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Chelsea 4-3 Brighton | Extended Highlights | Chelsea USA Tour 2023

Jul 23, 2023
Big crowd, afternoon sun in Philadelphia for the second of five games in the Blues' preseason campaign. Five unanswered goals against Wrexham. A test of Sterner, certainly, here against Brighton, who finished a whopping 18 points ahead of Chelsea last season. I don't think it's going to be like that. quite like that for them this semester pochettino knows about pressure, he has gone straight into it, that Chelsea here is a reminder of Chelsea's starting lineup with Levi Colwell antiago Silva in the heart of the defense up front to keep the three playing for the For the first time this pre-season we expect to see Andre Santos at the base of the midfield Gallagher and Choco Mecca will probably take turns in terms of who sits with him if necessary that Sterling on the right here Matson on the left, fresh from his two midweek goals and kunku up and now guessed how to get another chance at right back Adam Webster Solly March, plenty of high performers last season for the Seagulls and a couple of fringe players in Van Hecker and Young Hinchelwood. short from rough to March Gilmore snuggling around the group, it's a good finish that from Danny Welbeck Brighton lead, they work very well if it's a training ground maneuver, hats off to them, the blues are behind having started the game, better, yes, it is unfortunate.
chelsea 4 3 brighton extended highlights chelsea usa tour 2023
It is not like this? I mean it's a great delivery from Billy Gilmore, it's so deep to the far post and it's a great back header, it just happens to be in the right place, Matoma sneaks in and nods, you don't normally save those Websters and math. March Lana to the right side looking for a second, she faded until she almost had that second good kepa save, that was a timely effort from Danny Welbeck too, wasn't it? It came at him pretty quickly and Alana's ball went in. a decent one has a bit of luck with the deviation good technique in chilwell many blue shirts arrive here I will be back here again it is tight recovers it very well done in Matson half a chance of the tie they are looking for a flag on them it has not arrived and it is 1-1 , it's a good attack, right?
chelsea 4 3 brighton extended highlights chelsea usa tour 2023

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chelsea 4 3 brighton extended highlights chelsea usa tour 2023...

The attacks were like earlier in the game when we said we would attack with a little rhythm and a little timing. the ball but this is a small shot from him cuco but this is the movement here then relax one that we always know in an advanced position the pass here is excellent little one two Meca makes his presence well Ricochet forcer and cuco in a good position is uh , a highly contested left back for Chelsea and there is one finding the other there right on Q Matson's shooting bench. Hillwell and that is the quality defending Adam Webster.
chelsea 4 3 brighton extended highlights chelsea usa tour 2023
Dangerous opportunities. Ben, right? He's pretty stupid. Well, you know he's a little lucky. Here he found the space. Webster didn't like the chase initially. He almost managed a kick. This is Welbeck Matoma. Well, Beck will keep running and get there. My God, he almost set it on fire. A deviation almost 2-1 Brighton. I think it was a de


that surprised Kepper. It's a brilliant cross that went over Matoma. Good partner. Great block. Gallagher defended very well. He's not done yet. Now it's Kepper. He dives into it. Typical Gallagher corner and very necessary because that's probably what it was.
chelsea 4 3 brighton extended highlights chelsea usa tour 2023
Yes, I tell you that this delivery here is excellent. It's a fabulous ball there, that excellent Johnson has the right to come in on the counterattack, now John Pedro, a very well weighted pass, a tight angle that is never going to squeeze him from there and, uh, you can see. so also from the other side lovely waiting for the ball to find it super close with the pass here between the lines that's a quote. I imagine Enzo Fernandez will come off Conor Gallagher in the middle of the park, that's a day in that same position where the running Captain is being eliminated quite crudely, he now has a slicked back haircut and that has to take a card that was a bit like old school football, right?
It was like one of yours, my God, you don't understand. a yellow car, are you kidding? Come on, he's broken now he's fine, that's fair pressure, so he has to clap like a referee, he's having a conversation, we explain to the player what he was going to do, oh yeah, it had to be like that. Inevitable, isn't it? It's ridiculous when you have a yellow card and you're still in your old position. A nice little break for Jackson and my drink. What a goal this would be. What a goal. It's a fabulous combination of substitutes and a wicked finish at the end Chelsea leads the game it's a great moment now for Michaela Madrid it may only be pre-season but it's the first time she's put the ball in the net in a Chelsea shirt and it's a cookie wow, what can we say, I mean, the build-up play was absolutely brilliant, the finish was exquisite, but isn't it a pleasure to see Modric play like this?
That's how we want to see it, a lovely little design, a little, two, get the ball back again. in front of the goal there is no chance of a goalkeeper oh, it's a super super shot really very well it worked good connection game and that's what we will see those little associations that work, that's good, working very well so that Jackson can get married, It still has room, it really wasn't. there to shoot I was desperate to find it but Gallagher will do it and it's another assist for Nicholas Jackson two in about 10 minutes in this game one the other night really good stuff 3-1 Chelsea very good good finish from Connor isn't it So? we were used to seeing it and those types of areas were just late, so I thought they had gone too far to try and get desperate to get their own shot and I thought they had missed the opportunity here.
Ricochet goes well for Jackson simply. comes to life and then the city pass is good, first touch and Connor One Touch, second touch was the perfect finish. Jackson deserves a goal here, he could get it, he's 4-1. Chelsea's new assistant has his own name. on the scoresheet now big time for Nicholas Jackson big win for Chelsea Potts gotta be loving these five in the middle of the week four more tonight already and that's got to be just what you wanted while you were running around Jackson I'm just thinking about finishing just finishing because when you are like that, you enter a club, people expect you to score in these situations and you know what you have done very well, calm, with a firm head, it has been a game full of attack, the intention of both. sides all day missing Pedro the score is not over it seems like I can't make it I will never win the ball on that side.
I know what Ben does too, he didn't really need to do the challenge, I think the fact that he walked away from Coldwell was bothering him now you have cookarias hidden there mud Hidden roots he's moving a little away from the goal he's not going to get a shot away there you have to do the challenge well he usually loves to detect kick stop, let's see if he still has that magic no, it's right in the corner, that's a good penalty, it went in the right direction, yes, that's right in the corner Jail corner, Pedro, it's 4-2, yeah, I'd be glad it went right. way to read the situation, but I'm afraid you don't make those saves, it's a great penalty and Pedro very well done, very well done, it's also a brilliant goal and dad makes it 4-3 and the shark Pedro has had a real impact In this game he said that he was a good player at Watford, he is showing that he is still a good player at Brighton, he scored that goal for less, but the game continues, yes, he left a couple of players on the field since they are here with some super skills, great turn. the speed here enters the box is that little control there was fantastic to be fair it takes it away from two players and the finish was decent this was an excellent and even game with some really good goals Modric Gallagher and Jackson suddenly putting the blues up here Pedro and undev made it interesting and I think there is a lot for both coaches to have enjoyed here and all the fans in Philadelphia who have seen them share seven goals between them Chelsea four brilliant three the final score

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