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Chris Simms' Top 40 Quarterbacks: No. 27 Zach Wilson | Chris Simms Unbuttoned | NBC Sports

Jun 04, 2021
You know, I totally agree with Zack Wilson, he's my guy, I love him, of course, I love Trevor Lawrence, like I just mentioned, but Zach Wilson, he just has an appeal to my eyes that the other


didn't have. in this draft, you know first. out, I think his talents are special, you know, I think his release is out of this world special, I mean, again, I don't think anyone is going to doubt that anymore, I think he put that aside after his pro day where it's like People wanted to fight that, but then they saw that and were like, "Okay, that's really cool," like people like Trevor Lawrence send an Instagram message saying "sheesh," which I respect for Trevor Lawrence, basically saying "whoa, I'm awesome." but that was incredibly awesome, that's great and that's what I think Zach Wilson is.
chris simms top 40 quarterbacks no 27 zach wilson chris simms unbuttoned nbc sports
I think he's one of those guys. If you talk to people who have seen it in person, it's always them oh oh yeah, I saw it in person. yeah, he, he's a little faster, oh, he's a little more explosive, oh, his arm, man, the ball explodes, that's what you hear after you hear it, he's not a giant either, but he's bigger than What you think, it's bigger than you think, exactly, it's not a giant. I know he's an Aaron Rodgers type quarterback, that size is 6-2, he's 215 220 or so out there, but you know an incredible athlete can really run as far as you know in the pocket.
chris simms top 40 quarterbacks no 27 zach wilson chris simms unbuttoned nbc sports

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chris simms top 40 quarterbacks no 27 zach wilson chris simms unbuttoned nbc sports...

I told you before. I thought Mac Jones was probably the best. the pocket quarterback in the draft, I think this guy is second and capable of doing more and exceeding expectations as far as getting out of crazy situations with his feet and making things happen, let alone what he does even more dangerous in those situations than a mac jones. is, of course, sometimes you don't even need to get out of those situations, you just say oh wait, I'm trapped, I'm in a bad place, I don't need to fight oh, 30 yard laser gun, oh I got it, oh yeah.
chris simms top 40 quarterbacks no 27 zach wilson chris simms unbuttoned nbc sports
Me, Mac and you, you guys had to get out of it. Not me, I could stand there and still throw it away. It didn't matter, yeah, you know, and those are things they can't quantify on a stat sheet or do. something like that you know oh I didn't see him throw under pressure well he stood on his back foot and threw a 40 yard laser before the pressure got there and he didn't get there so he didn't have to but he was ready for it and you know there are all those things, but I love Zach Wilson's talent, I like his courage and the fact that he's had a fight for some things in college football and all that I think will be good for him. but yeah, I think him in the NFL, you've heard me say it, he has some Homestitch type qualities to me that really stand out and I think he's the perfect marriage with the Jets and I'm really excited about Zack Wilson, so these two.
chris simms top 40 quarterbacks no 27 zach wilson chris simms unbuttoned nbc sports
Trevor Lawrence and Zach Wilson Kristen will always be linked, can we take a look at their 2020 seasons together? Here are the playoffs and what they did. You know they are similar. They are both amazing and that's always the case. It's going to be hard to compare and that was big exactly, we talked about it a lot in the draft process, it's like, oh you have byu and then you have scc, you have clemson, you're playing against tough opponents, but you also have really good teammates over there. and so those debates are really hard to have because every situation is unique and different and you, yeah, it's hard, it's hard to have that debate, that's right, you know, you just do the best you can to evaluate both. they're amazing it doesn't matter yeah I don't care I mean if we change it I don't think the results are going to be much different on both sides I think it's going to come down to what we saw I did and you know of course yeah , there's the byu aspect and all that, I get it's a real thing, I get it, but you know again it's not the end all be all and I think the other thing I would just say is you know.
Again, I have no doubt that last year's movie was Zack Wilson won that battle of the 2020 movie versus the Trevor Lawrence movie of 2020. Yes, Zack Wilson was better last year. I feel very confident in saying that now Trevor Lawrence had to deal with Colvin and a important situations and all that kind of stuff and that's where people varied, I think, in their evaluations of the two guys. one more put in stock than I see right now and this guy and others looked like, oh, what is like a totality and where do I think it will be and all those things that were Trevor Lawrence and something like that.
It seems like the favor seems to be from those I talked to in the NFL, it was like who they had as their number one quarterback, yeah, and the only argument you never hear is the quarterback playing second on a bad team. whoever is doing well. Kellen Monde, right, that's why I always walk away from those schedule discussions and no one gives those guys credit, well you know, that was one of my big conversations, we talked about Kel and Mon last week on the podcast and that was one of my big things, you know, I don't get it either, it goes back to our conversation we had at the beginning of the podcast, for some reason, some people get this excuse and this one doesn't, I'm giving this guy this excuse, to this other guy.
He has the same excuse, but I'm not going to let him have it, I don't know, but anyway, I think two of these two guys, I think they both went to a place where the systems suited them, they did it all. on them as their


