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CHEATER GETS ROASTED! - Black Ops 2 Funny Moments

Feb 20, 2020
your gamer tag is gay, damn it, I got burned just reading that guy's name, oh, it's coming, it's coming, it's coming, oh, scorpion friend, you can't do that scorpion, the double failure, the round of applause, vi someone run into him and die, Scotty, thank you. that was beautiful, holy, yeah, are you still looking here seriously, that's holy, this guy is a god, he's a god, it's all you, Scotty, it's all you, he's a god, he's a god, Scotty walked in Panic, you saw that gondola approaching him, just didn't you? I don't know, too soon, man, Vietnam flashbacks, oh, he did the same thing to me before I even walked around the corner, like the little look, oh, there it is, nevermind, oh, he ran like a little, oh, OMG this guy is so sweaty.
cheater gets roasted   black ops 2 funny moments
I'll stay here distracted, oh he's fine, behind, are you serious, buddy? How many C4s of these do they have for me? They also have the engineer. He did it, damn we got Dy, my famous boy, get your ass out of here. I think we should slow down. Below, the walls are salt, the floor is salt, even the air is salt. What if he is right? What if my gaming etiquette is a gay existential crisis? he is hacking the wall. I swear to God the guy is hacking into the wall. There's no way he predicted I'd get there.
cheater gets roasted   black ops 2 funny moments

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cheater gets roasted black ops 2 funny moments...

That perfect guy is Walling. 100%, can you do it in this game? Oh yeah, oh yeah, I think there's Walling, I think there's Walling, man, I think. he's a wall up you want to check his uh game after you can do that don't just look at him, he, he previously noted, I turned the corner, I instantly died and then I looked, are you aware that you have like? a has like a c has six parks and has a secondary like him you can't have six parks and two uh primary and secondary I only two buets look at this look at this here we he knows I'm here he's a hacker look at this hacker, look, Look, look, look, he KN, your Gamertag is gay as a hacker, there you go, why are you fooling anyone?
cheater gets roasted   black ops 2 funny moments
Oh my god, that was skill, not in my head, you didn't even know it was there, check out his game modes, he literally scored, look at the score, 15,000 headshots, Jesus, 15,000 headshots, what a loser, what class of four kdr, th000 unstoppable, oh, he's here. he is back, welcome, kind, the hacker is back to cheat more. I don't even know what you're talking about. I didn't cheat in the last game. Ask her. Ask him how he has six parks. Ask him how he has six parks. You, six, Parks, primary is secondary, go ahead, explain that secondary N4, how would you know that?
cheater gets roasted   black ops 2 funny moments
How are you looking at me, you dead ass? I feel like I'm a woman, you're looking at me, it's called a Kill Cam, you fool, it's a Kill Cam, you fool. ass not a killer camera life bro look at this look at this is hilarious guy sweaty ass hacker in a seven year old game feel special he just check me out let's tag him kill him B that basically dude whatever no he's not even nice weak , kill him, kill him, he was calling you weak, he was calling you, he's calling you weak, he's everything with him, we have everything, here we have, I have, we have, we have, how you like it, that basic, his player tag is basic , you, basic, damn it.
I feel


Marcel is roasting it right now you can't kill anything buddy if I turn them off I'm still going to get kills regardless of you not getting any kills with them disabled. I don't understand why you want to put money into it. Do you want to bet money because I'm sitting there? Okay, all the TVs are mad because he's so mad when you know they're mad when they shove the mic down their throat zero and three once he finds out the tricks zero. and three 16 and one before 16 and one to zero and three let me think here I could use ha I don't know supposedly speculation here guys remove the skill button wait and he's dead again he ran right at me with a rocket launcher, sick memes. the hacker was zero and four without zero points nothing what happened buddy what happened you four didn't kill I changed my controller I changed my controllers because you were crying you changed your controllers yeah the real one was crying because of what it was I cried for you I said you're using this , it's me since I asked you a question if you had hacks and this quickly proves it because you were 04, the hacker is roast, guys, turn them on, turn them back on, although turn them back on. just s and join us again, you can do it uh, you did it, you just did it, although no, not really, not really, I click on look at my account, my teacher, click on my profile and see what it's like, turn off that. they turn on your hacks you turn on your hacks I don't have hacks turn on your hacks unfortunately your ass doesn't work B oh he has the last words oh oh he's the last one left is he going to turn on the hacks and panic oh there he is, what? who the hell is this?
Whatever his Gamertag is, he stopped reading it, he gave up, he's halfway there, oh, D whatever his name is, what's WR in bro, you can't kill me now, you can't. kill me, yes, I can, buddy, you just got destroyed and you threw a C4 at me, let's lose weight, what happened, what happened, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, what happened, se It's over, it's over, although you, shut up. your MTH F when we were beating your ass a while ago and now you were cheating when you were cheating when you cheated on me although when you cheated on me you had the you had the in me come my we you are talking to you what why you why are you quiet why you shut up now speak english why am i speaking english you're stupid talking to you i'm talking to you what's up holy ass shut up stop talking play the game play the game the game the game the guy who cares let's see how suspicious this is , yeah, yeah, let's check it out, yeah, yeah, let's check it out, old TV, guys, theater mode, I better have this, here we go guys, let's look there, it's what I am. no hack man, where's the hatchet?
Oh damn, let's see if there's any suspicious activity. I mean the first part was undone, but we can't fully confirm it, although he saw you placing a headshot and killed, that was just just death. death, if he committed suicide, look at this, look at this shot at me, right, you see Scott and crawling through the wall, look at me, look at that, you know what I'm saying, oh AB, there's my NB tubes don't kill, that was my double. Newbie tubes look at this and then I flanked him, he still missed, he still missed a lot of things about you crawling through your wall, pre-trigger, pre-trigger, yeah, he didn't even see me, he didn't even see me change, I rushed him, wow, this shit. oh, I wonder how he knew, oh, there's a guy, oh yeah, that's something that jumps out before he turned the corner, oh my god, I know why it's


, 'cause when he doesn't have it, he goes 0 and four, That's why it's fun, okay? oh yeah, look, look, look at him follow me through the wall on the third or fourth death he destroyed, you're gone, you're destroyed, you're gone, you're gone, you're gone now look at him, follow me through the wall , follow me through the wall there, you see it, it moves like it's about to be hit by the car, guys, well, there you go, I can see it, this is no, oh, look, that trail goes right to your head, follows his head perfectly, follows him and crosses the rock. oh okay watch out no there and then all the headshots here we go whip all the headshots Jesus holy what a loser this kid your Gamertag is gay everyone file a complaint they report he's cheating hopefully fix your yeah take this out of what it is. that, what is it, mini, how is it going?, I like the video, subscribe to all those things, like it, subscribe to all the things.
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