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CCTV Reveals a Killer’s Many Disgusting Secrets

Mar 30, 2024
After a strange and unexplained death in Oxford, eerie surveillance images of a hooded figure began appearing across the city. Jorge's death was initially considered a tragic accident, but two years later, a tip from the other side of the world sparked a search for a man. seriously ill and twisted individual and the more detectives became involved in this case, the more horrible it became. Who is Scarlet Blake? Why is she known as the so-called cat


and how is she related to Jorge's untimely murder? Welcome back to Coffee House Crime Friends, my name is Adrien and today I'm taking you to Oxford to see one of the most infuriating stories I've ever encountered.
cctv reveals a killer s many disgusting secrets
You know, every once in a while a story like this comes up and it makes you so angry that it feels personal and this one will infuriate you to the end, so make sure you have your comforts with you. Consider subscribing if you want to see more stories like this every week, and now, with that being said, grab a coffee, take a seat. and prepare for the deep dive, this is the case of Scarlet Blake, now, here is a place I know extraordinarily well, welcome to the people of Oxford, nestled in the serene countryside of southern England, Oxford shines as a center of intellect and English culture, its renowned university was founded in the 12th century and epitomizes academic excellence.
cctv reveals a killer s many disgusting secrets

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cctv reveals a killer s many disgusting secrets...

Admiring its historic streets, you will be fascinated by the timeless architecture and iconic university spiers, but Oxford is not just about its traditional academy, as the city is also full of artistic vitality, its


theatres, galleries and museums are Rich in history, all surrounded by charming markets, cozy pubs and dozens of quaint cafes with rich history, culture and so


things to see it's no wonder why Oxford is internationally recognized and a place I'm very proud to be. have called my childhood. However, that does not mean that it is disaster-free and sure enough, in the year 2021, a horrible death became the city's torque at 12:15 p.m.
cctv reveals a killer s many disgusting secrets
On July 26, 2021, emergency services were dispatched to Parson's Pleasure Bathing Site which is located along the River Sherwell. Several calls had been made to reports of a body floating in the water and those observing the situation were certain that whoever it was was dead, the local area was locked down as soon as officers arrived and shortly afterwards it was confirmed that the The body belonged to a man between 20 and 30 years old. The cause of his death was initially unknown and unexplained, meaning officers were unsure if it was accidental or if it was a case. Soon, homicide detectives were able to locate several clues indicating foul play may have been involved;
cctv reveals a killer s many disgusting secrets
However, for now they weren't quite sure, but shortly after these initial findings was when they found this surveillance image, investigating officers believed that due to their proximity at the time of this man's death, they may have seen shortly before dying, but having no idea who this person could be, they released the image to the public to ask for help, so now we have a body appearing in a public place in the center of Oxford and a surveillance image of a hooded figure taken shortly before his death, so the authorities had several important questions that really needed to be answered here who were these two people, how did that body end up in the river and who was the poor thing as always these unfortunately things take quite a while time to develop but what the police were able to determine is that that body belongs to a man named Jorge Martín Corano.
His relatives were notified within 24 hours and unfortunately this is how they began their long road to recovery and many questions about what happened to their loved one. jhead, but before we begin our investigation, let's take a look at who jge was and what exactly happened to this unfortunate soul. He was a 30 year old Spanish man named jge Martín Corino born in Las Palma de Gran Canaria. He emigrated to the UK with his girlfriend in 2019 and, although they separated shortly after, they remained good friends, Jorge was now an engineer by profession and had studied electrical engineering at University and at the time of his death he was working in one of the local BMWs from Oxford. in fact, the night before his death he had been drinking with colleagues before being separated from the group and returning home.
Jorge's family described him as distinguished by his incredible affection, sympathy and capacity for total dedication to others and his innate curiosity and creativity led him to tirelessly explore, learn and experiment. Jge loved music, photography, reading and sports, and he also played the guitar and often attended art museums with his friends. Since he was a triplet, he was left behind, two identical brothers in one big grieving family, so now they had a face and a name for the body, they could finally get a glimpse of what happened to him precisely the night he died, and of course.
