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Caso Cerrado | Gambler Bets It All On His Family

Apr 08, 2020
good afternoon welcome good afternoon doctor lady is suing josé luís be a doctor I think it's your ex-husband correct that doctor ok explain to me why he is suing so you ask to resolve this case thanks doctor I have to sue him doctor because he stole my daughter I come to sue him for the sum of 100 thousand dollars, which seems little to me for all the damages and losses that he caused me for five years that I was away from my daughter's growth where I did not know what she was doing during this time, she ate if she was sleeping or if she was alive Doctor, everything is asking for one hundred thousand dollars, which is not enough, Doctor, for all the damage he did the least and custody of the girl and full custody, Doctor, because this gentleman disgrace our life, this gentleman disrupted our home and apart from that, he closed the facts to my daughter. how he was and a doctor in us we lived in colombia we had a home unfortunately from the moment i met him the state in gambling gave us a life of very poor quality I did not want my daughter to live next to those fear of things not only but I was in love with him as a tactic I used doctor in which I told him or continue with your game or prefer our home he asked me to give him some time in this course of time I thought he was regenerating when one day they call me from the girl's school and tell me that because the girl didn't show up to school she didn't know what was happening with my daughter I went to where he asked him what was happening with the girl and he tells me that he doesn't know desperate doctor I told him we are going to call the police because the girl is missing he tells me not to be honest with me at that moment doctor and tells me that he has not been able to get out of the fire that he has a debt of 20,000 dollars with some people and that possibly these people have my daughter it was already suspected as far as where the girl was yes and she still had the girl the girl was 6 years old doctor ok he calls these people and confirms that he does have the girl that have to pay 20 thousand dollars that we did not know where we were going to get them, doctor, to be able to recover the girl, I go to my parents and they helped me with five thousand dollars, he collected three thousand dollars and I go with those eight thousand dollars and I call these people who have my girl and I tell them that I have 20 thousand dollars, doctor, this is a chain, it's Colombia, unfortunately, everything is bought, they don't have the support, and also the first thing they said was don't call the police because he is the one who suffers the consequences for the girl My daughter was at risk, I couldn't, he asked me to give him two weeks, two weeks, and if I call these people and tell them that I have the 20,000 dollars, they make an appointment for me, I go to these people and I tell them there.
caso cerrado gambler bets it all on his family
I have eight thousand dollars, try to move those who speak, give them their hearts and tell me if it's okay, I'm a good person, I'm going to receive the twenty eight thousand dollars, this is a prize, it is not part of the payment of the 20 thousand dollars and you can take it to his little girl ro, I'll give you two weeks to pay me the twenty thousand dollars or if you don't, you'll suffer the consequences. It was a very delicate situation, the doctor in which the money resides. The guy had two goals: first, to give me the girl and to rape me, and he accomplished both goals at a time when I didn't realize, he physically assaulted me, he raped me, I fell unconscious and at the moment I woke up, I was beating bruised, I see that the girl is in I take my girl from a room and run out and go home I get to him and I tell him we are in danger what are we going to do and he tells me let's go to the United States but doctor unfortunately I did not have a visa he and the girl did have a visa then What we did we went to a town called Versailles to take refuge with a


and try to contact some people who will help us get a false visa for me in about a week and a half week the false visa came out and like crazy we went to the airport of course he passes but I didn't go to me they stopped me immediately because they realized that my papers were false they stopped me doctor I paid three years three years that this man did not even communicate as I say he had something of fiction 13 years from prison for falsifying documents something me from prison a doctor without a job without money without support from anyone what I do my best friend from the university lived here I contact her and she helps me communicate with a man who is a researcher and this man told her I give all the information and bye-bye, he managed to identify where my daughter was, he began like crazy to look for me the means, the money to be able to go from getting papers to enter Mexico and from Mexico to get papers to enter my house, two false papers, he got a doctor to search reduced all I had to do whatever was necessary and here I am fighting for my daughter.
caso cerrado gambler bets it all on his family

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caso cerrado gambler bets it all on his family...

