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Chelsea Legends 4-0 FC Bayern | Legends of Europe | 09/09/2023

Sep 10, 2023
but his goals are like the sky there's a tear in my eye that's the huge banner at the end of the shed and at the Matthew Harding end the same thing again as around 5,000 footballers' medals come out of the Stamford Bridge tunnel Giovanni Albert will be marked by John Terry, are the two captains Pizarro Michelob on the arm William Gallis has a gray beard, but don't let that fool you, he still subsists on McDonald's instead of what he was supposed to eat at training camp and they go out and yes, petichex got it. his helmet on, I'm trying to lift it up, so we'll get the team news and which team we'll start shopping with Stefan effenberg is the head coach Tom Starker in Gold Daniel van Boyden we know all about Giovanni Albert Undersized Brazilian, he has the armband of captain Claudio Pizzaro, who played for both clubs with true distinction and midfielder two.
chelsea legends 4 0 fc bayern legends of europe 09 09 2023
They have goals on the bench in Roy MacKay and as for Chelsea, well to check, they are in goal, they are very, very close to returning. five not quite, but almost, but I'll tell you what Ryan Birch under the Champions League winning left back will take for Dallas Cahill and Terry to win that ball, Michael Essien and Jody Morris Ramirez, a side lob from the other Solomon killer above and tons more. on the bench next to Roberta Dimattaya who I could add pumping the loose ball JT walks in charge of Essie can get her bike moving badass needs an option here's Essen oh that was worth a hit maybe not Ramirez four in the box can find a teammate oh he's a good boy Barcelona was but it wasn't bad well it starts from JT actually I don't know how far back we're going to go and see the highlight of the goal but JT intervenes it's a careless. pass and once then the Bison, yes, once JT intervenes, then he puts the ball to the ugly bull, it goes out to Ramirez, it's a lovely ball, by the way, it's a good job, by the way, it's better than what thought.
chelsea legends 4 0 fc bayern legends of europe 09 09 2023

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chelsea legends 4 0 fc bayern legends of europe 09 09 2023...