Of course, they would start with surveillance footage, cell phone data, and witness reports. The disturbingly sad thing is that it doesn't. Even a few hours before Jorge died, one of his friends sent him a message telling him that Oxford is a dangerous place and followed up by sending an article about an attempted murder. Now that I'm growing up in Oxfordshire, I can attest that the countryside is a very peaceful place. be, but the city maybe not so much actually when I was about 16, my cousins ​​and I were walking through the city when one of them got hit in the face with a brick by a group of other kids, so yeah, can be nice.
Anyway, this is where our story starts to show subtle signs of foul play. Because as investigators delved deeper and deeper into the case, they realized that Jorge was not alone in his last hours, in fact, many surveillance cameras captured him with this mysterious figure more than in fact, a dozen cameras jge and this stranger were documented from various locations and angles and walking the many streets of Oxford, so the main questions here are who was this hooded and masked individual, why were they with Jorge, and what happened between the two of them. On the afternoon of July 24, 2021, Jorge traveled to Oxford city center with his friends, they traveled to the Swan and Castle Pub before moving to Cowen Creek at approximately 1: p.m. at 1:00 a.m.
Jorge received a text from his friend warning him that Oxford is a dangerous place before attaching a link to a story about an attempted murder in the city, disturbingly, he would then respond to this with a smiley face emoji at 2 He then left Cowen Creek and could be seen saying goodbye to his friends at 8:09 p.m. For the next hour he remained in and around Oxford with other friends and finally himself at 3:16am. m. Jorge is seen leaning against a wall in Worcester. He walks while he looks up his address on his phone and then, 4 minutes later, another camera catches him in Gloucester Green.
He then tries to call a friend on his phone, but unfortunately the call goes unanswered after this, further searches are carried out at his house. address at 3:33 a.m. a surveillance camera captures Jorge accidentally dropping his wallet and about 58 seconds later, he passes it again in the opposite direction, the man appears to be lost and is still using his phone to look up his address meanwhile our first surveillance camera captures to the stranger as Salant walks through South Lodge Park at 3:35 a.m. m. at 3:59 a.m. m., the unknown individual is then seen walking down Cat Street and finally turns towards Mary's Pass just a few seconds later and then at exactly 4:00 a.m. m.
Our two characters finally cross paths after the unknown person approaches Jorge who is already on the ground, they then sit and chat for about 12 minutes before shooting together, another camera then captures the two of them on Cat Street in an unknown moment. what their mutual intentions were, but apparently Jorge had agreed to walk with this stranger, they are later seen walking together on South Park Road and finally in South Lodge Park. Now this particular surveillance camera is just a few hundred feet from the Sherwell River and then some. specifically the exact area where Jorge's body was found, the discovery of this footage plus the realization that this stranger was with him just a few feet from where he was found was highly suspicious to the officers, which is cool, by the way, because to begin with everyone thought his death was accidental, in fact his initial autopsies concluded that he had died from poisoning and then drowned, this was despite them recognizing that he had blunt force trauma to the back of his head, yes Jorge's death was an accident, so I needed him to fall.
Backwards he was knocked out, rolled over and then drowned, so yeah, none of this made any sense, but this supposed accident would be the main story for quite some time, in fact, for over 2 years, but it finally came to light. the light new evidence. Forensic officers would find a smof vodka bottle cap next to J's body and after analyzing it they found that it contained his DNA and the DNA of another unknown individual and after reviewing the surveillance footage more closely they realized that the person who was walking with h that night seemed to be carrying that bottle of vodka and so the next big question for the authorities was if Jorge was really murdered and if someone had planned to murder him then why the truth is that for a long time no one knew what exactly happened to him Jorge and while his death did.
