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Chrysler Hemi 5.7 Engine Diagnosis and Disassembly // 300C Episode 2

Jun 01, 2021
and we're back, so the first thing I'm going to do today is go ahead and load this block into my truck. I'm going to take this to the machine shop and start getting it. The process is underway and then I'll come back and we'll take apart the second block, the one that came off the 300. I'll show you exactly what went wrong with that one and what we're going to do to fix it. Alright, we're back from the mechanic's shop and now it's time to tear down the second block of the 300. Again this vehicle had some mechanical problems and I'll show you step by step, I don't know why.
chrysler hemi 5 7 engine diagnosis and disassembly 300c episode 2
I say it's very strange, you always find interesting things when you start taking things apart, like the fact that the driver's side


mount is completely destroyed, it's totally split in half, so we'll need a new one of those with refrigerant. everywhere oil everywhere time to mop, okay, can we choose the strange cylinder? What does that one look like? Yes, there is some carbon in there, but it's not that bad. Piston number two isn't too bad. This is number three. It is not too bad. Oh my god, what's going on? Yes, that's a disaster. Okay, let's take a look at the cylinder head.
chrysler hemi 5 7 engine diagnosis and disassembly 300c episode 2

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chrysler hemi 5 7 engine diagnosis and disassembly 300c episode 2...

Yeah, I don't think we can save it, so it's very hard to tell from this picture, but this valve has been sitting for a long time. higher than it should be because underneath there is a steel valve seat underneath that is pressed into the head, as you can see this head is aluminum, therefore the aluminum and steel expand at different speeds, so the customer heated this vehicle up a lot, I think. The radiator failed, they threw out all the cooling and kept driving it and it got very hot. What happens is that they heat it up enough.
chrysler hemi 5 7 engine diagnosis and disassembly 300c episode 2
This valve opens. The valve seat underneath falls off the head and simply falls into the cylinder. The piston comes out. The boom explodes into about a million different pieces, breaks everything and also all those pieces of the valve seat get thrown out through the intake, all into the intake manifold, that's why when something catastrophic happens with one of these plastic intake manifolds, you are highly recommended to replace it with a new one because those pieces can get into every nook and cranny, so if you don't replace the intake manifold, just put it on a new


and then get out and drive, one of those pieces could fall off.
chrysler hemi 5 7 engine diagnosis and disassembly 300c episode 2
Back in the cylinder and on the boom you will be back to square one so it is definitely recommended to replace the intake manifold with a new unit when you have a catastrophic engine failure so that is what is wrong with our


engine, so this cylinder head is essentially a total. loss, I mean, technically you could go through and rebuild this with welding and you know, press in a new seat and all that, but honestly, it's not worth the effort, it's easier to just go find another head to get a used one. or whatever, that's what we're going to do, we're going to get a new cylinder head, we've got to get a new piston, I'm going to try to save this block, the piston rings made a couple of ridges here, but honestly they don't look so bad, it doesn't look that good either, but it's not like you can grab it with your fingernail or anything, so again I'm going to take this to the naked block and we'll send this one out.
Also go to the machine shop for a home job and see if that's enough to bring it back to life. If so, we'll probably end up using this same block to put back into the car, so okay, another important tip for you. when it comes to


engines these are your mds solenoids your multiple displacement system solenoids and they can get very stuck in their holes and it's extraordinarily easy to break these things when trying to remove them so the tip and this is straight from


