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Feb 27, 2020
and we have taken all the gold from Katherine she is very friendly to us and she is also giving us all her luxuries what a glorious situation we are in thank you very much Katherine for this hello ladies and gentlemen I am the spiffing Brit and today we are playing the new and popular Sid Meier's Civilization 5


, is what I'd be saying if it was almost 10 years ago and seeing as we're getting pretty close to the 10th anniversary of Sid Meier's Civilization 5, it makes it perfect. It makes sense that we would cover a lovely feat this


has that has actually gone relatively under the radar for quite some time.
civilization 5 is a perfectly balanced game with no exploits   infinite money glitch is overpowered
Naturally, Sid Meier's Civilization 5 is a fantastic game. I have many good memories of him. well and of course it's one of the best multiplayer strategy games the world has ever seen, of course excluding its very unstable netcode which means you'll be going under almost every 30 seconds. Also, there is no way to pause a game in m. ultiplayer so once you start playing it you'll be playing it for eternity but who wouldn't want to play civ 5 for eternity? So, what are we going to do today, ladies and gentlemen? Well I'm going to show you a lovely




5 that will allow you with the lovely ladies and gentlemen at home to completely decimate the world economy of civ 5 that's right, you won't have to fight for


anymore, instead you will become in an economic mastermind that will control the flow of almost everything in the game world if you want a war to happen it will do it with a snap of your fingers if you want to bankrupt a rival nation you can do it with just a few clicks of a button is as fantastic as that ladies and gentlemen so let's get on with diving into Sid Meier's Civilization 5 and make sure you're sitting back relaxed, you've got a nice hot cup of Yorkshire tea in your hand and you know what, if you're a really fantastic person, you might have even given the video how we're going to d I go straight into sieve 5 omg i love this game so let's set up a whole new game of survival vs exploitation what e can be done with almost any nation in the entire game.
civilization 5 is a perfectly balanced game with no exploits   infinite money glitch is overpowered

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civilization 5 is a perfectly balanced game with no exploits infinite money glitch is overpowered...

We are going to choose a single nation. because unlike a slightly advanced challenge, we're going to play as Enrico Dandolo from Venice, yeah that's the perfect pronunciation and if I was wrong it doesn't matter because that's the new pronunciation of that name so yeah we're playing. like venice they are a big save for you in terms of saving five because you can only build one city some would say that causes a bit of a problem but it doesn't really cause you get a ridiculous amount of


and money. It's going to be all we care about what's better than having a ridiculous amount of money to make sure everyone around you doesn't have money other than we're going to play on Prince level difficulty and quit and that's all we need. ladies and gentlemen so without But further ado let's dig into this brand new game oh it's going to be good you'll see Venice is all about making money so when it comes to our fantastic game we don't really have too many requirements when it comes to solving your first. city ​​if you don't get a decent city start don't worry it's not the end of the world because you can always reset the permissions where we are going to find our city here in its starting position because we have wheat close by but most important thing is we have Three different kinds of luxuries, these luxuries are going to be very important, trust me ladies and gentlemen, so let's establish love for a city, oh, and a unit needs orders.
civilization 5 is a perfectly balanced game with no exploits   infinite money glitch is overpowered
In fact, we have discovered our first city-state that is hidden here. Well, now the city-states are very useful if you are a Venice player because they are


