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Claptrap - The Saddest Character In Borderlands

May 11, 2024
Who do you think of when it comes to the best Borderlands


? The one that, if you had to choose, represented Borderlands as a whole. Krieg, the psychopath with dissociative identity disorder, a once normal man driven to madness with his conscience still intact but locked behind the violent ones. meaningless ramblings of a psychopath Against all odds, someone like him still managed to find a home, people who accepted him for who he is while falling in love, what about Tina, the teenage explosives expert who struggles with loneliness as we watched her tackle and go on stage? of pain before our very eyes popular enough for Warrant to get its own spin-off game, how about Handsome Jack, the well-written iconic villain?
claptrap   the saddest character in borderlands
You could argue that he is the true hero of the story, although those are good options and you could make a strong argument. in their favor why they or any other


you like is great. I'm not really here to convince you who the best character is, but there is a common theme among all the best ones and that is a sad, tragic story and no other character. he's been given almost as many depressing stories and I think he really represents Borderlands as a whole as Claptrap time and time again in the different comics in the games and whatever other media he appears in, it seems like he's always been given some sort of sadness. story still significant, despite everything and no matter how many times he goes through it, fans always see him as the robot that makes jokes, the robot that dances dubstep and spits, it is on the surface, it is almost as if he has never been through any real character development to the point where it's recognizable, but if you take a second to stop and look at him, you'll actually find a very sincere, good-natured individual who at the end of the day is just looking for friends, so I wanted to cover the whole time. that the nonsense has happened. these meaningful stories and highlighting this aspect of his character because I think it's actually pretty important to the world of Borderlands now that the first game doesn't have much to do in terms of anything.
claptrap   the saddest character in borderlands

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claptrap the saddest character in borderlands...

Borderlands 1 suffers narratively from almost everything, it is a basic world. and story, but it was brimming with character, individual personality shown through what was otherwise a very bleak and boring landscape, not much happens within the game as far as the characters are concerned, but you can tell that from here It is where the pillars of everyone's personality emerged. Almost all subsequent games built on and used what happened in this story to better progress. His cast of characters are nonsense, for example he largely just greets you, you repair him when he gets shot, and from then on he's there telling you about available missions. bounty board from the outsider's perspective is a very casual interaction, of course from this game we would know in the future the association that nonsense has with these characters, but you wouldn't expect such a simple interaction to end up meaning so much to him , but that's how it was.
claptrap   the saddest character in borderlands
I know when there was that guilty monster scare. I had these friends and the guys time was scary and then they left me but they saved the world and I thought I knew those guys even though they didn't come back after that. I still knew them. He cared because no one had been nice to me before. What is this? My eye is like a leak in his own words Roland Lilith Mordecai and Brick were apparently the first group of people nice to him now to be fair, that dialogue was from the Pre-Sequel where his personality was already well established at that point .
claptrap   the saddest character in borderlands
Borderlands 2 was where the writers started to contrast the emotions of nonsense and make him the butt of the joke: he was no longer the robot that helped you, he was the character that everyone hated and wanted nothing for. What to do with his overly optimistic, happy, optimistic tone of voice, it was the perfect setup to turn a depressing character on more than one occasion, he mentions how sad he is at the beginning of the game, he even tells you directly. I sound crazy about this, it's only because my programmers made this my default voice, I'm actually quite depressed, oh but that fool, he's a joker despite what you might expect, I don't think the real payoff of the character nonsense, this game is delivered during the main game, rather on the side.
Mission Claptrap's birthday party is such a depressing vision of what it's like to be him. It's been seven years since he first rolled off the assembly line, so he decides to celebrate by throwing a party for himself and inviting some friends. Moxie and Marcus are scooters. everyone got invitations but refused to show up the only ones who do it are us, the Vault Hunters, we dance, we drink, we make the party noise and we eat pizza, we celebrate the depressingly lonely birthday of nonsense with him and only him, while during the whole party seems to vocally express their disappointment at the participation I think that's the end of it thanks for um thanks for coming to my party minion it seems like I'm eating too much pizza so take some home if you want at the end of it all he says it was the best birthday ever had the best sad birthday yes but it honestly makes sense it wasn't long ago that nonsense started making friends.
