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Caso Cerrado | Waxing Shop Closing Down Due To His Crazy Promotion

May 01, 2020
good afternoon welcome good afternoon sandra you are the plaintiff in this case and I really liked your introductory words everyone wise explain to me who this injured person is and he is injured and you never sent your mother for having put you in the army and where did that name come from do you know Dominican knows how he is not Rowling there is a boiled farce explain to me who he is why he is suing him yes what you are asking to resolve your doctoral case I sued him because he disgraced my life I sued him for 20 thousand dollars for damages ok why for charity He has taken advantage of me, well, let's see, tell me the facts, I'm going to call the doctor, ok, I have a


spa to remove hair and ladies, so one day, I went out to the back of my business, which is where it's a small


ping center with people it is a small convincing in any case I had thrown it in the morning with cardboard bags and the doctor made me sad I have five children in Colombia and he is the age of one of my children so he told me not to take it out because he was collecting the money to go to New York half sorry doctors I extended my hand to him and he stayed there he kept coming and helped me he took out the trash I cleaned myself so from time to time I left myself open for him to do one Sunday I felt unwell I was I'm very unwell and I didn't go to work and you are the only employee at your spa.
caso cerrado waxing shop closing down due to his crazy promotion
No, I have two employees or I want more noise. Yes, gentlemen, ok, then he has taken advantage of it in the worst way. Doctor, he made me a lot, which you can't imagine. I have a video, doctor, but what is it about what he did, what he did that Sunday in the back of my space, you don't want me to see it, they're not going to explain it to me, I want me to see it, doctor, let's see, Mr. Director of Colombia, totally ah. and I totally massacre doctors or free advertising like you, but my life is miserable from scratch, which is the consequence of this work of doctors who don't know because of that, that's not that, that's nothing, doctor, because of all that, they closed my space and between the hills and I gave away the service to the people who were passing or recycling the sidewalks that he took from the garbage and there is nothing now without knowing what kind of stack the whole plan the doctor and that's how she used it, then a little girl was applied to her and it infected her.
caso cerrado waxing shop closing down due to his crazy promotion

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caso cerrado waxing shop closing down due to his crazy promotion...

Doctor, two days later, I get health care and closes me. Apart from that, the girl comes to me. The lawyer who supposedly has a lawsuit against me calls me. Doctor, I have a life that's nothing. They closed my business. I don't know what to do. Everything for the little while. I wasn't sending it. Doctor, supposedly to promote my business that you have there. About you. I have a health report. The health report, Mrs. Ok, let's see, here the health report says what. It has expired products and bad hygiene and then they closed the store but due to expired products and bad hygiene now that was pending because since one is here there I had it ready to vote on it but in the they picked up that from the garbage the beginning of the garbage from outside That's why I'm telling you, what was inside was not what I had to use, that is, what the inspection department found was an error, it's that something wasn't going to throw you out and you won't throw it out because I don't know what health care came to me because the girl called the health department of course she filed the lawsuit ok perfect good boiled and she wants me to pay her 20 thousand dollars because she says that you have caused a misfortune for her although what I did with her was a help as a benefit, hold on and madam, don't talk now because Now the one who didn't speak when you were speaking is going to speak and secondly I'm going to take a short break so that you can recapitulate all your thoughts and explain to me, that is, who ordered you to do that and what style of


It's that we returned after this Córdoba perhaps it is more of a


it is for one of these places where people with wax go to remove their hair to remove all types of body hair she is suing attended for the sum of 20 thousand dollars for damages and damage that this has caused to her business, which at this moment has been closed by the health department.
caso cerrado waxing shop closing down due to his crazy promotion
One day she leaves her business to the back where the garbage cans are. The business is in a small


ping center and she finds this boy. like sleeping in drawers in boxes etc. He tells her oh ma'am, look please, I'm raising money to go to New York, don't vote for me, please give me a hand and she says that she has a son in Colombia who is more or less his age, what? I took pity on him and gave him that mine I'm going to let you stay here here's a little bathroom I'll leave you open so that you can satisfy yourself etc.
caso cerrado waxing shop closing down due to his crazy promotion
Perfect one Sunday there he feels bad and doesn't go to work but the next thing he knows She has a mess in her business because she discovers some images that this boy had recorded promoting her business. She never asked him to do


