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Charles Martinet has retired from voicing Mario

Aug 22, 2023
Hello, hello everyone, I just wanted to make a video about Charles Martinet, the voice actor for Mario Luigi, Wario Waluigi and others, and he is retiring or rather, Nintendo is promoting him to the role of Mario ambassador and I just wanted say that I like it. A couple of things about you know what his role meant to me and you know my interactions with him, few can be, it was very nice to meet him a couple of times and I will say that he will be missed and that he is quite irreplaceable um. So basically what happened was that Nintendo released this hard-to-read statement in white on red.
charles martinet has retired from voicing mario
Charles Martin has been the original voice of Mario in Nintendo games for a long time and dates back to Mario 64. uh, Charles is now moving on to the new thing. role of Mario Ambassador With this transition, he will stop recording character voices for our games, but he will continue to travel the world sharing the joy of Mario and interacting with all of you now. The thing is, he really likes going to cons. and meet people and I'll tell you about that in a moment, at least it seems that way. It has been an honor to work with Charles to help bring Mario to life for so many years and we want to thank and celebrate him, please stay tuned. for a special video message from Shigeru Miyamoto and Charles himself that we will post at a future date, so at the time of this recording you know there is no special video message yet, but it's a little bittersweet and I mean he's 67 years old .
charles martinet has retired from voicing mario

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charles martinet has retired from voicing mario...

