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Cine Colombiano HERMOSA MENTIROSA pelicula comedia romantica completa espaol latino arevideo

May 05, 2020
and making love living off their riches some believe that there are no others suffer because they are gone and if they succeed, whoever has defeated them should not cry to the ground yes well water I do not understand even with distortion very hard for you because they all have to die the good men in this marriage are crazy because we loved each other people don't understand how difficult it is to find a man who sincerely loves you everyone was looking for him because of his age society was the one that killed him we really didn't want to cover myself on that topic me I just wanted to come to discuss the issue of inheritance the only thing that interests you is money money money and only money is an issue that cannot be avoided, much less now that you have just inherited all of Mr.
cine colombiano hermosa mentirosa pelicula comedia romantica completa espa ol latino arevideo
Red's companies all the companies but that's a fortune it is but let me be recent something seems good to me a good coffee and why do I have to see myself as an inconsolable widow when I grow up I want to be like you I love you what has cer with a digit with high but high money don't say that today but I've been cultivating delimited from the corner well no yes no although there is so filthy and that army is urinating their pants and everything if he began to see the hairs is that definitely no you can not fall in love that you see the buts of all my suitors well enough remember that I am very sad and if I prepare it well loaded as you liked mirror and now tell me what I have to sign that I have What to do to end this painful situation?
cine colombiano hermosa mentirosa pelicula comedia romantica completa espa ol latino arevideo

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cine colombiano hermosa mentirosa pelicula comedia romantica completa espa ol latino arevideo...

Well, not even before signing any document, I would like to tell you something. In recent years, Don Rodolfo invested a lot of money in companies and, parallel to this, he had investments in the stock market. He was about to triple his fortune. if he was a genius the problem lies in the following with the world crisis all those companies went bankrupt money money that the only thing that interests you is money but anyway you have to And face it the same, what happens if all those companies that will exist, that all their fortunes are just papers that make them the owner of many companies, but they are all bankrupt, that we have no money, papers and more papers, even this house will be auctioned off by the bank, but if this house It's very simple, I bought it before I met him, yes, but when they got married you didn't allow the capitulation of assets to be signed and that's why the bank assumed that with this house they could cover part of the acquaintances for good morning, idiot, but what they want I think that they come to a bad time but I am going to talk to your husband my husband you want to talk to my husband if he is at home that old miserable reckless is dead that if he died and he very much that left me in ruins he doesn't understand how much he loved it I'm sorry, ma'am, what's happening is that he didn't pay us for the time we sang at his wedding, we're going to record a yes, we need the money, yes, well, what a pity on you, because you did this business with him, not with me, what do you want?
cine colombiano hermosa mentirosa pelicula comedia romantica completa espa ol latino arevideo
I also carry the debt of the wedding party, how about this one and yes, and then Julián, just like you, what did the witches charge him to do, yes, but he says that your father is dead and that he is not going to pay anything anymore, that man was the my mom's husband but he wasn't my dad and why don't you tell me that a role was dead so they usually know what this movie was doing what a shame with her well the fact is that I need to collect the presentation at Don's marriage rodolfo because I need to record that yes right now and when he 800 thousand pesos we do one thing he comes to my house and I am and it seems to me a colored account for a million pesos maybe for two I have to do something with That witch, the Julianita Christ, I'm going there, yes, I'm here, I'm close to the sisters, and let's go quickly before she gets stung, what happened to her, my friends, oh, oh, oh, wait a minute, see, it's because as soon as I got out, my cart got dirty, rather see the warehouse there that I already have a plastic for that Don't get my car dirty, do it or oh or no more than half the 170 with a fifth, let it be a barronuevo that they are building a lot of pleasure, that's why we are here to serve you today but I have toned it the end of the world is more like me and him but what happened to you the car she ran out of gas and like that precious but at the moment we can really help a woman as beautiful as you does not have to be pushing a car that doesn't tell me that better as a topic but why precious beautiful if you are a mamacita then what I'm like painful and your little friend who is my little sister baby tell them hello and what's your name military city look what they see why don't we go push better well if one comes out oh and friends and up to here as far as I tell you ten thousand pesos my friend when we reach 15,000 more here I just have good I tell you they hadn't put anyone yet on Easter day and it was going to start on Saturday the women who had followed Jesus from Galilee accompanied Jose to have the burial lcro and how they placed the body and there won't be any parking here because precious what happens is that she just paid for my little sister's therapy and I ran out of money so I have to leave the car and for the money and well she came back as they thought and what a pity this car consumes a lot or calm down beautiful old man please gap 50 thousand you are angels you are such a divine art please treat it with your sister's therapy people like you no longer get it but yes of course look this is my card I give private geography and social classes in beautiful contrast to historical Israel the meat of the previous film we suddenly find ourselves with the good obverse ready thank you very much they really call me thank you very much you are beautiful and this is not sure of course yes my lord It is so that the children do not have problems and we avoid accidents.
