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Carnival Special! | Numberblocks Full Episode | Learn to Count 123 | Cartoons for Kids @Numberblocks

Feb 06, 2023
foreigner one and another are two that's what magic mirrors do make another of you two and another is three magic mirror as you see makes another you and me a new friend to take the floor four and another is five five and another is six a more number in the mix a friend to join all our tricks with magic mirrors making friends magic never ends with magic mirrors Making friends Magic never ends with magic mirrors making friends magic never ends with two magic mirrors you can make friends twice as much of fast if you think that's impressive, yes, let me power square if two mirrors are twice as fast, three mirrors will be even faster if we use this mirror to copy that mirror, we will have three mirrors.
carnival special numberblocks full episode learn to count 123 cartoons for kids numberblocks
I thought magic mirrors only copy themselves. number blocks um maybe we should stop rolling the dice and let them spin if you don't try you'll never win keep going I'm gangnam oh what happened look that's very strange the whole internal part disappeared hello hello nothing happened. I think they are broken, it's no one's fault, but we should try to fix them, maybe we can. Actually, I have no idea. Does anyone know how magic mirrors work or even where they come from? I know 21. Of course, if anyone knows about magic mirrors. is the most Explorers of all of them need to see I was exploring the coast when there was a strange noise and a flash of light.
carnival special numberblocks full episode learn to count 123 cartoons for kids numberblocks

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carnival special numberblocks full episode learn to count 123 cartoons for kids numberblocks...

