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Childcare Center vs In Home Childcare Ep 1

Mar 25, 2024
be registered, but they're usually faith-based, yeah, yeah, so you can't like it. I can't if I'm not. I'm not faith-based, but I can't be how I want to be. registered, I have to be a licensed facility because, like I said, I told you all those regulations, they're doing all that, they're checking all the rooms, like you said everything, everything, so, but it's not that bad, they give you time for things correct, they give you time, as if before opening, I didn't have anything good, but they give you, if you have something correct, they would tell you: okay, put this together and then I'll come back. a week and then make sure that yes and all that, there is a registry, a South Carolina child care registry where it lists all the child care under the name of the state and you can continue there as a provider, as a parent, as anyone, and you can continue with that. list and you can actually see so if I was um if I didn't have if I was in a ratio like if she came and had a child in my record, the parents will be able to see um I basically forgot what it is.
childcare center vs in home childcare ep 1
I called and then it would be like um over ratio and until I fix it it will be under my name, yeah, and that's what anyone and more, you know, you can go and if that's a concern for you, you know that's fine, she is. It's known to have an excessive ratio, right, um, even training, yeah, I think I've seen I've seen where there's a chakra facility, um, here and they literally left the kid in a room next to their set, alone, like this that you'll have to on your own, unattended child or transitions or whatever, any findings you have will be posted for everyone to see, so make sure you choose the best place for you, yes, as a provider and as a child, I mean, you should look under Of course mine is good okay here it's okay we don't have anything right now okay I mean they even put in training so if you think it might be oh no we won't even be with me if not I do my training. it's going to be out of training and then when I figure it out, of course, it's going to be another um, but that's a good resource to look for when you're trying to decide whether to work or take your kid, um, yeah. to look and make sure the place you choose is good, other states probably have it too, so yeah, it's good to look, all you have to do is look because, um, they should, or um, yeah, they should, yeah , so next is the syllabus, so the syllabus is kind. at


you may not have any curriculum, some people are just at


and just let your kids play, they can roll some dice, you know, read some stories, sing some songs and that's it, a lot of that is play the bass a lot.
childcare center vs in home childcare ep 1

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childcare center vs in home childcare ep 1...

A lot of people play bass and a lot of times within it, in homes, there are no people who have experience in child development, so they literally just deviate from their way of raising their children, from their children, and they are doing it. . with your kids, so if you're looking for in-home daycare and you want your child to really learn something, you need to ask those kinds of questions like, are you teaching or are they playing well? What are you teaching well? What is it based on? Do you know what you know? This is how I did it with my two year old son when he was two.
childcare center vs in home childcare ep 1
So I'll do this to your child or they have lesson plans or you know, I teach with me. I like it. My background is curriculum and instruction, my teacher, so it is not natural for me to teach your children. I'm currently five, five, two years old and we actually sit at the desks, actually, um, Tayson wants to say hello, okay, I tried to catch him, we sit down. our desk and they really learn, we learn our ABCs, we learn to recognize letters, we learn everything, so when you're looking for home daycare, you want to make sure that if teaching and learning is what you want, make sure you ask those questions so in a daycare like in a daycare um I would speak for myself we have a curriculum um and it's a structure to a certain extent so that our children can um that we can teach our children the best way that we can we definitely try to make sure that that our curriculum fits each child's needs and things and also helps us structure our day like we know when we get there it's breakfast and then after breakfast it's circle time at circle time it's work time like they know it's time to work work work um in the classroom a lot of times we try to make sure that our curriculum is not too intense because they're still young they're still kids they're still little they're still learning we don't try We impose education on them, so we try to strike a balance between instruction and learning through play because we don't want children to feel any apprehension or anxiety towards learning, and that's the kind of what you'll get at our


