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Jul 07, 2023
blind in slow motion. That's incredible, again I have to learn not to get so distracted. Are you okay? I'm fine. I'm just super slow. This is all my fault. If I hadn't let myself get distracted, we would have caught Romeo by now. go on without me no way Gekko we are a team you're right


I may be slow but if I focus I can still help let's do it it's time to be a hero so I'll need someone to carry me. I would like to. You destroy Romeo while I use my super Gekko strength to take care of that clock, cat boy, if I let them attack him, then it's up to you to keep Romeo busy, okay?
catboy powered up pj masks kids cartoon video for kids
But you're still moving in slow motion, how are you doing? get to the clock don't worry Nothing will distract me this time oh it's time to slow you down little bird we'll see about that Romeo without distractions this time you almost hit me master oh stop complaining and help me catch foreigners a little faster I have to distract Romeo until Gekko stops that faster clock I already caught her complaining again the important thing is that we have slowed down the vertebrae can Romeo super cat stop distracting me well you won't distract me this time thank you now I will do it The whole city explodes oh no, it's a party in everywhere, come on, hey, you did it, Gekko, how did you get there?
catboy powered up pj masks kids cartoon video for kids

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catboy powered up pj masks kids cartoon video for kids...

You're still slow, I may be slow, but by not getting distracted I was able to get there early, oh yeah, yeah, no slower. look I hate the Gekko, come on, damn you, pajama


, my time will come abroad, hey guys, they brought their ball again, they want to show us that trick they bet, but later, now it's time to go to school, They are right, good job, don't get distracted. thanks super slow Tall fight cat boy in the Moon Dome look at it I'm doing the sprinkler and I'm making the waves look at this the robot reminds everyone I love you Romeo wait until everyone sees our moves at the school dance tomorrow I can't wait.
catboy powered up pj masks kids cartoon video for kids
I even have a new special move: spinning tornadoes spin what I saw on TV, it goes like this, that's cool, how did you do it?, stand on your toes, lift one leg and move your arms. skin, your turn, lift one leg, move your arms and okay, guys, it's not funny, no, that wasn't. A great move, it just takes practice. I have a lot of cool moves. I don't need a new one and I don't need to be laughed at. Coloring feathers, Luna moths, hey, it's an invitation for a Luna girl ready for a crazy party. She brings your dancing shoes and meet me outside your headquarters tonight.
catboy powered up pj masks kids cartoon video for kids
She has invited us to a party that is pleasant for her. Maybe she feels bad for being mean and she wants to throw a dance party. It would be funny. We can practice our movements like him. spinning tornado Connor I don't think so, a crazy party sounds suspicious to me, but maybe that's why we should go see what he's doing with pajama


