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May 02, 2020
good tables good high art 10 you are the plaintiff in this case and he is suing the inah so he was your employer ok explain to me your lawsuit and explain to me why you are dressed as a


first of all I want to apologize to you all because if coming it is a cut like that But hey, there is an explanation and of course you will know it. I want you to know that I really admire you a lot and I think that you are the right person to handle this very complicated matter. My lawsuit is Asia against Mrs.
caso cerrado the clown telemundo english
Lina Contreras, senator, and she fired me ago. two months so I want to be paid for those two months and get back into work because I think I'm a good employee because the job in the lady's company is a lot of money selling houses but good at the nitty-gritty doctor that's where I would like to start all of this so I have an idea why I get my shield on this suit that is really doing me so much good right now I have a video that works and I don't know if you can see it I would appreciate it, let's go see it, Mr.
caso cerrado the clown telemundo english

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Director Andrés 2, Andreíta, my daughter was my daughter, she already passed away four months ago, what happened to your life, good morning, Dr. Díaz, like everyone else, the house of the girl with my new period was there, use it for school, put down the kiss. saying goodbye when he leaves he goes out with the door and the same entrance he falls struck down the girl she fell as if not inert happening I try to pick her up the girl has not reacted well doctor the girl died the girl had an attack a sudden heart attack The girl who was seven years old, seven years old, was Andreíta, Andreíta.
caso cerrado the clown telemundo english
All parents talk like that about their children, I suppose, but I'm going to do it too because my daughter was very special, a very intelligent girl with feelings of peace. She is so little, she understands so many things that were sold and were priceless. No one, no one, should survive their children, which is the most terrible thing that exists in life. In all my pain, I clung to all of my daughter's things despite remembering what a good father I could have been. All the things with a life. I thought that thanks superhero everything collecting things in her room I began to see a number of detailed photos upload more than photos drawings of as well as say what did she do there and I began to remember that that was her that was my fault with her I never please to the girl when she asked me at 3 at 4 at 512 years old her party that a


