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#CivilTV: Dave East - Welcome To My Neighborhood

May 01, 2020
but I was always in tune with the knives, I was always in tune with the music there, you know what I'm saying. With that ship so close that's how I met the jungle. I'm just walking around, I mean going to the chicken place or the Jamaica place or going to get some liquor, so that was there, so I was in tune with that to make sense of it. So that's why I was able to speak from this point of view. I'm not from Harlem because I've been all of them all day and then I come out and I'll be here all night.
civiltv dave east   welcome to my neighborhood
You understand? So I was able to talk about both of them, all that kind of stuff. It happened because in almost a fight I made the recording of all the stars arguing and the crazy part of it this was my art room this was mine I got some kind of footage of my own apartment so this was her room, you know, so I'll feel like she's here with me and all I keep going is my aunt, what she dug, so I feel like you're not disrespecting the master artist of Nova pillows, but that's why I feel like me and our relationship is like that because I'm the only one when they talk to you about where he's really from, you listen to what I say, like I know his closest friends, like I've been in this building, we grew up, all that, like he knew his brother, that's right, it's a lot. of similarities, but it really started once I came here, you know what I'm saying, like he had his parents from the beginning and his people were divided.
civiltv dave east   welcome to my neighborhood

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civiltv dave east welcome to my neighborhood...