is to Wrap them at the top with a rubber mallet, but pull them down and that will help break the seal over here and then you can try to get them out now, honestly, I can still break one of these to get them out.
It's just not easy to get them out, but let's go ahead and try to see if I can get them out without breaking any of them. Now you can take off the harness if you want to give yourself some. a little more room, but for me, honestly, these locking inserts get so stuck in here that sometimes you can break things even taking them off, so a lot of times I just leave the harness attached and try to pull the solenoids with it, the best way manner. doing it is trying to get a little bit of twisting action, trying to get it moving right, look at that one, that one came out good, I hope I don't get lucky with the rest of these a little bit. turn, oh yeah, two down, that's got to be a miracle.
Never have all four come out so easily, very cool, very cool, okay, the tip works does a good job, a little tap with a hammer, they come right out, we'll move on not bad, not bad, good, could look worse here . I see some bits, there's some piston action in there, a little bit of valve seat, but that's okay, there are no real hidden compartments in here, so we should be able to. to clean it without problems, more piston bits, very nice piston ring valve seat, it's a party for everyone, honestly I must say that I am very happy to see this engine, the car itself is very clean, it seems a bit Grandpa's car and I would say the interior looks very similar.
I don't think they've ever done a good job keeping up with oil changes. It's cleaner than the other engine we just took apart. That is sure. There is a specific socket here to remove the oil pressure sensors and it looks like it will work on many brands. What is this? It's a 16-inch 1-in-1, but it's specifically designed as a thin wall and it's also deep, so it can exceed the actual electrical outlet, so just put it in there. Very very useful plug, use it all the time. Okay, let's go ahead and get that camera out. Good camera looks good, I don't see any signs of elevator failure but I'll check it out.
Those anyway, when it comes out so far, I don't see any signs of damage to the bearings, any damage to the connecting rod bearings because of the pieces of metal that went through, I think it went out very quickly after coming loose, of course, like that which is good news, we will continue. This is the one that's all broken, so it takes a little more persuasion. What do you think can be saved? Yeah, it's okay, it's not that bad. The crank bearings look good too. This is all good news so far, shouldn't it. Say it's going to ruin me okay another down and honestly I was in pretty better shape than I thought so man if this doesn't even look that bad I thought it was worse than this well that's it Stupid, I should have done it.
I did this first, ah, these are the things you discover after the fact, honestly, I think it can be perfected without a problem, being able to put another piston in there and reuse this block, ah, for crying out loud, okay, so I . I'll probably spend the next few decades cleaning everything in here, preparing it to go back on the block once we get it back from the machine shop. Oh man, I'm not really looking forward to it, but this is how it works, I just want to show you guys. something very cool with these connecting rods, I think most modern engines are made this way anyway, but it's still pretty cool if you remember most old style connecting rods, they have mechanical connecting rod caps that fit into the back and it's just a flat surface, a flat surface machined and it works pretty well, but this new process, well, it's not really new, but this process that they have now is pretty good, okay, look at the end of that, look how are we going, look how it's not smooth and the surface, then what's going on?
Do you cast all these things as one piece and then put some kind of machine on them that fractures them in some way and what's really cool about this is that these surfaces won't be the same, they will be completely? Unique on each side so it's impossible to put the rod cap on backwards and when they snap together afterwards it looks like one piece, you can barely see where the split is, look this whole thing looks like one piece I think. That's really cool, I mean, they literally marked it with paint right there to see where the edge is, but you can barely see the break, so it's really cool, it fits much better than any machine surface and it's impossible assemble it incorrectly.
It's a win-win situation guys, so an idea came to me while I was at the parts washer. I've been cleaning parts for a couple of hours and I was thinking that these piston ring grooves on this cylinder bore aren't as bad as I thought so maybe I can get them out just using my sandstone here instead of sending it to the shop of machines, so I at least want to try if not. It doesn't work, okay, I'll send it to the machine shop, but if it works and I can clean these cylinder boards, get them all ready to go, we can put things back together much faster, let's try it a little more.
The oil in it seems to be progressing, not bad at all. Let me see. Let me go ahead and hit him at least one more time. Bring me two more times. Deeply impressed. Completely impressed. I think it's funny that as a lubricating oil, I'm using oil. That's about forty dollars a liter. Well, I want to see if I can bring them here, okay, yeah, so you can see, there we go, so we still have some clear marks there, but they're barely there and they're still fading. You can see right there in the middle that it's starting to go and then on this side nothing really came out of this side so I'm really happy about that just a little bit here I think a couple more passes there and that could completely clear , but the rest of them are a little bit glazed, so they'll slightly refine the rest of the ones with that stone and we can make this block work without exposing it, man, I'm excited.
Okay, I've made a big mess on my floor, but let's see if we've done anything here. Our cylinders are fine, so here is the one that had the problem. Now you can still see just a little bit there, but again. you can't catch that with your fingernail or anything like that it's so light I think we're good I don't think that's going to be a problem at all here we go that's totally clean and again yeah I just want to say it's just it's there, but just with a touch and then the other side is more equal beautiful beautiful beautiful okay yeah I like that three stone setup because it's a little bit more aggressive than your standard ball which can be good and bad but in this In case, I want to say that it was good.
I'm very excited. Now we can move on. I'll definitely need some parts for this, but at least I can put the crank back on today, so let's go ahead and do that and we'll be done. See you there next time I revive.

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