childcare center vs in home childcare ep 1
I know a lot of other


s that try to make sure you are structured and doing something. I know the first steps or pre-K programs, sometimes they also make sure or even private school programs with that. they have a preschool, they definitely, um, they're very seated, this is what we're doing, do your job, don't talk or don't talk too much, you know, and I feel like that's not natural for us. My personal belief is that that's not natural for little kids and stuff. If we can get there to be a balance between structure and play, we can definitely be more successful with our kids, that's the main thing we try to do, but also when it comes to a child care center versus an In the family store or in home a lot of times you have a lot of backup concerns, so if I'm not here today, there's another teacher that can take over because it's a facility, it's a center, it's a place where people come to work, so another teacher.
You can take over there, there is usually enough staff lately, it has been difficult for child care providers, but there is usually enough staff to take the place of other staff who are not there during their day or who may be away or maybe busy doing something to help. the center or do some work, whatever you need, you always have that backup care, um, so that's an advantage for a child care center. I know sometimes in family child care homes, if your teacher goes out, that's it, that's how it is with the family home. The teacher is out if he doesn't have help and many times, depending on the area, he prevents you from instructing an assistant or someone who works for you, so if you don't have an assistant like today, I'm free today that's why we're here, but if something is getting ready for work, they have to have backup care, um, we're going on vacation, I need vacations like anyone else, so if I'm out for the week, parents have to find someone to take care of their child during that week that I'm away, um, just as a parent, I know the rules and regulations of what the person in the family home has established, so what I have established is that if I have two weeks a year to take vacations they never go to be consecutive so my first week could be during the summer my other week could be during the winter it just depends and I give advance notice as I tell you at the beginning of the year I give you the The first half of what I am going to do until July so that parents have a full six months of this is what's happening.
If something comes up, I give them at least two weeks to know if I have the doctor's point of view. I gave them two weeks' notice, but within that year they don't pay me for vacations that I take properly, so if I say, hey, I'm going on vacation here for two, for a week, these are the dates they don't pay me because I feel like it's unfair that you have to pay me and then go find someone else to pay some people will make you pay yeah they don't mind taking that spot. I don't pay if I go.
On vacation, if I take more than three days off during the week, I now only charge for those two days. If your son is here for three weeks, if I only take Thursday and Friday off, he'll pay full price, so you know. how they handle that, definitely discuss with the provider what they are doing, even if you decide to be an employee, for example, if you have an assistant, you also need to know those policies and how they are going to pay you. If you decide to take a week off, that is at any center or at home, but at home it is more different because they depend on the parents to pay, so as an assistant or as a parent, you need to know what you are in, what is inside. payment, so some might do it for attendance, you might pay them only if your child comes to daycare, some might give you pain, I don't care what I don't care if your child is sick, I don't care if you it comes out, no. you're going to pay, so even today my vacation is a paid holiday because it's just a holiday, okay, you say here, I do the same thing, so here you pay for your space, so if you don't, if you don't.
If you show up, you still pay for your spot because that spot could be used for someone else who might be paying and if you want to keep your spot, this is a good facility to know what you value, your child's routine progress may vary. education all those things then you know you have to do what you have to do um and my time is valuable amen and I'm doing everything I can to take care of your children so I deserve to be compensated and so do my employees and that's just the way it is and um, but not like you said, we have a lot of vacation time, so, yes, you can have a week of vacation here or there, however you want to do it, um, also for our employees, there are a lot of them. of vacation time too, so anyway, I don't have the details in front of me, I don't really know, this is anything, I just know that we try to accommodate most centers and families will adapt, yeah, but not.
I won't be with families, I see it, I haven't found it, but I hear that parents are trying to come and change things and regulate how they run their businesses properly. As parents, we must remember that both are a business. right, it's not like you leave your kids at someone's house and they just watch no, I have a business license I have to pay taxes all of the above is a business when I give you a contract that's a contract I probably have to send to say um they have to know or whatever so when parents come in thinking they can oh can you do this instead of this or my kid this and no no no this is how I handle it this is how they are they going to execute? and if you don't like it, you can go, yes, so find something that is more suitable for you, exactly for your lifestyle.
We parents forget that child care in general is a business, so father, I know it's yours, you know your baby. You want your baby to be safe, but you have to trust that whoever you choose to leave your child with has the best intention for them and that's why your best friend is not just finding a place and putting your child there, finding a place. research them talk to people go visit um read carefully read the parenthesis read the parenting manual seriously because you will have your child going to the center for six months and then one day you will find out oh, you don't understand, I can't, yeah I can't understand this or I can't with you, I can't feed your child with this, yeah, I didn't know well, it's exactly on the track, so you have to make sure that you're definitely making sure that you know. what's in the contract and even sometimes we haven't gotten to this situation before, but sometimes your child care center will make special accommodations, let's say if it's a diet, we don't do it, I know it was considered that we will adapt. to food allergies, but we don't accommodate religious beliefs, so you come in and you have a food allergy and you say your kid can't eat this because this is that ball.
Wow, okay, cool, but if you come in and say, that's us. don't eat the pork well, we will serve your child pork on his plate, it's up to them to choose not to eat it or the teacher, you know, yeah, to say oh, you don't eat this and you don't want that. that's not that you don't know well, I don't know, maybe you do, but you know as a parent, I wouldn't want to put my child in someone that somewhere where my beliefs weren't being accommodated, you know that, so you . I mean wherever you choose, make sure it's right for you?
We're not saying the family home is better than the centers, we just want you to know the pros and cons of both so you can make your judgment, like she said with allergies. many of the things that parents understand are regulated by the state, even with food, if they are under the food program, they have to do certain things and offer their child certain things correctly, we are not trying to be mean, we are not trying to just let him know that we make your life difficult we have regulations we have procedures we have things that we have to follow if someone comes in and sees that your child is doing something because you want him to do it and we are trying to take care of him you and we get hit, we get things and then we go to our little profile and then someone who wants to come to us is going to look and say oh well, they didn't do it right, we're not trying to be bad, how? in your job you have regulations and stuff, you have to follow the


industries, so do we, there are someindulgences we can have, but we can, most parents, if you come and talk to us, we can do it for me and my sister is six. at six I have a son, actually I had two, mom was military so of course she pt and all that so she came and brought her son. 5 30.
I didn't care, I got up at five o'clock, my kids have school, so I'm fine, bring her son 5 30. I didn't charge extra for it because she was in the military. I have another dad who is, um, her mom is military, but she's stationed somewhere else, so dad is the primary caregiver right now. He needs to be. at work at six, so he brings the kid in at 5:30. Also, I don't care, I'm fine, right, that's the same here, um, we can, there are things we can do that fit our kids and for our families and we just have to make sure we're aware of that, we get it. from the perspective of the child care provider that we are. understanding from the parents' perspective and then you have to look at your child's perspective and make sure that whatever we are doing is best for your child.
Could your child handle this? Could your child handle this? Will this be the best position or location for your child? So with all that being said, we just want to make sure you're informed about family child care versus child care centers and our special guest, Tayson, hey, hello, look. He's had experience in a child care center at this point, he's used to it, so with that being said, you know where to visit us if you have any questions, comments, or questions, comments or reasons why you could definitely contact us in. um a full stop on um you can find us on uh find me all over the cdc on instagram and all over the child development center on facebook you can find me one step ahead on facebook and instagram and you can check out post the podcast on um a completely separate main podcast on Facebook and other platforms so thanks for listening thanks for listening bye.

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