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Chinese automatic house ignitor. (also available in pink)

Jun 09, 2021
While looking for other things, I came across this little heater on eBay and was quite intrigued because it wasn't that expensive. Let me just put the LVAD here in the list. I'll take it out because it's very, very difficult. Being a heater, it says small winter electric desk. The sun warms your office, mini domestic stove, rusty and I ordered the


one, they sent me a blue one, that's annoying, it cost a staggering five pounds 56 with shipping and I was a bit interested to see. the construction because in the listing it looks like it's made of plastic, it turns out it's all metal, it's pretty cool that there's just a little bit of plastic on the back and they seem to have a proper thermal layer solution, it uses a U-tube of equus heating element with a filament inside a heating element and if you place it following the instructions, it burns them.
chinese automatic house ignitor also available in pink
I did it, I can't deliberately, not only did it follow the instructions all the way, in fact, it burned my bench on the front here quite a bit. It's


bad not to worry about notable things about the instructions being in Chinese. It has a useful problem solving scheme. The switch is activated. Neutral heater switch. Hmm useful, so it's


in a few different classifications. This was the smallest thing. This was described as a 4 inch, although it's not really wide, let's call it 4 inch and it was supposedly between 200 and 250 watts, well that point here is drawing a little over an amp on the trend for the sneaky supply of 249 watts or I just short it to 250 watts, so there are 250. and the power factor is of course for a full resistive load, it's unity, it's perfect for the bitch fighter, it


comes with a little switch, something interesting, like that which we are going to tear it to pieces and this is where I have to stop filming the monitor and let it cool down because it is very hot, I should mention that it has that dull Regent glow, it is quite nice, although it doesn't have any safety features so if it falls on your bench, you will probably prepare for it, they mean two things if that just Sit down and sit like this, it will be very hot underneath mmm, yes, and if it falls off your table or workbench or covered with cloth, no there is thermal cut-out, there is no tilt switch, it is simply a heater and as such I regard it as not really UK compliant, it is more of a product design for the Chinese market, perhaps where they apparently don't care if people burn their


s down but tell me I have to let that cool and then we will do our part and take a look at the construction and see if the components are reusable in other applications, the ureters had a chance to cool down now and look this, notice the fact that it is in the Anglo-Boer set of metal cage frame and the back of this almost does.
chinese automatic house ignitor also available in pink

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chinese automatic house ignitor also available in pink...

I'm wondering if this started out as a design for a fan box, particularly as there is a label on the back that covers some existing holes and makes me think it might have the cable in there as if there had been a motor in there with us being a fan, I'm not too sure about that, let's tear off the label and take a look at the label which, by the way, says a lot of weights, 200 watts, 220 volts, 50 hertz, let's peel that off, revealing a little square hole and a couple of holes, yeah , they. I designed this to mount other things and that's interesting, the front comes off well, let's take the side angle, a ball, a tilt mount.
chinese automatic house ignitor also available in pink
I don't know if we need to do this or fine anyway so it has these little rubber things that feel like bits of pit, I guess they were exposed to heat so they stuck to the civil lacquer, we'll take this from here too , should make it a little easier to handle, shuffle that to Sade. I'll just take it out. It also turned off, yes the rubber really stuck to that when I turned this off it started to cool down. I'll take these screws. Oh no, it started to cool down and turned off pretty quickly, but it takes quite a while after the mixer was turned off.
chinese automatic house ignitor also available in pink
Clinking noises as Fame's metal dress takes its original shape, it does so for quite a while, like half an hour later, we'll do it randomly, we'll think about it again, we'll try to think of all the uses for the existing shape of this collar, but yeah, something like a hotplate I guess. I could do something. I think there are better options like reflow and circuit boards, but I don't think this is ideal to implement. There must be an application for this little heating element. The previous MD says yes, I know. I'm touching a corpse heating element with my bare fingers, that means greasy fingers, so that would potentially require me to think this through.
I clean it afterward, so this little homey plate is like a cake pan, it's stuck to that lack of glaze that we have. I've used this, it makes that smell when you run it for a while initially, when you're trying to win, you get that spot, you always move away from the heat or you get that slight wisp of smoke and it's the polish burning. the solvents of the remaining solvent come here. I'm not necessarily going to be able to get this all the way out because it has one of these horrible little cable tie clumps that smoke and come out.
Nipson will try to leave it that way. Outside of the heat these things, it's sometimes quite difficult to get a new cable in a few because it usually requires a very specific tool that crushes the grip on the Griffin cable while allowing you to push it into the housing, but it doesn't really come out very easily. , I don't know if it's because the wires are tight mmm, it's not fun, I'll go on, oh, there it goes, there it goes, that's good and I'll just put this on. here and open that up, oh these horrible things, they have this cable tie that actually crushes against the cable to force it to bend inside to relieve the rope and then they push it in, it's just a brand new PVC cable, it's well, and I can really see.
Their copper, I think they just dented it there or it's just that I'm only accessing the valid ticket. They make you sleep on this. They've put crimps on it, let's see if we can get those nuts off or the nuts come off the finger. tight, it is not necessarily so good, but the other is tightened with the fingers; yes they have little spring washers but they're not really very tight and then the plastic on the back has slight dimples. I don't think it's that good. it happened as a result of the heat of the light, although let's find another conductor and take that out, that's it, then take out this ray, let's assume that the disassembler is completely disassembled.
Les fils. I'm not going to use this for its intended purpose just because it poses too much of a risk unless you physically hold it in such a way that you can never move it, then there's too much risk of it falling over and it looks like there's a lot of heat dimple there, but no I believe it. It's for heat, so this is a little cup on the back just to protect the electrical connections. Note that this is not grounded, so in the worst case scenario, if the quartz sleeve broke and the filament fell out, this thing could have activated.
I do not do it. I don't know what the risk is that there are little tabs going through here, quite stiff tabs, actually we are a cheap little DB on those plans, let's say you fooled these little tabs, these have been passed through and in some cases, twisted and these. they're like they're really held in place so I'm going to leave you with these up and that means all the president should come out the front so you have some of them that they just pushed and to dating someone they've twisted things around. this is very thin, we're talking about a pie plate here, it's really super ultra-thin aluminum, aluminum, let's tweet a lot through there, these tabs when they pushed them in have been a lot of friction fits the site to the size of the holes they made in the cake pan here that kind of yes that is coming out now total destruction, the main thing of interest here is this heating element, so before they put it in the pot with cement, serve ceramic cement here, they have put these little things that crimp and these little air rich retention places, so they're clear the design for this application, oh, that just showed up, so there's the heating element that the sneaky air comes in through.
Back and forth in that quartz tube is that beautiful quartz that has that kind of fuzzy mother-of-pearl look, so it's a pretty nice component, really interesting, and inside the wire is, oh, that's interesting, we can separate it. even more so because it looks like there is a screw sticking out from inside another spring washer and nut and then the cable. Oh, what they've actually done is it's a spiral heating element. Basically they've just stripped off a section, two coils and put the screw through them, they haven't specifically wrapped it around this screw, it's just going through a bunch of coils from the end of the heating element, that's an interesting approach.
I guess it's a pretty difficult logical approach to put together in this air. talent material is not something you can, well you couldn't fly over Dirk because he would basically just melt the solder, so they just took some of the air coil out of its loops and just stuck a screw in. through that is an interesting approach that is quite interesting in fact that could give you the strength of this engine. Do you want to guess? I already told you that he was correctly drawing 250, he was making 250 watts, one amp at 250 volts, but keep in mind that the resistance will probably change with heat, so let's do the math.
Let's bring the calculator because well, something has to be


