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May 01, 2020
Well, at the request of all of you who have subscribed to the channel, I went to interview Cristian Nodal Padlock, drawing a lot of attention, especially on social networks, and you asked me to interview him, and here we go, Juana, ahead, where Christian and I I met Cristian basically through requests on my channel and we said boy, who will it be? I listen, it really excites me, then I ask why the man, my colleague from the


, and she tells me, oh, well, he's Jaime's son, he's the manager of the plebes of the ranch and how do you think, um, yes, indeed, he is an artist, I think he is worth knowing and for a reason he is making so much noise.
christian nodal sorprende a pepe garza   pepe s office
I had heard you until people began to listen to me and it existed and it's not because people weren't the goddess of love and I said ah, especially the song of goodbye love caught my attention there the fusion with the mariachi voice of the boy and he directed and good vibes with the goal I didn't know what was left of the music family I had no idea where it came from after this I found out because it's like more millions of views I congratulate you and they told me to come and see and I am flat well trying to talk with the people who come up the most in which we are going to succeed and all that you will not come thank you very much for that because you know that when you start out it is very difficult for you to know how to get to the different places because there are many places and well, with the program that brings this outcome, very good, well, it is to meet many people through this medium for opportunities, and from 42 to 17 years old and from when more or less they sing to us I had no conscience they had me singing yes because all my family months are musicians since I was a child in kindergarten everyone can sing to me in primary school so I don't know anything yet more nerves but the good thing is that we don't run out of time but none of the advantages of cristiano dal because on his father's side his whole family has been involved in music for many years, so they somehow know how water flows, the dynamics of this, which is quite exhausting, which is a very special lifestyle, but well, there is who falls in love with this lifestyle precisely and cristian


I see it well with that artist's blood how many recorded records we don't have before the first song is this goodbye love was the first fat morsing I say it looks like the nuncio tequila in bless video and who They are your influences as well as your favorite singers El Potro de Sinaloa de Castro when Julio was very good but I am a person and there is no point in you continuing like this if it is not the same you are not the same and mentally the song goodbye love it seems to me that It has some interesting ranges in a tonality, it becomes very high and you can hear it with a lot of power.
christian nodal sorprende a pepe garza   pepe s office

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christian nodal sorprende a pepe garza pepe s office...

Love, don't lose you, Pérez and Nario, forget you because you failed me. This song had been recorded by Dare and at some point but it was a good choice then to set it up like this with mariachi is making a splash on social networks some first social problems yes I started composing with us when I was 13 years old and it started because I wanted to give my girlfriend a gift the first first or second year of high school and in love with their farms and that's when it all started I started composing and it turned me off very good well it is that I have compose compose with for the songs you and that's it to start but before gluing and providing half of the disc in the north took off but it was not changed reels ago and so if we plan to continue it is because I have always liked that music but I did not plan to release the music I this arose that before an authority of mine I failed you and not because on social networks it began to They began to share it with them and it was already unstoppable because I, my vision, my whole family would also be more able to handle this how easy the promises of this love will not go any further, nothing can remedy a shattered soul and Xavier will not I lost it all because of some false caresses, this song failed you, it returns more to the rules of what is working right now and norteño and banda I think it will definitely make it a huge success, in fact it is already doing very well on social networks too and thank you and then that was the one you uploaded the first civil crisis so everyone knows each other there and I feel that people are waiting and I think it will come out because I already said I am going to suffer from stress and little by little it took us a while to get out of His love, but it was, I think it was all at the right time, well, let's go at a moment and this is the role I've taken, we know the one that today is quick to take what his body is and it's close.
christian nodal sorprende a pepe garza   pepe s office
I began to feel this little song from my hands, I got carried away, very good and very surprised that it is Cristian's combustion because to compose well you have to have certain experiences, he is very young, he is 17 years old and he handles this level of lyrics Very surprising, it's called I let myself go and it's a shift on Cristian's part, I also forget this relationship is nothing because it even seems that he has more years to have been a person with a taste than I imagined I can't anymore, little boy and he doesn't offer that if he enters public from now on out of beat that is respect and more than anything because a song occurred I am not I am not running cough and this and it is difficult you know what it was that today since if I am aware of this well then this already yes with with adult people with them also with little jazz and if it occurs they are and your role the progressions or if of the sauna chords like this half of boleros like this from where the periods but modern and yes yes as pósito mostar are used right now well they have discussed the songs but he says a lot of things that are 11 incapable or rude because for the woman for everyone so I want to bring this is going to modernize us the digits of the singles from another bar and all that I really like my classes the shock I want I want to cut ar cristian hopefully soon before visiting him and he hallucinates for us to do an event we don't have the tickets and you go to an idol of the people because you are ready I believe that great opportunities in life come to us all he is not ready just like the plane No, it is suggested, discussed in the comments, this boy has a composition, he has a tuning, he plays the guitar, he is of an age to work a lot and to become even more excellent, so for all that, Cristian Oval, I bring it, well, boys, girls, boys and girls, thank you very much for continuing with


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christian nodal sorprende a pepe garza   pepe s office

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