I contacted Mr. Ebrard, the doctor, which school is my daughter at? I left, but the first thing I did was I had to do doctors as you knew it belonged to my daughter I didn't know how she was I'm going to that school and it turns out that I didn't exist I didn't know her as the mother of a stranger they didn't let me see her they didn't let me hug her and kiss her or anything I'm leaving I eat crazy for the house lives imagine how he lives now and I realize to top it off that the man made a life in this country he has a wife he has a home and he put my daughter in this home and apart from everything the doctor has washed her the brain that my daughter does not recognize me as her mother has done nothing but disgrace my life has only done my life to end my home end everything that she so you want 100 thousand dollars she wants custody of the girl I don't know where I'm going to tell you in a year and a half while I was waiting for the papers to go to Mexico and then move here I also did papers because my parents are Spanish so I have citizenship for the girl and for me to go to Spain I already have everything ready let's go to arrive d where a cousin and with that money that he has to give me I am going to make a life with my daughter with some values ​​because the love he has is very low apart from that to top it all off it turns out that I realize that the man falsified everything and that I'm divorced and he kind of falsified why not having made a public divorce just now a doctor in the jail where I spent all those three years I realize that the guy who raped me infected me with hiv has done nothing but harm My life is not, it's not me, my attitude would not have chosen this way of life, we would have a nice home, but the one who wanted is only I think, it does not matter, it can regenerate sadism, you are such a sadist, because now it is your turn to be a good actor and it will play hard to be able to convince me because the story that today on this side is very persuasive all the time and you already start with a negative shot we are going to take a short break when we return, the sadist answers, don't go away we'll be right back law of sue her ex-husband José Luis demands the sum of 100 thousand dollars for damages and custody of their daughter and that she has not seen for five years and she realizes that he has divorced here in the US remarried and has a completely normal and ordinary life with the girl as if nothing had happened with her she wants those 100,000 dollars full custody of the girl to take her to Spain where some relatives are going to shake her hand and you know why you I said cynical and sadistic because I never left you lied to anything she told against the player and that she was the one who got into the mess of 100,000 dollars she wants and she wants full custody of the girl look you're not going to give anything here you're not You have the power to give anything because I have it and you gave it to me I didn't just ask them to come here for nothing I'm not interested in them coming so don't tell me you're not going to give them anything ok let's go ahead so let's see she is telling her stories making her mart As a good woman, the court is winning, luck is winning the punishment, but don't go into that place, you know how things are there, the lawsuit is not well kidnapped, and don't criticize anymore, come out, well, doctor, my daughter is almost here.
caso cerrado gambler bets it all on his family
Fortunately, after all this hassle, I tried to contact her five years ago, it's not easy to contact a person in Colombia, much less if she's in the one where the phones are bugged, my daughter fortunately after coming here a lot of work, we had to clean floors in the back like everyone else the immigrant person who arrives here is not that the truth you how you arrived with your with your career inform yourself stupid inform yourself before saying anything about me inform then we had to spend the hard and the mature fortunately in the little business that I had cleaning and all that Knowing a woman helps us, she has changed our lives, she is my current wife, a similar one, and thanks to this lady, we are now processing our papers to become residents of this country my daughter now goes to one of the best schools she has the luxuries she is thinking otherwise my daughter doesn't even know who she is nor does she want to know who has witnesses in this case me and another witness in the plaintiff first thank you very much doctor for his support I think I'm supporting you and I'm reacting to the stupidity of this man he's only true I'm supporting I heard your story and I was willing to listen to his but he has no mistake lack of values ​​of principles and also It is believed that people know more than anyone as they are, between 10 and 21 men, I dream of a few years of age and name Edgar and you, who I am already a private investigator, doctor, ok, who had come to testify, I realized that you are still person serving the trial they keep betting and one of the things that tells me that he is a kept he has not even learned business the person who does and she does not even spend time with her daughter the woman who is taking care of the girl imagine doctor and it will not change doctor let's pass on the theme dress please my daughter does not deserve to be next to the doctor many times he shoots her changed everything for ospina her name is joanne to johanna you brno and the current wife We have had four years from San José Luis, I am a realist, people from the river, yes, ma'am, sell the case.
caso cerrado gambler bets it all on his family
The girl is very well cared for. I am an American citizen. I am doing the citizenship process for him and my daughter Michelle, or residency first. Yes, his 24-year-old daughter is not enough to say that a person is your daughter. The truth is that we have had you. Do you understand me with her I take her a mother he is still alive and I am also asking if he does the problem he has an apparently remarkable company the girl well as such want the line here and I know it profession told me he saw her I want her to go through with doctor geisha menéndez and I want the lawyer also joseph lake and go through immigration lawyer doctor the girl has to when we talk to the girl be quiet I'm going to take a short break at the back we talk with the girl we talk with you and we look for a solution to the case don't leave thanks characterization of the truth is very important in life when we allow events to be told and characterized in ways that are not correct or we try to characterize what In this way, what we really do is lie and that is a baseness that human beings do and that is not worth it.
Lady is here suing her ex-husband for the sum of 100 thousand dollars, full custody of her daughter that she has not seen. Five years ago or she hadn't seen her for five years and she also wants to take the girl to live in Spain with her, that's where she also has citizenship because going back to Colombia would be really horrible and it would put her in trouble. I risk her, you, more risk than you have already suffered, she would also be in so much suffering the matter that she married this man who is an inveterate