sources of money, oh and look, they have already given us 30 gold. to find g them fantastic now born man is a merchant city state here and if we ally with them then we would actually get their china and wales luxury resources which is always a lovely thing to have now after building their monument and you are starting to gain some culture just focus on getting a worker going in terms of research we can probably rush the big library because when they play against AI they usually don't so we're in a good situation to get the big library out early oh and we also discovered the city state of prague which is lovely maybe humane like another fantastic boost of culture gold we're going down the tree of liberty because by getting collective government we get a big free trader which is very important to us the great traders are going to be a beautiful source of money now we have won Nicolo Pole who is He's a fantastic big merchant from Venice and he's going to be really valuable, you see, we can leave him. in a and the city-state limits and immediately that city-state just becomes us, which is of course, as you can guess, a very powerful thing to have right now, we won't be using it right away.
civilization 5 is a perfectly balanced game with no exploits   infinite money glitch is overpowered
Saving it for later, when we find a city-state well worth your BAM investment, we discover optics and consequently win our second big merchants. First, our neo barber. He's a pretty easy going guy and with these two great merchants. i could take control of two of these city-states if we really wanted to yeah my gebbs just crashed i wasn't even blowing you up i just survived being safe thank you so much for the game that's very generous of you that's nice know. ten years after release still buggy as always really gives you that fresh game feeling when you first arrived it just crashes for no apparent reason thank you so much now we are back ladies and gentlemen it's been a bit of time after our latest game cra sh, we've managed to finish building the big library and hey we've got a big merchant here we're going to get a second big and soon don't worry as is often the case with most early game situations, it's just a lot of those who fight the barbarians must die instead my military force roams the map discovering new lands instead of protecting their own population because unless they pay a lot of taxes they don't really matter, Do you know that we have discovered the Aztecs? oh just a ridiculous war faction but you know that's ok we hope they'll be relatively easy on us emphasis on now hopefully because we have a city state here that's a long way away called Vilnius that has access to four sets of horses, a lot of furs and some china, we're going to attach a big mansion to some Venetian spearmen who are going to march across the world to find Vilnius and then steal its resources and so our lovely big merchant arr He's in town of Vilnius and we are going to buy this city-state.
It's going to be fantastic. Basically, we just puppeted this city on the spot and now it's ours. Fantastic Vilnius has been given to us. Now it's not exactly a spectacular city in the best place in the entire known world but it will be fantastic for us basically we just need a city a bit further out that can receive more trade routes because I mean we have four trade routes available since the Aztecs are trading with us, but I need more than that. I need to trade everywhere and also to help with our fantastic Empire and its trade.
We have built the great lighthouse. be doing a lot of naval warfare or warfare. I mean you're playing Civ, why would you want to fight in this game now? What we're doing right now is basically getting our empire going. We started trading with all our lovely local city-states and that's nice. from just the beginning of our glorious empire, basically we just want to make as much money as possible and for us the best way to make money is usually to meet players but also to follow a lot of economic taxes and the only thing that is better than the economy . texts ladies and gentlemen that is quite interesting a completely crazy technology that is engineering that allows us to build a fort.
I know fantastic book forts that give you an extra defensible position on your turf which is always extremely useful to have, but there's another reason. why do you want to be able to build forts and that's because they're completely broken naturally in this game and one thing I've been following or a bunch of wandering giving us further growth in our capital because like Venice you're only allowed one city and so you won that city to have a bigger population physically allowed by this game's standards so don't be afraid to pick up all the bums which particularly doesn't make sense for a sieve of economics oh my gosh I can pick a good one person a great person free oh no this is so much fun now of course the merchants in Venice are always very very helpful because you can get a lot of money from them. instead I'm going to make a big profit so I'm pretty sure one religion we can get a little extra money so let's create a whole new religion.
What crazy icon are we going? We're going for the bird boy oh +15 influence for city states that follow this religion that's exactly what we want that's lovely oh and then each wonder provides +2 faith in the city that's perfect because let's spam a bunch of bums, lovely things, there we go. we have our religion running now in terms of wonders they should really get 100% of course it's the East India Company ladies and gentlemen this is absolutely ridiculous it gives them a silly amount of money and that's exactly what they want, they want a lot of money, a lot of money, now the problem. being on a continent with Montezuma is that he's very likely to invade you and so the best way to get around this is to feed him money to attack random city-states on your continent, that's exactly what we're going to be. doing because as we can see he has a massive army marching towards our border so instead we lead the entire army south.
Now you might think that this is quite dangerous at first because later it will just attack us, but don't worry. For God's sake, he's attacked us now, hasn't he? Damn I hate that you want Zoomer, we just had to start on the same continent that had it, right? Oh yeah of course the AI ​​naturally moves their most valuable units out to sea which means yo can shoot them with total ease because in the water units they don't have much help than Zuber this is a dog in your way , you have uh, what a mess, you were really thinking that you could win this war, weren't you? turns out sometimes you just can't well i think this is it actually we have beaten the aztecs in war how the hell that happened i have no idea but this is just the classic existence of the aztecs here they just go to war with you and then you fight your way through the AI ​​and they can't do a thing to stop you oh hey I'm right let's negotiate peace. they died that means you shouldn't come back sometimes the AI ​​is too dumb to really understand and Ray we're going to embrace trading because of course you know better that's where we're going to get something lovely. money from hopefully as soon as the Aztecs stop the code to war with you s and we find a new AI that is actually better.
I get to demonstrate this feat because instead the silly little Aztec over here just wants to fight everyone, boy, but boy. I hate you and here we go. Fantastic Montezuma is now


