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Christmas Home Tour 2019

May 30, 2021
Hello YouTubers welcome back to my channel it's a bright pink cupcake girl and today we finally have our long awaited Christmas


decor haul so we did one of these last year and it's my most viewed video on my channel. This is a highly requested video. A lot of my subscribers have been waiting for this and have been asking me when are you going to do this, so here it is, so sit back, relax and enjoy the


. This will be a candlelight


. I have my flash only this year, a lot of people. I wanted to see our decorations and a little more light than last year so I hope this helps and like I said sit back enjoy and relax and here we go so we are here on the street next to our street lamp where we have our beautiful twinkling lights we feel like this is a real Victorian feel for Christmas, we have green wreaths all over the front of our house, our windows and our door, and we have one here on our lamp post that is also just a real Victorian look, We have our little snowman down here that says welcome and then on this side we have our little garden flags with all the little red birds, the little cardinals and it says let the sky and nature sing.
christmas home tour 2019
I'll just give you a little front view here, the front. of our house our house is decorated with victorian decor if this is your first time watching one of my videos or visiting my channel and the filling of our house is a bed and breakfast so we just want everything to be warm, cozy and very cozy and feel like you could come and spend the night here and just relax, so a little close up of our front porch, okay, let's go ahead and come in. I probably won't talk much about this. video No, I'm not going to explain where everything came from because if I did, it would take forever, but if you're interested in knowing something specific about any of our decorations, leave me a comment below and I'll answer it that way if I have anything new which we didn't have last year.
christmas home tour 2019

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christmas home tour 2019...

I'll talk a little about that. We have garlands all over our front porch. Everything is illuminated. We have big red bows everywhere. lighting fixtures outside this is our covered porch we spend a lot of time here a little view of what it looks like from our porch with all the beautiful lights like I said we have the wreaths on each window we have candles on each window and we keep them lit all year round. We think of the candles as just a cozy, soft, very Southern, Victorian little piece of decor that, like I said, we just enjoy all year long.
christmas home tour 2019
We changed them to orange for Halloween, so if you have them. I haven't seen our Halloween