s in a way, let's say unconventional. First, he was in his underwear standing on the trash cans he had taken out. a sidewalk that they had already disposed of in the garbage cans, that sidewalk was already contaminated by other people because people shave all kinds of places and that wax cannot be used on other people in other parts of the body.
Imagine that they use wax from plucking the mustache, in other words, they are a lack of everything, okay, and then the boy was promoting this and people came and he gave them a demonstration, he toured and grabbed a towel from the floor that was all dirty, a girl got an infection, she is filing a lawsuit against The lady, this same girl, called the health department, they went into the lady's business, there they found wax that was already expired and lack of hygiene and for that reason they have closed the business to her but the one who draws attention to all this is him and for that reason She is already demanding that for 20 thousand dollars, so why was she helping because she helped you, of course, I come from New York, I am a promoter and a DJ, I innovate CEPAL de Palette here in Miami, truth is, what happens during the week we were there a small mishap and I had to give money that I didn't have understand me and I had to stay on the street it is very easy to tell the story of her points of view I helped her in non-constant so promotion I helped her that The rubbish that this or that other thing is, she was walking with the law without charging a single peso.
Well, she treated me like a son, let's say, I understand myself, then with gratitude, as I have a platform that I can help her, she understands me with her business. She was in pomegranate shelling pigeon peas that she didn't have today she was two years old and a client who wasn't related to her had left. It's lucky, listen, what's going on, doctor, I'll give her the promotion that same day, a Sunday, when it happens that Monday so it will then be Tuesday also full of what's coming I don't know if or not yes but after it happened no I'm not going to spend anything on the girl she you continue charging money for my free promotion but look if it hadn't happened nothing doctor but what happened to listen to me ok the girl comes in and I do it the hair removal on the arm author who kusa tells me I look when it integrates expiration I have been watching YouTube videos for several days and things on how to do how to do it I entered One day she also goes to the bathroom as a doctor and I stare at her as if she's already busy, doctor, she takes the wax from him, the trashcan in front of the trash too, don't throw the stretch marks at me, she also puts it on the girl and it affects her.
I say well, but if it's her, they do it in there, I can say that she is outside because I like it, she removes and advises a client for free without charging them a single peso, doctor, okay, what's going on, the girl passing by gasped and said, don't like perfume. nor cream because that's what I read that you don't like perfume, more because your skin is alive it can irritate you, it's too high now the girl didn't take the advice and her skin gets irritated, he goes to her and sends her health care, it is not my fault that it will be defeated, no excuse, doctor, it will no longer be when they come to stop and it is by ear, there she already had everything, doctor, I was entering the bathroom, doctors, autograph what is mine is mine because from her we are going to move on to the witness for the plaintiff please good afternoon good afternoon doctors and you are a witness of whom I am a witness of the one from which but I wanted the old plaintiff is not here the business can take calmly we enter the biggest rats of the brou shut up that searches that evokes event what he read then they applied ok crisis had to support Mrs. sun ok who comes to say I come here is more expensive to this animal ok because an animal ok everything about the loss movie of loss integrate video viola and loss loss we are friends we had We're both in New York, so I'm a DJ and the same nightclub has encouraged his work and they brought us here to Miami to do the same thing that we do.
They run a nightclub, so a problem happened and it was because of him and he decided to take me to record it. It happened. a video of them coming in like what he does, I went and and it was a robbery that he did, he stole a vehicle and crashed it and the money we worked here that we didn't get the chelitos we had to give so that the man wouldn't call the police was five thousand dollars Then a gun from Mérida and the head said that it could be because he wanted a lien or I'm going to commit a robbery.
I have a video here that reviews the incident, the video of that, what happened if we go to see him, Mr. Director, how will they be safe? Run, run with him. well in this video it didn't come out but he ended up crashing the vehicle and we had to give him the money we had gotten here so he wouldn't call the police because it was all a joke yes that was a joke but I imagine I'll let you know and I'm going to grab us for a ticket on the internet. You don't know which one, but we're going to take another short break.
We're missing your testimony and there are more witnesses. I don't know. With this one, we're going to say that the case is interesting because the facts are going away. entangling human beings will sometimes come out of boiling band for 20 thousand dollars for damages this is simple she is the owner of a space a small shopping center a space what she does is remove but


