular things that are going to work with a crowd you have to do it another way but but hearing that from jon moxley and saying that, you know if you try to get Vince to have his point of view, what is he going to do, you have to get out, so it makes sense what you're saying here because you don't want to be, you don't want to. be there if you're not happy you just don't do it um but when you talk when I bring it up John scoffs and you mention like the tubes we had on Cody Rhodes like last week and yeah and Brandi Susan Brennan and us and Everything this about aw with you too and there's something you said about them making an offer via text.
cm punk talks wwe return aew girl on the third floor and if he would return to the ufc
He said no offer was made via text message. You said yes, you didn't do it. an offer or sit like in a coffee shop he didn't deny the text message but he said but people brought out the coffee and and you had conversations too and because this with them you're advertising because when you say you didn't have fun it's potentially one of the two things that going back to a place where you could control your character you could do more things that made the front less of a travel schedule like an AW right or work with young wrestlers and maybe be you know, as far as being a Booker and something like that where you can teach the younger generations, that's something interesting, I don't know, this is that there is a big part of me, I mean talking about wrestling and doing anything in the field of wrestling.
cm punk talks wwe return aew girl on the third floor and if he would return to the ufc
It always feels a little strange and uncomfortable because there are so many variables and the most important thing for me is that I will never put myself in a position again where they can get hurt again and you know there's a lot of trust in that. So by that I mean I gave myself to a point where I look back and if I didn't leave and get out I would be dead because no one else was going to because I was just sick and I was hurt and I was in bad shape and people were scared. launched to make sure to help.
They were protecting you. They are not helping you. I don't know how long I didn't have it, you know, that's in Taurus, even back in the Ricky Steamboat days, yeah, and you know, people tell me it's different now, you know, apparently you can go home with the cold or you can call , you can call. in and like I say that and like I'm even mad at myself right now for saying that because it's almost like I'm trying to shame someone, but if you're sick, you're sick, go home, you know? hurt, you're hurt, don't fight, but you know, because of the Fugazi lawsuit that I had there, I have mountains of paperwork that they had to submit to be discovered, where they're discussing all this intensely crazy private stuff, but I'm not involved in the conversation like they're talking about my mental health like, oh, do you think maybe he's depressed and everyone's like, I don't know, but he's got a fight in Europe, you know, for two weeks, so it's like, slow down. , as?
As a member of the office, shouldn't you stop that and run this guy off the road and say, hey, we were talking, maybe you're depressed? You know, but no, it was like when that conversation never came, no, no. Wow, now they deleted it internally, but they never mentioned how you know they had it internally because I have the lawsuit paperwork with a similar discovery. I got all his emails, things like that. Do you think this is a The conversation that drives even conservatives to shout all the time is also that thanks to Fox, because now this is something much bigger, like you said, four billion dollars, will we ever see a union? ?
Never, no, never, that's why. why my stance on when all the people are like oh the guys the guys the guys there's no such thing yeah there's absolutely no such thing and if you think there's a chance it's that your uh your honor your honor for the level and I don't I don't mean a higher one and I don't mean any disrespect, it's just that where I was at the time, I mean, it's crazy, it's not a real sport, but it's more ruthless than a real sport, yeah, it sounds like you made it real Relationships have real friends for being there, like we mentioned Batista before, that some of the people are really on your side and the funny thing, the funny thing about Dave and I too is that Dave absolutely 100% disagrees with me because of the way that I left it, yes.
I know, but we're both grown men, you know, we can talk about it instead of just throwing rocks, that's what you want in a friend, anyway, you want a shirt, friend, I don't know, I don't think you've made. the right way, anyway, I don't agree, let's go have a beer or whatever. Do you still feel like you did it the right way? I feel like I did it the way I had to because no one else was going to get me out of that situation, you know, yeah, like you just said, you feel like you'd honestly be dead if you just did it.
I mean concussions and I had a staph infection and you know it's not like they don't treat it, they don't help it and their concern was. It just has it, it has to go out and fight, it has to go out, as long as, from everything you say, it seems that you did it for yourself, for your health and everything, so you made the right decision, you take a step back. you're having fun you're also the other thing that you are is you're a movie buff you're a movie buff yeah what are some of you guys what are some of your favorite movies like stuff from any genre not just difficult okay? so my wife and I had to do some touristy things, yeah, so we went to Trey Hoes Donuts, so they're good, very good, they're great.