To many they seemed suspicious, with no solid evidence or even a person of interest, the city of Oxford would soon return to business as usual. Those walking through the night soon forgot about the strange Death by the river and the hooded figure seemed to glide by. Meanwhile, out of almost everyone's minds, back home in Spain, Jorge's family was left with open wounds and relentless questions that would tragically remain that way for over 2 years until one day the authorities received a strange phone call. The caller was a trans woman from the United States and she was calling to report that her partner who lived in Oxford had recently admitted to murdering a man, so her partner's name is Scarlet Blake and let me tell you, we will learn a lot about Scarlet for the next 10 minutes because quite frankly, this is a seriously confused individual, so let's start with their relationship.
Ashlin Bell, who lived in the US, was in a relationship with Scarlet Blake, who was 23 at the time of Forge's murder. Scarlet is also a trans woman and lived in the crotch which is in the same area where Jorge's body was found after meeting over the internet the two struck up an online relationship and it seems they both shared some pretty sick fantasies . Ashlin claimed that Scarlet had a morbid interest in killing living creatures and that they also fantasized about murdering animals and other people and Ashin also told the authorities that Scarlet had confessed to murdering Jge with the Garetts before throwing him into the river sadly this story gets worse even more so in March 2021 Scarlet's neighbors were worried when her cat suddenly disappeared, you can probably tell where this is going, but long story short, Scarlet is to blame after buying a cat trap and cat food, finally caught the unfortunate feline.
Now I need to be pretty vague with the details here, but after capturing the cat, she bought a camera, tripod, and studio lights and then murdered the cat while she live-streamed it to Ashlin. This included dissection, skinning, decapitation and then even using a blender. Now I'm going to be quite honest with you, but after reading everything. of the details of this case and more specifically what happened to that cat. I really had a hard time finishing this one. Many of you know about Nero and how much he means to me and the idea of ​​being able to do such evil things to an animal.
My stomach really sinks, although the world is slowly waking up to cats and the true depth of their capabilities, many people still don't understand how intelligent, friendly, adaptable and adorable these animals, humans and animals, can be. Cats have been companions for up to 12,000 years initially. Used to defend humans from rat and mouse infestations, cats are now commonly adopted as companions, best seen as little roommates who love their own space and will appreciate being in the same room as you and, if you raise them correctly , let me tell you. I have a friend for life, as some of you may already know, Nero spends most of his days next to me at my desk, on my lap or next to me at night, and even if he's not the sharpest crayon in the Box, sits, does tricks and tries. to reflect my behavior, so with that being said, you can probably understand how angry this makes me.
Revealing this information to the authorities was a hard blow for Ashlin, as she would confess that she was part of the problem,In fact, Liv Stream was a birthday gift for her, but she also knew that, at her expense, coming forward was instrumental in convicting Jorge's murderer. In this live broadcast, Scarlet was seen smiling and laughing while she murdered the cat and she also confessed that she would love to do this to a human one day to do things. Even more twisted and incomprehensible, it was soon learned that Scarlet had even adopted the Persona of a cat and often meowed at friends and family and, if that wasn't enough, she had even found a pet microchip that added all of her personal data to the database. nation's animal data and then inserted that microchip inside one of her breasts.
Now this is all incredibly sick stuff to even think about, let alone commit, but Ashin claimed it was all true, and what's worse, she had the evidence to prove it, as she already did. I know Jorge walked the dark streets of Oxford with this mysterious figure in a hooded jacket at 2:30am. m. That same morning and just a couple of hours before her death, Scarlet sent a photo of herself wearing the same jacket to Ashlyn. Moments later, she set off to find and kill Jge wearing the same clothes. This jacket was sent to Ashlin Bell in the United States, where officials would soon recover it.