decor. Look, there's also this little scarf on my channel and I love this piece here, this is a quiet little bistro table and it says Mrs. Claus's Bed and Breakfast and like I said, that's exactly how we want our home to feel. and on our little bistro table here we have our little tea pot with our little cup of tea just to feel welcome just sit down have a cup of tea we have a little light up here and it reminds me of our house with the big covered porch and the garland and the wreaths of little icicles there and we have the candles here for all of you to enjoy and we will go out here sometimes and we will have our breakfast, of course, during the winter because it is too cold, but we like to enjoy our breakfast here in the front porch, stop by his reindeer here, he's coming to buy some treats for the reindeer, this is the name of our house, the Magnolia place, like I just said. kind of a southern plantation feel like a bed and breakfast, we have little topiaries next to the front door and that says be jolly and hang it at our front door, we have lots of Santas throughout our house, we love the red colors The arrangement is filled with pine needles and magnolia leaves covered like tiny sugar sprinkles.
christmas home tour 2019
We love magnolia leaves. We think it goes well with our house. I have a lot of lace everywhere. I love these little ice skates with the little white faux. fur on top we have white wicker furniture on our front porch, okay, here, okay, let's come in and get warm, warm and cozy, so welcome to Magnolia Place, okay, here in our driveway, we have something to We didn't have time last year for the tour. We have several Christmas trees throughout our house and they are all artificial, but in true Victorian style they always like to have smaller real Christmas trees sitting on a table and adorned with old-time baubles and tinsel, so that's what we did .
We bought a small live tree and we put it here in our driveway and this is the only tree we have that has colored lights, the multi-colored lights, the rest of the lights inside and outside our house are all clear white lights, but in this one . we just wanted to change it up a little bit and add some fairy lights and we have all of Tommy's tinsel and icicles and just little red, green and gold decorations. We have it on top of an antique drum table with some small Christmas gifts. and my little Victorian Christmas book that my love thought up for me when we visited a historic site here in our hometown for a candlelight tour of the historic site.
We really enjoyed a candlelight Christmas tour and it's even decorated with vintage tinsel. a little star at the top so back up here to try to give them a better view and then we just have our grandfather clock and there's a lot of garlands and red poinsettias and gold colors and things like that all over our house so Now talking about the clock standing, you will have different broadcast times. This is one of my favorite pieces. This is Mary Joseph and Baby Jesus, all in gold. We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
You won't go up the stairs. In a few minutes, I'll go ahead and show you the staircase. This is our downstairs bathroom and I don't normally have a candle on our toilet, but for the candlelight tour I put it in there just to give it a little something. Lighting magnolias everywhere, of course, because the name of our house is Magnolia Place, okay, I'll go ahead and take you into our formal living room, give you a little overview of everything and then start again back here of us once. really all about the birth of Jesus and we added this book this year.
We found this beautiful book in an antique store and it has the verses and lyrics of Christmas songs and I opened it to sell it at night in a way. manger and has a picture of Mary holding baby Jesus here surrounded by the animals and the little stable, so I thought it was perfect to accompany the nativity scene. We love Christmas carols. Those are real Victorian pieces. This is our nutcracker suite. We will try. To get this going without missing anything we discussed all the different scenes from the Nutcracker and that's what we used to go see the Nutcracker performance every year and we absolutely adored it so honey I found this for me years and years.
Ago is just one of my favorite pieces, it's so stylish and so beautiful, it's so tasteful, okay, and down here, I know I forgot to turn on my little skate town, wait, let me turn on, we found a new piece this year. our little town, which was a little more this, oh, we did that, we lit a little Christmas town that we found in a little bit and I closed it in one of my houses and we found it for a little bit of nothing and I want the ancient swords that we left become old and when we found them it was like we had to have this town, a big step, here we go, so here is our little Christmas town, we have everything lit up, we love that house there because it reminds us of our house it has the same shape just reminds me a lot of our little gazebo we found that piece this year too and this right here is what we found this year at the antique store and it's so cute they're all ice skating it's an adorable hunt on this little friend from here it looks like it's supposed to look like if he fell while ice skating, huh.
Oh, snowman, a little dog here in the corner, it's so cute, I love it. It's just beautiful, it's so soft and right now with my flash on it's really bright, but with just the houses lit up it's so cute and so cozy that it really reminds me of a little neighborhood town, you know when it snows at Christmas? it's so cozy, let's go to the formal living room, here we have these new pillows this year, we fell in love with them, honey, I found them at Hobby Lobby and they are just beautiful, we thought they looked really old, Tommy, really old. -world and then here is our Christmas tree, one of our Christmas trees, then here is the mantel and the purple coffee table, this is another new piece that I found this year, this is one of my favorite pieces, it is a Victorian family and a small sleigh full of gifts.
It has that little Christmas tree, I love it, so this is another of our favorite groups, our carolers, it has mom and dad and then the boy girl and, of course, the street lamp with the green wreath and the red ribbon like the that we have in front of us. our house and this here is from a Christmas play we attended last year and if you look closely, it's the 12 days of Christmas, there's the partridge in a pear tree, two turtledoves, three French hens, let's go down to the end it's just so beautiful there's a close up of our mantel decor we have a lot of old world santas my love is so full last year in an antique store and it says it was the night before


