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Clemson Tigers vs. Duke Blue Devils | Full Game Highlights

Sep 05, 2023
from Wallace Wade Stadium in Durham, North Carolina, you're watching the ACC on ESPN in ninth place, Duke 11-3 last year 8-0 in conference play, league champions for the seventh time and eight years, they faces a Duke program that is coming off its prime. Year in a decade now the Cameron Crazies are usually in hibernation this time of year, but they are out in


force after what happened last year with the football program. They believe there are bigger things in store in 2023. Charlie Hamm begins. Shipley will leave him. goes to the end zone for a Touchback, another pass playing on second down and long from the pocket he throws it to his tight end Del Mullen Stef setting up and here at midfield he gets the first down Leonard from the pocket throws more complete and dragged down at the four yard line Clemson putting pressure Leonard fires End Zone to the corner and it's incomplete Todd throws for a 22 yard field goal attempt and the Blue Devils are on the board first, obviously feeling much more comfortable as a leader this year he was the backup for most of last year for DJ UE uncle as he throws here and plays inside the Antonio Williams 30 yard line to the 22 yard line.
clemson tigers vs duke blue devils full game highlights
Troubled glove collar gets rid of him, he gets caught and a good tackle in open field. in mafa by Chandler Rivers, so Clemson will have to send the field goal team. BT Potter has become true. Freshman Robert Gunn III with his first collegiate field goal. The tenth is blocked. Duke's special teams shows up big, let's see if it was Jamie on Franklin. helping pave the way for the first down wide open out of the backfield there's more inside the 30 yard line and out of bounds Jalen Phillips good from 22 yards before this is a 42 yard drive looking to extend the lead and it's still perfect so 28 passing yards for Clemson so far requires a tiger jump and then a mistake when they were trying to make the play, Calhoun missed it, Clemson recovers it for Wade Woods pretty huge and he has feet.
clemson tigers vs duke blue devils full game highlights

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clemson tigers vs duke blue devils full game highlights...

Jalen Calhoun just loses his balance and completely shakes that excellent football hustle. on the field by Wade Woodazz will change this contest if Clemson is able to get to the end zone muttonic but they throw down the sideline for Collins Beau Collins inside the 10. Clemson is just one of five on third down so far, but a reception from Clemson touchdown despite 38 receptions a year ago, hit paid here,


is tied for now, good job selling the fake it used to be that the clock always stopped on first downs, but they changed that rule this year out of two open minutes Jordan Waters, no one there for Clemson. he breaks the tackle and runs out of bounds at the 47, picked up 25 yards on third down at the 10.
clemson tigers vs duke blue devils full game highlights
Clemson is going to apply pressure. Duke runs the ball and fumbles the ball and it looks like Jeremiah Trotter gets that hand in and hits the ball. How are you? Andrew McCubaugh almost picked up and scored that ball. It's excellent work from Jeremiah Trotter Jr, who was all football the entire time. Replay was just checking there to make sure the ball was out. It was clearly like you saw it live, so 10 seconds left. Shipley. He will run it past the 45-yard line and the midfield is not Clemson is going to call a timeout Clemson has a timeout The club Nick goes for the Hail Mary and his pass is caught at the 35-yard line by Williams and I'm not sure what was all that good for, but that's the end of Garrett Riley for a reason, we'll see if things change for Clemson offensively in the second half, but the first football guy, Riley Leonard, returns to throw the first down to run and again converts the defender.
clemson tigers vs duke blue devils full game highlights
I miss going out of bounds after getting the first down if you're thinking four down territory here if you don't pick this up on the third down and three design runs for Leonard and a break attack to look at the first down and more. Leonard inside the 20. stiff arms a defender inside the five and inside the end zone it's a touchdown one of the best plays on the wing a captain from 44 yards for a score what a play by Riley Miller, Carter's Bear can play from the edge! Don't get in the ground, blowers, shoulder, look at the speed, open field as he hits the sidelines, makes two, look back, look again here, Tom, I think we'll see a lot of that in the second half and Mafa will get it here, he is freed. in Duke territory inside the 40.
The race is on and they finally catch up to him inside the 20 yard line. Big gap between the tackles for Martha. Inside. That offensive line, the center will do a great job. Club Nick holds on. That back takes off inside the 40 yard line. Five turn on first and goal of the six after the penalty Mr. Foreigner, first down for Clemson at the Duke 28, looking to regain the lead here 6-15 to play the role of Brown, the real rookie in the catch, will be the first. and goal after a gain of 21. They aimed for their first goal at the seven-yard line.
I think the