For the exam, a rather unpleasant side note, had Ashlin Seaman all over it, so with all this information now in the hands of the authorities decided to pay Scarlet Blake a little visit and finally arrest her, yet she was complaining about being in a bad mood and having to quit smoking or something, they can do that, so what we have here is that we have a profession of medical care, basically a nurse in custody, if, for example, you need nicotine and I think they have those. They didn't used to but I think they start yeah check again for some reason I say it's not good most now I guess I mean little it's not too good for a while which is annoying but I don't know , it's like you know. arrested and also removed at the same time yes, it's not a great mix, is it the best combination?
It's true, she was later heard saying that it could be worse, at least it's not genocide. After Scarlet's arrest many new details came to light, they would find many pictures on his mobile phone including a picture of a handmade Garrett that he had made with two metal handles and piano wire and a picture that says " I bruised my esophagus" which was misspelled another image shows a comic of a man and a cat talking while cleaning a m Mur scene and another shows a first date with me, a starter pack that includes a knife, a gun, a tape and a rope, a fifth photo was about a type of woman he liked and showed two women who already appeared on this channel.
It soon emerged that Scarlet's first premeditated actions began. in January 2021, when at the time he purchased a Humane Capture Trap on eBay, in February 2021, he then purchased a bottle of Smaroff Vodka and Ice, authorities say they later found the cap of this bottle next to the body of Jorge much to Parson's pleasure and, although it may not be exactly the same cover, it at least confirms that Scarlet was a fan of smof. I mean let's face it, choosing smof is a crime in itself, am I right? The following month, in March 2021, Scarlet purchased over 100 bags of cat food and Unfortunately, later that month, the family who owned the cat began posting missing cat posters in the neighborhood.
At this stage, Scarlet and Ashlin had been flirting with murder topics for several months and, tragically, this would continue for several more months, on April 6, 2021, Scarlet. He bought himself some combat safety boots, surveillance cameras confirmed that these boots were the ones worn the night of Forge's death, and then a month later in May 2021, he bought black clothing and a Stanley multi-saw, as we know at 2:30. On the morning of Jorge's murder, Scarlet took a photo of herself wearing a combat jacket before sending it to Ashlin. She then went into the darkness looking for a drunk victim to prey on and that's when she found h on the ground at 4:00.
A.M. and unfortunately the rest is morbid history. Po's family and friends were shocked and even relieved to hear the news, many of them believing that his death was not an accident and therefore giving a name and a face to his


was a very big step. . However, this reopened many wounds in the Cora family, many of them had been silently mourning his death for the past 2 years and now, with Scarlet's trial on the horizon, they would have to revisit old feelings. Scarlet's trial began approximately 6 months later, where she would have To defend herself against a judge and a panel of 12 jurors, the prosecution built their case around a sadistic fantasist who appeared to mutilate a cat before turning his attention to a human.
They claim that, although the story didn't look good for her, there wasn't enough evidence to prove that Scarlet murdered Jorge while he was in court. Scarlet told the jury that apparently she was part cat, an alter ego of some kind, and that the Cat was part of a fragmented personality. I was always happy, there is a part that is just a cat and that is the happy part of me where they come out when I am happy with friends I know very well I meow at them as a greeting it is quite strange it is very prominent When I express certain emotions, the cat has a pretty strong association with joy and I guess it's an innate goodness, it's a kind of childlike innocence.
She then continued to meow at the jury and also said: I don't know how he died, I guess. drowned it wasn't something I did I still don't know I wasn't there the court heard that messages sent before and after July 25 show that Scarlet and Ashlin shared a long-term obsession with harm and death Scarlet would tell him to the court that she didn't want to kill a living creature, much less a person, and that it was actually Ashlin who pressured her into doing so. Furthermore, she attributed her morbid interests to a split or dissociative personality using the language of psychiatry to explain her behavior.