I'm a big donut guy because we have a stand in Chicago and I'm a snob every time I eat another donut I think it's not Stan's. I can't excellent, yeah, Boston cream, you know, yeah, I like a good Boston cream or I'm a fan of all the seasonal ones, like pumpkin, and yeah, yeah. yeah, apple spice donuts, no joke, the one in Westwood? Oh, my wife Tom, I never heard of Stan. My wife grew up and in Westwood she took me. He is the best. Sorry, no, so I thought, well, now we have to go look. tacos, these donuts forever, the tacos had to be good and we walk into the cantina and danny trejo is very sad, he's just sitting, he's just sitting there and he's like, hey, welcome, how are you, you know, it's amazing, that's horrible and he's one of my favorite movies of all time, very happy, so I was like McCullough's guy, yeah oh my god he eats one of my favorites, she's an absolute doll for Danny, yeah you can talk to him, I mean I talked to them. kinda there, you know, they were good tacos, right, yeah, they were great, no heat, no joke.
I remember he feels like a three-hour Michael, man, have you ever seen? Yes, my God, anniversary. I went and saw it in Westwood at the theater. with the talk with him afterwards with Michael, that's great, okay, so warm up obviously 100 and talking about that, because we can kind of make a transition there. De Niro Pacino has that epic scene, they're obviously doing the Irishman, yeah, the reviews have been crazy. I'm looking forward to it being like three more hours, I'm down, so it's almost three hours, yeah, I mean, if not, Simon, listen to it, if it's Scorsese and it works three hours, you made me, give me six, yeah, no, I'm . with you I'm with you I'm a big John Carpenter guy, okay, I grew up watching those movies Halloween, Big Trouble in Little China.
I love Shane Black, you know Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, great movie. I'll watch anything with Val Kilmer. in it, you know, the salt and the seas are incredible, you know, trying to thrill like little bones for people who may not know, like the lesser known things that come back for a second, oh, I have to do it to him, I hope than you, oh Christians. i've never seen anything, it's been a point of contention on the show, everyone wants me to watch that, it comes up at least once a week all the time, at least five years, any mild comments to him about why he should watch this movie if it's one of your favorites, I mean practical effects, yes this movie was made without CGI and it still blows anything made in 2019 out of the water, are you going to listen to see?
I'm excited, not only am I very curious, none of us have done it. I have been able to, I know it is true, it is almost, but yes, it has been a difficult thing, so I understand it, I understand that no, I understand it as if there were movies, yes, well, here I will leave you speechless. Okay, I've never seen a Rocky. movie that's crazy we dress up or what I know what happens is so over the top pop culture like you really see here no I know oh I never saw you know everything that happens in the Rocky movie I absolutely know every other movie.
I've never seen it, I could quote the movie, that's how over the top, you can't say it, Adrian, that's easy, yeah, look, you can, well, maybe you'll see a long day, we'll try to get you to do Rocky. I'm curious because we've spent time watching movies, but I'm a big TV


and now TV is better than ever with all the different places to go in your kingdom. Disney Plus is releasing so many different shows right now. Will you get the subscription? you will see? Is there a show you would love to be on? I'm getting it I'm sure I'll make it I'll stay up to date with all things Marvel I just saw an article recently where they like to post the budgets for each episode and it's like everyone's in on it, yeah they're spending money on this like this that I was on tour.
I tend to gravitate towards the lesser known things, like the braver ones. more up my alley like, guys, did you see what Leonard went through, no, what is that? Oh my god, so Joe Lansdale I don't even know what they're talking about. Joe Lansdale is a prolific writer and has written this series of books called It Happens since the early 90s. Leonard seems like this would give him away if he explained it, okay so they're down like West Texas, I think it's like twisted West Texas, you're a gay black Vietnam vet and your best friend cuts your brother off. they grew up together, he was a conscious dissident in the Vietnam War and he was like a peace-loving hippie white guy and they like to team up and they're both competent and kung-fu, so you get your action, they tackle some pretty tough topics. matters like racism and like all these things and there are three seasons, I think it's on Amazon, you bring that, HAP and Leonard happen like there's a million targets, yeah, there's a million books and the books, the books are amazing , three seasons happen.
Leonard, it's Sundance sundancetv, three seasons or six episodes each. Oh, James Purefoy, they are amazing. I'd rather, oh, I guess he's one of the ones that air on Sundancetv than you can watch. Is incredible. I mean, I'm a TV. That is mine. I highly recommend it. I've never heard of this, yeah, we're going to check it out, okay, great, listen Phillips, it's a real pleasure to have you here. Thank you so much. The movie is The Girl on the Third Floor. It's in theaters. It is in digital format on October 25. Thank you very much, it's a pleasure to have young people and if you ever do this again, do you live and live in Chicago?
I live in Chicago and Milwaukee. It's okay, whenever you are, whenever you are. in Los Angeles again, please come back and let's film. We need to stop my movies next time, no more, no more Russell questions, you got it. I mean, I don't care, you guys are going to get me in trouble for all those wrestling questions, but. I'm the one who opens my mouth and says things, but what the other guy, thank you so much for being here, guys, thank you, make sure you watch this movie, it's October 25th. Phil Brooks CM Punk, thank you brother, thank you.

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