I had my mother and father the entire time I was here. What I'm saying but I was in the hood you found me at the same time so the stories they sent me look I got friends who got shot his brother he got shot he lost his friend it's Boyer where he always raps about I got friends the man shot dead I didn't get shot Grades on my leg like crazy, that comes with just being outside, you won't sit at home all day, so our stories are similar but different at the same time, nice and clean, no ball, you understand that I.
civiltv dave east   welcome to my neighborhood
I say it like this, it's just that we take different paths, but it's the same, it comes from the same point of view, honestly, the only difference is the fact that people know that there is a nod behind it, they understand what I'm saying, as if it were nothing. and they like the '90s, where you get them crazy million-dollar budgets and as soon as you sign, you move your mom into the mansion and that's not all. I'm still right when we all film them before they can apply whatever now. it's oh I mean so they did that made it really do a loose check so you understand what I'm saying and it made all these people who weren't really paying attention to what was happening on the streets made them look forward So.
civiltv dave east   welcome to my neighborhood
There were plenty of artist shops right up the lock. The style castes show love from day one, but as far as the people who play the music and the DJs and the blogs and all that, it wasn't like that until knives came out in a minute. It wasn't said, it was like why and then once he said it and then they actually heard the music, it was always me, it makes sense that the knowledge would be left behind like I wasn't present, this was in the past, like I my father said. but my aunt was really into instruments and you know, the kind of piano sheet music that was in fashion early, you love it, you know what I'm saying, so if I did what I'm doing musically, I know she would be super happy, you know?
Man, and be glad my nephew was even talked about like he was here where she was born and raised, still sitting there hanging, she put me in the Hennessy, that's how I know about the honey they throw at Barbara and her He has a bottle. in the credit cheddar cheese I have a bottle in the crib like I'm a little guy coming here for Thanksgiving and all that, if I had to pick a song or a record or two, that wolf hates me now I feel like he really represents me and where I'm from, I said numb and mom working because you know, I'm really like that was a hobby, feeling like I lost people who were with me every day giving what I say and they weren't murderers or thieves, but they were guys normal, yeah, I mean, they killed them.
I just take every blessing. I don't take anything for granted. You know, I'm not saying anything that I do or anything good that comes to me. I don't take that for granted. I'm single, I know she could disappear in the blink of an eye. I like that all this can disappear. I just lost two friends in the last two weeks, they just got locked up. Understand what I say as if I were about to receive a sentence. I really like it and these guys, if you go to my Instagram, they're with me every day and all the pictures with me, all that like I have a cop, it's just that I would be looking where if I wasn't doing what I'm doing. my life could just be about the company I keep and these guys, that's my first day, friends, it's not like I just choose the being with their quotas, I know they're mothers, they know that my mother with an 8, the government broke with girls that have, we didn't want to say this is my family, so it would be crazy to know that one morning I wake up like I have an interview, but my man just got locked up and I was with him the night before at the club partying drinking everything he said he'll call me in the morning and then I don't hear from you you understand what I'm saying I'm like I'm not so caught up in what I'm doing with my music and trying to get away from all that.
I'm resourceful and I'm losing friends as I go, it really creates a numbing feeling. I'd be like you at the end of the day. everything's good, but it could be all bad, you understand what I'm saying, so I was saying numb and mom working, I mean, my mother, me, mother, that work, she, working, sitting, she was at work right now, listen to what I say like I'm I've been working my whole life, two, three jobs, you feel me, so I never met her, she never worked, there's never been a time where I killed my mother like super , just relax like she comes home, cooks whatever she has an hour to spare or 30 minutes to spare to understand what I'm saying and just catch up on the day and she goes to sleep and that's my best friend.
Like me, my mother, I have a better relationship with her than anyone, he, someone with jail, that's the only person I call and it's good to get money if I got $100, she got $100, so I working record mom just let people know where she came from. I could remember being in the crib trying to sell my little weed backing up my weed and my mom in the kitchen knowing I was going out at 11:00 I call your mom to leave she says why I mean like no know what I'm doing at home, I mean, so I can remember everything. of that, so I felt like it really portrayed who I hired, how I became Who I am, you know what I'm saying because I remember getting in trouble with my mom and she didn't tell my deck that my dad was the crazy one.
What I'm saying is that my mother is the one I can reason with and she could be doing very wrong, because your mind isn't really what you think it is and she lies, honey, my dad wasn't listening to that, but she came. I was sobbing and I was the old building was like your day visas that treat like I mean it to others, look at that without me telling her like your mind filled me, I mean, she saw it for herself, she was. at the cut, he had his little Long Island iced tea. drinking and she wasn't in the mix of the crowd, but she was in the building, so 400 seats of love and seeing people reciting my lyrics and all that let her know that my son is really doing what he loves. to make it past all the failures, I know it's a screaming job, I know he went to jail like my mother was there for all that, you understand what I'm saying, so pull myself together and do something now like I feel like I'm Catching up with what I'm saying, a lot of my own B's I played with in the NBA now or overseas, getting money, so I got a feeling, I was part of my French for a few years, you get what do.
I say that because I had to transition from something I've been doing my whole life and jump into something new, there's just a certain way I want to do it, like with rap. I don't want to be an underground rapper, the fact that Nice introduced it. At first that's where I saw myself. I didn't see myself like no, you guys could be the hot guy on the block like no, I look like Drake and all these guys that are selling arenas, listen to what I say, same with the ball. and I thought that if I didn't go to the NBA I wasn't going to go to Turkey to earn 30,000 a month I didn't know the language I didn't know what to eat you know I'm not going to do that you know what I'm saying If I can't do it the best I can do it, I don't want to do it, it's just me, so I said I'm going to do something else and I didn't understand music at my point at the moment.
As long as I've been in this and my state is the best it could be, you know what I'm saying, as far as my city goes, film me, I don't feel like there's anyone in New York without a real backup. finish or I've really been serious about it that's that's that's moving the way I'm moving that's just my opinion, you understand what I'm saying and that came out of every night, every morning, doing it, I want say, and people telling me I could Don't tell me like you're playing a ball game, why are you right? My watch.
I knew he had good vibes. I knew I could rap and I knew I had stories that everyday people could relate to the same way they relate to Jay-Z's knives. and all these glues had the same thing, so I used it, man. I was in the trash all night all day trying to get my money back for the return of the sun. I'm paranoid about my gun block in my city, but I started. in a black fire I like to throw a bomb we start the project every other day boy I do the mission with some money I'm a playboy don't even ask me what I do guys now I have my man in the kitchen on a jet I got a cramp in my head wrist by the whip, yes, I can be nervous about anything.

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