I feel like he can still do the voices and, you know, he's a little different than he was, of course, because age is just that, but he's one of the most exuberant, incredibly energetic for his age, especially the voice actors. in games, and I feel like even if it's Solo wahoo, there's still something about it that has a lot of life to it. When I was a kid, Mario sounded like the Mario voices that I do, which is my own version, like the Super Show mixed with the Mario 3 show, so Walker Boone and Tony Rosado and, you know, Mario always sounded like an Italian gruff like, hey Luigi, how are you, it's me, Mario and then Bob Hoskins did the same thing too, so when Mario 64 came out, which wasn't his first Mario role, I think so. the way I played it, it was like a Mario card game or Mario teaches writing, maybe it was like a floating head, but anyway, yeah, listening to Mario around this time was a little jarring because, again, He's not the stereotypical Italian New Yorker, but I think his role was so good that now anyone who plays Mario is just doing a kind of impression of Charles, which is a lot like Chris Pratt.
charles martinet has retired from voicing mario
I thought he was okay in the Mario movie after watching it, you forget about that but he does his little Wahoos and sounds a little more like Charles Martinez Mario than the old versions and apparently Super Mario Wonder is not Charles Martinet so those Wahoos are going to be a different person uh wowie zowie that and other lines are going to be a different person so again we will have a new era of people doing Mario voices maybe even different people doing all the characters he did and the fact of that he did all those characters and he made them different enough, you know there's talent there so it's hard to replace that level of iconic talent and again Charles Martinez's name is associated with Mario as if he became his own celebrity and he was also able to speak full sentences like Converse and do impromptu stuff with fans at conventions or through some like, you know, he would go into a studio and his voice would be heard and he would be a floating Mario head so he could do those voices for periods of time. extended periods of time.
charles martinet has retired from voicing mario
He has a lot of improvisational talent. Just talking to people brings me to all this with similar conventions. I guess I was at too many games, maybe it was five years ago and he was there and he had a long line, as you can imagine, and he was signing for hours and hours and hours and I was in a booth not too far from him, but he I didn't know who I was or if I was a guest or anything and I noticed that at the end of the convention I had a shorter line than I had.
I got to everyone, so I walked up to him and paid and said, Hi Charles, I'm a big fan and thank you for all your time doing this voice, you know it really defined a lot of my life growing up. and his voice was tired. He would do Mario's voice with everyone and try to personalize it a little bit. Each copy is personalized. I know, but he would prepare to talk to you to get to know you. a little bit and he tries to do the voices of Mario and Luigi and he signed, he signed this for me and while he wrote the phrases near the characters, he did the voice of each character and again his own, you know. he was busy, he had a long day and he still made them even if he was really short and I always appreciated that cool guy, fast forward this year.
I'm in too many games again and I'm in the back area where talent quote unquote I'm including myself in this like I'm the talent here but okay I say spin meanwhile the David hater is back there and I I say, okay, I'm talking to David Hayter now and I'm here for some reason and then Charles comes in and he's a really nice guy and he's like, you know, having his tea and he's setting everything up and he's being really nice to all the people there. He works there and I just said hi, he basically responded to me.
I didn't want to bother him, I didn't want it to turn into something that he was just starting his day and he wasn't going to say hey the way I do some voices, uh, by the way, you know, me too here it was like listen, I'm standing. next to the guy we are working on at the same convention more or less you could call him that and that was enough for me and really made my day along with the one who hates David saying squeeze my pig, that's a different story Charles he was really professional the whole weekend and reached out to everyone his line was really long every day he was there and you could tell he loves meeting the fans and bringing Joy to the people and that's really rare and him at his age current 67 year old would do that until he reaches everyone, so Class Act from start to finish it's good to know that he will still go to conventions, still do his voice, probably consult and probably have a good retirement. and he'll probably end up having a great time just going and meeting the fans and being that guy that they want him to be, so you know there's a silver lining, it's the end of an era, he's irreplaceable in the sense that now, in place of Like I said, people make a different version of Mario, I think they'll get very close to him, especially in the N64 era, there were a lot of things like, you know, let's figure out how to do this now, Charles defined it so you already know and The guy was talented in other ways too, he was in Skyrim, like the dragon Partenox.
I think his name is Partenox and you wouldn't even know it was him if you were playing the game and didn't know, but he's really good. that character and his voice is totally different, you can tell if you know Wario's voice, you might be able to tell, but he does a completely different performance, the guy could do as good a dramatic performance as anyone and he wasn't just the guy Wahoo, which I feel like when you're that iconic it's a double-edged sword because you get a lot of work as the Nintendo guy and you end up making a lot of people happy, but then maybe you get pigeonholed a little bit or pigeonholed into a specific type.
That's why I'm glad he played that role and there are others like him too. He's probably he's been in things. Let me find out right now. He's probably been in things I didn't even know he was in while I'm looking at that. up I will say that there is one clip in particular and I'm sorry to do this if you're watching Charles, which he's not um of course there's a nasty game that's supposed to educate you about the human body that I discovered on a Sunday broadcast a few years ago and here's one of his famous lines in that game and again I'm really sorry, but the anal sphincter, yeah, and I think that was right before or at the beginning of his time as Mario, he played as Dracula in a live. action as a promotion for some company, but um, yeah, I mean, he was in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure for a couple of episodes, he was in um, well, obviously, the Mario movie, which is a little bittersweet, he was in Dragon Ball, a movie in Dragon Ball, a movie. from Dragon Ball was in the 1997 game.
Okay, he did some voices and Beauty and the Beast, oh, never mind, let's direct the video, uh, but otherwise, yeah, Mario teaches typing. I think he was the first one to say here, uh, video game, uh, like Mario. but he was in Super Punch Out Skies of Arcadia like Vigoro look, I didn't even know it and Skies of Arcadia is one of my favorite games um Star Wars X-Wing Alliance cell damage uh Jet Set Radio Future you know, I'll say it's I had quite a few games where I wasn't just Mario, I played Eoden and Gimli and The Lord of the Rings as a senior.
Wow, okay, Orvis and Ratchet and Clank Future, a crack in time, so yeah, I mean, he's had some roles and he's definitely been in a couple of things you wouldn't expect lately, it's just been a bunch of crap. of Mario and later had a cameo in the film. I think it was a good cameo, of course, it would have been nice to see it. in the movie more if not like Mario, but then there is someone a little more visible, but he plays the characters that he did, which was that kind of jumping man in the arcade at the beginning and I think Mario's father as well, yes I'm not wrong, I think he played Mario's father, but anyway it was nice and it's a little bittersweet knowing that it could be his last stage as Mario, so anyway I just wanted to make this video because I feel like someone who likes to do voices as someone whose career has actually taken off a little bit as a result of my Mario Luigi voices um yeah, Mario and Luigi and Giuseppe's father, yeah, that's perfect, but as someone who has a lot of respect and He is interested in voice acting. and he also loves the Mario games from when he was a kid.
It's sad to see him go. I hope you enjoy his retirement. I hope they paid him well and I hope he even appears somewhere else in other things. It's nice to see him anytime at a convention and I wish him the best and I hope that whoever is next to do these voices, you know, does a good job, of course, and yeah, that's it. I guess thanks, Charles, I appreciate it. The memories and even those little personal memories that I have have been really great, so thank you Charles Martin for everything you have done, bye everyone.

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