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Chris Paul Motivational Speech at 2017 CP3 NMSC Camp - Chris Paul Basketball Advice

Mar 04, 2022
First of all, I want you guys to figure out how you got here, someone driving, huh? tell you guys to be thankful be thankful and thankful for your parents or whoever let you be here for me and my big brother here my big brother CJ we played


since we were kids so i played 11 in under 12 and under from 13 14 everything my big brother was two years ahead of me and you guys won't really appreciate it I promise short can you get old and me now? I probably didn't start to appreciate it until I had kids, but when? you're a kid like you guys just sent me a mungus book take me there daddy's taking me there okay okay you don't think about their jobs and what they have to do when it's all like that but I just really want them sometime because I felt like I knew everything I wanted to say, I thought I knew everything, but please make sure you say thank you because you have no idea what kind of sacrifices your parents make or whatever to allow you to be in something like this.
chris paul motivational speech at 2017 cp3 nmsc camp   chris paul basketball advice
I have the benefit of coming to an amazing


like this with all these great coaches learning the game like you, none of our guys are into this euro thing right that's crazy. Everyone knows that we are nobody. Euro steps someone took against senior high school done now uh food no that's nice that shows how young a law student he was. The first time I did a year-long step was in the 2008 playoffs in the second round against the Spurs, you know that's crazy. because, guys, what have you been here? I know very well that sometimes I see them in a gym and I always see that they have that benefit of this thing called YouTube, right? and something like Instagram, so if you see a crazy move with something like that.
chris paul motivational speech at 2017 cp3 nmsc camp   chris paul basketball advice

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chris paul motivational speech at 2017 cp3 nmsc camp chris paul basketball advice...

What do y'all do go watch and you work at you work at you work at we have that perk do it and we've seen it I might watch it on ESPN sports later or something but we had no door to memory so that's why I love watching them play. as much as my parents, my family, we are dedicated to grassroots


, so during the summer and I don't spend time with my family and training, that's what we do, always in the gym with our team looking at the boys because I don't I'm selfish enough to say that I don't want someone to be better than me, right?
chris paul motivational speech at 2017 cp3 nmsc camp   chris paul basketball advice
But there are so many different people who helped me get to where I am. I'm just trying to do the same for others, right? Okay, I'll let you guys ask questions here in a second, but one of the things that Coach John said was what is his why. right now and i'll tell you repeat again carter you guys work for you 6:7 rest 7/5 younger brighter so you got a little bit of high school. Would you like to play boxing well? Everyone wants to play children right on the first day. Does anyone know when I played 1c at school.
chris paul motivational speech at 2017 cp3 nmsc camp   chris paul basketball advice
I was fine now I play JV is the freshman and sophomore in high school my brother my brother played four years of you know what I mean he played four years of mercy but I have met my sophomore year in high school my college I want I mean, my high school coach told my dad that he said he could put me on the varsity team but I wouldn't make the game, so what do you guys think about that, you know it motivated me, but the other thing was i didn't do it I just want to be in the market and say that I will go to march well.
I just stayed in JP and I was crying. It was like 30 Genesis 10 thefts a day. I was hoping for a chance to earn my trust instead of just walking around the school. saying yes I'm on the varsity team but I'm sitting in Venice you know what I mean so what I always say is for the best What can help them in the play is to play and another thing also like their age what Do you think the most valuable thing is that they have a court school here, my dad? I'll go back to that school year but when he comes to this box he always thinks it's the workout we think the most important thing is practice time in the gym let me tell you what it is it's fun it's fun it's that simple it's crazy how I got 31 years old now right, I thought about playing basketball at Carl Russell when I was four or five or five and guess what, I'm still having more fun than ever.
Just got back last night from Mr. 7-game I'm in seven games with a hamstring strain I'm older now I have kids all that stuff like that man I've been like a baby in the past we can get by but my parents tell you that my brother likes I don't know my name they don't talk to me everyone I can't move I'm in a dark place I'm in a dark place I can't move and that's because I love him as much as I love him now as much or even not more than when I had a baby but that's the thing and I always say you know retirement's coming up or something if I wake up one day and it's not funny it never happened it never happened did you hook up good y'all like the hoop in right now, they really got into here and stuff like that, any of you like to move or look, look at all your pins, right? jobs and stuff, guess what I like hoop and that's my job, am I not crazy?
I get up in the morning and go to hoops and say that's my way of life. ok today i'll be here and stuff i spent some time my family i'll go to bed tonight tomorrow morning i'll wake up and guess what's sunday and be like this but when i wake up and go to work that it's what i go to the gym to the gym like it's crazy like i get paid to play hoops so i've been pretty don't tell nobody i love it man i love it i'm telling you like high basketball express my thumb i always say and i'm like two totally different people on the court off the court like when i'm pooping and i'm at the game my mom just wanted to stay out of trouble i'm telling you my heart was going elsewhere i love my mom to death but she has to meet her, I have to get up, but off the court I'm great, I've told my family and things like that, but on the court it means a lot to me and that's why I compete so much.
At the end of the day, sometimes it's going to be guys who are better than you, more talented things, but you know what you can't measure your heart and how hard it is. You guys compete good, okay, so you guys have any questions, not one in the back, how is the NBS, the NBA? I tell you, man, I have a very good memory, so even though I'm older, you guys, I'm not that. far removed as i remember i was about your age and used to be a tv channel when i was a kid called WGN right?
And all the parents know what was on WGN, run the bull Chicago Bulls WGN I was trying to find out what time it was Michael Jordan very much all I want to see I want to see MJ I want to see MJ every time and to really be in the lead now like I still got goosebumps I told someone I don't know I wanted to coach him last year and people forget we an NBA still have regular conversations just like anyone else so it was during the starting lineup in Chicago, it's like playing the Bulls and my coach was running around and rubbing my knees and they play with that kind of mucus like that and you know that.
I don't know what ok fill me there and fire remember that it's like bull music and all that and with a correct highway theme, we plan against Chicago and I have listened to that Museum and I do it. I was like, oh, this shouldn't touch that. that i hope one day to play in the nba and now it feels surreal like i'm a kid in a michael jordan jersey or i have it on my wall and we have fat kids i don't know what we had but you know the poster was just a toaster and really getting to know michael jordan and being able to get