and it's like sugar, do you see everything Tommy?
The candles I used to have in my room have a girl on them and I loved the scene because it's a mantel and a fireplace, but the stockings and all the things on top of the mantel with the tree next to it are exactly the same as ours. is willing and has the boy and girl coming down on Christmas morning peeking out to see their presents. I love it so much that we have pearls. I love you Peyton, that and I notice it a lot, but if you paid attention to our tree, but it is decorated with pearls and that's why our pieces of mail we have big stockings gold ribbons the Honeyman pickle bows our children and our dogs of course puppies here There is our fireplace, we enjoy that during the winter here the whole book is Christmas carols and we have it open here in a small town of Bethlehem, it has Mary and the baby Jesus there and it has the lyrics and the sheet music of the song and this here , these two pieces are new this year and I think they are almost all we have.
I have ever found that they are animated and in true Victorian style I love this with her top hat, her burgundy velvet coat trimmed with fur, she has a little candle here and look at her, she is absolutely beautiful, she has her huge Victorian dress. and look how beautiful her little cameo-shaped brooch is, there she has her candle for a while, for a little sleeve. I love them, seriously, they are my favorite thing. These are Tommy's old matches, like the fireplace lighting matches, these actually belong to my love's grandmother, so. I like to have them sitting by the fireplace this week, last year.
I think I had this on last year's tour. I don't remember, but we found this beautiful Victorian lamp in an antique store and it lights up and the glass. It's red and white so it's absolutely beautiful and perfect for Christmas. Try to give them a little overview from the side. Okay, now I'm going to take you to our family room, this is where we watch movies and spend time together as a family. and this is mainly done for reading, the real motif of the room is usually the hot scene which is also very Victorian so during Christmas we like to add a touch of red here and there and it's mainly Santa Claus so we have these old world Santa pillows with the bright red against our couch which is darker brown leather of course for the hunting scene we even have a little red Santa ornament for our lamp.
I love this big center right here, he sits. I have two new books that my ass bought me a Christmas carol and then this one here Santa calls and how the autobiography of Santa Claus and how Mrs. Claus saved Christmas. I thought it was a great book and I always wanted a copy of A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens, so he found them. We have the old kerosene lanterns all over our house and more Santa pillows and I'm going to try to show you our, let's see how I can do this. I'm going to try to show you our entertainment center, but it has a lot of pictures of my son with Santa Claus over the years, so I won't show them. you guys, but I'll try to show it to you for us, we have our big TV here and we have our fake fireplace lit on the TV, we have another town up here, we love this here because we have a little white fence with our lighted post with the wreath in front of our house and if I could get some Christmas carols to stop a little lamp post outside and Carol I would be very happy.
I love it, look how cute.Okay, I'll show you that I'll cover up. I have some Santa backs here, some old belly wounds, of course, photos of my son with Santa Claus. More photo frames. More photo frames. Oh, Santa, let me have more here. I want to show you the next one because here are just pictures, we're going back to town and we've got these old Victorian Tommy Santas here in the corner of the TV and I've got the little Victorian kids with them and then my loved ones followed me so he just moved the pictures.
There was usually a picture of my son so a tree wouldn't fall here and a really nice picture frame, but only for prophetic reasons to see why he hadn't moved it. I so we have another old Timey Santa, another one of course like I said we would have a picture right here of him with Santa Claus and I won't show you the stuff below because it just has him and Santa again some more Santa Clauses here and then here in the middle are our little puppies when he lays here with us and everything is done with a puppy Christmas dress, not Christmas clothes, there is a little Christmas blanket and then here in the middle we have my darling, I was surprised with this last year, it's actually a board game that's based on the book and movie A Christmas Story and I wonder how beautiful it has Scrooge and Tiny Tim so Victorian and I love it so much that of course we have our Bible ready and we have it almost beautiful. scene here of the church in the snow and everyone going to church with this horse sleigh right there it's about the birth of Jesus and of course we have candles, that's just I love it, next I'm going to take you all to our kitchen dining room here is where we eat this is our informal table I'll take you to our formal table here just a minute, but this is where we know we have breakfast, lunch and dinner as a family.