at peace. if i get him to give me some gold come on he's ok he just wants a straight peace treaty ok what does it mean? I'll take it, but only because I want to bankrupt his economy, great, we've made peace with Moctezuma, oh, and now he wants to. An embassy, ​​I'll show you, we'll rebuild that embassy after you've decided to go to war with me. we're going to downvote this because I'm hoping to find an AI that actually has money to trade with me because we have Montezuma look at this guy no one ever made gold per turn and no thanks I'm not going to trade. come back to you once you have money im recent f fantastic news we have discovered the technology that allows us to build a unit that can go to the world oceans and discover so we just bought ourselves a caravel and this Caravelle is now going to see the world Whole by me because I need to discover an eye that wants super hyper aggressive military that don't produce any gold standard.
I mean, sure we can pull off the feat with them, but you just don't get that much money. Oh great, we found Russia. Oh. Finally, please tell me that they are making a gold pattern. They are making a golden pattern. Finally, an AI with a natural economy is Caffrey and the Russian pirates. You are exactly what I needed. Let's open some borders. I will give it to you. lots of horses for open borders looking beautiful omg we got a new big win beautiful so we can improve our religion now we can do it plus 15% production which is beautiful and also religious unity for that religion spread to the city-states. aridiculous account there we go BAM now we can set up a bunch of trade routes with all the other AIs around here which is exactly what I wanted spam let's start spreading all our religion in all these different city-states and with that we're going to have to stop buying more cargo ships trust me it's the year of the cargo ship so yeah. just buy a very large quantity of two cargo ships and ship them all and we're going to make a lot more money with this oh here we go awesome stuff all the money in the world will be ours BAM I jumped to the midpoint of the video when you least expected me that's right , it's myself, the stunning british, here to tell you about the glorious taste of york city, isn't it amazing, isn't it lovely and you should drink it or any form of tea as long as your name isn't Dave and you sat there drinking coffee tapping in the comment section like all this tea propaganda pisses me off don't worry you're more than welcome here Oh Dave I know you're out there it's thousands of you Dave's watching I know you're out there get up known from the co Vered section of your neighbors Dave Classic Dave coffee drinkers, but hey, I've got some good news for you, thanks to my dear yogscast friends.
We have a new piece of merchandise. It is the secret of the YouTube algorithm. every one of your trending videos is probably a beautiful design proving that tea is the root of the youtube algorithm trust me if you want to do your part and demonstrate its power just take a sip from the cup of tea and like this video once what does it do? It breaks the whole algorithm and that's the real power of tea ladies and gentlemen so feel free to have one, it's actually very comfortable. how many teeth have I lost from tea, well, they died too young from clothes, they just made fun of him, he is everywhere. goodbye and gentlemen and i finally realized why all your eyes were rejecting my request for a declaration of friendship is just because an AI will never accept a declaration of friendship if you have a weak army and as i was playing Venice and deliberately just following the economy , no AI will make friends with you because you are giving them the metric tons of money, they only make friends with you if they are afraid of the size of your army. it's going to balance it out