It's good up there. time he's left hanging and directed that's what it's all about there's not a lot of pace on the crosses he's there to generate Joe I can see it I can see it in his face he knows there's a good goal he knows it's a good batter I know the game you're going to say what you think I think it's fine Barcelona there Arsenal here Toby Langley shouting all over the microphone and the Distortion uh minute 86 I even tell you that Matthew Flamini had uh scored Arsenal's goal with things that you remember isn't it Yes we needed him and that's one of the reasons why that incredible Mourinho home run (remember his record with Porto, then Chelsea and Beyond continued for so long) are just a handful of occasions where he almost went and that SG in the goal was one. of those who stopped him and the tv angle is beautiful, yes you need the camera behind him to appreciate it otherwise you just don't appreciate what started.
chelsea legends 4 0 fc bayern legends of europe 09 09 2023
Target the young if you don't know what I am. I'm talking about when you're watching this game, make sure you watch that one, here's Gallus on the side, tight angle, a little aerial shot, a little fight ball in the shopping box, Chelsea, the best side here deserves. I mean, yes, there is a yes. Chelsea totally dominates Galas, they have us enjoying that right side, oh, beautiful ambidextrous shots for two. Starker makes a great save, surely Michael S isn't scoring two in one game. Sean, it's a brilliant piece. Defending Van Boyden, what a stop. that's JT taking the lead spot that he should have had to take, I think Terry would have hit him, he just scored, kept running, kept his position, stayed to the side and it's an empty net for two to nil.
chelsea legends 4 0 fc bayern legends of europe 09 09 2023
Legend leading captain and scorer. I'm going to say that he is number 68 with Chelsea. When he participated in the first goal, Highlight didn't want to show you that, but he participated in the second, more than just the goal, he intervenes and wins it. He again stands on tiptoe, he pinches Miluna in front on the left side. JT continues his career. Meluna then just walks outside as he does so. It's an overlapping run from JT who catches it on the left side and drills it towards it. six yard area that kills JT, he continued his run, he just stuck his foot into the empty net, the goalie anticipates him going to pick it up and right in front of the shed, what a moment so I should say hilarious in the goal and uh .
John Harley for Ryan Bertrand at left back is that change and, uh, Terry Cahill is still there and I think you know the right back quite well, Mr. Sincrea, one of my oldest teammates in football. Frankie, yeah, I met Frank when he was probably 12 years old. to him, come on, hearts, come on, come on, what a stop that is from the tough Buller, look how much the midfield maestro is still a fit guy who he played for, played for a good while, isn't that the case at outside level? of the league? He still did very well.
In addition, he has built a career as a coach, he is a lovely boy, Frank, we go back a lot, he will come here and do a bit of Market because Diego happy, who is inside, has made a brilliant cross, Frank will come out faster. Here the post header is hardly Frank's job and he is on the bench. Frank, come on, I mean, I don't want it, my mates, but come on, Francis, get out quicker. Harley infield. Frank is open right here if you get the ball on Frank. Yes, big change. he's in he's in he's a he's still in shape Frank is always Pacey as a player yes Harley with the cut because he promises Hutchinson leaves him uh nice Flora malouda curler who is defeated by Ray Miller and is a corner, yes, very well worked on the left side there is a lot of movement up front in Sam just finds some blue, they move him but it is around him he doesn't have enough pace to really bother the goalkeeper in Indigo Safety First taking control, he came in at some point during In this half we also get We ask when we will ship to La Perfecta.
By the way, who else hasn't answered his call when he needed it most? Rooted Absolutely rooted Ben bounces off the crossbar, it's a bit silly there's one person, there's one I haven't seen yet either, in fact, number 22. Well, maybe he's just not that fit oh what's up for Killu, come on , oh, it's pretty open, which almost seems perfect, and then the shiny ball of uh the The Cow in this the writers are beautifully weighted, yeah, I mean, it's a complicated idea and it's very close. Solomon, come on friend, yes, yes, the burn is coming. Corner, going well, solid header.
Gary Kale, by the way, could definitely play high-level soccer. He is not. Drake, oh my god, what's going on here? How is your distribution? Machalee Frank Sinclair is gaining ground on the right. We need a pass. We have a one dollar shot. Oh, what a scoop. Gary Kale, although he will be a girl. Thiago Mendes. Gary Cahill three to zero and Franco. I did it with a skin, it was Sundance, it was almost exactly the same in the same area, Ben, it was almost identical, but it just put the same ending, the best moment of the night so far, apart from Nissan with the family outside I would add, but in the field.
Jan Frank Gozola on the field He takes it over the top it was muscle memory what we just saw there Jeffrey is identical Ben is identical it's a good question what is Gary Kale doing there because it was a counter attack and he's one of the younger guys yeah , why is Gary Kale up there? Who knows that he is the one who pushes back? There he is, oh Ben, oh, I love you, okay, ukulele player. He had never met anyone until I saw Angola kante to smell and danger before, although before. he sucked if he could, he would position himself in areas of the field where he would notice and see what danger he could potentially have to avoid and the times I see him he just intervenes, don't do that by coincidence, jokes in prayer and a chance to bomb there and Thiago Mendez she's making a run, she's sideways, it's a brilliantly timed run, oh that's the goal of the night, you see how deep it went, that's absolutely brilliant now with Grace on any delivery, at any level, at any time. never mind the veterans four to nil, that's the pick of the bunch, glorious football will never change Ben, it's about the first touch, it's a brilliant run, it's a brilliant ball and you can enjoy that Christopher there with the uh dimitaya and it's the pass again. just a little overhead pass from the es has been the first touch football never changes if you can't never if you don't have a first touch you won't have a run I always see some cheeky scoops Thiago Mendes takes the bow right at full time also Zola was alone a few minutes and helped score two goals Chelsea beaten by four goals to nil it has been great entertainment the Otto have not scored the blues The


have Terry in the 26th minute Michael essien jumping In Bullet Home, we have seen almost two dozen former Blues favorites and has been an absolute delight for a large crowd on a warm night at Stamford Bridge, the game Luca would have loved to watch, play in and score a beautiful game of night football.
John Terry is making us wait. Hopefully it won't be the only trophy we see here on the bridge this season, but there will be a few that will have given you just as much pleasure. I'm telling you, everyone here tonight had a great time. It was a great football game. Chelsea have scored four goals, a lot of money has been raised and it's a chance for all of us at Misa to just remind ourselves and everyone what the absolute diamond was and it's a shame it's not dancing down there, dancing up there somewhere.

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