would bring her when she came on the 5th she asked me to take her if it wasn't because I was busy because what things I never give importance to on Halloween clown the joy about clowns and alcohol, women and the girl, when I looked sad, this guy approached me.
caso cerrado the clown telemundo english
Look, dad, I'm going to paint your face so that you look like a clown and that sadness will go away and I don't know why I magically dress like that and in a smaller dose or two and I also began to feel not so much the pain but me in Europe that I still feel it in my soul in a way that no no no no it cannot be written but I realized that it is like a punishment because It was the only thing that I think that fails my daughter and it fails her in joy because being so little she never always saw the joy and she saw it means in the clowns so you think that dressing like that is like a tribute to tourists like a tribute but that helps you resist the pain that you are experiencing every day, it's like a tribute but at the same time it's also like a self-punishment because I think that fact is as much as possible.
I was always there, the girl didn't lack anything, she never lacked anything. public and if the girl never lacked anything but I don't know it never gave her 10 joy then you have been dressed like that how long has it been three months my flight hurts please give me a week of a month sorry leave for grief I I had vacations accumulated and it took another month in despair, all this happened that I'm telling you, I dressed like that and I started to feel better I started to feel like I was really paying for my failure but your business also punishes I feel right now that I'm with my daughter that I have through good times and bad times and even with me this outfit that I have really reminds me of what it was like there with her although suddenly it may seem like a trifle but believe me it was the only thing that failed and at this point when I am missing when I see this because he said goodbye to work and when I showed up at work it seems impossible to me you are salesmen I am not the best car salesman that you can see the best really I came back so of course if I can understand a car sales please but she has to really understand what my situation is with this outfit it really does me good it really makes me get ahead in business I'm not sure I sell more than everything you have about it I have two degrees of employee of the month only against in the last ones because we are trying to put the software has been closed, it has been very tedious and a letter that is more was sent to all the employees explaining and establishing the knowledge of my promotion and how well I have been working but she is already a doctor now in another person although she is not on advice and that's how I don't want it in my business it can't be and I'm the boss exactly their business I fly how they respond also she's a doctor and we suffer her misfortune but the business of the business time carrying the employee he has been working for five years good worker good everything responds we recognized him we promoted him we gave him his merits but it happened because we gave him a month to be at home grieving we gave him another month more than he had accumulated vacation A week later he appeared to me dressed like this.
I took him to the office with my husband, we are both owners. We talked to him. Please, we will pay you for therapy from the company that pays for the therapy. My workers started to complain. They sent me one where they say that his presence, his appearance, his foundations of central clowns does not let them sell their lamentation, etc. even the other sellers keep complaining, perhaps even out of pity, they buy from him, so it could be that they are clients who come once, they do not come again, who knows, ok or what we should do. a short break on the way back there are witnesses in the case I have perfect we take a short break and we return with more ethics it does not go away in the week that I was like this clowns 25 home but I am the bosses and like that I don't love you I don't care about everything the rich there is a saleswoman of mine who has a phobia of clowns I have a dislocation at my job because my husband I want you to lean on me because I am with you solve it everyone is crazy if he just joined a closed case I tell you that the plaintiff He is not a clown, Arturo sues Lina, his former employer from five years ago, he is demanding that she reinstate him because he is a good salesman, which he had not said because really here the point with Andreíta's pda really sometimes makes me forget important things In the week that I was like this, 25 faces were clowns but I am the boss and I don't love you like that I don't care about all the rich people I don't care that all the 12 years of business came in again well I don't want it anymore I don't want it like that because I missed it I respect you because I respect the rules I am 20 more than the other employees but it is distracting to the other employees as you can see - you have a letter here from the employees by signing this letter to the employees of auto miami We present a formal complaint against the personal presentation of Mr.
Arturo González, alleging that his clothing disrupts the efficiency and concentration of the staff, which focused on a saleswoman of mine who has a phobia of clowns, she is hiding, what am I going to do, I have a dislocation in my I work, this business cost me a lot to get up with my husband when you really want to keep it this is hard magic here there is more than pain this is a normal pain ok you say what you have is a witness of the tour if we go to the witness of height good afternoon gentlemen they are men david davis who are you I am Mr.
Arturo's witness although yes as you know him I knew him through a friend I have a small car rental company he told me that they will work one day I went to see him he promised and I started to do the business with him then I found out about his tragedy of saying goodbye to his daughter and I returned through not having the pain, he lives it like that but well I didn't care if doing his business I bought him 5 for myself a justice of what For me, it is her justice that the spies or necessary work also means that she has to put an end to her shoes as a businesswoman mind doctor if she were in a situation like this in your business as in the management and this but well no bombs to the Sales continues to sell me to the bull or that I love you let's pass on Arturo's no witness please Arturo and how long is he going to be like this is where the matter is I don't know I don't know what moment this outfit at the moment when I don't I am like this knowing now it is as if tomorrow I was barbara the heights how this quite difficult situation is affecting you a lot do you really believe seeing him like this every day you are going to remember my daughter a lot and I am here to support him because my husband because he is the love of my life and arturo I want you to lean on me that I am with you we are all your relationship and what I want that cannot come out of that character and I want that pose in me that I am with him to support him I want a video of the production.
I don't know if you can show it so you can see what to see, Mr. Director. This is what happens every afternoon. This happens to him since he can work for them since they don't have a job. I want to help him, doctor, and I want to help him. I wanted to pay for the therapy but no I don't want it I forgive witness now the production witness will not pass it cannot be good afternoon this one comes in your name that Enrique Enrique employee a former employee to take a short break and when you return you give me your statement we return In 6th I want to clarify that without a doubt the fact that the rest of my colleagues have complained about all the dealer's employees, we support the doctor, this is not true, I come to dismantle the theater that these ladies who are armed, continue with this sad case, there is another way to describe where arturo is suing his former employer lina as a result of the loss of her life the pain has been so immense he was out of work for two months dealing with that grief i have discovered that the way he can deal with this pain The thing is that he endures this situation, he is dressed as a clown, he is causing conflicts in the workplace.
I want to clarify the fact that the rest of my colleagues have complained, but here is the letter. If you think that these signatures are fake, someone should fake them and It hurts me, it hurts me a lot and that's why we have a witness here from the production, Enrique who was a former employee, look why I voted for him, I'm here to dismantle the theater that this lady has created, look, she invented it and that's why I'm doing her job to to help him falsify, they told me money because all of the dealer's employees support the doctor, that's not true. crime let's pay please move on to our respect the lawyer says earth and the doctor ante lidia gonzález because I'm already fed up with this clown suit I no longer feel like arguing with you impossible but I hadn't resigned ok the law grants some time of grieving there is nothing there is no requirement that it was a week no day or two I don't want it they no longer saw any payment if you had the right the right of BMW has stopped having it as a delivery but yes I am still able to carry out your job and do it Well, it is a reason to fire him, you do not have to have any cause, pre-fire him in a private business, you are within your rights, perfectly legal, ok, doctor, use this reaction from him.
It is evident that the extra fits given a stage of grief where the feeling of guilt predominates and he It clearly states that the feeling of guilt has two components, one that is positive and the other that is negative, but there is no compensation mechanism because the girl died, so here it becomes a psychological process that we call the double and state. the effect where the individual thinks that because of the feeling of guilt he is going to atone he is going to absolve I know of his guilt and then comes the problem that you cannot do anything else point I know I really feel that the Nigerian is no longer like that It's like I have nothing I emptied my tears sat here with me I want my job back because really the only thing I know how to do Billy and step aside as a father because I only knew how to be a father I won't dress for business so that's off topic The time has passed if it is necessary that feeling that only dressed as a clown you feel your daughter is going to have to eliminate it because she is looking at you right now everything you think that right now she is feeling pride that you are going through this pain that you do not deserve To heal, I would be suffering in heaven saying my God, my dad has not been able to overcome this and it is affecting his life.
Do you think your daughter really looks at what you are going through? Your daughter will never laugh at the fact that you really have a bad time. when I'm like this there aren't many negative things I'm I'm looking at Georgia me I'm like that what we're going to do is go to a doctor to receive therapy and you're going to go back to being the father that you always were the executive the man that knew how to have create her daughter with love, have her marriage, you have her, if you have her for her, let her down for the lover, and when you feel better, and I'm sure that I should pay back because she wants a good seller, well, since you came, maybe it's closed.
When this man leaves, this is what is above, you are going to use him again because if not, your workers invented it and you leave.Assalvar that I'm not going to call a police officer to arrest you for fabricating evidence he refused I don't care they don't give you the right to fabricate evidence whatever 200 the problem is that I'm going to be he's going to end this he's going to happen for this pain and he is going to go back to being the salesman he always was and the man who is always ok so you are going to go to your therapy see doctor and after that you are going to go back to your job but first he has to get over this that is ok that is my decision I have said closed case where carefully efe the next day the noble effect is the effect where the individual thinks that because of the feeling

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