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Celeb Relationships With Extremely Uncomfortable Age Gaps

Feb 25, 2020
Age is just a number! At least it is for these Hollywood stars, who got together with romantic partners who, in some cases, could easily be their grandchildren. Do you feel like a good shame fest? Find out if true love is really blind, with these


awkward age differences! Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones have a lot in common. Both have won Oscars and also have the same birthday: September 25. But one thing they do not have in common: the generations to which they belong. Douglas is on the cusp of the Baby Boom, born in 1944, but Zeta-Jones is more of a Generation X, born in 1969.
celeb relationships with extremely uncomfortable age gaps
However, the quarter-century gap wasn't an issue when these two married in 2000. So how's your love life?" "We didn't have much to talk about, you know, she was half my age. "Listen, half your age is still an old lady." Since then, the couple have suffered from serious health problems and hard times, but have managed to avoid Splitsville, despite a period of separation around 2013. Taking your closest person for granted. Sometimes you try harder with strangers. I think we were very blessed to have a lot of mutual respect." As the creator of Playboy and the true mascot of the swingin lifestyle he represents, the late Hugh Hefner dated much, much younger women for decades. "If you don't love all this, then you are a fool." On New Year's Eve 2012, Hefner married his third wife, Crystal Harris.
celeb relationships with extremely uncomfortable age gaps

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celeb relationships with extremely uncomfortable age gaps...

She was 26 at the time, 60 years younger than the 86-year-old Hef. "I'll sit here and smile." While it probably came as no surprise to many that Hef would marry someone in her twenties, it's easy to see the cringe factor when you consider her four children from her first two marriages: Christie, 66, David, 64, Cooper. , 28, and Marston, 29. Basically… Hef's two oldest children could have been the parents of his wife. Oh! Writer-director Woody Allen and model-actress Mia Farrow were romantically involved for more than a decade. They never married, but Allen helped raise Farrow's adopted children. That pretty much ended in 1992, when Farrow allegedly discovered that Allen was cheating on her after finding intimate Polaroids of another woman in Allen's apartment.
celeb relationships with extremely uncomfortable age gaps
Worse still: the photos were of Soon-Yi Previn, Farrow's adopted daughter. “They were so casual about it. They didn't seem appropriately upset." Allen allegedly told Farrow that he was deeply in love with Previn and that he wanted to marry her. And not only was he essentially hooking up with his stepdaughter, there was about a 35-year age difference. Allen was 57 at the time, while Previn was around 20 or 21. Allen and Previn married in 1997, but the legality of the union has done little to allay the general public's uneasy feeling about the whole affair. Celine Dion began to venture into singing professionally at the age of 12, thanks to the tutelage of her manager, René Angélil, 38 and twice divorced.
celeb relationships with extremely uncomfortable age gaps
The relationship was purely business for years until, in her late teens, Celine's feelings apparently began to change. "He said, Celine, I need you. The first time in my life I felt that I was needed. He made me feel so good." Fortunately, her semi-scandalous relationship with her manager, who was 26 years her senior, worked out: they married in 1994, raised a family and were devoted to each other until René died of cancer at age 73, in 2016. If the old The adage that rock stars are only around to meet women is true, so Billy Joel might just be the biggest rock star of all time.
His smash hit "Uptown Girl" was originally called "Uptown Girls," and it was about three women: models Elle MacPherson and Christie Brinkley, and singer Whitney Houston. Joel ended up dating MacPherson, and marrying and fathering a daughter with Brinkley. The couple divorced in 1994. Joel was five years older than Brinkley, but decided to go much younger with his next two marriages: "Some age better than others." In 2004, he married Katie Lee, a food writer, chef, and former host of Top Chef, who was about 32 years Joel's junior. They broke up in 2009. Next move for Joel: a brokerage clerk named Alexis Roderick.
They got married in 2015 when the bride was 33 and the groom was 66. And here's a fun fact: Roderick is only about three years older than Joel's daughter Alexa. Bruce Willis was one half of one of the most famous


rity supercouples of all time when he was married to Demi Moore from 1987 to 2000. But the good-looking divorcee movie star found love again when he met Emma Heming in 2008. In an episode of People's List, Heming said that when he first met Willis, he was surprised at how "charming" and "fun" he was. The two married in 2009, when Willis was 54 and Heming 32.
While their fast-paced romance sounds sweet, The Daily Mail couldn't help but point out: "she looks a lot like first wife Demi Moore, only 16 years younger." ." These days, though, Heming and Willis are going strong, with their two children. "We're still married. And happy. And happy about that." If Hayley Roberts had taken her husband's last name, she would have been the second Hayley Hasselhoff in the family, with just 12 years between them too! That's because Baywatch star David Hasselhoff has a daughter named Hayley with his ex-wife Pamela Bach. The couple divorced in 2006 and in 2017, the pop star announced her engagement to Roberts after five years of dating.
They made it official in July 2018. Hoff told Hello magazine old for her." He was 63 and she was 36 when he asked the question. Roberts told The Sun that she was living with her parents in Wales when she ran into Hasselhoff in a bar and asked to take a photo. "My arm went, there she is. That's the girl I've been dreaming of. There she is, go find her. They hit it off and the rest is Hollywood history. It may be hard to believe, but the cold British action star Jason Statham


