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Clash of the Titans: Northern California Pig & Deer | S3E11 | MeatEater

Jun 09, 2021
I have been hunting for as long as I can remember it is in my blood my bones it is who I am it is because of this hobby that I learned to cook out of respect for both the diner and the eaton in this episode I am heading to


with hank shaw who has an opposite story but Strangely similar, Pank is first a cook who learned to hunt late in life in order to develop a more intimate relationship with his ingredients. We're at my friend's ranch, a place with some Columbia blacktails and lots of nature. pigs and a handful of small game species and we hope to get excellent fresh wild meat.
clash of the titans northern california pig deer s3e11 meateater
I'm Stephen Ranella. For me, hunting is not just about chasing an animal, but about who we are and what we are made of. I live to hunt and I hunt to live I am a carnivorous pigeon killing device Hank Sean. I've had a sort of professional admiration for each other for years and after a chance meeting last year we decided to finally plan a hunting trip together. and cook, I headed to their end of the country, the hills of


California, to go after Columbia black-tailed


, wild hogs, and some small game. My original interest in being friends with Hank began when he reached out to me years ago.
clash of the titans northern california pig deer s3e11 meateater

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clash of the titans northern california pig deer s3e11 meateater...

He impressed me. with him being a wild game chef who had a great blog, hunter, fisherman, gardener, cook, befriending the guy seemed like a sure way to learn some cool techniques and recipes that I could use now, I'm not going to tell you. I don't think I've ever seen


on this property, so you're saying this is a hoot, but what I will tell you is that this place is infested with wild bears. We are ready for a morning drink. session situated on a hill where we can jump up and down under some cover with good views of the surrounding hills oh I gotta have a lone fat pig, open up the tree line, yes I see it, they can be found Hogs all over this ranch, but the hardest thing to find and what we're really hoping to see are some Columbia blacktail deer, oh I got a herd of deer, Dave, yeah, where are they, three of them?
clash of the titans northern california pig deer s3e11 meateater
Damn me, I see it well. place in tex, thanks, jeez, there's actually four deer on that bench, or there's a nice one, there's a dollar there, yeah, yeah, sweet, two bucks, it's the two in the shadow, the two that are fighting, yeah , oh yes, I see antlers, an encouraging sign and no. only a couple do, there was at least one legit deer out there, no harvest for these deer now as they head into a thick layer of bedding, but at least we have a mark of where we can expect to see them later. We will have to wait until evening before we have a chance to harvest more deer.
clash of the titans northern california pig deer s3e11 meateater
I think for now we'll just start finding our way back to camp and then if we really work hard and hunt really hard. I think we could create a hare. Oh I do not know. I'm not above shooting jacks with a 270. You went a little high, I guess I'm an expert at killing jackrabbits. With big caliber rifles this time of year, just for sanity's sake, you have to have something else to hunt during the midday doldrums, so before the sun reaches its most brutal stage, we decided to split up and see if we can get some small game dove season. it's open it's quail season for bo we could also prepare a hare there are many possibilities no matter what happens and who shoots it hank is cooking it i'm never happier than when i walk with my shotgun i think it's just because i don't hunt enough for don't feel at peace and at ease like I do when I'm shooting hare sitting there laughing at me right now oh well, rabbits, one of me, nothing, I'm sorry, Mr.
Jack, but you will be. lunch is a young hare because it is very small, these can reach double the size, but the young ones are tender, so the stew I make with this is from Sardinia, basically, it is super simple, it has capers, saffron and onion, and yeah, put capers and saffron in the camp because i thought we might get a hare, so now hares aren't generally considered good to eat, but hank is known for cooking bugs that most people ignore and then turning them into meals amazing I'm excited to see how your stew is going to stand up to the animal's overall reputation our first day at the ranch it's been tasty from the start we saw deer and pigs and hank already put some meat in the cooler at night we went out to refine The deer we saw this morning we set up where we should be much closer so we can make a stalk, but the deer never shows up, only two more up here, we are getting a little late now, we see some more scattered deer on distant hills, But the closer As for the furthest ones, in the fading light, it's impossible to tell if they have antlers or not, tomorrow is another day, but one thing is clear, if we want to catch these deer feeding tomorrow morning, this is the place to be at the beginning. light, we're positioned exactly where we should be, things feel good, I've got two deer here, oh yeah, they come up that slow, but they were probably coming down to get water at night, he's waiting for our block to form the spirit of him . oh, I see it okay, uh, that's another deer, oh yeah, that's the mistake, there you go, how far is that 475?
A responsible hunter, Hank knows his maximum effective range and is not even tempted to risk a shot he has no business taking. We plan to stalk to get a little closer. I'm pretty sure the male is going to follow the same route to his bedding area that he used the day before and I get Hank ready to intercept him, I just kind of sneak up, yeah, just lay down. there he just waits, hopefully he'll do the same thing he did yesterday, yeah, okay, I'll see you in a moment, I place Hank on the edge of the opening and back away, I don't want to crowd this deer.
I want to give him every advantage but as soon as I back away I see another deer, he's a mile away and I decide to make a move. This landscape is not making it easy. The steep angles of the hill, the brush and the changing winds uphill. They combine to make this a very difficult approach, I don't think we made up for your time here, he's here, right here man, I think he caught me in the worst position, I was looking up and they must have managed to get back down. and being left handed oh man it's like amateur hour here on amateur tv i think steve might have gotten one chance it's usually a good sign okay sweet this is the first columbia blacktail i've I have put my hands on and These deer are interesting because I have hunted plenty of blacktails 900 Columbia blacktails 100 mule deer what they think now with modern genetic work is that mule deer are a completely new species in a historical sense, since You know, maybe like around the time humans arrive. the new world that's all the older mule deer are and they think it was the result of hybridization between black-tailed deer and white-tailed females when white-tailed deer had a more western range and you know, two sinister attacks like mule deer and black-tailed deer are somewhat lumped together, they just have an arbitrary i5 interstate highway five in