I love it's a lamp. and of course not also decorate it for Christmas and here is our meeting table there is the centerpiece you have seen this before because sometimes I make my hallways around here we did this when we had our Rudolph theme night for those who made this the little one Rudolph's gingerbread sleigh and our kitchen is decorated with gingerbreads, candy canes, gingerbread houses and as you know, many candy-themed Santas look like the North Pole and look like a small bakery, so We just want our kitchen to be warm and inviting. we save here all the time and we cook here all the time it's always a complete family and we love it during the holidays this pillow is made this year it says cookies with all the gingerbread and the little cupcakes Sanna and the gingerbread house on that side is It's a picture of my son he was in kindergarten, of course, I have his face covered and this is a little letter from Santa Claus to him one year, well, the year he was in kindergarten, so I kept my nose hanging out every year, like I said, our kitchen is full of candy, lots of little gingerbreads, my son and I made this one years ago, my love and I made this the other night, so now we have a boy and a girl , a little gingerbread craft coming out of our Santa Claus. everyone has gingerbread houses everyone has gingerbread gingerbread man and they have candy everywhere everyone has a chef's hat to make it look like they are baking and I love this towel here glory to God in the highest and on earth peace, good will toward men one of my favorite passages in the Bible I love this gingerbread house right here it's one of my favorites it lights up it's so beautiful another Santa Claus back here with this little baker he had on one he also holds a gingerbread house and its a little basket there has candy canes, mints and a little gingerbread man who is Santa Claus, holding little mints.
Santa Claus and ice cream back there, a big plate for cookies, cookies, I love this gingerbread house, it's so cute and it's full of candy. Sprinkles Cupcakes, small gummies and mints. everything is beautiful and this is new this year, I'll take it, it's my little gingerbread lamp, it has all the icing sprinkles and skim candy drops, it's so cute it's all made out of gingerbread, then another little Santa Noel and holds little mints, then we. I have our little hot chocolate bar a little hot chocolate bar I have our red Keurig that my honey just bought today we had one from last year it was red too and it started leaking so today he surprised me with a new end so I bought a brand new character enjoy our coffee in our hot chocolate it's a hot chocolate day and it's definitely here today it's very cold recipe for the holidays a group of family and friends a cup of joy a variety of memories blend into one warm home with a chorus of happy noises sprinkle with a dusting of snow I have candy canes we have chocolate chips we have gingerbread cookies we have peppermint sticks little peeps gingerbread man of course red sprinkles and Christmas tree marshmallows so We have a little towel here with some little cups, so we want you to feel welcome here so you can come make yourself a nice cup of hot chocolate and put any of these delicious treats on it that you want.
I have my new big tray here my new big gingerbread man I love him it's a huge Santa Claus hanging here in the window right next to the hot chocolate bar we have this little sign that says have a cup of joy with all the little ones hot chocolates and Of course, this Santa Claus has a key and small cookies, we are gingerbread houses, my little gingerbread soap with a cupcake and a mint lollipop, another little Santa Claus baker and he holds the gingerbread cookies with his candy lady, but a gingerbread has a pocket gingerbread house that we I made Christmas greetings with this little Victorian girl here and she's baking all these cookies.
I'm going to forget to turn this on, but there's a lot here. I forgot to turn it on. I'm sorry, but the little cookie jar here has the Hold on my darling, oh, don't light it. I'll save this. I love this little towel here hanging in our dishwasher. It's very old, but I love it. I love the little house in the snow. the trees this Merry Christmas here we go thanks you have the lady. Santa Claus and another Santa Claus, another little baker and he's also holding a gingerbread house with the gingerbread in his pocket and then a little bakery here with all some sweets in the windows and it lights up all over the top.
I love it so much, it's a cookie jar, you have more kerosene lanterns, so now I'm going to go ahead and take you to our formal dining room. Here we have days until Christmas, as you can see, I haven't put anything in it. I forgot, but I need to put that in there because Christmas is coming up. I have all the lights, oh no, no, I'm so sorry. Yeah, I forgot they're on and here's our formal dining room. I'll let it go. And nature sings my rhythm it will be more than one season here we are again back at the tree in the entrance with a little Christmas, okay, here she is new, honey, she bought me that at my antique store, she has a little skating hall, it's beautiful, it's my favorite. pieces of this year today okay, I guess we better go upstairs, my battery is dying.
