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Chef Makes One of Gordon's Dishes and He's Not Happy | Kitchen Nightmares UK

Feb 27, 2020
I'm listening to Kingsland and I only have one wing to say Rococo from the ruin and put Nick back in the game. I really, really hope you like Nick's food. disgusting or mixed or something mom pretty sure my food will stand the test beautiful unlucky church and arrested me to choose it's like a daybed in the window hello hello hello lars good to see miss nick here easy babe thank you this is uh, pretty small, don't you see? Hello, how are you pleased to meet my wife? It's good to see you like me. I'm fine, yes, you look very warm, huh.
chef makes one of gordon s dishes and he s not happy kitchen nightmares uk
You know, tonight, eight people, yes, on a Saturday night, eight clients book, how would you describe Rococo? Rococo is a full a la carte restaurant, yes what style of food is modern british? If you mean now we're in peak summer so it's all sort of about soy ab I'm about to have a menu change this is we're getting to the end of spring when we're now getting into summer spring we're in July spring we have been for two months well I'm fine, I'll go to the dining room, I'll see you after lunch, it's fine, thank you, dear little


Jesus, it's like visiting your grandmother, I'll read the menu here Circophobic circus here huge sofas in the quaint little room I am avid ultimate Alma steadfast ostrich place Yeah sure and it's ice cold it will be.
chef makes one of gordon s dishes and he s not happy kitchen nightmares uk

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chef makes one of gordon s dishes and he s not happy kitchen nightmares uk...

I know, Jesus and children. dressing with capers sounds very familiar Nick has one of my


on the menu that he has been cooking for as long as I have and is commanding the highest prices in London so I just hope the food lives up to it try one first Chowder and it smells good it's certainly seen better days. I just hope I'm not saying the same thing about Nick by the end of the month. ch very well the next mushroom and a duck egg on toast and it's one of my favorites when it's done the way I like it just why is it supposed to look like something out of a Barbies dollhouse why can't it just look plain and mushrooms on toast is like eating soggy wet flannel horrible sentences mushrooms are dirty nick's office Leah plays the man but if she has any sense she will serve the next dish as planned because there's one of mine and where it originated from this plate of interracial the idea that you might know, go and ask him about me, will you, yes sir?
chef makes one of gordon s dishes and he s not happy kitchen nightmares uk
Milk me yeah Nick you gotta be kidding you better put a smile on my face with the next course because so far this lunch has been miserable it's almost done I'm just wondering if there's any point in sending it to me if I were you I would . don't make me wait and you Like a hemorrhoid in me, you know I can just sit back and enjoy what I try to enjoy instead of trying to dissect everything I eat; otherwise your men will sit here and take my place. Would you mind? Thank you so much. I'm there.
chef makes one of gordon s dishes and he s not happy kitchen nightmares uk
There's nothing to say stupid things I mean at least you don't have to cook because that sauce is so sweet it's amazing the duck itself tastes pretty good but then it goes bad with all that awful sauce it's almost like it was Alan and baby vegetables £20 too I I mean you know even when London prices are that you know it's up there there's someone here trying to be flashy and they may have gotten away with it in the 90s but in 2006 these days are numbered correctly nikki isn't going to like what i'm about to let's just say i was hoping for a nice quick quick easy lunch and sadly it was all painful you know mushrooms on toast were supposed to be mushrooms on a toast.
I got something that was incredibly soggy full of grits and it looks horrible but it was delicious and then everything. doing more things was so unnecessary you succeeded ten years ago and he had a huge following unfortunately nothing has progressed no you're in the bubble and i'm about to burst it you rated the food in the try so far what? I've tried I'm ashamed that's very bad

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