, everything west of that is considered a blacktail of Columbia, everything east of that is considered a mule deer, but this guy could cross that corridor and would be converted for hunting purposes.
We suddenly become mules, the same deer, we have a nice summer coat, it's scorching hot, so I'm going to put this guy in the shade for now before I start working on them. Hank is still waiting, he found a perfect place hidden behind a rock wind. Roaring in your face but the deer never shows me the deer two nothing I shot this deer straight through the heart a nice hard lethal blow but I suspect the bullet also pierced some other internal organs and its insides are probably a mess now In In this case, it is best to opt for what is called the gutless method, which leaves the inner lining of the organ intact.
The downside is that it's hot, you know, so you have to work fast because those things aren't cooling down there. I make my incision on the belly without cutting the cavity and then remove one side from the top, as if on a winter blanket, working only on this side, you can remove the back of the hand, the shoulder, the neck and remove the back strap, and although I have not done it. I gutted it - gravity is pulling the inside down and there is enough room to remove the meat from the ribs without disturbing the insides.
There is a large bop fly larva that was in his nasal cavity which is a ferocious parasite to carry right there. Can you imagine living with that? I mean, it's not as bad as being gunned down, but it must be pretty bad. Lunchtime, one of Hank's favorite Sardinian stews, Hank has promised to turn me into a hare believer and I have to admit to a small degree of skepticism. I have eaten enough. some jots, but I've never found a way to make them something you'd want to share with anyone besides your enemies, so what I have so far is that I portioned them out and cooked them in a little bit of olive oil with a couple. onion that's all so far that's all so far I'm going to add a little garlic and capers it's a water based stew you don't put chicken broth or any broth and you see how there's already sauce on top I mean that's it nice brown after the last touches of saffron, some California wild bay leaves in chili or two, you leave it on a low heat, you have to braise it, yes, you have to stew it, you can't fry a chicken hair after an hour and meat quarter. will fall off the bone skein tops it off with a little bit of red wine vinegar made with grapes from his own backyard, so it really is like a soup, almost like it's pretty, it's fine, the broth is kind of a star, yeah , sure, that's ridiculous, man, super simple, yeah.
The only thing it asks of you is time, which is one of the best things I've had in a long time. In fact, I'm not just saying that some animals may be trickier than others to figure out how to cook properly, but with each and every animal there is As far as I'm concerned, you can at least find a way to cook it well. This is for the hare with a belly full of stew. Time to go out again and see if we can get some wild pig. We have seen many. of hogs while looking for deer, but hogs can be tricky, a family group of hogs known as probes will often have multiple places they like to lay down in various places to use as water skeins and I decided to set up in different areas where Yesterday we saw pigs, but it is not at all certain that they will be there today.
Come on pigs, show up at least give it a chance. Cross the stream and, halfway, along the opposite ridge. I'm heading towards a forest of oaks. At the bottom of the valley, sure enough, it's not long before you see a sow and a group of youngsters heading towards the shelter of the tree line. Right now we have a down-valley breeze, but it will quickly become an up-valley breeze. Pigs have a good sense of smell, so I just have to try to stay downwind as best I can, everything seems perfect, but suddenly something happens and they start moving in a hurry, I can't tell what happened there, so suddenly everyone started running like they were scaring me a little there we go we have another pig walking away this one was running and I shot it in the head you know to guide it a little bit so to make sure it separates well I'm going to cut it.