devil got it wherever he tried to pick it up and run with it and now a fight for it under the pile that Trey Freeman tried. to serve and score after the failed trade between Club Nick and Shipley and it looks like Duke has the ball, they play football with the Blue Devil, they get a carry transfer from Northwestern back to Duke and Megan plays when they absolutely needed to have one, the quarterback running. Exchange Club Nick tried to throw it Shipley stayed there Bulls on the ground and what a mistake for this Clemson offense that is on the side of his foot but stays in bounds and kicks in favor of Duke towards the 40 yard line, so ends. being a 42-yard punt, Clemson ranked ninth in the country.
Shipley on the catch out of the backfield inside the 35-yard line with 10 seconds left, they have to break it toward the end of the glove quarter. the 10 out of bounds runs lean on that run


, they'll do it with the big back mop up to the one that dies for the end zone, they'll mark it right after the clubland at midfield changes it and tracks it and maybe save a touchdown, but what a lucky bounce with Stinson picking it up and rolling it back about 70 yards into the Red Zone and the Machine, and it's Stinson who went early with an injury card to throw pressure into space, which which made him scream about Waters. has blockers inside the 25. got a first down to the 22. another run, play more, try to get the lead, it's in the fire, touchdown outside, run, keep an eye on the bottom of screen eight.
Jordan Moore does a very good job of getting enough. the water is moving into the backfield pass play Leonard two points Calhoun is at 21-7 double blood Nick will throw has a receiver and Shipley makes a good move takes a first down and then out of bounds they have to get to 44 yards in alive friend, fourth down and seven Duke is going to run four Club Nick goes up, he's going to run towards him. Crossing midfield he slides, he's going to be close. They also hit him while he was sliding. Here comes a flag. The decision is that the running back will shorten much of the game. after the personal foul play directed at Defense number 35. the ball will be handed over Downs, it will be Duke small first, it is the previous players in the subsequent review again losing about 15 seconds with the new rule of the clock that does not stop until inside of the two minutes. on the first downs, the passes intercepted on the deflection are picked up and slip out of Shipley's hands, another mistake by Clemson, that's what this has been like for an offense where there were so many high expectations with the new offense, Riley Leonard, if you didn't know the name, you're going to hear it a lot for the rest of the season Wars inside the ten waters making a house call with the dig point on this 36 yard touchdown, open it up here in this game you're going to see the center comes out and goes and you'll also see the back tackle kick out and get a couple nice blocks to pave the way for Waters to take it to the house.
Good hesitation there through the hole. Good vision to find. the open field and the Duke Blue Devils putting Clemson to close this out thanks Dusty. I'll tell you what from field level and I can't believe he's saying this, there wasn't a huge discrepancy in team speed today. between these two teams really took off and announced itself to the country and there just hasn't been any passing in the game tonight. Clayton Kate Club Nick tries to free himself from the pressure of his hand coming from behind and the first attempt and more inside the 40 before he is dragged away, so we have Cameron's crazy people properly one game at a time, is what my copy Riley would say.
Leonard gets one, it's one of the biggest wins in Duke football history. Clemson the Devils win 28-7 thank you, thank you for watching ESPN on YouTube for live streaming Sports and premium content subscribe to ESPN Plus

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