Go ahead, I'll take you upstairs to buy my phone battery because people wanted to see a lot of Victorian paintings on our stairs, and here's our teacher. bedroom this is my little girly Victorian tree it has pink roses and peach colors and little tea cups and I think it's so beautiful, I think it's so girly I love this course, having Santa with it your barking puppy is like mommy I'm ready to go out , another little piece of town here, a little fireplace, okay, I'll take you to our master bathroom. You can come and have a candle light here in our jacuzzi, relax and read a Victoria magazine with Cameo soap.
And I bring you some fresh lavender for your bath. We even have a lace pillow for you to lie back and relax. Some very cozy towels for our guests. Our shower is fine. I'll take you now to the shower in our guest bathroom. in lace and Christmas towels we love burgundy and green colors throughout our house, especially at Christmas, in the right hallway you have another nativity scene that lights up, this was beautiful and then in our guest room I will turn on the light for everyone who wanted . Look at it a little, stirrup, we have a wreath, Santa Claus, they are singing, oh, I forgot to turn them on.
Sorry, I thought I had all the lights ready for you, but I just realized I forgot to turn them on. the headboard of our guest bed so my love is taking care of that for you right now there we go perfect they are much better just cut it adorned with old greenery with berries and she likes the little victorian scene and I'll show it to you . Here I can't show you the things in my cabinet of curiosities. Sorry for personal reasons. I'll show you my angel up here and I'll show you Sanna's multi-set here. Okay, sorry, okay, and last year I didn't take them.
You walk into my son's room, he actually has two rooms, this is the one he had when he was younger, he's 16 now, so he has a different one with, you know, different decor, but I'm not going to show you everything. here. In fact, I'm going to cover some of this and I apologize, but of course, for privacy reasons, I'm going to keep you down here on this floor because this little rug that a little Rudolph made when he was little in 2008, here's his small of him. gingerbread tree it's just little gingerbread lights and ornaments everywhere so cute it just has gingerbread everywhere gingerbread cookies just little ornaments everywhere and the two little gingerbread stones at the top bottom this is his little nativity scene from when you use a baby it's the little people, uh, and then this is his bed and a half, like some stuffed animals he's had over the years, the Grinch, his Christmas bear, Rudolph and Clarice, just a little reindeer, her little quilt says all hearts come home for Christmas and there's a couple of gingerbread buns everywhere.
He has such cute little hearts he has this little elephant, Santa Claus, down here, he has an inflatable Santa Claus down here and he has a great collection of nutcrackers. He's always loved nutcrackers, so he has quite an impressive collection, here's his little snowman tree. in his room, but also my man in the background and then he's covered in these cute snowmen everywhere. Here's our Disney tree I've been talking about. We decided to make a Disney tree this year, so I'm going to take a step. I come back and give you a little overview. There was a big pinky here dressed as Santa.
We have our little one. We really can. Stockings for a Mickey on top. They're a. Donations could be Cinderella. Mickey. Lady Dumbo. More Mickey. About us? making a mini piglet hello Marie chocolate Bambi Donald the whole gang has Cinderella she with little Gus Gus or Pooh or Mickey Mary Poppins we have the witch from Snow White and all of Tommy's we, Pooh Maleficent Christmas Poon is Christmas pajamas and the old man rabbit Snow White your lady in the most lady in the so we love our Disney tree and then of course it is surrounded by all of our stuffed animals that we have collected over the years we have Olaf frozen poop and the Lady liberties and Tigger, our big Mickey and Minnie Christmas that my love bought me Norway the Pooh our tree skirt Dumbo Pluto back here Donald and Daisy a couple of Marines another ticker we have a Winnie to choose from Christmas book and if it is used for the plate Santa Claus and money Japan oh oh that's our little tree, we decided to put it in his room just because of the things that he has collected over the years and we have collected over the years, so I think that's it, oh oh well, I can't show that kind of pet. photos I think I have everything for our tour of our house.
I hope you enjoyed this video. If you did, give it a big thumbs up and if you haven't subscribed to my channel yet, please do so and I hope you are all having a very, very wonderful Christmas Season, please remember the true meaning of it, the birth and the eternal gift of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, and I just wish you all a truly peaceful, loving and welcoming Christmas, so until next time take care of yourselves and God bless you. Merry Christmas, goodbye.

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