rated his 50th birthday in 2017. And Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, a Victoria's Secret model and actress, is 20 years his junior."We both respect each other's strengths and weaknesses when it comes to living together." there's a chance they don't understand each other's pop culture references, they seem to hit it off.
Rosie even told Self magazine that Statham is her, quoting "best friend." The couple began dating in 2010 and got engaged in 2016. Mary-Kate Olsen began playing Michelle Tanner on Full House, along with her twin sister, Ashley, when she was about 1. And at that time, Mary-Kate's future husband, Olivier Sarkozy, was already 18 years old. ". You are in big trouble, gentlemen!” Sarkozy is a French-born banker and half-brother of former French President Nicolas Sarkozy, who has been working in finance in the US since the early 1990s. When the unlikely couple wed in 2015, with "cigarette bowls" of courtesy to guests, Olsen was a 29-year-old designer and Sarkozy was the 46-year-old co-head of Carlyle's Financial Services Group and father of two children from his previous marriage.
By the time Amber Tamblyn got her big break with an Emmy-nominated starring role in Joan of Arcadia in 2002, David Cross had already established himself as one of the leading comedians of his generation, and a sketch comedy legend as the co-creator and Co-stars on HBO's Mr. Show with Bob and David. "Excuse me, do these effectively hide my thunder?" True love may not always match people of the same age, but it often seems to match the coolest couples. "She made me have a couple's colonic. It's a terrible, terrible idea." The duo welcomed their first child in February 2017. Tamblyn was 33 and Cross was 52 when she debuted their little one.
There are around 32 years between Sarah Paulson, star of The People vs. O.J. Simpson, the Emmy-winning actress, and Holland Taylor, the Emmy-winning Character Actress known for hit TV and movies like Legally Blonde. But they might as well be teenagers for the way they charmingly and shamelessly share their love. "Did Holland Taylor slip into your DMs?" "She really did." "Wow. I love that. In a 2017 interview with Sandra Bernhard, Taylor, 74, said her partner of 42 years makes her feel like the date, "the luckiest person in the world." "Imagine being in love in my time in my life with someone such a great artist and such a free and independent spirit." And during his Emmy acceptance speech in 2016, Paulson yelled, quote, "Holland Taylor, I love you!" and in an interview with The New York Times said of his beloved partner, "probably the most exquisitely beautiful woman I have ever seen." Tom Cruise had been in the public eye for more than two decades, and was previously married to Mimi Rogers and Nicole Kidman, when he appeared on The Oprah Winfrey Show in 2005 and jumped up and down on a couch because he had such a crush on the ex.
Dawson's Creek star Katie Holmes. "I certainly didn't think she would become the bruhaha she was." A year later, the couple welcomed a baby girl named Suri, and they later tied the knot in 2006. Although the fairy tale ended in divorce in 2012, it certainly began on a happy note. Holmes reportedly even told Seventeen magazine that when she was younger she dreamed of marrying the Top Gun star, who is 17 years her senior. "I can't even describe it, it's just, uh, probably this big smile on my face describes it." What's even more awkward than the teen crush factor was the fact that Katie was supposedly assigned a Scientology chaperone during their time together.
Totally normal, right? As aired in her New York Times wedding announcement, Baldwin reached out to yoga instructor Hilaria Thomas, in a vegan style. her restaurant and said, "I must meet you." She then gave him her business card, possibly the oldest way to approach a woman in courtship history. But it worked, no doubt in part, because he's one of the most recognizable actors on the planet. "Oh, have I caught your eye now?" They played phone tag for a while, eventually getting together and obviously hitting it off. The couple with the age difference of 26 years. he married in the summer of 2012.
It is the first marriage for Thomas and the second for Baldwin. He was previously married to Kim Basinger, who is four years older than him. "There are advantages to being married to a man Alec's age. On one hand, he's a wonderful grandfather to our children." While we tease Baldwin about his old-fashioned moves, don't think this relationship is that of a caretaker and her lover. These two went to work to start a family.The New York City real estate mogul turned reality star turned President of the United States was still neither of the latter two when he met Slovenian model Melania at a party in 1998. "It's going to be a great night.
It is always. According to GQ, at the time, he had been separated from his second wife, Marla Maples, for over a year. Donald was 52 and Melania was only 28. It seemed like the 24-year age difference didn't matter much. , and the two married in January 2005. "I am very proud of his election for President of the United States, my husband, Donald J Trump." Since his rise to political stardom, there have been many seemingly


