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ChatGPT in Accounting. Part 4: Prompt Engineering

Apr 25, 2023
specifically from the C program for example let me press stop here and let's look at the original um I'm going to go look at the original


here let me copy this again I'm going to delete that and let's start over chat dpt4 paste that and let me make a change here so let me find out where it has the word category okay how safe is the category is a general business category here is a category a general business


category you expect ok the category and I'll put it here to match the statement tax 11 20, list of expenses or deductions, business deductions, business deductions. ok while i change the


there a little bit i'm going to hit enter and then let's see if this works out right now we need to give you the location of the client and what the client does to be a marketing consultant in miami florida so the only thing i changed was i added a little caveat that you have to match the categories of a tax rate from a 1120 tax return ok let's do the same here let's paste the same payee list one more time and hit paste and hit enter and let's see what happens so the only thing we changed was the category will just be a more formal name that matches a tax return ok meals entertainment yeah that's a list that's on the tax return .
chatgpt in accounting part 4 prompt engineering
I think anyway what he does is just look at that 1120 PDF huh let's see what that looks like so there's food and entertainment that's interesting that's not there so I'm wondering where he got food and entertainment that's interesting , but uh you know, sometimes it's not perfect, sometimes it's a bit trippy, so it's not perfect, but again, this shows how it works correctly. See you next time
chatgpt in accounting part 4 prompt engineering

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