cine colombiano hermosa mentirosa pelicula comedia romantica completa espa ol latino arevideo
Yes, sir, until Iván 15 thousand, then, of course, with pleasure. Yes, you are a believer. What I know is that I paid you another time 2 thank you very much miss I hope he did something to them they are fine he tries to rob us but when the plane is over there thank you very much precious for that I am out here to protect you and thank you the taxi is so nice and tailored and it is one by one the house is better than orphan Well, see if you believe that with your lawyer I'm going to take away what Mirador left us, well, you're very wrong because you better not wait to believe the money from your inheritance and disappear from my life forever for a while just as you say you did.
The only thing there are papers from bankrupt companies like this and how do you play innocent you know very well he wanted something to leave us without an inheritance because I have no idea what they are talking about but I'm so glad that they don't get a single peso as well You are not going to take anything from us because I do not have to take anything from an opportunistic opportunist Camilo Ayala, lawyer, shut up, moron, this is a conversation between adults that has to do with the way in everything, it is so innocent if you want, he can read to me, he asks him, will you fly, but he is calmer, Camilo talks to Juliana Julián Camilo, how is it that my father's companies are bankrupt?
Your father, my mother's husband, tell me what is happening. talk about this personally about nonsense Camilo and tell me what's going on calm down take care this is very complicated don rodolfo invested a lot of money in companies that are bankrupt at the moment I don't care what that old man has done because it matters a lot because you They are full of debts, you, your mother, and Nikon are the only heirs, and as much as I have to see Julián, they left you a company of 9,000 million 9,000 million, and when you give me my money, not even Juliana in the store, it is a company that really costs seven billion and Don Rodolfo receives nine thousand pesos from the bank, that is, the people who receive this inheritance must respond to the bank for two thousand million pesos more, so that you pay the old woman I gave myself my money there is no money there is no money Juliana please understand how there is no money way leave it must be so much money and all because of you I only came to tell you that you are not going to keep my money estuary and enrique sevilla or he was bankrupt what his father was my mother's husband but he was not a bit good I already told him I have everything that without money a car was almost run over by a taxi driver wanted to hit me with a shakedown He took the night and then, well, these are my memories, you have to like it, but I can't help you with this issue, which is that the inheritance is only debts and I am not willing to assume another one, that gentleman, although he expects me after these five a thousand pesos for the taxi and the other wait is for something about the inheritance, come back julia limited I feel comfortable I have to go lately Anita like you I feel so calm if you want to say it another way but something tells me I shouldn't make it clear in I have but come on don't be like that I don't want to see him be I want him to be happy I'm pleased it's your solution if he suffered what happens is that the girl got some very expensive screws in her leg because she fell off a horse and they We have to change because if not, I could have little problems later, little problems of what can walk crookedly if it happens to my little sister, I couldn't with conscience because I was the one who told her to change those screws for very expensive ones because supposedly We were going to change them for another one later, well, and how much does it cost to change those terms? 10 million is important, it's not just 600 thousand pesos, and how can you think of that?