His birthdays before this were probably just himself, but this time at least six Vault Hunters, the main characters of Borderlands 2, showed up. So yeah, some people didn't show up, but he has to celebrate with his minions and it was probably his biggest party. successful. There's a reason he refers to everyone as friends and they may not realize or appreciate it to the extent that he does because it's annoying, it ruins everything haha, he's the butt of the joke but since Claptrap's perspective, they mean a lot more to him than they realize, but because Claptrap is and acts the way he does, we often don't react in a very sympathetic or sincere way towards him.
It's not just about how the characters treat him. , but also from the audience, the writers have done this strangely successful thing where they make the player feel like they're in on the joke, so they laugh at the misery of nonsense instead of feeling bad and sympathizing with him and if you want an example, check out Tiny Tina's assault on the Dragon's fortress. The whole story is about Tina's pain at losing Roland and how important he was to her at the end of the campaign. Everyone visits Roland's grave and he arrives at this moment. and in the days to come they would think of their fallen friends, of the adventures they shared, both real and imagined, and remember that no matter how bad things got, they were never truly alone as long as they had each other. guys and then nonsense said something stupid and ruined everything again the emotions of nonsense are played for Laughter Tina and everyone else can cry for their friend but somehow nonsense ruins the moment when Roland was as much a friend to him as all of them and everyone What Claptrap is doing is expressing his gratitude for being part of such a group.
He considers them all his friends and wants them to know it, but they all make fun of him. Can you imagine if they did this with Tina they would have somehow successfully created this? Shield where sympathy isn't the initial reaction you give nonsense, the audience happily takes pleasure in being like the characters and putting them down, but to be fair, the pre-sequel did do some actual canonical reasoning for why the characters might do this. Borderlands, the pre-sequel I decided to take things even further, of course, narratively, it takes place before Borderlands 2, but it was set after, so they took that optimistic and depressed character that is shown and continued to build on it.
I already played the clip where he was recounting the events of the first game. and how he considered that group his first friends, but if you start looking more at his dialogue, you'll see that he seems to have opened up The Floodgate on who he considers friends, if such a simple association with the characters led him to form such a strong perspective on Then You Can imagine what it would be like to go on a real mission, an adventure for someone like Athena Wilhelm Nisha Timothy and Aurelia. He came to consider his friends as time to help the friends of life.
You want me to join you. I am very excited. We'll be best friends until we need to enter the battlefield buddy, we're best friends, ah, way to leave me hanging, buddy, I just wanna be alive, I'm right behind you, buddy looking for the vault now, maybe all that dialogue is just what he does when trying to make friends, which is why people may find it too easy, but that's not all. The real Insight into the Dumb Psyche literally comes in the form of the only DLC prior to the sequel, The Claptastic Voyage, apparently something known as the H.
The source is located inside Claptrap's mind and Jack wants to get it back so he can play Hyperion. a real threat, so all the Vault Hunters are sent to Claptrap's head, where we can see him in his most vulnerable state. We never really found out why Claptrap is. so hated by the characters in the universe, there are some points, but he has always been just that, but here we get an idea of ​​the general problems that seem to face him from his perspective at a time when Nonsense began living in the town of Overlook Jack was holding a Vault Hunter Gladiator competition and being the robot he simply wanted to help, he was put in charge of the fireworks for the halftime show, but he didn't just want to do his job, he wanted to go above and beyond. to really impress everyone, so he opted to use explosives, as he thought they would create a bigger explosion, which they did, but he sent the entire Arena hurtling towards the ocean.
Overlook was pretty trashed. Some competitors were recovered and sent to be cured in the city Church. Of course, everyone blamed the fool for the disaster and was upset with him, but they were still willing to accept that it was an accident and give him a second chance, so once again the fool tried to help with the situation and was tasked with carrying medical supplies to the site. wounded, he took them and when he got there he placed the supplies, which accidentally set off a chain of dominoes that caused a fire and burned the entire church, killing everyone inside.
He was despised, hated by the townspeople, treated with nothing but vitriol. I have ruined. I ignore you greatly. I lost everyone I loved because of you. It doesn't make sense that any of his actions had bad intentions, but everything he did made the situation worse and that's the underlying problem where the nonsense lies. They treat it as a mistake. who ruins everything because he is, but they never look at what he's trying to do in the first place, being treated like that really affected him, made him feel so bad that he had to develop his own denial subroutine to repress the memories of him.