Jug, on the other hand, Hank just doesn't see any pigs. It is empty. I just heard a gunshot. I think Steve got me again. No, I have a lot of work ahead of me. It's scorching hot now, so the first priority is to catch these pigs. the shade and take out the guts, it was a pretty productive morning man we slept with, I mean, with a lot of meat, I have both pigs tagged in the shade and gutted, but there is a lot to move as there is no path of ranch. away, I decide to go to camp and meet up with Hank, then we'll lower the truck and do the rest of the skinning back to camp.
Carrying two of these large pigs about 100 yards to the truck is better than walking both. of these guys out of here on my back, I'm bummed that I never could get Hank to pull the trigger for a dollar or a hog, but I'm still eager to sit back and watch the master cook that Hank was able to take. On this trip we have only caught one young hare, but I did not bring it here for its own enjoyment. He's here to give me some new ideas on how to cook wild game. Hank will show me one of his most versatile game stews using our money while that. kitchen, it has a pork heart dish which is a variation on the classic German jaeger schnitzel, but first the venison stew, this dish is by far one of my favorite dishes to make with anything and it's called chilendrone, it's a Spanish dish, you can't rush it. step, this is one of the most important things, especially if you're going to make a stew, don't crowd the pan, just take your time, you'll get a nice golden color and you'll get all this good stuff in the pan,Brown the meat and then use some homemade wine to deglaze the pot—all that charred brown substance scraped from the bottom will add a ton of flavor to the stew.
Building a stew is basically you're building like a house and we've just built the foundation and everything builds up around it the spice mix is ​​what makes the Chilean drone it's smoked paprika a lot of regular paprika and then the special mix of Hank's rehydrated Mexican chiles, then some game broth made from smoked goose and then the last couple touches on some white sage and California bay leaves, but this is it, I mean, we just let this go until The deer falls to pieces, that's a lot of man, meanwhile, we get to work on that pig heart, so what am I going to do? do is I'm going to clean this up and I'm going to turn it into something like a schnitzel or a chop and what you're going to do is cut it up so you can open it like a book, you take this vein things just pretty up it because the point here is actually to make a piece of meat that someone who is afraid to eat heart will like, says oh, that's good, the next step crushes the meat and this is the acorn. flower the acorn flower I just like to add a wild touch to it because these pigs eat acorns he was probably shot under an acorn tree he was already under one exactly now we fry up a traditional German jaeger schnitzel originating from venison oh yeah, Hunter Schnitzel, these They're made with a simple sauce of rehydrated morels and some onions, it's actually camp food.
You know, it's pretty appropriate for where we are on my first camping trip. Hank, look at that look, that heart was tender, that old. the boar is a good man okay yeah three hours later the chilling drone is ready red food is always good you know what I mean and this is this red food king again man that It's tasty, this is a good use of your deer, man, I'm Sorry I didn't get one. It seems like I was in the wrong place at the wrong time the whole time. No, I was out there having good luck.
You are having bad luck. Yeah, you know, the gray buck we saw. You know he still has. I have no idea what exactly we were trying to kill him in your mind, you're already turning them into a creepy buzz, but I will tell you that I changed my mind as what I considered a polite dismissal of the hare and now I'm leaving. Go in and adjust that. Thank you. I'm going to revisit the hare idea.

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