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CHEP Palettenhandling

Mar 08, 2024
This video is a joint initiative of CHEP, the world leader in pallet and container pooling, the Blitz logistics training center and ECR Belgium, an organization that brings together producers and suppliers with the aim of optimizing the chain and thus improving the service. For consumers Pallet Killer Tips for correct handling of pallets In your job, you have to deal with pallets every day. In this video you will discover where pallets can be damaged and what you can do to avoid so-called Pallet Killers. They are usually not given much attention. However, they are an indispensable part of daily operations, which is why you never say "oh, it's just a pallet." The paddle killer, why it's important to use good paddles.
chep palettenhandling
When good pallets are used, the workplace is safer. for you and for others. Workplace accidents happen quickly and can have devastating consequences. The quality of the pallet also influences the integrity of the products placed on the pallet: damaged or damaged products are often deformed and no longer fit on the shelves. If only good pallets are used, trouble-free operation is guaranteed. This is especially important in the case of automated handling devices, where the slightest error can cause big problems. A sturdy pallet costs companies an average of eight to ten euros. Therefore, by reducing damage to pallets, you will also keep costs under control.
chep palettenhandling

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Now we will show you how pallets are damaged. First we will see some examples. Watch as they show you how not to handle pallets. The pallets used are of good quality but are handled incorrectly. Therefore, do not overload pallets in one place. Pallets can withstand high loads, but will break if all the weight is in one place. When transporting injured people, always use the most suitable means of transport for the respective pallet. For example, for a pallet with good traction, do not use palletized goods. Make sure the pallet is the right size for the respective shelf if the pallet is too small.
chep palettenhandling
If you fall off the shelf, make sure you have enough room to maneuver. Aisles and loading areas should not be too narrow. Disposable pallets are not intended to be used multiple times. Also make sure pallets are never overloaded. They can cause application errors. You can't always avoid seeing your company, but you can point out problems. to his boss so that together they can eliminate the pallet killers. But pallets are mainly damaged by incorrect handling. This is often just a matter of discipline and attention. Damage from pallet killers is caused by carelessness. Never drop pallets, do not treat them roughly and do not throw them.
chep palettenhandling
Do not leave pallets on the ground for the driver and do not crash into them when driving them. Do not push pallets across the floor. This will wear down the wood and even the slightest unevenness can damage the pallet. and even understand it completely Use pallets only for their intended purpose. Otherwise, the pallets may be damaged or even completely unusable. This type of damage can be easily avoided with a little discipline and attention when working; Not everything always has to happen quickly. Quality and Safety is equally important. Ultimately, it's all a matter of professionalism. If you are properly trained and quality is important to you, you can avoid a lot of damage.
Pallet killer. Lack of professionalism when pressing the pallets with the forks to push them to the correct position. This inevitably creates problems; This is particularly true for fully loaded pallets or if the floor is level and if you feed the cables into the pallets too quickly you are very likely to damage the first board of the pallet. By incorrectly inserting the forks, for example if the angle of inclination is incorrect, the pallets and forks can be easily damaged. Pallets can slip and fall between shelves. When picking up pallets, always make sure that the distance between the forks is not too small, otherwise the pallets can easily slide to one side, especially on curves.
The forks should not be too far apart as this could separate the blocks and the entire pallet could break from the tip of the pallet. This would overload the pallet. The forks are too short or do not reach far enough into the pallet, the pallet begins to sway and may tip forward. The forks may also be too slow. In this case, you must ensure that they do not hit the drivers of the rear pallet or the pallet itself. Completely damage the merchandise with the forks outside the pallet before changing direction. Align the forks in the middle of the pallet before entering the pallet.
Pallet. Only lift the pallet when you are standing perpendicular to the pallet. Remember to adjust the lift height accordingly. When driving on ramps or slopes, always take enough time to position the forks correctly before hitting a pallet. Before placing the pallet, make sure there are no stones or pieces of wood in the area and that the ground is level when using a chip device. Remember to drive the must go before entering the loading zone. Also make sure to raise the pallet high enough. when removing the mast. Don't forget to move the mast far enough forward when moving the pallet back.
If you want to place large pallets, you should always make sure to maintain sufficient distance from the next bathroom when placing and picking them up. Drive more slowly in narrow areas. On large forklifts, the wheels often stick out a little from the sides, so you can bump into pallets without them. Please note whether you want to align the pallets that are stacked on top. from each other, do not use the tips of the forks, but rather a drop crack. Never stack pallets above the mass of the trophy. Otherwise you risk the pallets falling off. This is especially true during emergency braking.
Always drive carefully when transporting pallets. You can fall if you move forward and have to brake suddenly. Be especially careful when transporting and placing pallets stacked on top of each other, you don't want the entire stack to shift. Do not mix different types of pallets because the resulting stacks can be very unstable. If you use special fixing devices, please note the following: Do not use the side push when the pallet is on the ground. Do not use the fork width adjustment as a presto direction. More spike forks should be placed. retracted in its entire width.When using more spike forks, never leave space between the pallets, always remember that plastic pallets slip very easily when handling them and when lifting and lowering them, so special care is required.This is how the pallets turned out .
Assassins. Now you know everything about them. Try to avoid them always and everywhere. Let's make sure we only see these pallet killers in this movie and me in your company. Finally, some general safety tips. Pallet Killer. General tips for your safety. Always wear gloves and safety shoes when handling pallets. Use safe lifting methods. It is better to use pallets not alone, but together with a colleague. Please do not place the pallets upright. They can tip over and injure someone. Never accept damaged pallets from suppliers and carriers. Do not leave blocks and broken pallet boards in transportation routes.
In the worst case, the forklift could tip over. The wheels can be locked and wheels with hard tires can be defended. If damaged pallets need to be repaired, use normal nails but always only screws or nails or, better yet, have the experts show you the pallets. It is best to avoid them of course, damage, try not to be a pallet killer, pallets are expensive and can break. professional thinks about quality and safety and you are undoubtedly a professional

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