. We are on the road all night in the city and a brave band of heroes. is ready to face diabolical villains to prevent them from ruining your day Amaya turns into Gregory comes Connor turns into cat boy Luna girls starting the party look, come on thanks for thanks wait are those school speakers yes, you borrowed the material from our school dance, I didn't borrow it I stole it for our dance party, you're welcome, PJ PES, that's no way to talk to your guests, guests can't leave whenever they want, but you guys, well, you'll know what I mean I mean when they see me, their PJ Party Poopers.
There's no way out of my Moon Dome and I thought you wanted to make peace. No, fool, it goes a long way around you too and while you're trapped, I'll take everything else from the school dance, whatever anyone else has. fun dance it will be just me at my party putting feathers the dance will be canceled if she steals all the things we will never be able to make our cool moves Caspian Geckos I really wanted to make my robot there is no way we are I'm going to let the girl Luna ruin everyone's fun. We have to get out of here.
I got this and she said the Dome goes down a lot so we can't sink unless you make a super fast turn. It would be a great idea. the cat boy spinning tornado dance move I guess it's a bit like that I'd just need a little practice no way I'm going to mess up again that was embarrassing let's think of another idea you'll be fine see you again come on hold on your toes they lift one leg and now they swing but do that super cat speed okay hilarious kitty too bad you won't be able to show off your moves at my party and what party would be complete without this we'll stop you moon girl no. stuck in that Dome, you won't do it for that long, the Moon Dome really goes down a lot, maybe if you guys did the spinning tornado move, it wouldn't work.
You're the only one who can turn fast enough to tunnel under the Dome. hmm maybe you can help otherwise strange together won't be strong enough for all of our powers at once one two three good moves PJ pests isn't ready for the party because I am. I love balloons, especially if anyone else has tried the spinning tornado. I know you can do it, hey, hey, the cowboy's been going around lately oh no, I forgot, you can't, but I can, panting geckos, we're never getting out of here, unless Catboy shows up, comes up with a new plan and I can .
I don't do that move, but I can have super cat-like speed. I'll run inside the dome so fast it will rise into the air, thank you. Yeah, boy, reach for oh oh, did you give him a little shake that lights up the moonlight? Pretty lights and pretty streamers too, this just keeps getting better and better for me of course not cat boy. I know you don't want to, but there's no way I'm going to get laughed at again. This time I have a very good plan: cat car catapult. we're probably going to break through the dome hairballs of fire we're going to turn into reptiles this is the headquarters it's going to be destroyed by those hairballs I'm sorry I wanted to get us out but I only made things worse and now it's the school dance This isn't going To happen, you won't be able to do your cool moves, there's only one cool move that can save the day and it's yours, cat boy, yeah, the only way out is down and the only one fast enough to take us out is you.
I know I should have listened to you about the tornado spinning motion, you were right so if I was wrong I won't let you down, it's time to be a hero okay for a laugh she has this stage dance competition that's really hot . problems now and I'm fixing it I don't care how dumb I look what you need to get in is a comedy show okay cat boy I needed a bath dumb or not here I come foreigner oh please let me have fun you know you have great rhythm Luna girl , really, you're not just saying that, I mean, show us your moves, keep stomping and then do a tornado spin, oh yeah, I like that, look at the ghosts really nailing that spin, let's take things back to Luna's girls from school have a lot of fun she probably won't mind okay we're fine Connor thanks oh nice footwork Connor I guess I slipped you know I'm going to call that my famous skinny spin you spin you undress you keep spinning someone else I want to try it yes, let's get ready Gekko and the rock of all power kung fu yes, I found it on a table, it's full of cool stories about Kung Fu masters, check out my book, it's about the strongest athletes in the world, It's not the best part, look at all those things, these trophies won, cups, medals, hey, maybe one day I'll win a medal.
I'm not sure there is one for super gecko strength. Come on, let's go read in the park, if only I could win something to prove that I really am. strong right, what happened to those light poles? They are completely folded. Wow, who did this? Was strong. Me, Gekko, but they don't get a trophy for it. Bending the light pole is wrong. Who did it? Hmm, let's go to the headquarters to get answers. Pajamas masks. On our night we're on the road in the city and a brave group of heroes are ready to face diabolical villains to prevent them from ruining your day Amaya becomes Greg becomes Conor now let's see my cat's whiskers a giant rock loose in the city I have a rock to get into the night ninja what is he doing?
It has to break nothing can survive my mega triple punch practicing a new night ninja dance move not even close you PJ pests have no idea what I have here are you big big? rock not just any rock the world of my ninjalino is here from an ancient scream temple on a mountain thousands of miles away it is so long of all power the rock of all power that I write about in my Kung Fu book there is a legend to the respect hidden within it a precious medallion like this one. Only the strongest hero can break the Rock and climb it and by strongest hero I mean me, the strongest hero, but you're not even a hero, just wait until you see that medallion around my neck, try to laugh at it, a medallion for Someone super strong, huh, if I had it, everyone would know that I'm the strongest, Gekko, what are you talking about?
What happens if I break the rock? So the night ninja won't get the medallion. I will use it. They will call me those athletes. in my books to train ninjalinos you need to cut harder like this oh you're not strong enough night ninja but I bet I'm Gekko stop Medallion the night ninja won't keep trying and breaking things on your Daydreams lizard legs ninjalinos if he keeps hitting that rock he It's going to level the whole city we have to stop it I have to break no one can crush that rock gecko we just have to stop it but The Medallion would prove that I'm super strong I could hang It's on my wall you're super strong so if you hit that rock, really It will fly away, let's try something else.
I'll run in circles around the night ninja and his ninjalinos of him, yeah, and I'll fly so he can smash the rock. No, take him to HQ, okay, let's be super cats, thanks, you have him now to take him back to HQ, just one try won't hurt, he ruined your plan and his tiny lizard legs didn't make a dent. Now look at how the Ninja Master uses it. All this ninja force Smash and Crash, well save Gekko, thanks why I only have one more try, huh, you can get that metal, especially with my super triple Gekko, that lizard doesn't pack a big punch, oh yeah, yeah, I'll get it next time.
I'll see ninjalino one two three what a pretty strong monster one more try ah there's a point where this gets silly you mean it wasn't when the night ninja did his kicks off a light pole but I found it I'll break it you Look even if I have to smash it against the strongest building in town, guess what, that's not our headquarters, but if it breaks, we can't be PJ Masks without the headquarters, you can't do that night ninja. I would have thought about it. I understand lizard legs, you've been trying to break this rock and you also jump normal reptiles.
I can't let this happen. He heads towards us. Now stand there and watch. Phew. Feathers fluttering. That was close. The night ninjas were out of control and it's all my fault. I should have put The Rock in HQ like you said but I didn't and The Rock almost ended up trapping you, okay we got away and HQ is fixed but you were in danger everyone is in danger while the rocks at your around may be right. about that prepare for shock and uh if we use this the rock will hit even harder no way it's time to be a hero we've had enough trouble with that rock there's nothing stopping me lizard boy the medallion will be mine again wow that was a really super strong move I don't know what happened to me suddenly I felt stronger than ever that's because you wanted to save us from danger Gekko and that took out all your super strength you're right you have Medallion back it's mine no way it's yours night ninja but I broke the rock I threw it at your headquarters you threw it but Gekko was the one who broke it with his super strength but that doesn't make sense how can a lizard be stronger than I?
Because true strength comes from caring for and helping your friends, where's the fun in that fine pee? Masks may preserve it, but I'll be back when you least expect it. Sending you back to that ancient mountain temple for more ninjalinos training that you definitely deserve. that Gekko Medallion thanks but it's from far away and there's a legend All About It is a medallion anyway I'll give it to the museum so Eddie there's another way you can show your strength before we're done so hurry up who broke that rock It must be super strong but who was it?
It's a mystery.

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