Living in denial, he rewrites history because if he didn't, the way he was treated would affect him. This is just one incident that is indicative of how he probably always lives his life. He chooses to help because he wants to, but people find personality in him. annoying and always ruins the situation drawing scorn from almost everyone who crosses his path because nonsense is a mistake, he takes a lot of pride in the smaller achievements he achieves during the ego trap side quest, we can see what he does. He considers successes in his life things like not bothering anyone the time a person remembered his birthday this is before Borderlands 2 so this was before his birthday party it makes sense why six people showing up at his party was his biggest success because Previously only one person had ever remembered throughout his life, other accomplishments include things like the time a stranger smiled at him and when he opened a door on his first try, these are some of what Claptrap considers his proudest moments. and for everyone else they would consider each of these. simple and there's not much to be proud of, in fact if these were anyone else's achievements they'd probably be pretty depressed, which probably explains why


is too.
This shows how much the


struggles even with just the basics, but also in the side quest. We learned why his so-called friends always put him down. It turns out that nonsense has an easily inflated ego, so if you praise him too often it will go to his head and he will develop the holier-than-thou mentality that he needs to be. showed up and I think that's what really separates people like the Crimson Raiders from the average Joe who hates nonsense and why he considers these people his friends with the Raiders. There is no real sense of vitriol or hate.
They belittle him by keeping his ego in check, but he. he's still welcome to be around and help if he messes up, they'll roast him for it, but he's never really rejected everyone else he's tried to help and messed up, they've genuinely rejected him with true disdain, but his friends they tolerate it, but then there's the real kick in the gut of the entire DLC story. Shadow trap, the antagonist of the DLC, is what Claptrap was supposed to be once Jackinstalled the vaulthunter.exe programming on it, but Claptrap's insecurity protocols took it as malware and locked it up.
Quarantine Shadow Trap's ambition is to merge with Claptrap, integrate with the H source, and take revenge on his enemies, unlike Claptrap. Shadow Trap recognizes and recognizes how others treat him, the false friends he has made, and the deceitful and hostile nature that others act towards him to make him. He delves deeper and deeper into Nonsense's mind in hopes of integrating with him and becoming one on the journey, however, the Vault Hunters end up taking things too far with Nonsense and end up treating him the same way others have in the past. the past despite his intentions. angry at him, resulting in nonsense, vent your frustrations before storming off, he left again, clap always so mean to me, everyone is always so mean, all I've ever done is try to help, I'm wrong.up to 10 100 I'm sorry, but if you can't see that I can't accept my good intentions as they are, then maybe you don't deserve anything good to happen to you, but ah, I can't.
Go away, I live here, but I can give you nonsense. Sorry, with a reaction like that, you'd expect him to change the shadow trap. To hell with all these people who are always being mean to me. I am demanding revenge against humanity again. but he doesn't do it when the only thing that separates him from Revenge is a simple high five, which he loves to do stupid things, he refuses for the sole reason that because the characters are his friends, why not betray them? They don't show kindness to you, they would sell you. on a milocycle because they are my friends and he, along with the Vault Hunters, fought Shadow Trap together and defeated him.
The even more tragic side of what Claptrap did here was that Shadow Trap was right about Claptrap choosing to believe his so-called friends. Jack gets his hands on source eight and goes on to completely destroy every dumb unit in existence and get shot and left for dead by the friends he supported. Now not everyone had the same psychopathic optimism, but from a bullshit perspective, he did the wrong thing. By choice, his entire product line was wiped out because of him, there are no other units still operational thanks to him and when his body is thrown by the wind, Hammerlock rescues him and that's why he has a best friend mentality towards him in Borderlands 2.
Hammerlock doesn't like it either, he finds it annoying, but he saved his life, repaired it so it works properly. Is he supposed to ignore it? The pre-sequel really gave us such a deep look into the nonsense he is always forced to put up with. be himself and ruin his will to support his friends because he doesn't want them to get hurt he likes to make jokes often has a very carefree attitude no matter the situation but the struggles he has and the heart that goes with it make him a very character real, but things don't end there, we actually have to go back to Borderlands 1 because there was a comic series released in 2015 called the fall of Firestone and Tannis and the Vault, these comics serve as a more narrative retelling.