even more in a second so yeah we'll be making friends with Ashoka the pillar of Assyria that's fantastic and here we go we have friends that's lovely oh and now Elizabeth is shielded from us so we don't have a good amount of money in the bank and we can go and start trading with russia russia is doing a good one hundred and sixteen gold returned we are doing one hundred and fifty four gold a turn but after this feat we're going to be doing a fair b is more than that so let's make two deals with Russia ladies and gentlemen who saw this exploit it takes two fantastic deals and one fancy resource but don't worry you won't lose anything with this trade absolutely nothing, this is trading. with the AI ​​but you could only benefit this is a real part of the deal now what you're going to want to do is just ask for the gold from Russia and give them a bunch of your gold return so I'm going to say I'm going to give Russia all my 758 gold for lets say 40 gold a turn what does this look like?
Russia, on the other hand, the brush can't give us that much, they will only give us 25 gold per turn for 690 gold and you know what? ok that's quite acceptable russia i'm ok with giving you 690 gold for 25 gold a turn now this may seem like the worst trade deal because we're giving them 690 gold and they in return are giving us 625 gold spread all over the world 25 turn course so we're losing this deal but there is a method to this madness so we're going to take this lovely deal thank you very much I'm sure you'll love that deal and then next turn we'll propose a new deal an even crazier one remember we're doing a hundred and seventy nine a shift which isn't crazy and we'd like a little bit more so we're going to go to Russia and we're going to say hello Russia I'm going to give your incense and also all my gold per turn let's say 179 gold per turn and in exchange I'm going to need all your money I'm going to need every bit of gold you have 1618 gold but 179 gold per turn for 25 turns and incense as a resource of luxury for AI, this is possibly the best or deal in the entire known universe.
I pitched this to them and they're even willing to add things like spices and iron and whatnot, but really, we don't want any of that if we were really cheeky and had enough gold and were generating enough gold per turn. I could probably even take a whole city from the AI ​​that's not what we're going to do sadly but you know that's something you can achieve and we're going to give all our gold in turn to Russia and in return they're going to give us all their gold and we will give them incense. This is a terrible deal for the player, but believe me, it's absolutely fantastic, so we're going to come up with this deal and Russia graciously agrees immediately.
I've earned 1600 gold here we go, it's up there and we're not making gold for the turn books anymore, we're giving a lot to another civ, but remember that as part of the steel we're giving them 170 gold per turn. more incense now, where is our incense? Oh well, it's here next to Venice, ladies and gentlemen, don't worry, there's no threat of being branded barbarians, but there's a Venetian worker standing on top of it who accidentally slipped and pushed the build Ford button. are you sure you want to build an f? or the tile improvement will be replaced, oh, it has just been replaced, ladies and gentlemen, oh, the poor, the poor, outraged, oh, what a shame, who could have seen that happen and, as a result, the gold / se turned into caffeine and incense into caffeine because we don't. we have incense to give and we just built a fort but you know we can build a plantation instead of the fort immediately and that way we finish the trade deal now we have 2000 gold all our gold per turn and that means if you check our history from offers and look at our current offers they are giving us 25 gold a turn for the 690 gold we gave them however we immediately got the 690 gold back when we liquidated all their gold at their bank so they are giving us 25 gold per turn in exchange for ripping them off, plus all the cash they had, so now we're getting a piece of Russia's revenue for free, which is pretty cool, and of course this can be repeated, this can be repeated forever. r not only need luxury of resources you can also use strategic resources but i prefer luxury resources because everyone can have fun and run fantastic is so happy this deal will strengthen our nation oh yeah and unite our friendship for sure why aren't you so kind Russia and with all this money we can do whatever we want we can make friends with all the city-states and win a diplomatic victory almost instantly poor enough is this Catherine you want five gold a turn no this is not a deal no there's a deal there, i just give you gold for shit, so now a couple of turns later we proposed catherine another deal, for some reason i offered all my gold and said yes.
I have 50 gold per turn. Do you agree to this deal? And she said yes, this deal is fine with me. I'll also give you all my fancy resources and strategic resources and you know what we're going to do, Catherine, because thank you. a lot that will go well, won't it? now i have no gold or bank which is a shame but don't worry we are still making 206 gold per turn thanks to taking care of it now and what we are going to do now is give Karen 206 gold per turn which is quite an amount ridiculous gold and I asked for all our gold there we go.