even if they didn't send the right thing. I also like this cage. must of other uses it's an interesting set it's very well made I guess ultimately it's just a massive position that I would like in that fact you can imagine it smells like it just smells that machine and oil and things like that you get and then the Smell of lacquer in the other part of the factory, so we had 240 watts at 1 amp, it would be about 240. If I see what it was, again it was 250 volts.
I was passing an amp. R is equal to V. That 250 divided by 1 is 250 ohms. It is not like this? I don't need to calculate that. Let's bring in a meter and see if it's even remotely close to that or if my head is just completely twisted and ruined. Let's put this in the box configuration and keep in mind that the resistance value will vary with heat, it usually increases, yes, two hundred and thirty-six arms, that's close enough, okay, it's pretty useful and it's also useful in the sense that I could theoretically change the heating element if I had said, for example, I can just buy heating elements online, what is this?
I have to try this one now they sell loose thermal elements on eBay. eBay is great for getting things and this one is for kilns, I think making your own and glass kilns. and smelting furnaces this is a 157 ohm bear so it would have resulted in more current and more power if you put it in there it would get hotter hey ok dokie I think one was rated at 300 watts , I'm not really sure, okay, what was it? I'm going to take the drill bit that's used to mark this, so let's take the switch part, look at all the ceramic cement coming out, that's the cement that was used to glue the quartz in there.
I guess alternative, that means well, I had them off. I could have taken them. these out if you want to use this huge yes, let's say you could get a couple of cuts, let's try that and you could have cut it in half, I'm not sure that would work, let's try it without damaging the chorus, yes, you can lower it. pretty easy, okay, that's useful to know, let's see if this is life breaking. A lot, it really matters, he said the plug can go both ways, but we'll see how their construction of this is on the inside, it breaks the life they have ordered.
I put it on a regular switch and there's something like it's actually pretty neat. I quite like that box, then it has other uses. Well that's it. That's what's inside. It is quite easy to take the tips. It is not the correct screw. Don't know. I know I'll just see if it goes bad, yes it did go bad a little bit and the build heating element itself is kind of interesting, very flimsy metal powder, sure not, there was separation I was using because this is satin here and because Chalmers floats in a thin layer. air, although I'm a little suspicious that these may be subject to quite high temperatures, not only because it's some kind of beer anyway, that's a bit, at least it has the name plastic hose, but the clothes we wear are Samish . keeps that whole hot assembly suspended in the air to such a point that the heat will be reflected forward, out the back, out the front, you see, and the heat that comes out the back or will be low enough that the Thermal convection of the air flowing through it hold the electronic components. that the electronics keep the electrical part at the back cool, technically it's the same thing using some LED fixtures where they have the LED on the front and then a spacer where you're flowing through the LED reflectors.
The first ones are like this, then the electronics module, the back remains completely cold because it is completely isolated from the power source.heat with that its way, so here we go, it's an interesting little thing that is certainly worth taking apart for components that don't know what they use them for or for a nice quartz tube. but it's worth the effort and it's a pretty interesting little device, even if it doesn't meet our safety standards.

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