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Christmas Ornament Shopping & Festival of Lights ¦ Christmas 2020

Jun 07, 2021
goodbye, the snow is just ice, it's just little pieces of ice, no, no, running in the car, this is a tiny little car, I think Hannah probably can, if you can offer prices every day, I mean, sometimes there are Tricks like that, well, I don't know if We're going to have a lot of


s left, let's find out, oh, here we go, okay, get down, okay, you gotta get an


, I'll get an ornament, I'll help you, I'll help you, baby, yeah , you. guys, help your friend or your younger friend, okay, see which one you like look, there's a lot, oh, it's got snow in it, can I get two? a soft one, yeah, break it, that thing is giant, you sure want it, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, um, this is probably not really amazing, it's very fragile, if you want achieve it, we can, but let's look around us first. around another maybe you'll find one you like better you're just starting out you want that one okay then oh boy no you can't touch it dad put it in the cart you wanted to find it I wonder if this will actually be who you end up with I think we've already eaten this burger before like oh look ramen I thought you wanted the ballerina okay who got the peppa pig is that the photo for you oh yeah there's a baby Jesus on a real pillow alone?
christmas ornament shopping festival of lights christmas 2020
Like he had the other wise man, we were just talking about how many wise men saw Jesus in the manger, you can buy them, we're not going to buy them, no, oh yeah, she got one from Peppa Pig, apparently yeah, well I got something sad, use french. fries, do you want peppa pig or fries, that's just because he's the smallest, sure we can get them for grandma kitty, why don't you go put that on the thing? We also have to choose one for Molina. Wow, he's a pretty old genius. Yes there are. Also some at Walmart guys we can go there they have a lot of cartoon like from movies and stuff I saw there so you don't have to get one here if you want to go there we can go there too come here it looks nice .
christmas ornament shopping festival of lights christmas 2020

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christmas ornament shopping festival of lights christmas 2020...

I like that more than the other thing, yeah, you want, you want to give the other one back, maybe I'll just take the ice cream. Now, I'll buy that ice cream for now, okay, look, I found pizza, look at me. um, yeah, what are you doing with your statue? Okay, a monkey in a spacesuit is that funny. Each of us chooses a sweet for after dinner. um, I don't know, we'll see, maybe we won't even go there, he adds, it's really cool. I like that one, I think I'll give this one. Can we all understand which one you are going to receive?
christmas ornament shopping festival of lights christmas 2020
Judah, ooh, that's cool, I mean, I have two ornaments, no, just one a year, that's what you like, you put the ice cream cone on. Again Claudia wants to change them, I don't know where this is going, oh put it anywhere, I'm so glad she doesn't understand that, when I was going to break in 30 seconds she became even more fragile than this, no, That is much more fragile. she got a ball that is full of little confetti garbage that was going to fall everywhere no no no no no no no hanging on one of the things someone just hanging somewhere hannah picked up the zombie king james in the game claudia thank you which one did you do? do it justice, a sweet bun, a cinnamon bun, nice, it looks very tasty, okay, put it on, look at this one guys, this one is fun, it's a ball, but it looks like a pink leopard unicorn and I already have a peppa pig.
christmas ornament shopping festival of lights christmas 2020
So who doesn't have theirs yet? You already have one. Eden still needs hers and Sally still needs his. He still thinks Sally likes to take her time deciding things. Alright. You say the proportions are not correct, but they are anyway. do you want it or just like it these are aussie those are some from the geek bible i love that color blue boy i could look at that blue all day oh you're so sad it's ollie you finally got one let me see what you got oh you got the astronaut, alright , let's put it there. She can take as much time as she wants to be able to take until they close.
Did you see that one with the little round one with the ears? That one was cute, yeah, that one. I like this one, it's like a real ball one but it's a little braver, there are still a lot of good ones, oh, it's broken here, there's one that's not broken there, it's going very well, let's leave it, guys, come on, guys. everyone can get a sweet, they should eat it after dinner, okay, they can't eat it now, of course they can, because you're Claudia, how does she always get m ms um, maybe try something new, why don't you try this? try both no, no, just one, no, we're going right now, so you don't need to ride in the cart anymore, oh, sir, goodbye, daddy likes good bars, there may be more candy in other aisles, I want be one of the The biggest one I can get is very good this one tastes better but this one is bigger it's a tough decision bigger or better I would choose better than bigger of course that's ok though everyone else has his things.
How much they cost? Well, that's a bit. That's not too bad, so okay, hello, so we have this. We broke this one so we can pay for it. Okay sir, are you sure? Okay, here are the other pieces. Thank you so much. Okay, be careful, very careful. No, no, Claudia. Don't touch them, okay, I'm worried you'll break them, so thank you very much, that's closer to soy, right? Come on guys, everyone hold hands. Oh, it's snowing. Okay, let's go, but I think they're waiting. we take roll call asher judah eden okay burger king and



oh i was almost going to forget, yeah i did that just a minute ago, partridge in a pear tree, second, two turtledoves and a partridge in a pear tree, three french hens and two turtles pigeons and a partridge and a pear tree four birds singing three French pigeons and two in total partridge pigeons seven swans are swimming I don't know, it's a crazy Christmas present, I like where they give, uh, milking maids, you know, that's pretty important. to get a group of and then some ladies dancing, I mean, all the guys want that right, not the French, they are some gentlemen who jump for your Christmas present, like how many people did you get? 107.7 fm oh, it must be true, only around Christmas, buddy.
It would be a little strange, yeah, I remember we were vlogging on the line, look guys, oh, they stopped. There seems to be a flying character. So I can see it like this. Imagine that you had enough light bulbs. They are close enough to each other around them. It could be like you're walking in a virtual reality room, graphics everywhere and yeah, that would be cool. I wish they would literally build cedar. They literally built as if they touched them all. I can say it's like a big tube and then. Is it funny Hannah? Where is Hannah?
Hello, yes, I can't eat it. She said she can't eat us. Little pizza with seizures. Why did I see them? Hmm, there's hot air blowing into my face. Why did I think this was longer last year? Well. We did everything pretty fast, yeah, I think there were more cars last year, yeah, so you had to go a lot slower, oh good Santa Sheriff, okay, everyone's ready to buckle up again. Did you guys have fun? Yeah, you never got it. one in the now you

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