I'd like to get the 2690 gold back, and in exchange, I'll give you 206 gold per turn and the incense. How does that work for you? Catherine I must accept oh that is very generous of you so now we have all our gold back as well as the extra 100 Catherine had and we can repeat this feat one more time just by building a fort there we go BAM and then we listen WA BAM so naturally the next turn flips and our gold per turn to Catherine ends she completely collapses simply because we can't provide the incense and there we go it's as easy as that ladies and gentlemen and we've taken all the gold . de Catherine is very kind to us and she is also giving us all her luxuries if you look at all the happiness we got +4 from the first +4 from the dies plus wool from the spices plus 4 from the wine we should not have access to these resources but we do We have, oh my gosh, it's fantastic, it really is a glorious situation that we found.
Many thanks to Catherine for this. Thing is, we can repeat this because Catherine keeps making 72 gold per turn and I'm not going to stop until Catherine's income hits zero, so that's going to be the mission of today's video. and there we go we have our fantastic built incense so what we will do is go to russia one more time we have to trade with them hey can i have sixty gold a turn please that is all your gold? per turn and in return I will give you some of my gold, let's say three thousand gold should be enough to win you over with this.
Oh, 1657 is actually all I need. Wow, if it was, I could probably start taking cities from you. Anyway, thank you very much, Russia. Anyway, this is a lovely business deal. Oh, I'd like more than 1800 gold from you please, and in return I'll give you 300 gold per turn, as well as some incense, here we go, here we go. She takes the deal and it's a good deal too so she's very happy. with him and then of course we immediately built a fort and now we are going to take control of all the income from Russia which is fantastic there we go the turn takes control we are building a fort all offers end now we are making a friend, room six. gold returned to russia how much you are earning only seventeen thanks for all your money oh lovely finger now we have four thousand gold of course in a couple of turns we will get world congress which means we can completely screw all this up. thing of course buying all the love and friendship with the AI ​​so here we go kathmandu now a close friend we are also going to buy melbourne for say a thousand there we go now they are mega allies with us and what is betrayed will also buy Prague for a thousand there we go we go allies with them too and we find another city state or Jerusalem it seems they will be friends with us they even have an influence of forty to elude we go for a thousand with them there we go so there we go Jerusalem is immediately on our side too What is there to say almost around here?
Do you think I would almost like to join? They have been given five hundred. God, they would go with good friends with them. Here we go. That would be a perfect start. We're making silly amounts of money per turn and though I can see that good old Master Mundi is trying to invade us again. He matters little because I can raise an army and what is this. England is upset because of our relationship with Jerusalem. Come on England. of course a split between me and the royal family please queenie love me it's all i ever wanted i had won well to your appeasement that's it trust me now we've reached the breaking point of the game because we've basically completed it.
I finished the Trade tree in social policies which gives us plus two happiness from each luxury resource, which means our Empire now has plus sixty four happiness. Yeah it's ok basically we will never be sad again and it's even better because we also earn +1 gold from every trade and we can also buy big trades using faith. This is ridiculous because the merchants of Venice allow me to take control of a whole damn city which, as you can guess, is pretty powerful. Now, in other fantastic news, we can complete this feat. again, but this time with the legendary great Lord of Assyria, who has even more money, which is exactly what we want, you know what he doesn't have, he doesn't have first, oh dear friend, what we can do is, of course, ask for a trade deal where we are going to try to get 40 gold in return give over 800 gold works for you i guess it almost goes cards i propose this i will ask for 38 gold instead how is that proposition i am completely unacceptable wow ri Well, I want 30 gold per turn.
I give you 800 gold. This is a good deal for you. Okay, let's get back to trading now. I would like to give you furs and I would also like all your gold. or i think you'll only need about 200 gold per turn to want to take this deal is it looks good for you girl let's propose that deal and of course you kindly agree fantastic that's exactly what i want and i'll immediately destroy your first supply there we go oh and of course the deal fell through because the skins accidentally started turning into a fort instead well what a shame anyway looks like we'll have to switch again what a real shame mate , so what we do.