Throughout her evaluations, psychologists did not find any mental illness nor did Scarlet ever have any relevant mental illness or disorder in her past. Additionally, she denied having murdered Jorge and claimed that she left him near the park alive and well, although she would eventually admit to the murder. The cat, she claimed was to gain Ashlin's approval. Now being frank, Ashlin is clearly sick, but she is not responsible for Scarlet's actions. It soon became clear to the prosecution that Scarlet's actions were strongly motivated by the Netflix documentary called Don't with Cats Her. The live broadcast that was carefully prepared featured the song True Faith by New Order which can be found in the same documentary.
The prosecutor further suggested that on the night she murdered Jorge she was wearing a murder outfit that included a Garrett robe and a leopard print robe. No wonder Scarlet denied all of these accusations. It was also learned that in the days after Jorge's murder, Scarlet took photographs of the memorial left by her family and the tree she had killed him next to and then returned to the same spot one year. Later, where he took a photo next to the tree, he had already broken up with Ashlin and during this time he had bragged about having murdered this man to his new partner.
During his trial, the pathologist ruled out the possibility that Jorge died immediately after being strangled. There were three possibilities: he could have been strangled with a ligature or neck grab and then lost consciousness before drowning, been knocked unconscious with an object and then drowned, or been held underwater until he died. It is now true that a combination of two or more of these factors could also have caused his death, but the court heard that the hemorrhages found within his facial tissues and at the base of his tongue cannot be explained if his death was an accident, furthermore, if the death of Jorge was theoretically an accident, so the bruises on the back of his right shoulder and the left side of his head could only have been sustained if he had fallen backwards, hit the concrete slab at the water's edge, and then would have spun to fall, in short, this simply did not add up as an accident.
Up top, none of this was good news for Scarlet's trial, not that you knew how she felt as she remained virtually impassive throughout the entire process at the end of her 3 year trial, the jury would only take a few hours in reaching their verdict and Not surprisingly, they unanimously found her guilty of one count of murder. Therefore, Scarlet Blake was sentenced to life in prison with 24 years behind bars before being eligible for parole, on top of this she was also given a measly 4 months for murdering her neighbor's cat, which if Ask Me is despicably insufficient now that Parliament has recently increased the maximum sentence for animal cruelty from 6 months to 5 years.
However, because Scarlet's actions occurred before this change was made, her sentence is based on old grounds after her trial. Jorge's family was relieved to hear the verdict. and that is why in response they released a statement to honor him today, his absence leaves a deep wound in our hearts. Hearts stole his life, truncating his projects and dreams. This tribute is not only a reminder of Jorge but also a call that Justice may not be there is peace until justice is done may this inexplicable loss drive us to fight for a world where justice prevails and where we can build a safer future for all every day we will remember J your laughter your joy your enthusiasm for life and of course everyone those unforgettable Moments we shared.
It was lovely to read his extensive tribute. Jorge was marked as a man with a great sense of humor, he was kind, ambitious and, above all, an incredibly good person. Moving from Spain to the beautiful city of Oxford, he was alone. he walked through life exploring various cultures and ways of life during his time with friends or colleagues who loved him enough to see him out of work that J took advantage of it all for the sick benefit of fulfilling an evil fantasy. As his family describes it, his loss feels like a traumatic and devastating blow that leaves a void that is impossible to fill when you think about it.
Jorge's murder was so incredibly senseless and tragic. I mean, he didn't even know his killer a few hours before his death. While I believe in a world where we can all be safe at night, we still need to be careful in public and while all of these stories tend to involve female victims, that doesn't mean men are exempt anyway, folks, I think so. I will do. Conclude this case here today. Thanks so much for looking. I really appreciate you being here before you go, although I have two questions to get you started. What do you think about this story?
Because for me I found this one to be very infuriating and the second question is what did you think about the style of this video? I tried to do a few things differently here, including changing the structure of the music script and some other smaller tidbits to keep in mind what your thoughts are if you want. to support me on the channel check out my patreon here or alternatively my social media here anyway guys that's all for today thank you so much again for watching and as always see you very soon for another one until that comes moment, although they remember. take care of yourselves, take care of each other and of course stay safe thank you and goodbye

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