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Chuck Dramamine .. California Capital Airshow 2017 (4K)

Jun 07, 2021
we have a plane that just destroyed the airspace, boy, oh boy, look at that thing, it looks horrible and it's not flying it very well either, oh my god, there goes the MIG right next to it, uh-oh, see that do you see today? I'll see if I can understand it. This is terrifying. I don't understand this at all. Hello, yellow plane, do you copy the ad? Kate, can you copy me? Hello, can you hear me sir? Are you there? You can't read me, but you can hear me. Alright, I have to talk to you, sir, you destroyed the airspace at an air show.
chuck dramamine california capital airshow 2017 4k
I'm not supposed to be here right now. Wait a minute. He built it well. First of all, let me find out. I have to accompany him. The floor, what's its name, sir? Did you just say you're on the payroll at Folsom Prison? Yes sir, still Chuck, it's an aerial or aerial show, but you're not scheduled to be in it, well, if that's what you're going to do, that might be your opinion, but we have to get you to the ground right now. Okay, we'll show you. Could you land it? Because? What is the problem? You don't know how to land it.
chuck dramamine california capital airshow 2017 4k

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chuck dramamine california capital airshow 2017 4k...

I thought that if. I said you built it. I didn't read a book on how to apply it, but I bought the HB book. I'm fine haha. I don't think it's enough. Okay, listen, Chuck, look what you do to me. A favor, I'll bring it to you. It spins again and I want you to land the plane right now because if you built it when you were in Folsom Prison, how the hell did you get it out? What's that? My brake pedal, my mallet there, well, obviously, you didn't read the book very well. Here's the deal, your rudder pedals, they control going left and right, not fast and stopping, and you almost hit a Saber plane.
chuck dramamine california capital airshow 2017 4k
Oh, they do it my way. You are in their way, sir. I want you to get him ashore right now, Chuck. Get up, get up, Chuck, you say you think you did good, well, this is what I have to do. I have to land because the FAA wants to talk to you. Well, I'm not a flight instructor, but I do play. one on TV, so here's the deal, first of all, you know, that stick coming out of the floorboards, well, I want you to push the stick forward, gently, not so much, pull it back, now pull the stick back just a little, that is.
chuck dramamine california capital airshow 2017 4k
Okay, now use the left rudder pedal with the right rudder pedal to turn around and line up in that direction and land. Say it again. Alright. I want you to lower it. Now there is an accelerator to your left that is like you. gas pedal, it's that red knob on the left, okay, easy, pull back, oh you scraped a wing, yeah, well that's a plane in the way because it belongs there and you're not okay, listen, get out out of that poor guy's way because he's going to be scared by you, okay, you're ready to flip him over and land him, you say one, okay, then pick up the stick off the ground, gently push it forward and then I want you to pull forward. back that knob.
Now raise the throttle to the left, press the left rudder pedal, align the runway so you can land. I'm glad, yes, push forward slightly in the front, well, not much, there you go, you go, you go, now you're going to be almost. There you go, oh no, no, you weren't supposed to back up, you just lost a wheel, yeah, you're doing it right, this is what I need you to do. I need you to line up on that track like you would on a straightaway. Highway and then I'll have you slowly pull back on that red knob.
I'm going to let that nose make you gently push the stick forward and then line it up for landing like you're really not that busy right now, yeah. you gotta get it


busy doing what role would i do what kind of people were very very important people work no paperwork in more important oh that kind of paperwork i gotta get it back you better have it if that's the kind of paperwork do it did you get it enough? Get some more. There you have it. You should have enough. I want to do it now, take care of your paperwork and then let this plane land.
Okay, Chuck, okay, pull back on the lever, gently press the left pedal. back off slowly on the red knob, hold that left turn, buddy, turn left a little more, paddle a little more to the left, push that stick to the left, and now line up, press the rudder pedal right back, insert, goes forward. the stick a little bit forward on the stick, buddy, yeah buddy, you'll get punished it was a bowl of bowl, now pull it all the way back on the red knob and just keep your nose right where it is, pull it up, almost there you're under. there you go all the way back now step on the top of those pedals they give you a little brake and you stop it pull it back turn off the key stop the plane daggone you're a man right forest burn it down oh yeah and ladies and gentlemen of course that one It's not Chuck Driba Yo, who just got out of Folsom Prison on payroll, but the award-winning Kent Peach from Minot, North Dakota, kissing the ground and very happy to be back on the first of three flights today brought you the Jelly Belly Candy Company, congratulations Kent Beach, you are amazing.

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