I have what I earn here and I am poor by far and I don't have time although for the university contribution I have to support my clients they pay me worry seriously arias that's for my little sister p or finally we don't have to do there are many and miguel cabeza 10 is waiting or not here I bring a beer okay then call me anything you need say it man don't worry I have to have some clients so hardworking take care of yourself well yes oh to you the seen somewhere but I don't know where the only thing I have is a vague memory of a door being thrown in my face from a puddle of water and my car almost running over me now that I see you you remind me of a fugitive from taxi drivers and we can sit down suddenly you help me remind you then that I know her yes of course and spend my life to have a drink I will invite a lot of pleasure but it turns out that lately my clients are returning before paying me and that has been a burden that wretched old man the same thing happens to me but the money for what in your marriage plane sir orlando villamarín so I invited him what's wrong with him he really liked what we did and we have talked a few times but d I say that you need an unpublished song to be able to promote it, gentleman, the doctor of love said that in five minutes he is arriving, look, he has promoted those from the dome to those from the emerald, seriously, he is great at discovering talents, yes, that is why I need to record it myself We are going to do one thing myself, I pay for the recording and you see everything from your first concert, yes, at this moment I am bankrupt, but that expense would not be that significant, and that could also be a good business, there is no color Why not this afternoon what a pity I didn't answer in my friend's time without fortune and what's up but we can only stay the same yes well let's say that this is the good deed of the day thank you very much so nice bye drum right now she can't find it busy eating an ice cream that gave me a vomit if I'm interested I'll call you should start after the tone the tone two days it's me what are you doing there I'm not here eating on the good side good I'm going to pick you up at istair after we are going to record a song with some singers how is it and where because now I'll explain but how is the list that I'm going there bye bye yes let's go first with rehearsal you're sick or whenever you want and precautions the day advances and my body the day does not get tired and my body does not get tired the day advances in my body they do not get tired I would not feel advance because it does not get tired the day advances and my body unifies I finished advancing I liked it very nice as a court but that song is disgusting me yes yes yes the day advances my body does not get tired and no the day you will in my body does not get tired the day advances my body does not rest well yes guys the song is disgusting disgust disgust beautiful you sing very nice and are very good but his lyrics don't work he invented that childish round for me but here we are not going to record any song we are going to record myself and move forward talking about originals because he knows that they do it well is that you have talent I think what he needs is a good league to generate e nergía band in which the sofía band let's go the day high and my body is not sung the day is in my body is not sung the day advances in my body they don't get tired use let's go day in my body I don't know what to do wow it seems to be edit the song and tell me the truth if I think there will be another opportunity another day it will be thank you very much thank you olguita this is horrible overnight I was left in total ruin my heart where I am alone and bored in a place that I prefer not to tell you today and so seriously I need an appointment if we talk this morning that doesn't matter I still have enough to pay for my private therapist and that's what you're worried about sweetheart how can you think of telling me that because of her because of that nicole and her little sister who has to all the men vote nothing for her because she can't look at me hello beautiful look good camilo and what are you doing here well I came to see how your sister was doing and by the way well come say hello if you are very pretty and that's a lie olguita it's a lie everyone everybody they are behind her and Camilo is so cute everything has been so good with us look life is full of contrasts today we started the treatment and we spent the whole afternoon inthe clinic and I never get anything, we're going to do something, take a deep breath until 10, well, you must be super exhausted and if you can't imagine I'm going to sleep right now, some of them contemplated sic Camilo that you're well 3 and 4 the agent of the clinic calls me of course Office afternoon It's clear that if you put the lights around the corner very warm I'm craving this bring my bathing suit when we have that song we bought an interesting car since the singer qualified no for what yes yes when using or with his manager remember me yes hello how did you get my number in the list of the villa the one that rodolfo owes me contaminated we are going to relax in the pool with my sister are you coming with us just tell me cool are you coming with us or not tell me how do we do well do you know the rhino club yes we are very close so we wait for the climb and when it passes I'll pick you up ready and pizzi if it fits me like this because x I have to do a general tour every day in the hall and she wanted me to go to bed swimming alone in rhinos my body always changes me for anything if you want to go out with and with you you have to ask my daughter for permission today I have here here why this has become cognitive don't be there to touch r ah hi miguel let's go to join us but since it exists it's good your base liked it up to now go ahead sophie go back and sisters all I am or yes a and well ready let's go christina pool write for once and again it went off and passed it's not that every time it goes off It's working badly and I have to push it, I'm going to have to take it to the mechanic, but since we help to push it, seriously, that's it, let's go, I think the house is good, let's see, well, that's sticky, and oh, I think you have something, but with the music Seriously, if he manages to see other things, I'm sure you're going to write a great song for the third time.