from him knows i feel the pinch myself that's a really good question a really good question um you know we parked in faith this year yeah yeah we need engines here and mobile to god and now everything he was like that even when he was interested and the craziest thing is most bowl is probably one of my closest teammates man and i say probably the biggest example of him being ready to get kicked out JJ Reddick went to another ATC school with the guy from college put his hand down yeah but he went to do a d anyway he was up when we were going to college and it was just we didn't like each other much while we were in college and never ol I will live I told the story several times when I was at my house four years ago. over the summer and Doc called me and said we had a chance to groom JJ what you want to do I say get going in a jiffy because what you have to learn about basketball stuff like that even sports or life , whatever it is, it's that even though we didn't really share each other, he's a guy I would love to have on my team I know I'm on my team he died that's what Kevin Garnett was like this is a guy who was in the NBA and I always wanted getting the chance to play with that that I never had was Kevin Garnett every time we play against each other we have the guys get into a double test but the reason was because we both played with the same intensity so we ever got the chance to play on the same team i dont know what would happen to our way whos my fa vorite player now man thats a good question im a big koala i dont like a dude i like how he plays both ways and i mean to the defense, the offense siva and stuff like that, you just eat your food, who is the toughest player I've ever played against? um I don't know it's hard to do you have to fight on a hill of members with a radius like that everyone saw Iman soon bye autistic bear Davis when he was like bees like these guys when I deal with I mean I mean , I've seen the world of histograms that you got taking things out of the middle of the court like that, but Gil Gil was a problem.
I deal with six six with a smooth handle. i remember i got to the league i had a guardian god i had a guard baron davis is chauncey billups and i never forget the first time i played allen iverson that was my god you know i really like death and hell i got my hair braids in a time for my dad I'm taking hop hop. I showed up at my high school. What a game, I had my hair braided all night, he was like, I think, but he never took them, so, yeah, I was in the bathtub.
I think the first time I played AI, I might have had like twenty-four shot attempts in the first half. the first half he just plays the heart of cards from him yeah what it was like playing in Kobe man it was fun it was so much fun I think that's why we all miss Posey and things like that add intensity. You know what I mean like I'm not planning if the Lakers in the playoffs and I was in New Orleans and it would be a cold day it's like we got into it but isn't that the intention? you know what i mean like cold inches so i mean that last game with him i think this show who you know i mean he just brings out more of you and me i should get a kids book years ago they called me never too small to dream big and john sancocha here john my brother spring is all this in a group chat i always like to tickle tell me small i think that's why about th the thing is that standing up for guys more big I mean so I love the chance to get some guards and codeine and even sometimes not the Cabron and Acadian stuff like that so anyone that doesn't make you better at what you do you gotta appreciate that.
What do I think about Katie going to the State Warriors and it's called free agency? You know what I mean, you probably look too young to understand that, but I mean, uh, don't come around too often, so with each of them we do whatever you want. Who do you work for? Yes, Ottowa. How did you feel when the NBA boycotted my trade to the Lakers? I am much older. I'm going to relax now. That is a very good question. success throughout my career that's a big question and i give credit to a lot of different things a lot of it comes from luck some of it from luck due to injury and other things like that but a lot of it too It's one of the best I've ever had. like some of the vets why when i first came in the nba the guy who yards definitely knows he probably got a gram out of pj.
He was one of my best boys named Bobby Jackson. They were my bet. Those guys are the only ones and they showed me how to work. Year 12 in the NBA and Paul is in his year 19 Poff we first visit Gaza every day every day and we always talk about it people think when you see guys that have been around a long time there is a secret and it is difficult. work, everything pays off and then the market ended. I think part of it is just like the way my brother and I were. I think about the junk point.