and when he comes here, well, naturally he realizes that he has divorced, the girl is remarried because she feels a little alienated from her mother, she hasn't seen her for five years and that's all, it was you who got into that problem because I would have solved it from male to male and who knows how much Without thinking that his life was kidnapped during all that time, we have also discovered that the man continues to play the same as always so that he married a woman who is having dinner, which allows him to use his money that he earns, he is a cleaning business. for her vices and her thing and there is the case basically here is the girl I have done the whole summary of the case with her here and I did it intentionally because you are 12 years old right and you are a girl 11 years old you have and you're a an intelligent girl and you have experienced certain things in this life that I think it is fair that you understand whether or not vehicle what is your name a lot until I change I am almost 5 years old you do not see your mommy you miss your mommy she abandoned me from what I told here and because she says that she abandoned you because of what my dad told me then what I just said here is contrary to what your plan told you and I think you have the right to know the truth because in life the truth frees us and makes us act based on what is correct, not on gossip or the convenience of people, your mother rescued you who were the victim of a kidnapping due to your father's debts, you knew that You already know it and it's true and he admits it he admitted it he admitted it makes him nervous I'm talking about drugs ready now that he's here one thing is a liar from a bad father this man because he mentioned it at the time your dad is not a man sincere and he is not a man and I can give you a copy of these images of all the case that took place here so that you can take them home and you can see them a thousand times and see that yourdad never said that until you come in here what makes me think is that he is trying to make you feel bad and you hate your mom who is trying to separate if not your hip but was paying for the debts of her husband is what she was doing heads full of lies I've been serving prison all for you the first thing I would have wanted to do is see you when you came to this country you don't I know it's hard for you and what I'm doing here is hard too and I know wrong I am asking you to tell me if I have done wrong with this girl in this case be honest doctor with me no doctor I think she needs to understand the situation a little better I know there are three correct because in reality she lived a long enough time in her life with her mother that now all these all those memories all those memories of her relationship with her mother and that the father has tried to alienate her mother's have been distorted and the one that has changed the image that she best treats Their mom's day seems cruel to me and I think she has the right to know that to at least open the door for her to start exploring that again.
In fact, her mom should be her hero because the one who rescues them from kidnapping in the one who takes risks and the one who suffers damage to portray the correct graves on Tuesday her father wanted to add that this was kidnapped there to raise 20 thousand dollars that what that can play what does not take her to play I am all English one She asks, she can't go back to Colombia or obviously I can't stay. She's going to have serious problems if she returns to Colombia. If she has a problem in Colombia, now people think that asylum is the ejido of fear of criminality.
It's called the political century, of course. The FARC is a typical Colombian, especially after the fall of peace between the government, which is not your case, so based on that, I would argue that political asylum is not convenient for her, although she is also a lawyer. do licensed is spanish in spain i can tell you that spain offers social services to people who have hiv for free and that can also help you looking at the girl that is the most important thing the law is very clear who acts in the best interests of the girl lawrie that is clear to me final point of andy we forget everything i have said there is a question on the form for unconditional conditional residence and citizenship that the gentleman will have to face which is if he has been involved in games illegal gambling in english illegal not legal like las vegas but illegal illegal at any time in his life anywhere if he because if he becomes inadmissible to the us it doesn't matter his marriage to an american a brilliant the 9 brown little by little now and if he lies if he says that he is not inadmissible for being a person of low moral character for having lied in the immigration plan in any way they do not give him citizenship is what we are We are talking about yes I know if he escaped with the liars yes and that happens very often near his castle in Caldas ok this means keeping a wide open mind because life always gives us surprises and very simple ones are very pleasant others no but It always gives us surprises and new opportunities to start over and then withdraw from the room, no one but a mother does everything I have done to get my daughter back, it is not my fault, it has been a lie, even with this lady, she has been a mother, I grant you I have said the lawsuit in its entirety about the dif and when he arrives at the appointment of the summons to the house he was under the influence of alcohol because he was always with his alcoholics

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