Yes, really, you didn't bring shorts, put on your underwear for me, what's that old woman doing here, ah ah ah Well, take advantage of your last moments because later you won't have to pay the club fee, that doesn't worry me, I always have something to do, not like others who have to go to a club alone because nobody wants to hang out with them. You think I'm here alone I don't think so I'm sure but it was unintentional and I didn't advertise the water what do you do with the witches and over 100 of how much you are paying we only came together and why don't you come with me I always have to come alone Because you've never told me you're coming to a club, well, you better go with that one.
I'm leaving, by the way, 95 thousand pesos that I lent you for the taxi the other day. If you have to come to a club like this, you should already have money to It takes 200 fish to pay, oh well, bye-bye, and I hope that we look for me to ask me for money of 45,000 pesos and not too stingy, that's why nobody wants it, and better, hello, yes, and those people who are growing up and can't negotiate with me daughter is what That the debt with Mr. Rojo has everyone worried but at the moment the 5% are most concerned about so if you knew she has a sick little brother yesterday I saw her very tired from being all day with the doctor's sister today but Please, Stavanger is quite a bit at the Juliana club, I didn't invent it.
I personally saw her arriving with her little sister in the afternoon, rather, let's not talk about it anymore because you definitely don't want them for me. I'm hungry and I can't keep composing like this I'm not going to think, give me the way, don't be bushy, you know it was like that, making fun of my little sister because you can't write a song at night, suddenly inspired by what is inspiring, that's the strict one care for that person something natural is not security that help yes yes in the height 1922 right there take advantage of pizzi well and until when am I going to be the stranger the group there are people who have to attend to the doctors for at least some cars but but but nothing has happened there just find her half naked the naked pool bears her name that doesn't happen in a club I'm very normal a real street action the song and tell where the song is man what yes no heaven First, when it comes to the game, since first I pour and don't go, he's calmed down, calm down, that's it, smile and what do I want?
You're called light, nice to meet you, what happens is that they put some screws in his legs because he fell off a motorcycle and the doctor says that her blood is very sensitive and she can't have allergies of any kind and the blows affect her I don't expect no, as they call you, I'd say like you can't have a kill, what the hell I'm going to invite you to my concert seriously gure to the man in front of the walls I swear to you, of course, yes, right now, and I'm not going to stay in my house all day waiting, if you want, come with me, we'll get to know the city and then we'll arrive together, thank you very much, Chinese, but it doesn't seem right to me to go with Other acquaintances there are little sisters, none of them are familiar with me, you can rest easy if it's full of police outside and although I may seem so, I'm not that bad, that's what all the crazy maniacs say, murderers, lies, you're really going to take us to the concert, well yes, of course, when you've seen that a crazy mania and four if you don't lie please let's go let's go yes the monkey because not among the maniacs we understand each other and maniac and well it's that your name is very good at least you have a very good memory crazy and at least I'm going To get to know this city again with a maniac, there it can be very good because there is only the age that will go to the asylum on Saturdays well, don't say more Gustavo who is divine so far at any time it is good a wine does not seem to you you are well First, you think I'm fine, yes, of course, they told me that he's writing the song, well, I'm a woman who can see and know what I know, but it's better if the children are in another tense, you want a massage, I'm not like that well thank you they are despising me more thinking about it thank you a massage gustavo I look cute and of course then why are you going to stay with that lincoln of course and no although at bat I have been good although if you want ah massa they are very sensual but I have a date I'm going to the north, it's a long hill and with something to pay for the arrangements, this name and the story of the lyrics of the songs I love it and if it's with a spoon, it's better in the Canary Islands to dictate crazy respecting more if you listen ah 2 yes 2 but the sexy girls enough little star you do this with all the truth or the juliana very well thanks for here one more for the list of the thread with a maniac I wanted to see if the maniac was growing and how many magnetic ones are there on your list if you were a list on that list would you have a single maniac really what a drum answer because not all men are the same used why don't you call them and health from me because he now calls her you're going to have to do something else so that I stayed with you tonight, call her, what do you think if we wait, even if you don't invent the call, I like the idea but I don't really like waiting, so when my sister is alone at home, I also like to make myself want a little bit, you accompany me, you don't accompany me Yes, of course, I'll accompany you.