What we are going to do is also take control of the city-state of Mombasa, but we are not actually going to buy it and puppet it, we are going to go on a trade mission that will give us 1876 gold and also put us in controlfrom the city-state we're going to sink 500 of that gold and bam now we're allies there we go that city-state is now under our control precious things Riga we can take control too for a thousand gold BAM Regas my precious precious things oh my god and now you're going to give me a free D just give me gold and gold in turn precious things i'm going to do it right I'm fantastic the World Congress welcomes the city-states now this is where I get my real diplomatic power so in the time where we now have free delegates for four host civs and I get a delegate because my city-states are allies, wonderful things, etc. because I'm allied with the number of C says one two three four five six seven city-states in total, I can allocate ten to pick the next host, precious things, so I'll pick the next host to be Venice, oh and Venice. it will 100% become the next toast because you are going to vote for me but you guys are never going to come together and vote for someone else so here we go we have won the vote this is a truly glorious democracy like you have never seen it before and of course Venice wins here we go we've done it while we were always going to win that fantastic week everyone voted for themselves so yeah we won oh and of course Montezuma is invading us once again it's the third time this game ladies and gentlemen montezuma just wants to go to war well it'll suck to be him because yeah he's going to lose this one he's got gunpowder but i got cannons on my side and i can buy a metric ton of blank adduct, they are very cheap to buy and you could really buy about 30 of them now. and we have they might be able to completely overrun every AI in the game or we have more cultural stuff to do which is great we'll go to lovely rationalism more science and I can upgrade to be a gatling gun oh I love this it's going great let's send in the language junkie and oh my gosh look at this beautiful army they've tried to invade us this is exactly what I wanted you to see we can throw in hordes and hordes of guys in minor defeats and so on because eventually we will win outright when we can.
Muscat Minh - oh this is great we can have our own types of muskets I just want barrels many many barrels then shoot to keep the barrels slow I always bought Big Ben which means all purchases are 15% cheaper oh this is exactly what i wanted this is good news for me though i'm just fucking a bunch of men who are never going to win it matters little their lives aren't exactly too precious if i'm being honest everything this just made buying armies ridiculously cheap because lunch is now only 90 gold that's all it's 90 gold and i could throw it here immediately to chase some cavalry guy oh my god we just broke the enemy artillery with complete ease, this is everything I wanted and more oh and and it is, the landscape swarm is now beginning, oh this is it, once again we have crushed their entire army, as is almost a tradition for us , every time good or Demont azuma goes to war with us, what an absolute melon, this guy just has no talent for war. whatever oh and of course you want to make a peace treaty of course you now want to make a peace treaty what are you doing - 14 gold Patel Montezuma absolutely I'm Ellen oh and you want to go peace of the world fine except except that this is peacetime Oh Montezuma I don't like your existence you are a pain and a nuisance but you know what if you want to go to war all the time that's up to you it's ok I will always support you and there you go we have.
Ladies and gentlemen, we have just demonstrated the ridiculous power of this exploit because it will allow you to get easy diplomatic wins by generating stupid amounts of gold and consequently buying friendship with every AI in the game. what we can now What to do with Montezuma is we can actually send him instead of attacking us we can give him a lot of gold and send him to only attack different now the AI ​​we send to attack won't care too much and what this allows What we can do is total throughout the game without Moctezuma declaring war on us again, not that it makes much of a difference because as soon as he does we can mobilize an entire army in one turn to crush his entire army and not it does.
It really cost us so much in the long run, but we can still make stupid amounts of money out of this lovely cheesy exploit and it's a lot of fun. I say you have it, ladies and gentlemen. multiplayer game and ruin it for all your friends and family and hey if you have fun be sure to give me a shout in the comment section as always ladies and gentlemen thank you so much to each and every one of these glorious patrons who have donated so generously a small portion of your own financial tea supply to me so that we can create some glorious and fantastic content for you lovely ladies and gentlemen, I hope you enjoyed it and liked it and if you sat there thinking dammit, this video was really a lot of fun.
If you want to see another look no further than this one on the screen now handpicked by myself to be perfect for you trust me you are going to love it anyway. next time have an absolutely lovely day and bye for now

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