Were there really three? We broke these magic mirrors. This is what we need to fix. This cube should not be. made of sticks I've seen before that all magic mirrors come from a mysterious place known as Hex Island The hideout of that scoundrel pirate Hex Beard Pirate Captain Legend says that the island is the hideout of the treasure of Captain Hex's spirit you say six keys hoping to be one six faces becoming one the first to arrive will claim the prize the hexagon marks the place where the treasure is located we have to go to the hexagonal island if the magic mirrors come from there we could figure out how to fix them oh yes yes that's why We have to go there, well that's in the pirate treasure, try to stop me, do your worst, the treasure goes to whoever is there first, it doesn't matter who gets there first, how do we get there?
carnival special numberblocks full episode learn to count 123 cartoons for kids numberblocks
I think I can help with that, oh, the pirate Captain Hexagalion. ship, remember, a ship needs a good crew, they must work together, stay together, oh look, what I found, it's a treasure, an even better disguise, oh wait for me, that's 21. I hope I'm as good an explorer as you someday, who knows, maybe. today is a day, come one, I set sail for the hexagonal island, okay, is this a hexagonal island, scurvy, rogues, oh captain, hexbeard, after my fabulous treasure, then you will waste to the top of Cube mountain, where the curse marks the place, so exciting now?
carnival special numberblocks full episode learn to count 123 cartoons for kids numberblocks
I warn you that you will need to find a key to claim it. Maybe we can handle the mirrors after we find the treasure. I've hidden six keys in total, enough for everyone who arrives first to claim the prize. What are you waiting for? To hunt Treasure Trail, an exciting run, I think I'm going to light this place up. Captain Hack Spirit's mark is in the middle of the map, so I should go inside, but first I need to find a key for the challenge, huh, well, if I key, you would win from me, make it whole again, make that hole again, oh, easy up there, I don't think it's right, but why not?
Ah, I would be on the same side, that's not quite right. Circle in a red square, thank you, reflection there. they are two halves they make a whole cube they don't make it whole again okay let's see there is half a circle in this piece and a quarter circle here and another quarter here oops not all the white pieces are in the middle a half and a quarter and a fourth make a hole, yes you are so slimy, but so am I. Now show me a cube, but how that's not fair. Stranger, it seems like it's just me, oh, well, you better step forward, huh, oh.
I see it rotates around the middle, so yeah. I stay in the middle, easy, oh I can't go around it, maybe I can jump over it, yeah, but I'll never jump over all that, oh I have to go left, but whichever way I go, the bridge won't be balanced. Oh, if I could go both ways at once, well, I can't go both ways again and on and on and off again and on. Oh, go on, wait, I can't go on, there's a gap I could jump, but if I jump enter that gap there hmm we can both move inwards towards the center then we will still be balanced now we continue together thanks friends I will take you from Ranger pass oh no no no it's impossible why do I get the swamp ?
Come on three, you can do this, you don't need anyone's help, hey, cool, show me a cube that's too tall, too wide and also too deep. Two blocks on each side. Well, there is a cube but it's not very tall. How big is too tall? I see you mean two blocks high and two blocks wide, three blocks on each side, there, big old face, two blocks high and two blocks wide, but not two blocks deep, your problem is that you are Too superficial, how dare you? Oh, I see, I need another one. four blocks in front but there are no more blocks oh how gross oh nice tunnel a square puzzle for a square pirate how many squares can you see in this door?
A very holy God, but how many swears can you see now? Well, that's easy too. two three four four uh one two three four four one two three four four well I'm sure it's like that four squares like me, but I'm a square made of smaller squares, so I can see one two three four four small squares and one Big square, so that's five squares in total multiplied by the charm, friend, how many squares can you see well? I don't know the key to the treasure, my friends need help if you stop to help them, someone else can get to the treasure first if I don't help them. my friends when you need it no one is going to reach the treasure sometimes everyone needs help sometimes things don't go as planned we are the friend that will help you get through there is nothing you can do things can look so much better when you put your ideas together heads five plus one equals six when everything seems hopeless and you need a new direction stop and breathe a moment to reflect oh, half and the reflection of the half looks like a hole thank you five is this a key can you see a friend in need can you being a friend in fact things can look a lot better when you put five plus two of a kind together you don't have to be alone when you feel like you're out of luck if you find a friend they can help you get unstuck it's five yes things can look a lot better when We put our heads together, we need a hand, yes please help, five plus three is eight.
Everyone feels bad sometimes and wants to scream and shout, but never be too proud to tell them. friend when you need help Auto Cube Dos por Dos por Dos Auto Cube thank you thank you thank you wait, hurry up if it was you and hard all day and now you feel tired, a friendly face can cheer you up and help you stay inspired. square like me in each corner there are nine small squares and one large square that add up to ten plus four squares like me that add up to 14. Hooray, I hope this song and dance was worth it.
I hope I didn't make you miss your chance. You will discover that it always pays to be kind life is much better when we put our heads together sometimes everyone needs a helping hand they will be happy that you help them understand help your friends get ahead they will do the same for you it will look much better when let's put our heads together one plus four equals five two plus three equals five you gave us a hand now it's your turn to take ours five plus five equals ten climber this rocket and I'll take you to the exit with a friend to Help them there is nothing they can do sometimes everyone needs a helping hand.
I am very happy to see you all now that we are together again nothing can stop us Friends from the army are now close, will you be the first to complain? my treasure I have climbed the ladder to success and I am the first to arrive I guess look, the treasure must be there. The hexagon marks the place. I'm going to have to compete, you swim to catch up, no wait, that happened to me. Does anyone have a key? It seems like we have five. Oh, we did it. We have defeated Captain Hex Beard using the keys the Captain gave us.
So why give us the keys? Obviously, Old Stone Face didn't think we would be smart enough to win. The challenges were quite difficult, some seemed impossible, but we conquered them all when we started helping each other. That is why this bridge is not complete. There is still a challenge for the bees. The only way to reach the treasure is for us to work together. I have solved my last riddle all of you are the first to reach the middle is waiting for you to win the faces become one so the faces become one Cube tube a look it is working again that cube looks like one of those giants, of In fact, this whole lake looks like a giant magic mirror the hexahedron my true treasure the giant cube that powers each magic mirror in the land of numbers what a beautiful sunset I wish I had someone to share it with foreigners well done Shipmates me I take my hat off to you we can find an exploration team together no No, who's ready to set sail for home?

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