There's a rest calling because he doesn't answer. What Pérez is that he's an ex-boyfriend. That doubt, something must be planning. I know, something very bad, but and the only man I want to know these days is the one I have at front and don't make fun of it, it's serious, yes, I'm also very serious, well, I'm going well, based on Korea, thanks for everyone, keep doing the job that looks good for Havana, nothing at all, what happened, everything that is, do you want more wine, no thanks So if maybe I had a massage but why is that all this has happened so fast because nobody is interested in my massages of course I'm not my account and the truth then after this comes but I'm not a girl easy, don't think badly of my family, you've talked to me again, it's been about 15 days since I've been calling him and I can't get in touch with him by 7 way.
She hasn't answered her cell phone to me either, I've been calling them for 15 days and I haven't been able to communicate with her, I'm already worried, worried why, because when you go on tour you're going to forget my way, pass my cell phone from now on to wherever I go I'll go with you as you have it stored beautiful voice to the fullest I don't know if this is very fast if you don't believe me but that weird pod that I don't know what it says in love I don't know I feel strange things and I don't I believe you the same, the same I knew you won't believe me if it's true then write me a song or why do you stay silent so in love 22 does not answer the earth swallowed it let's say that inspiration is something that comes they say they are serious seriously inspiration it is not something so sen Cillo, but I'm going to do one thing, I'm going to give away a song that I wrote thinking of someone common, a blue shot was created, you're a fraud and the inheritance I'm not a fraud. do something voilà vine this witch must be up to something and what is this a fortune on paper sevilla i had a lot of money for it to be lost overnight do you want to know my mom's old husband rodolfo s here are all the songs that They also arrived there are all the songs that I haven't counted yet if you want to know here is the reason for my success Camilo I need me to recover that money these songs I wrote them years ago when all this is starting then all this came the drugs until there are no trucks there to day he understood that it is very strange because I am in a clinic for an overdose I was two years in the rehabilitation farm hahaha it really is not something I am proud of so but about what it is and now I realize once that after that you can't write anything again it's as if the drugs had absorbed all your creativity I'm sorry but Juliana I told you that Mr.
Rodolfo's debts They were true whatever they are I have songs for the next ten years every year I'm in charge of releasing two songs I think they're my berries because my head ached the way you know more things I'm going to record this song next year but I'm going to give away the oea to me but beautiful you are completely indifferent to me precious you really call me what a way to be a concert very early since now we leave no more than 10 because so early it is not that I want to block the sound if I have to play at 4 in the afternoon and it's that I want to go to the stylist tomorrow so that you can fix my super pretty hair, you leave early and I have to later so that you can live here if you want. address is the list of people to whom he owes of course and where you were composing a song to see if it's true what do I know that they are already in love 22 if it's good full room or tato good I only have era I left almost three weeks at outside of the city I didn't want to talk to anyone I just wanted meat I was super inspired so you can see that I'm good at composing from now on I'm going to keep writing I promise you two songs a year you sing and we become famous because you do this he gets along well with you but look where I live and I haven't even been able to compose a song and that has to change but for now I feel good like this a fortune on paper we look for something and many things like a little but record the song I already get the money I don't Don't worry, but since we're not going to continue being partners of course, well, I have to go, I'll accompany you.