to support them with players and stuff like that and it's not that I'm expecting incredible rookie years, but I think that's how it will be, I think I'd be surprised if they both didn't have good years when we He's gone and gone, there's something. of growth and I like what they are doing here.
Let's get into that comparison because Mom at 305 asked a good question: Which rookie quarterback is poised to have the most first-year success based on this line of weapons? offensive coordinator so we'll just play lawrence and


here, yeah, so we'll use the best weapons, who has the best weapons, jacksonville jaguars, I mean, I'm excited about what the jets have done with corey davis and you know, get michael carter from Of course, in the draft and doing all that, eh, but still the jegs could have a better running game, etn and robinson robinson last year, I'm probably going to go with the jaguars, okay, because They are both their offensive lines, I think they are nothing special.
Jacksonville's o-lines may be a little further along than the Jets. The Jets have better tight ends. I think so, the Jaguars have the best wide receiving core right now. I think when you're just watching, the first one out is DJ Chark. a borderline star at receiver yeah he's definitely a really good leviska number one channel that does a really good job. He is better than I thought I was going to get. Marvin Jones. You know, I think I look at those three. They are three pretty good ones. With what you're talking about, with the two running backs, yes, the Jets, there is potential for them to be better, but I don't know if I can call it right now with Corey Davis and Oh, Denzel Mims, who will be in year two.
But I got hurt a little last year and Elijah Moore was drafted in the second round and Michael Carter was drafted in the fourth round. It's like I need to see a little bit how jacksonville has some more proven products for me right now can the jets win on offensive lineman mckay beckton they got last year do they do it they are doing the right things with him Elijah vera tucker uh I'm missing someone else did a pretty good job I thought about free agency too uh here it is in front of me uh just with some indirect guys oh it wasn't free agency I think I'm thinking about free agency two years ago um this is the definitive proof of your memory here we're taking two of the worst teams from the last year and breaking them down position by position no that's okay I should still have a pretty good idea but I think the jets are in a pretty good place as both are very similar, you know, the makai bechten, I love that jaguars have one. address who's pretty good, who they franchise and, uh, cam robinson, but then they have another one that's unproven right now and the Jets are like on that uh Joanne Taylor, who's the second round pick?
Thanks, Pete, the Jets fan, George on the right. tackle who was pretty good last year doing that, I'm missing someone else on their roster that I like, but either way they're right, they're right in the middle, yes, in the bottom middle as far as offensive lines go. Alright, so who do you think will win the most games? So the points bet at the official NBC Sports


book has both at six, yes Jacksonville now has the 8th easiest schedule as projected which has to be tough the jets are in the middle of the pack . sixteenth oh, okay, here are the easiest jets from Jacksonville, which are a little bit more difficult, but they're still in the middle of the pack, yeah, in the middle of the pack, I think, and what caught my attention about the jets is the start aspect of your schedule and do you have that? stopped because that's where I saw it to be a little scary wait because my nfl Jesus when you stop right now well when you read the team schedules it's the worst I don't know what else to say okay this is the it's uh here's your schedule, here you go, Kristen uploaded it, here we go, so you're watching on youtube Panthers, okay, pitching game, it's not the worst, okay, I mean, they're not the worst patriots in Broncos Titans, I mean, yeah, they're going to be the underdog in those three games, the Falcons, okay, so they're back with the Patriots, okay, so do you have Kristen on hand from Jacksonville so she can watch that? ?
Oh wow, Kristen, look at that immediately on the spot, yeah, I look, I guess. I like the design of that calendar a little better, what do you mean Texans? Yeah, so they face that favorite in Texas. Yeah, I guess that makes sense. Broncos, at least they get home. Yeah, I mean, it's not much easier, but. okay, I guess if you're going to make me pick one right now, I'll go, I'll go, I'll go to jacksonville, you think jacksonville wins more games, I guess, I guess what I'm just giving, I feel like they have a little bit easier schedule to gain some momentum and confidence compared to the Jets and I'm very interested in that start to the season.
Well, anyway, that's two exciting quarterbacks number 28, Trevor Lawrence, number 27, Zach Wilson, Hi, I'm Mike. tarico and thanks for watching, be sure to subscribe for the latest news and highlights from nbc



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