ok one day she comes out and finds it in The garbage man is sleeping. He says, "Oh, ma'am, please let me sleep here. I'm raising money because there was a mishap. I live in New York.
I'm without money. I'm raising money. I'm leaving. Don't worry. At some point, I think I'm sleeping here." and she says that I'm not going to call the police, don't worry, I'll help you, I tell her the open bathroom is the help to sweep that type of thing, the thing is that one day she starts making promotions for the space that she says that They were annoyed that he wasn't going to anyone who wasn't familiar with the lady and so he made a promotion using wax that was in the garbage that they had already thrown into the garbage can and making an example to people of how to expect a little girl to she got an infection because it was recycled and thrown in the trash that little girl went to the health department the health department gets into the business of the lady with the bad luck that she finds that the lady had awacs that was expired and that they had not hygienic conditions in the store, they close the store to the lady due to lack of hygiene and inspired products and the girl who caught the infection sues him for that reason she sues him for 20 thousand dollars he says look and he was doing a favor for To help the lady, I did that promotion while I saw her using products in the store that she already recycled and I said well, well, she's already doing it, it's in the trash outside, I can use it anyway to do the promotion and There is the issue of the case, you are going to see another witness that these two witnesses that come now, including you, are in favor of the correct defendant.
Ok, what is your name? Well, my name is loyal, this doctor, although I come here as a witness for the defendant. drink alive from boiled tea well I work two stores of the lady's shop here present me with my friend frequented there we thought that he was the lady's worker the lady's employee jump that he was the lady's employee well the Sunday, when we heard him very excited, we arrived at the place, me with my two friends, one of my friends is the one who sued the lady for that, and she is already guilty because not having supervision is a business, and she also leaves the door open for him and He went in to wash things and came out again doctors volumes I have the photos of my friends some who worked on an eyebrow and the other doctor stella from the cia and the other but they did this he only did the lost term but doctor consciously mommy don't move and I told her don't move so I can do it at the bottom to take it off quickly and she didn't move like she left and I had one of the jokes, it's the lady's fault and the other thing was the rap, yes it's good but that's why it can have consequences as a gentleman who has come to testify, pass me on.
Dr. Farid and Lee respect her, close the correct one. Well, I'm going to say, I've known the lady for quite some time, I was an employee of her, I was the accountant until A couple of months ago in the business I really went into the business because I saw that it was not prosperous at all, inconsistencies also that I no longer had enough economic capital to maintain in perfect conditions a business that is lost because I voted for it because it was stealing my doctor. Others, that is not really true at this moment because I come to testify separately because she is really aware that she had some failures in her business.
She is aware because she had already done a couple of inspections twice a day, she has a warning that already knew to use so you lied to me better and you are telling us because I voted you a doctor but no this has nothing to do with you havingThe warning they had given me, they had not given me, well, a warning, yes, but they had not closed anything to me, doctor, what a shame it is a saying, and it is still a Dominican saying that when you feel the blow, of course, yes, when it rings, stones, bring a gentleman, they will say like this, with you, you feel the blow, you die.
Of the ten, of course, what a doctor, I told myself, people do this waxing first. I think I don't know why God should be insulted because the drinks full of hair enter this world in places where I imagine that those but they have to have a reason to exist. That's right, they have a correct purpose. Ok, so this waxing with wax that is expired, for example, can have serious medical consequences. He thinks that the rat of any ras can have serious consequences, and well, above all, let's say the fact that it is recycled material from where it is not known that those that were previously used in what part of the previous body to remove hair from the year they use it because that is another of the bacteria and that brings any type of microorganism that was on the skin so from there The person who receives it will be recycled and will also have some type of injury if that skin was already open for any other reason and they put something on it that is already contaminated that could still be this time that and what can cause these rays. deeper infections ok from the serna any requirement any regulation to get rid of wax products there are none but there are others a sidewalk from two weeks ago to do a demonstration I don't need it you learned a lot on youtube I don't need it ok now I saw He really wasn't an employee but oh this is arguable I would normally agree with that statement but in this situation he cleaned and he received food use of the place arguable mind an extension of the workplace so I love you doctor he should pay his bills twenty thousand dollars for the damage she caused, I think no, I believe that the lady violated the law with what was the cleaning, the health, that was going to come to her and let's get to the point, so there you go, they closed your business, you have nothing.
What to do with it, they entered there and found conditions that were against what the regulations indicate. It seems to me that what you run there is not a business but a disastrous valley and therefore if they closed your business it was because of you congressmen. Please do one more thing, these waxes, put a law so that they can vote for it properly and so that they can maintain hygiene there and not look for more misfortunes, and yet I don't know, let's see if you shave where then you put it on your mustache, let's see. How are you congressmen going to feel, make the laws that we really need, not those that those who come to bother us, I just deny the lawsuit, I said a closed case is the strongest, God, and until the next day, Dr.
Colo is back in the office. new season of closed cases that comes stronger than ever this season has what no other

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