I prefer to be alone because you know what the occasion is and take care of yourself, how are you? Congratulations from the best song time recording this studio I already composed it a long time ago I wanted to record something yes team I have the best composer so it is said that it is not either do not exaggerate there yes yes well well I want to record a classic song every day it gives me more when you Complaint Bogota When I get to the producer we want to see all the details keep relaxed dad good take it until he finally showed up no and I see that they are going on a trip who are you taking sofia they heard her murmur no but if you feel better how very bad it is that you are here Very well it's that they're called I hadn't seen her she's so insignificant not again she's dating that's true maybe you don't care anymore why you're going on a trip well I'm not even going to say goodbye thank you very much that goes too no then I'm leaving to stay here watching nothing I say accompanying as you want good honey and this song was composed by an icon yes this is going to be a hymn for love with this song they will remember you all your life that means that l I liked it, that means we're going to earn millions, we have to launch it immediately, the problem is that I'm very busy and I'm traveling to New York tomorrow and when I return in two months, I understand, we're going to do something, Gustavito, I'm going to give you a check, please, I need That you come to an agreement with my assistant to do the launch in two months so that when I arrive everything is ready as you say, sir. 60 million you can collect it without any problem. guests, we are going to give them a welcome cocktail, it is better if we connect online, we are going to balance the rest, it is leaving, it seems to me that something is missing, it is not perfect. launch must be a big thing that name of yours we need something that sounds better don't worry on the trip I'll think about it and I'll send you some proposals to the mail do me a favor say hello nicole and congratulate her for my part surprise like female secrets entries but how did it go tell me how it was not flexible but tell me what happened what did youthey said look at that 30 million that is, they liked it Mr. yellow pin is programming a presentation it's New York I want a beer whatever you want to do to me 1 we won't have a used composer I don't want to continue with you 2 of this I don't want to be here anymore because I didn't write the song is the royal in which I was surely on the date if I'm not a composer neither are you and I don't want to be next to someone who has no future I'm sorry and goodbye or not from cabbage I'm alone I wanted to know if you received the check I would like you to continue sending more of those naive little boys no and live at 3 the girl who left will give you for this thank you very well we have to erase evidence if I told you what I am now it makes me beaches like this if I tempt every detail Do it like this I'm not trying to make you feel bad for me Why what I want with what I'm telling you is the more Why did I ever get lost in the background of my ah my demons I met e and number you shouldn't have And if you're going to love me, and now you know a little more, tell me what to think, no, no, ah, and that's because I have an appointment with the return of your parents, here I want to take them, but now, for a few days, doctor, good morning, these had, do you a favor.
You know and cabbage well I have an appointment with her at 10 she came back here waiting and a coffee is fine on days I mean it's Miguel it's not me very much I have an appointment with a woman in this neighborhood by chance her name is nicole she is viviana viviana and Mrs. you know no Bibiana has not arrived but I can continue sit down and wait I am offered something to drink they are also waiting for niccolò to Viviana whatever those who lived want to say a beautiful woman who stole my songs Viviana I am you come with him Water has just been sent how it comes with the water if you know but tell me what you know there are several songs two for each year you know where the house is and Viviana is Nicole I'm not here because she sent me a text message they lived we are talking Or from the same person and you, yes, I hope, Nicole stole all my money, but I don't care, all I want is to see the gentlemen again.
Viviana is not coming today either, if you must be the one who stole the songs, right, and I walk all the money from your account to you, what a fool, how can you think of giving her the checkbook, that is not done, and you like it, I take these summonses from you to make fun of us it's not for something more important if you're here it's because the three of you must be hating nicole as much as I don't I really don't hate her I don't either but they want to find her of course well I gave myself the task of investigating nicole or viviana or karen as they call her in ecuador or estefanía in venezuela as nicole is, she is a lively woman who takes advantage of the security of men or is it not strange to them that she has married a v old millionaire that tomorrow's nation was ruined for me yes that's why I hired investigators who have it located in argentina- you hired investigators from the day he died error you have nothing very useful information for me but tell me why you put this message because I need people like you to be nicole I returned to Colombia and paid for everything that I take count on all my help you will find a rude college broke up with me tell him that I love her that's the only thing I don't I'm going to help you too but if we go to work together I ask you please not to talk about her in my presence with what you have just said you have just won me over as your enemy I also want to kill her but I also feel an uncontrollable desire to kill everyone who takes notice of her and I, who has not taken anything from me, do what they want and that in their entire life to look for my visit I have not told him that Mr.
