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Chasing Corruption In Stardew Valley

Jun 01, 2021
Did you know that Mayor Lewis collects taxes from all local businesses? Me neither, so that's exactly what we're going to investigate today. He has his own nice schedule in which he travels day to day collecting money from all the businesses. what he spends I have no idea, look at this town, it costs nothing, but this all really surprised us since the man has no problem thinking of my house overnight to deliver his seeds to me, so today we will see from the moment he leaves He walks out that door and heads to Willy's shop to pick up what little money he has he gets desperate any minute now Lewis I've got nothing but time he seems happy enough to see me but that's because I haven't started stalking him yet today it's the first day of our little adventure together, right on time, he's on the go and AM seems to be his favorite time to leave his house so far, all good, he's headed in the right direction.
chasing corruption in stardew valley
I won't hide it. that I'm following him I'd stop to get his dialogue, but I need to see what he says after he talks to Willy and since I don't think he bought a single thing from Willy in this file, I should have done basically nothing. money really because I don't think anyone buys Willy anything so here he is we should talk to him now louis what are you doing here? Well the fish certainly smells fresh this season, if it didn't you'd be pretty worried about things and you're repeating the dialogue okay Willy any news on Mayor Louis extortion hey son that looks like decent weather for fishing. we really have some dialogue whatever he's doing he's taking his sweet time about it again nothing happens fast in this world even


in extortion happens at a very slow pace i suspect he's after me because he seems to know my weakness for expecting things we can have e to find a faster way to do this link twice if something bad is going on or pm. and he finally leaves Willy has nothing to say about there's more Lewis hi come back Aaron Lewis making money is a hobby of mine so im excited for this warm weather what were you doing willy shopping all day Willy?
chasing corruption in stardew valley

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chasing corruption in stardew valley...

I'm worried about what just happened but I'm even more worried that no one wants to talk about it let's restart the day because I really can't mess around enough the difference today is Mayor Dewey is going to be @nr who it's more honest we and Willie will basically do the same thing today talk to Mara Lewis while he's there talk to him after he leaves I'll talk to Willie anytime because he doesn't seem so bright on herding days anyway Louis what is what you're doing here the fish certainly smells fresh this season well that's nothing new or enlightening and willie has nothing to say you're going to have to give me something to work with or this is going to be a very slow investigation and you smell like i've been c hearing calls of fresh crab all day work is in the fisherman's shop for the last six hours so far we have nothing it's because Willie hasn't made any money let's try Marni's she's only a few days away while I'm waiting for the good mayor obviously she realized she might be doing this wrong she may already be in fact she probably never left well maybe not today I I'm getting everything wrong, no, wait, here it is.
chasing corruption in stardew valley
I wonder if he will ever suspect why. I'm hanging out everywhere he goes. I'm just here to make sure all of Barney's business needs are met. Well, that's nothing new and that's a business that's open 24/7. You can use the scythe to cut the food from the grass. Marni you're something else maybe she didn't have enough heart to say something nice to me you should fix it oh you can buy it for me of course I could use the cash bye it's because Mary Lewis is extorting you at this point he could be collecting taxes or he could just be visiting the ongoing investigation nues he will never see me here anyway he is very reliable with his schedule what he is really doing though no one really knows what you are doing here i am here to collect business tax from clint aha i would say this is a clue but more or less Minus the fact that we're looking for what you're paying taxes for, sometimes I wonder how I ended up in this town, just like the rest of us, what exactly are these taxes for and where do they go, at least today, the mayor Lewis is that efficient? that you can actually visit two people in the same day is that kind of raw efficiency that a mayor of this city has had for over 20 years talking about questionable characters the library is when the most important features of a pelican city are financed with the taxes we collect from local businesses, but that's not entirely true.
chasing corruption in stardew valley
I'm the one who finds all the books here and donates all the stuff to the museum. I mean, there are some books in here, but that's clearly not where all the taxes go. You do not look your. have some donating to the museum you better go treasure hunting huh I thought that was what our taxes paid for hunting the museum well I'll see you on our next date or a senior he sure takes his time to get out of bed in the morning. Excuse me, Demetrius, I'm here waiting for Luis just in time, if you'll excuse me, I'm here waiting for you, I'm Robin, what kind of extortion do we have today?
I like to check with the local businesses and see how they are doing and raise money from them so I can find their illegal companies so how much is it taking eighty ninety percent what a wonderful substance it is versatile cheap strong and each piece has its own unique character you live a fascinating life or the second time in a month that Luis is coming to see Marnie, maybe not a big surprise given his relationship with Marnie, but it is not the only business that visits twice in a month according to this time they showed me i was supposed to show to marnie is today but i'm not seeing it maybe he's collected enough taxes maybe he's all over me and trying not to be noticed he was a fifteen year old we're clinching again everyone looks like a little happier on the weekends don't you think well probably so because you're lining your pockets.
I'm at work seven days a week, though yeah we all have problems so he visited Clint a second time but Clint is probably a little easy going, damn I'm too old to do anything. exciting already all i have to look forward to is years and years of sweaty toil in the hot furnace i mean thats only if you do the blacksmithing part right or possibly because all your profits apparently go here its funded by the taxes we collect from local businesses, okay? So where will she go on the day she's supposed to visit Clint? We're going to follow him from his doorstep this morning, that way we won't lose him again.
I think he goes to Marnie unless she stops at Haley. and Emily's house but I don't think using her stupid tax money is safe to say right now that she's going to Barneys hello again. I'm here to monitor and make sure he's not doing anything unethical. I'm just here to make sure all of Marnie's business needs are met. We meet Arnie you can tell me you can use the site to cut the feed to the grass. Wow, it's like that's all he wants to say in front of Louis. Can you shed some light on this? No, I don't have time to chat with you.
Yeah, early, you're a busy guy, Elliot, and get off the beach. What are you doing here? You must be content to follow your multitude from seed to harvest. I mostly just follow Luis, to be honest. We have one more business to oversee while the mayor pays his visits. and actually the year of the Pierre shop isn't the most prominent guy, so I'm curious to see how this goes. Apparently this happens every Tuesday because Luis really wants the attacks. all you need is Definitely my main source of products. We'll just wait and see how the shakedown areas play out just 40 minutes late.
What are you doing here? I do all my grocery shopping here. Tell me what's really going on. be sure to stop by once in a while it's a lot of work running a shop so after mayor lewis is done pierre is where he's going he's heading in the direction of his house which is probably where he's going to continue working on his gold statues ok mary lewis game over i know your secret i bet one of these is worth a year's worth of taxes you won't even recognize it that's a sign of guilt in itself sadly we can't get value for that but that's probably because Lewis doesn't want to collect it because he doesn't want anyone to know his secret, well this investigation was certainly born as a fruit of what I expected, but with a game like this you never know exactly where things are. they're going to take you there's still a million little details i haven't even seen maybe someone can add a little more to this maybe know a little more about the mary lewis dealings if someone can help you with any of that i'll reward you with pigs

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