revelations about the couple's marriage, but perhaps none more embarrassing than the ones made by Donald himself. "I was an open book. I would say anything." We're talking about Trump's infamous calls to surprise jock Howard Stern on the radio show, like the time Donald joked about giving Melania, then five months pregnant, a "week" to get in shape after giving to light. "Ladies and gentlemen, David Foster." David Foster is the soft-rock mega-producer, songwriter, and arranger who transformed the band Chicago into a light '80s FM machine, while also helping artists like Celine Dion, Kenny G, and Michael Bublé reach every dental office. .
Playlist in America. "Do you have the McPhee-see? Here it is." Katharine McPhee is the singer who combined Broadway-level pipes with model looks to propel herself to second place on American Idol, as well as a successful acting career, starring in movies like The House Bunny and the TV shows Smash and Scorpion. But despite their 35-year age difference, these two make it work. In 2018, Foster proposed to McPhee, and the couple wed in June 2019. Mick Jagger is the ultimate and consummate rock star, both for his ability to electrify and spellbound a crowd, for over 50 years, with his cock-like crowing and arrogance, and because of how he's unabashedly non-monogamous.
Among the women Jagger promised his temporary undying love to, were model Jerry Hall, model and future First Lady of France Carla Bruni, the model Anita Pallenberg, model Luciana Gimenez and singer Marianne Faithfull, but in June 2014, Jagger chose someone who didn't walk the runway or sing songs for a living, and joined American Ballet Theatre. melan ballerina ie hamrick. In 2016, Hamrick gave birth to her first child, but her eighth overall.of the leader of Rolling Stone. The couple's respective ages as of 2020, put him at 76 and her at 33. In the late 1980s, Aerosmith, the rock band fronted by scarf aficionado and gruff-voiced singer Steven Tyler, had been around for so long and endured so many ups and downs that he was ready for a comeback, which he achieved through the hit albums Permanent Vacation and Pump.
And it was during this period that Tyler turned 40 and his future love, Aimee Preston, was born. Even Tyler's daughter, model and actress Liv Tyler, was in double digits by then. "I certainly got away with women, and women got away with 'You had an obligation to…' 'Have sex all the time?' But before Preston came to Tyler's attention romantically, she turned her head professionally, working as the rock star's personal assistant According to Entertainment Tonight, Preston worked with Tyler for years, but they first emerged as a couple in early 2016. The duo were seen holding hands while walking to the Elton John AIDS Foundation Oscar viewing party, and they've been basically inseparable ever since.
Momoa is the last thing on the Aquaman star's mind, because, for him, it was literally love at first sight. James Corden in 2017, Momoa said that he had a crush on Bonet before she even knew she existed. All thanks to her role as Denise Huxtable on The Cosby Show. He said: "Since I was about eight years old and I saw her on TV ion, I thought, 'Mommy, I want that!' I'm like, 'I'm going to stalk you for the rest of my life, and I'm going to get you.'” Of course, Jason – who openly admitted to being a date – “full-fledged stalker” – went on to explain that he didn't tell her any of this.
Lisa until they had two children together. You know, for obvious reasons. "I always wanted to meet her. She was always the queen." The couple began dating in 2005 and "made it official" more than a decade later with a secret wedding in 2017, according to Us Weekly. According to Bonet, the night he met Momoa was the dream of every fan of the Game of Thrones heartthrob. She told Porter magazine, "she basically picked me up and threw me over her shoulder, caveman style!" Less than three months after comedian Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande split, the SNL star and actress Kate Beckinsale were spotted flirting at a Golden Globes after-party, according to Page Six, and began a romance with a difference. aged 20 years.
A source told E! News that although they seemed like an unlikely couple, "he always has her laughing, and that's a good feeling. They talk a lot and never run out of things to say." A week later, Beckinsale told the L.A. Times that she was surprised by all the attention her romantic life was receiving. She said, "It's all quite shocking, and something to get used to. I think if you liked the person less, you'd walk away." "Have you been enjoying all the attention?" "I hate it. It's horrible." Less than a month later, the whirlwind romance was over.
When Ben Foster and Robin Wright met on the set of the movie Rampart, sparks flew despite their 14-year age difference. Three years later, the actors announced their engagement. Wright told The Telegraph that Foster's proposal was surprising, but ultimately inevitable. She explained, "We feel married anyway. We've been together since the first date." But their happy engagement lasted only ten months. A source told Us Weekly: "The gap ended up being too much. Ben was a bit immature. She couldn't deal with him anymore." The couple reconciled a few months later, but in 2015 they separated once more. In 2016, Foster popped the question to That '70s Show and Orange Is The New Black star Laura Prepon, and the couple, who are just a year apart, welcomed their first child a year later. "I have to get out of prison to get married, so we'll see what happens." The duo got married in 2018 and are expecting their second child in 2020.
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