Vida Madryn liked the song very much, I lied that song the this man wrote and by the way if something is useful to you I don't have all his songs but I have this one the 60 million they gave me he took it with him or why do you say he hasn't taken anything from you so robots ex 30 johnny because they decided mine is more full add that to nicole's or bibiana's account however you want to tell her, do whatever you want, well, if they don't want to avenge you there, you, I know why she hates her so much for being beautiful for all of you, we are going to do with knowing that we are the fire to get all the men who want, well, no, and I also have the need to defend Rodolfo's interests to recover my inheritance and make him pay for everything he has done to me. boyfriend no one ever again we have enough reasons to end her with all my help what we have to do when we start right away accompanying the investigators joseph use I'm not going with that some message for when we find him no it is possible that the message will not arrive it is possible that they will never find it anyway very lucky we had 60 million and now what are we going to do compose the song and you silvia that we are going to ask viviana for help my head is not mixed with emotions and I love her and I want to have her by my side I don't want to see her ever again I miss the longing they seem to be more despicable I'm going to let all that build the song everything that's going through my head I'm going to stay firm on my feet dad knows pizzi everyone wants her not to crash zone yes but it makes me stand firm always beautiful liar we will go less that girl does not deserve to have a song she knows that she is not still even if she does not deserve it she does not deserve it she continues to make a mystery why the famous singer participated 1 in the video clip of a new band called their channels while stating that the song is a message sent to a woman of the year several two singers in Colombia without these hits what are those of the quarry whoever lost it and don't cry poorer the little mouth finished her smile actually efe they don't let you think oh I never saw things adding to the joy and she crossed my path she looked at me and left me and I want to give to continue I just want to go back to the network for the life that breathes a lie breathes a lie lies breathes a lie breathes a lie the spire lies breathes a lie well breathes a lie breathes a lie her delicate mouth her angelic smile a whole body certainly compensates me in caresses to you smoking joy sex be my way she lied to me and a beautiful liar colored me that is out of control to end everyone who looks at you to achieve everything in life the truth is that my heart will not lie to you always everything more for you again mind that video how can you think of that pair of stupid people call me the beautiful liar and it won't be because you have to dress up as a nun to travel to Colombia, well yes, but I just do whatever Julianas has my photos of all the Colombian airports and I'm sure it's for you of course it's for me it finally makes a fool just for a good idea a good song and because he had to call me a beautiful liar for the liar I still don't know but the recording at the airport this year has come twice to the country like this when he came four months ago when they released his song I mean he's close h don't get off we have to go quickly pizzi is waiting at the farm where we recorded the video juliana camilo and tino are going there with a policeman mount be quick oh little sister do you think he should come to call less and you already got a boyfriend nicole deliveries of the only thing you can do we already realized it from your companies beyond making for profit picor or bibiana or whatever it's called I'll go to remove that lawsuit, remove the songs, I don't care, all I wanted to do was see you again, look how you're doing, bicol, you're going to have to hide that your life was there, my little sister, I think everyone wants to see us in jail and we run for 12 and why so it won't be bad you also want to send me to jail you don't forgive me well we leave them alone like this I have nothing to forgive would you believe me and I tell you that I miss you I don't tell you that I love you less that's how your heart is and it let me go well although I only came to make you breathe a little better and then you leave for now not in moments it has been a poor bum it is but a rebel for no reason I have been a hippie eat or not and I was also once a pons that is still a very bad cook and a chef with six fingers three times as an architect and it was no better for me because of more money I have traveled half the world flying underfoot I have always jumped it had always been yours who had imagined and now it is singing I can also tell you if I hadn't hit rock bottom and now I wouldn't be here why are you here you for me I for you this is what I call living

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