For most of the first game, the series was canceled and never had a chance to end, so things only go so far. The general plot of everything remains pretty much the same, aside from the big changes. Roland Lilith Mordecai and Brick arrive as the merry band of Vault Hunters. who end up saving Firestone and working together to collect the Valky fragments while killing a group of bandits in the process. The biggest change to the story comes in the form of a new character named Asha, while she would theoretically have a much larger role. In the story, as she is an unexpected and unique mermaid in this comic, she also serves as an important and motivating character for Claptrap and her origin.
We all know that Claptrap was stationed in Firestone during the original game, but that never went any further, probably because it wasn't supposed to be that way at the time, but in this story they were able to use this new character to give the nonsense a backstory. more significant. Asha was the one who was originally hired to greet the new Vault Hunters every time they arrived on the planet when she first arrived on Pandora. Marcus hired her to greet new Travelers every time they were dropped off at Firestone. Being in the area and looking to make new friends, as usual with him, he started talking to her, but unlike the typical response he would receive, she indulged in her Hobbies, she loved dancing with him, listening to him sing, play bunkers and tough guys, she became a real friend of his at times, so much of the fooling time was spent with her at her outpost greeting new travelers, but when bandit activity began to increase nine .
Toes, the infamous leader of the Three-Ball Bandits sent a decoy bus full of explosives and detonated it. Asha was hit with a piece of shrapnel and fell into a coma, while Claptrap only survived because he was a robot with a slightly more durable body the day after the incident where Asha didn't wake up was stupid and decided to cover her shift. meanwhile because someone had to be there to welcome the new Travelers. He decided to keep his position until she finally woke up, but that happened and those days turned into months and eventually the Vault Hunters stopped coming to the planet nonsense he waited there with no one by his side for people who never came the only thing that kept him going was his own sense of purpose to do right by a friend but despite the isolation he was always ready and prepared to greet anyone who showed up when they did and you know what he was prepared for because he was there when the original Vault Hunters arrived, they were the First group I had seen in quite some time and I would say they did their job successfully. work, if that wasn't poignant enough in this series, he's also much more aware of how others perceive him, there have been some gestures from time to time that allude to nonsense, being aware that it can be annoying, but we've never really know your perspective.
In it we all know that other people find him annoying but he always continues to be himself without acknowledging what he thinks about it, but in the comic he approaches Lilith and asks her about it, of course at this point the two of them really They don't know each other. another, so he can't say one way or another, but he does allow nonsense to be allowed to share his story. He says it's hard for him to make friends, which is why Asha ended up being so important to him. He divulges his entire backstory and what happened to her and why he does what he does greeting travelers, remembering how excited he gets to greet new people puts him in a dancing mood and as Lilith tries abstain, he chooses to share a little dance with nonsense because he can Tell him that he is a little discouraged and that he and Tasha used to dance a lot.
It's a nice little moment between these two characters and does a lot for both of them. Lilith finds it embarrassing and doesn't want anyone to know she did it, but she did it, proves she's a good person and helps Hammer get back home, why nonsense would she consider these new people her friends, but it doesn't end there. Later in the story, he and the others end up visiting Tanis because they need his help. They are immediately given a map and sent away so he doesn't have to talk to them, but Nonsense chooses to stay and check on Asha, who he's been taking care of in the meantime, since we know Tanis isn't a very social person.
He hates conversing with other living beings and has developed a very bold and cold personality due to his history on Pandora. He thinks he's more welcome to be here because he's technically not a person, which, of course, isn't true in Tannis' case. She prefers the inanimate. objects whose feelings cannot be hurt because it seems that he does it many times accidentally, in fact, he ends up overstepping his limits when he insults nonsense for believing that a miracle is possible to wake up Asha, she says that being an artificial intelligence, he should not believe . on weak-minded things like magic, it hurts the feelings of nonsense and he runs away saying that she does everything horrible and that he hates her things.
He eventually calms down and nonsense asks how Tannis ended up like that. He wants to know what happened to her. in Pandora, since he never talks about it and seems lacking in humor and emotion, nonsense even compares the way he talks to sound more like nine toes than a normal human being, in response Tannis gives nonsense the daily recordings of what happened to you during the course. Of the 520 days when he first arrived on the planet, nonsense you can hear about Tannis' entire journey with Dahl, the death of his entire research team, and the subsequent trauma that came with the isolation of being alone through this, he He is able to understand and much more and sympathizes with what she has been through because he knows exactly what it is like to be alone, so once he finishes listening to them all, he approaches her, apologizes and gives her a hug, even In retrospect, nonsense and tennis have a lot in common being the lack of friends and isolation being the two most common, the only difference is that Tanis chooses it by choice while Claptrap experiences it by accident, regardless of whether it's a good time. to make claptrap real for a second, his typical attitude is not necessary and he chooses to comfort instead.
