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Chelsea 5-0 Wrexham | Extended Highlights | Chelsea USA Tour 2023

Jul 21, 2023
Was it going to be a positive result to start the preseason in North Carolina with Chelsea and Rex and take tentative steps towards the new campaign? It starts earlier for Wrexham in the EFL than it does for the Blues. Jacob Mendy, backed by Cassadai, is a chance for Jackson Good footwork, good rest should also be zero perfect start Ian Martin less than three minutes and Chelsea is underway in America Jackson created it Martin finished is Chelsea won


zero good, This is what can happen when the press passes by when you arrive and let's leave the first two minutes or so Rex.
chelsea 5 0 wrexham extended highlights chelsea usa tour 2023
I'm actually doing well, but once that ball, Mindy gets it inside, once the ball is given away, it's a brilliant skill from Jackson cutting inside, that's as good an opportunity as he's had. the league two team, they probably wouldn't have drafted Owen O'Connell, the set in the middle as a player to go down too, win that ball, there's all sorts of problems, get it back from the chuckra maker who's moving it. For the Kukarea football maker, the give and take with Martin can go through the defence, Ball has to come out wide, so we have done very well there, but Rexel has come close, so they have 10 players behind the ball practically camped in the field.
chelsea 5 0 wrexham extended highlights chelsea usa tour 2023

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chelsea 5 0 wrexham extended highlights chelsea usa tour 2023...

Like your area, I'm a little lucky. Jackson, a lovely break for Martinson again, it's that combination once again and Chelsea have doubled their lead just before half time, another really good goal, finished off nicely by Ian Martin for his second of the night. the bottom corner and just as we said Rexham looked a little tired Chelsea has punished them again it's two to zero so all this comes from coming the goalkeeper plays bounces a small ball towards Santos drags them the ball goes out towards Gusto, he has a bit of good luck, my Rayo twice, actually, because the passes lightly here don't take away anything at the end, it doesn't take anything with the link up and there's those little one and two.
chelsea 5 0 wrexham extended highlights chelsea usa tour 2023
Tap, see what you know, wall passes bounce, run. for your pass, it's a lovely ending, it's very difficult to say there's so much movement, which is good and there's that space behind the one who's offside, you know, the flag stays down for now against Mullin, oh the ha dragged horribly, he's going to go out and throw, he'll tell you it was a cross, well when you change a shape he's sideways from that angle, when you change the shape you can have these hiccups or bumps if you want on the way, great race made by cassadai. Here goalkeeper Leighton quickly came off his line to make sure Cassadai couldn't make it three to zero for the men looking to set up a goal against the Welsh team, a poor delivery to Warden Kunku and they didn't make it and Sterling had a knock. attacked the ball but couldn't keep it on target yes he caught it a little with his weaker left foot a little too narrow on the right side of the brain giving us width on the left on that right Gallagher's ball over the top was a good in the first half while they are here, rexham will play against the LA Galaxy's second teams in Philadelphia Union and Manchester United and will buy it from them as well.
chelsea 5 0 wrexham extended highlights chelsea usa tour 2023
Oh that's a big cut, that's the best chance of the night for them to get a goal here and instead they got in each other's way Waters right on the field had the best chance but he swung and missed and here's cassadika Chelsea It was cold if they were guilty of giving the ball away they should really hit the target at least Sterling at the back here for three he lifted it over the crossbar instead of putting it in the net he is the one who really sets this up Venture is a little lucky he really gives the ball away they should score there is a great run great ball great run by Sterling he has to score he has to score it is not a lesson that is not difficult header he sees it coming very far it is a good expectation for him well, it was a good ball and it's loose no, for the first time it's about yes, it's the first time we don't win Matt we don't win the first header the flag went up although good save for the flurry from here I think I think he saves this we'll get some snails for him Telly, the offside for him the first in caliber there is cold, well Sterling is going to shoot here For Raheem Sterling, he may be fired for Gallagher and he is prepared in Beyond Layton and Chelsea has a third Conor Gallagher stroking him with enough power , you might be disappointed later when you remember that, but Gallagher certainly isn't and it's Chelsea three.
Rex and nil, yes the book almost apologized when he went past that line, it felt like he was Sterling too, but it's his, it's a bit and in doing so he has to take it from his feet again and it falls kindly to him. Gallagher. he puts it in there, nice little pass, except for that touch, it was a little bit too heavy, that's one of those three Sterling full-backs or left-backs on that field at the moment, a bit of a mess there, it's a bit mess, we were dealing with things. very good set pieces in the first half Matt, but I have to say the second half hasn't been the same confusion at the back until Bull slashed the ball, it's not a ball, it's all Sterling making fun of Brielle Chillwell did indeed hit Hayden directly for the second time. he had a touch with the outside of his boot so that the flag stays down cucarer desperately trying to get back here he did very well it's the big moment for the early farmer, yes and really that first touch has to be in front of kukaraya and once he You do it.
It can't touch you, but it continued cybernetically well. Defender of kitchen utensils and sticks to his tasks. Please, he rounds the goalie. Leighton has something, he buries it and Chelsea gets a fourth right at the end and that's a big moment for Christopher. and kunku came off the bench at half-time and got on the scoresheet in the 90th minute it's a brilliant pass it's a brilliant run it's all about timing he makes the run that pass has to be if it's right a second later he's offside now he the goal doesn't move he let's not take a look at the goal the goal doesn't move make a good contact hit he leaves as soon as he said his name in the second half boy, have we longed for a striker like that?
Well, we have it and you know. Jackson, good first cuckoo outing we said, we wish we had said his name a little more. It's a good bounce pass. I haven't seen enough in the second half. Oh, beautiful ball. Here's Ben Chilwell. What goal would this be? A beautiful thing from Ben Chilwell, who provides the finishing touch but is quick to applaud the architecture that preceded a wonderful goal for Chelsea's fifth of the night with the last kick of the game. Yeah, we haven't seen that much and we were talking. about that first half, those little bounce passes, those triangles you make with the angles and we see it there, I mean, it was a brilliant goal, which worked well on the edge of the box, executed brilliantly by Ben Chilwell as well.
Then, like he was saying, it's, it's a good, it's a good day's work. A lovely little and bounced two-touch pass. A lovely pass in behind and then the composer simply flicked it over the keeper to make it a five and with that, the game. It was already done and there was kunku involved, but it was Gabriel's pass that split the defense and well, just as we were saying, the second half had been a bit uneventful, Chelsea scored three goals and we are very happy with how the first game went of three. seasons, in fact, yes, you know, the scoreboard will tell you one thing, the second half was not so good, the first half impressed, but it is about minutes under your belt, minutes on the field, two for Marks and in the first half for Gallagher at Chilwell.
They are also on the scoreboard. A tougher test to come in the preseason, that's for sure. Hopefully Rexham has learned something from the game too.

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