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Chris Pratt's Massive Sunburn Put a Damper on His Honeymoon

Feb 28, 2020
Hello. Hello Chris. Hello Elena. I haven't seen you in a long time. Has. She feels like it's been too long. I know. You look well. Oh thanks. You are happy? I'm very happy. I haven't seen you since you got married. Congratulations. Thank you. Aww thanks guys. Still married, still hanging in there? No unfortunately. It's over. Oh no. No, no, yes, still married, still holding on, going strong. Yeah, oh, good. You posted a picture of your


, I think this is it. And I want to talk about it because it seems extremely painful. Yes. You'll notice the butt, that's the color I normally have.
chris pratt s massive sunburn put a damper on his honeymoon
Yes. However, what I was thinking, I think is this. For the last five years, I've been making all these movies. And in those movies I look so tanned, but I forget it's sprayed. And I thought I could put on a little color. And I got ready and that didn't take more than nine minutes. Not seriously. You're not... that's impossible. Where were you? This is what I remember. Were you in the sun? That's where we vacation, yes. Well, we were in a tropical place. And I just remembered that Katherine said, you have to put on sunscreen. And I said, no, I want to start a small base.
chris pratt s massive sunburn put a damper on his honeymoon

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chris pratt s massive sunburn put a damper on his honeymoon...

And then we'll put a little bit of SPF on it. i put on And I was like, is anyone cooking Norwegian bacon? It happened so fast. I forgot how translucent my skin is. That must have spoiled your


. She did it. Did. How long did that hurt? A long time. I still have a weird tan line. Actually? Yeah, that's not going to end well. Well then next time take off your pants. So it levels out. That's all. That's what I have to do. Yeah, no, I was in a shirt, swimming for the rest of the week, which is so sexy in all of our... all in a shirt.
chris pratt s massive sunburn put a damper on his honeymoon
All in shirt. Everything... Any activity that happens on a honeymoon, with your shirt on. So-- Sexy. Yes, very sexy. You have a lot of time together. That's true. So I have time to see you shirtless. And when did you just turn 40? I did it. Yes, now I am 40. Yes, thanks. Yes, yes, I'm 40 now. How does it feel? It feels good. I mean, growing up, I thought 40 was too old. And now I realize that it only seems old to people who were the age I was when I thought that. Correct, exactly. But it feels good. I mean, my body makes a lot more noise now.
chris pratt s massive sunburn put a damper on his honeymoon
I have an ankle that every third step is going to break. My knees explode. It's that I have a music band living on my hips. My back can scat. Wow, that's impressive. There is. There is. Oh, wow. Yes, is cool. Did you find out what? Yes. Don't do that. They tell you not to. No, you shouldn't. But it's so hard not to. No-- It's a little trick I have. Don't. I want to talk about what Katherine bought you. Was this… what kind of gift was she? It was a birthday present? Yes, this was a birthday present, yes.
OK, let's see when they were given to you, the age they were given to you. What kind of pigs are they? Those are called Kunekune pigs. They are our pets. And their names are Tim and Faith. Obviously, they are based on the beautiful love story of the two country artists Tim McGraw and Faith Hill. And if you look, you can see that there's a palpable chemistry there. And they are brother and sister. But that doesn't matter in the world of pigs. They can do that. It's not illegal. OK, not with the pigs? No. But now let's show the size.
What are they now? They are huge, right? They are huge. Yes they are huge. Yeah, they'll probably go up, they're probably 300 or 250 to 300 pounds now. But they will double in size in the next two years. Yes, because the pigs keep growing. They get big. That's unfortunate because... They eat like pigs. If they do it. But they don't sweat like pigs. Pigs don't sweat. I heard that. Yes, they don't sweat. They like it... but they're so smart. Simply, which makes them terrible pets for your garden because they will dig giant holes in your garden to try and create some mud holes for them to lie in.
Because it refreshes them. Yes, it refreshes them. Because they can't sweat. That's why they do it. But they are as smart as can be. They are. I'm going to get myself some sometime. Are you going to get some? I think so. Let me bring you some. OK. I'll send you some pigs. Do you want the one from Kunekune? Let me get some dirt. No, no, no, no, they're going to live with you and Portia. I want them to live with us. Yes. But our dogs... I think they would chase them. Good yes. But I do want to get pigs, goats and sheep.
I want to get all of them. That is incredible. Yes do it. Is very good. Do you have more stuff than that? Don't you have other things? Yes, I have sheep. I have goats. In fact, it's calving season right now. So we have 56 pregnant ewes. So we'll have somewhere-- each sheep will average 1 and 1/2. So as one has only one. One casts twins. And they are being born right now as we speak. We had two more born last night. I love sheep. Yes, they are so... I love sheep. I also love sheep. I love sheep. Let's talk about this trip to Iceland, you... so you were working on a movie, right?
Yes. Tell the story because this is crazy what happened. Yeah, okay, so I'm working on this movie. It's called The World of Tomorrow. It will be out at Christmas. And I was executive producer of this movie. And one of the ideas was to make this feel global, we would shoot on a glacier. And we went to Iceland. We filmed on a glacier that had never been filmed before. Is incredible. It's really hard to film there, especially when you film there in winter. And there are four hours of sunlight a day. But when we got there, they had just found out... and this is crazy.
A couple of weeks earlier they had found a couple in a collapsed fissure. They had been there for over 80 years. And sadly, they didn't. Yes, they were completely preserved in their whatever-the-1930s or 1940s glacier-walking outfit. Wow. They had their provisions, their rations, and note. They were lovers. And they fell into a hole and just disappeared. And recently-- And now, the family now has-- That's crazy. Isn't that wild? Yes. Luckily we got out and no one fell into any holes-- Yes. --that we are reporting. Good for you. Yes. Okay, let's take a break. More with Chris after this.
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