Imagine the two never talking about it again in the comic, which makes sense because, as The Story Goes On, the nonsense literally dies, yes, at the end of the story when they're fighting the rack, the nonsense of Hive shatter and the characters are unable to do so. saving him, but if there's one thing he leaves on a good note it's that Marcus Scooter and Asha are really grieving over his death. Marcus even sheds a tear if you can believe it and in memory they do the only thing that makes logical sense. Dance One Last. Claptrap Memorial Time I really love Claptrap's origin here because it makes a concept as simple as standing in a place ready to greet people so tragic.
I mean, Claptrap units are supposed to do things like this, so the idea of ​​one doing it without anyone. even being aware apart from the unit itself is very sincere, like I said the comic was discontinued so the story never saw a proper ending, it doesn't matter much because it's not canon, but it deserves its own recognition since Borderlands 3 does not. Don't do anything too crazy with nonsense, he pretty much does what you'd expect from his character. At this point, he asks the Vault Hunters to collect dead nonsense parts, which maybe not all players have done, the reason he does it is because, as usual.
He feels lonely and decides to find a girlfriend, he travels around the different planets of the galaxy collecting unique components and once all the pieces are collected, we are introduced to Veronica, but with her new life she abandons the nonsense and spends her time at Moxie's Bar this higher cognitive function module you are finally complete Veronica, how are you feeling? It's like coming out of a dark place. Finally I can, finally and On a related note, I'm sick of your stupid bullshit face spending all this time in the companion box, well, come back. for you Buckle up because I'm a strong independent woman what not but we were supposed to be together he dreamed that his dream is crackheads I need ice cream I'm fine I'm fine maybe one of his best moments in the game however it involves a character named baby, she is a woman who a long time ago posted an ad looking for a dance partner and just now she found him and accepted the job, it's the easiest payday I could imagine, but when we get home we see that she He is now in a wheelchair and has lost all hope of ever dancing again, but nonsense shows him that you can still dance even with just Wheels.
She really needed you to not take so long to come see me next time, okay, you're not going to get rid of me. Just like that, we're just getting started, it's a nice little side quest that shows the optimism of nonsense used for something nice and enjoyable. The last thing I'll mention is that Hammerlock's wedding nonsense didn't get an invite, but he wouldn't miss it. The world owes his friend Hammerlock so much, however, she doesn't want him to ruin anything, so Gage sends him on this wild goose chase to obtain the Pearl of Ineffable Knowledge that, as far as she knows, she invented, but you know what. winds.
When it happens, he discovers it's nonsense and goes on a real journey through haunted shipwrecks fighting wizards who get trapped in an alternate dimension. All because he believes that getting this Pearl will save the wedding, it's literally the only time he wanted to help and didn't ruin it. nothing at least he didn't ruin anything for the people he was trying to help, there's no telling how much chaos he caused on his journey, unfortunately there was no genuine need for this so his actions were somewhat pointless but anyway , when analyzing his character, that is quite a milestone for him.
He is starting to be able to do things andhelp without doing more harm than good nonsense. He is one of the most underrated characters in Borderlands. Over and over again he goes through these sad, heartfelt moments that if you just take a moment to stop and watch, you find it pretty hard to hate his character as much as those in the Universe tend to, at the end of the day, the nonsense is someone who just He seeks to make friends but finds it difficult to do so, he knows he can be annoying, he knows he screws things up a lot, but he never stops trying, while those around him look down on him, they only do it enough so he doesn't inflate an ego.
I just wanted to shed some light and show some appreciation for the iconic little door opener we know and love, it's the epitome of the franchise and represents what Borderlands is all about, so next time Claptrap asks you for a high five or want you to dance with him, indulge yourself because he's really just looking to do as many as possible. friends as possible and that's not what it's all about playing Borderlands time beatbox check it out me mom me dad your greasy grandma has a hole in a pen he has a big bow hand like Sky your style go beep beep beep down Pandora straight

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