Mom run I might want to get me off the wings Katy LeBron Ben Simmons get well soon game but Kawhi at three soft on Demi upset shooting guard. out of place in one two three four seven eight nine well now let me tell you move your left out you left out kyle lowry you left out mike conley's oh oh oh oh guys you forgot russell westbrook yes the name five the engine died fifteen so listen listen your name five I mean peaches on Junaid five forwards around sixteen forty bucks but the same thing you get in that position that she has themwings are five different positions here in the heart of this is the hardest up front and I think that's what drives me and pushes me the most is God comes year after year he always wants to take this but you have to know how many images in the NBA Draft every year JC 6 how many guarantee and notice something Charlie in danger right 30 guaranteed pity does anyone know how many players there are NBA huh mm not exactly 420 ok all 420 plus or minus some 30 guaranteed first round jobs so guess what does next season mean 30 people will be out of a job guess who doesn't want to be out of one you need me good that means you can never get complacent i have to keep working hard because you guys are kind of what now you know i what but what you I will say is that money, come some of you sitting here will come to try to do what is right. and guess what's not happening isn't happening you can cancel that, you can cancel that, okay, two more, come on: what escort.
Oh, Bobby, how hard it is to run guard. It's very difficult, but don't stop going, Morneau's boys, we missed them one shot in a row. Shoot the athans like you make the 70s serious, in essence that's what makes them great, you know they must be nice, I mean it, my buzz competes at a high level. So hard that I think I may be on the list of the top five assists of all time. I don't know, hopefully, if I can stay healthy. One thing I do know is what I did. I know they are going to start.
I always think they should set the right goal. They have to set goals, even some that may seem easy, so what she said about taking the top 5 I don't know, but I do know when I was first drafted. I look. and I thought John Stockton Syd's and he was the best of Steel and I was like oh I've got to get it, I've got to get it That's one thing I've always been able to do even when I was younger in high school. I always had the ability to fill the ball. funny, not with the record that he put up some steals and assists.
I think the assists you got what 15,000 15,000 now it's like this scene kid 824 something like that something like this. I'm sitting like seven thousand and thousands in 12 years so John Stockton is in good shape about me is leaning towards and I'll tell you why - John Stockton I think he played 12 straight seasons for 14 straight 82 game seasons that's a roadblock that's a roadblock so congratulations honey i don't think anyone is one of you' it's all good luck trying to break us up good luck good luck last one in the back Corey Lajoie we ain't done we don't even want to yeah yeah you know what why my holy no it's not cool if you play enough defense if you play enough defense don't get mad you know what I mean if you play deep enough baby it's going to happen at some point or you'll be left lying or you can run to hide and run to someone else than me know because the game if you didn't know is that price play what outfit and what deep in the right news i'm fine yeah say which one of my teammates i have that r with elation.
Back it's crazy you don't know Brady Baskin our team so yeah I used to be on the Celtics but anyone knows where Brandon Bass was drafted to the Lakers no no I'm about to tell you now Matt no no. to mention someone do it right I give them guinea deals don't try a man like that you have some guy or some word it's that I didn't rush the horn it's that it's okay listen not only did he get caught up in the Hornet but he drafted me in 2005 you know which I mean, so me and Brandon Bass were drafted together we were rookies together and all that and that's why I've been so great.
Could I meet here with the Clippers? that and another question: Johnny, what did you do? She said that basketball is one big mental gang. So what is it that she mentally prepares me for games like God? It's crazy. I think the NBA is crazy. look at us warming up because it feels like a locker room sometimes what we're doing i think will probably be one of the best things is showing everyone the routine do you think about how many games we play every day do you like to see our routine like some the moment i wake up with certain things that happen every day like when I drop fries at school and then go to the facility, I have certain things that I do and then when I get to the game it's a certain God and working in the back and I I make sure I get to town too after our names were announced in the starting lineup like I walk up to the water thing and drink three, three fifths of water like it's crazy like all these different things. say a prayer uniting nationally answering every game and i'm still the same and i got a handshake i had to do and i listen to music before the game and stuff like that because it's like you say it's mental you know? so for me I listen to music and then I lock myself in and then you might see me talking to myself sometimes during gameplay and all that kind of stuff because it's like a difference in the different world and I think a lot of times if you have distractions you can distract you from what you're trying to do right, so for me a lot of times it's just living in that moment and then the other thing is it's repetitive you guys work on a train right?
They practice all the time. so to me it doesn't matter what the if game evolution is and all that stuff like that. I just always have to allow myself to be difficult to achieve. basketball and then mentally I just try to relax because I don't care what anybody says sometimes you get emotional if you get emotional and stuff like that but the most important thing you can do is remember that everything is okay, it's okay

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